Stop the boats? It’s working swimmingly!

Tony Abbott’s policy of stopping the boats is going swimmingly. And the Left hates it.

They would prefer for Australia’s government to completely neglect its responsibility to protect our borders. Instead, under the deceitful claim of compassion, the Left would welcome in those who seek to destroy our nation.

They are living in a land of fantasy, fuelled by negative emotion. It starts with self-loathing. The Left hate themselves. Then it expands to a detestation of all that’s good about Australia. And when the Left run this country, these beliefs are manifested in a form of suicidal national self-destruction.

Of course, it’s understandable why those on the Left hate themselves.

If I did not believe in God and was left with nothing but myself, I’d be pretty disappointed too. There would be nothing worse than perpetual self-obsession. In fact, that’s kind of what Hell is.

And if I looked into my heart and saw an attachment to abortion, euthanasia, pornography, divorce, prostitution, infidelity and sodomy, I’d know that it was a deep, black abyss. That’s why I’d spend my time pursuing money and pleasure in a panicked frenzy to secure every last fleeting moment of self-gratification.

While chasing this unholy dream, my conscience would scream inside me. In banishing that inner voice, it would lead me to hate anyone who got in my way: those who support objective good. In our society they have one common trait. They all respect our Christian heritage and values. I’d want to silence and destroy them.

But people are human. They do suffer and enjoy all sorts of emotions. That kind of life gets you down after a while. If you are not going to escape it by embracing the truth, you need to construct your own delusion to drown out the negative emotions. And what better way to do this than by an unbalanced attachment to an emotion guaranteed to give one an immediate hit of moral superiority: compassion.

Hence the Left’s love of compassion. It’s like a drug. And it’s not really about compassion at all. It is all about making those on the Left feel good about themselves. Compassion sounds nice when you say it loud, but underneath is nothing more than emotional selfishness.

And emotional selfishness is always illogical.

So the Left’s compassion is not universal. That would be logical. Instead, it’s targeted against the Left’s enemies.

The Left are devoid of any compassion to those who deserve it. In the case of the Australian government, it has a duty to be compassionate to Australian citizens who live in a country built on Christian institutions. It shows this compassion by ensuring that our nation’s borders are secured and sealed against those who would tear those institutions down.

Only when this is done can our government begin to show compassion to foreign citizens who are in need of help. The Abbott government, despite its many faults, has done this. It deserves to be applauded for doing so.

I can’t remember the last time a boat arrived on Australian shores. Nor do I really care about the fact that ABC and Fairfax journalists are not being told what is going on.

Every time they gleefully published stories in the past about successful boat arrivals it was like Australia was erecting a big neon sign over the Indian Ocean with the words “Looting Allowed” blinking away. An Islamic army flooded in.

But now it has been stopped dead in its tracks. Last year there were over 20,000 illegal immigrants. It’s pretty close to zero since Labor was booted from office.

This was the primary reason Australians elected Tony Abbott as Prime Minister. Australians supported his plan to stop the boats. He has done so and the benefits are immediately obvious.

There have been no more drownings. Programs can be implemented to deal with the remaining influx that arrived under the Rudd government. And now Australia can begin to show real, logical and beneficial compassion.

There is one group of people who are suffering in this world more than any other: Middle-Eastern Christians.

They have beliefs and ideologies that are compatible with the Australian way of life. They will readily assimilate and become strong members of our nation. They are the people that Australia should now allow in as genuine refugees.

This would be the right thing to do.

And guess what? It would make me feel good too, primarily because the Left would hate it. But that’s just an added bonus.

Stop the boats

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. HI, i was wondering if you support the murder of the man killed on Manus Island

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    • Of course I don’t. That’s why I support policies to stop the boats. Over 1000 people drowned on those boats and this person was also encouraged to come over by weak border policies. This tragedy would not have occurred if the Australian government did its job while Labor was running the show.

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  2. An excellent read, Sharing this as far as I can.

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  3. While on the subject of the legendary Pope St Pius V, we should never forget that this great man of God helped not only to keep the muslims out of Europe, he also banished all Jews from the Papal States with his Papal Bull “Hebraeorum Gens”.

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    • Rory Donnellan, I’m not quite sure what you’re saying here. Are you applauding or condemning Pius V’s banishment of the Jews?

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  4. At the Great Battle of Lepanto, although the forces of Christendom were massively outnumbered (9 to 1) and heavily outgunned, Our Lady of the Rosary ensured that the entire Islamic fleet was destroyed on that great and glorious October day. At a crucial moment as the battleships squared up, the wind suddenly changed so that the muslim cannons fired out to sea, whereas every Christian cannonball hit the target. Pope St Pius V (one of the holiest men ever to ascend to the Chair of St Peter) ensured that every man, woman and child throughout Christendom were united in the fight – on their knees praying the rosary throughout the day – and when news of the victory reached Rome, he still would not stop praying the most holy rosary – offering a few more decades in thanksgiving. Furthermore he ensured that October 7th would forever be commemorated throughout the entire Church in honour of Our Lady of the Rosary – the destroyer-in-chief of the Islamic threat.
    Although no saint could ever match the prowess of Our Lady of the Rosary, the great St James has long been honoured as “the moorslayer” for the many times throughout history that he has appeared on his horse, slashing muslim militants to the ground and trampling them under his horse’s hooves.

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  5. To me it seems a little unfair that potentially dangerous muslim savages are denied entry into Australia when far worse home-grown feminazis who slaughter literally tens of thousands of Australian children every year are given safe haven. Our government’s current methods may seem effective, but Our Lady proved conclusively at the Great Battle of Lepanto that the best way to destroy the muslim threat is devotion to the Holy Rosary! Accounts of the Great Battle of Lepanto and the feats of the legendary Don Pelayo should be required reading in every Australian school.

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    • Good call, Rory – I am very keen on military history – the Battle of Lepanto is a truly staggering battle in the history of Western Civilisation – and no-one has ever heard a thing about it.

      Our recent Australian arrivals from the Lands of Stan built a flipping huge mosque in Auburn, Sydney – the Gallipoli mosque, which was constructed between 1986 and 1999, with a further 13 years required to complete it inside and out.

      The muslims say it is called the “Gallipoli Mosque” to honour the links between Turkey and Australia.

      Rubbish. It is called the “Gallipoli Mosque” because the Turks regard Gallipoli as a great victory of the Islamic Caliphate over the kaffirs (that’s you and me, mate). They chose that name very specifically, to mock the Christians in the country that welcomed them.

      I would love to build a great big basilica in the same suburb, called the Basilica of Lepanto.

      I think that would even the score.

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    • Thanks Damien – I appreciate the feedback.

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  6. I would have NO objection to M.E. Christians getting express visas into Australia. But we’d have to be on guard for Muslims killing the Christians for their identities! That would be the next Cottage Industry for Muslims!

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