The Rainbow enters the Australian War Memorial

The Australian War Memorial has embraced the rainbow.

Apparently uniformed ADF participation in the disgraceful and offensive Mardi Gras is now worthy of a place alongside galleries devoted to deeds of valour in Flanders, Tobruk and Vietnam. The names of those killed fighting for this country now share a space with tributes exalting those who prance down Oxford Street.

It is an insult of immense magnitude.

You can see the online gallery here.

AWM Mardi Gras

And as the Army Newspaper states, this will soon become a permanent physical display. The infamous orders allowing uniformed ADF personnel to march in a radical political rally are to be framed and hung alongside the names of the fallen.

“ADF participation in the Mardi Gras is the culmination of efforts by staff in Defence People Group’s Diversity Directorate and DEFGLIS. Documents relating to the participation, including the orders signed by Gen Hurley and interviews with the personnel who volunteered, are being prepared for future preservation in Australian War Memorial archives.”

My Great Grandfather’s cousin, Tom Godfrey, is one of those whose name is engraved upon the War Memorial’s Roll of Honour. His name is also etched on Menin Gate, along with many other Australians who lie in unmarked graves in France and Belgium.

When he won his Military Cross he was not fighting for homosexuality. He was a Catholic and he was fighting for a country built on Christian values. His efforts and sacrifice are now spat upon. And he is not the only relative I have whose name will now share space with the promotion of this shameful disgrace.

Most other Australian families will have a similar story about a lost uncle or father who never came home.

Let me be very clear about this: ADF participation in the Mardi Gras is not about ensuring equal rights. It is about giving homosexuals special privileges that necessarily remove freedom from all other soldiers.

Homosexual members of the ADF were always able to march in the Mardi Gras. They just had to obey the same rules as every other serving member: no political activity in uniform.

But they have been given a dispensation from this rule and many others, including those that relate to unacceptable behaviour. Homosexual ADF members are the only soldiers who can campaign politically in uniform. Because this privilege has been given to them, all other ADF members are now required to be silent, even when they speak and act as private citizens, or lose their jobs.

Career progression is now based on an assessment of how supportive the officer in question is of homosexual political activism.

This is not about freedom. It is all about removing freedom.

Therefore, it is an absolute insult that those Australians who gave their lives for our freedoms are now being abused to promote an attack on the free practice of religious belief and the free expression of political opinion in this country.

This precedent follows a recent decision by the Australian War Memorial to remove the words ‘Known Unto God’ from the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Fortunately, this politically-correct foolishness was scotched after the election of the Abbott government. A good thing too. As this letter from the Australian War Memorial shows, the words that would have replaced this inscription were not even grammatically correct. Who can spot the missing apostrophe?

AWM Letter

Unfortunately, the Australian War Memorial is going ahead with plans to replace the words ‘He symbolises all Australians who have died in war’ with a line from former Prime Minister, Paul Keating. It will soon read ‘He is all of them and he is one of us’. Essentially, a statement that means something is to be cast aside for a bland epitaph that makes us feel good about ourselves.

It’s politically-correct rubbish.

The pursuit of PC karma truly destroys all culture and civilisation. Why? Because to be politically-correct, one necessarily has to accept that the wrong, the mediocre, the foul and the uncouth are all as worthy as that which is good and true. The only standard is that there are no standards at all.

And that is the sad new standard of the Australian War Memorial.


UPDATE: A number of people have asked if anything can be done to change the Australian War Memorial’s promotion of the Mardi Gras. The answer is yes. A public backlash forced the War Memorial to shelve its plan to scrub the words “Known Unto God” from the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

If you take the time to write, you can also influence the War Memorial on its latest insult.

Please write to Dr Brendan Nelson at the address below, or use the email or phone numbers provided.

GPO Box 345
Canberra ACT 2601

Phone:  (02) 6243 4211


Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. My entire family applauds your courage in making a public stand based on your internal convictions Bernard. Not many are willing to pay the vocational and public price for their convictions. Just wanted to encourage you in your fight to uphold the values that this country was founded on, and let you know that the congregation of which I am a part has been praying for you. As the saying goes, “All it takes for evil to abound is that good men do nothing”. Keep fighting the good fight!

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    • Hello Cyndi – thank you for your support encouragement and prayers. It is only through the grace of God that any of us are able to do good works.

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  2. The thing that I am having trouble understanding is that it is a War Memorial. Everywhere you look, you are able to find history relating to the various Wars that our soldiers have fought in. Was there a Gay War that I somehow missed or missed reading about?
    To make one thing clear, I don’t have a problem with gays/homosexuals in the military or elsewhere in society, all the best to them, but aren’t pro gay/homosexual posters more suited to somewhere like Defence Recruitment, like other Government agencies or other employers, clearly stating equal opportunity etc when advertising for staff.
    What someone choses to do in their own time is up to them, why is there a need to plaster someone’s sexuality over a sacred place like this? Is the War Memorial now going to put a footnote under every other photo or statue etc to state that the person depicted was a heterosexual?
    I have to say, I have read quite a lot of Bernard’s posts due to an extremely passionate supporter of his who I am friends with linking it constantly on Facebook. I don’t always agree with Bernard’s statements but in this case I do.
    Why is there a need to advertise your sexuality? Defence has changed its policies to allow gays in the military, be done with it. Move on. Spend some more money on more counselling and help for those returning from deployment who have issues, not this.

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    • David,
      thank you for correctly identify the perverting of the purposes of the AWM for an intruded bogus objective. In the same way that the demand for homosexual “marriage” was not founded on a goal to elevate the standing of a homosexual pairing to that of marriage – the purpose was to destroy the standing of marriage. Don’t take it from me – their strategists say this. The goals, aims and techniques of the anti-family forces are not secret – they are public. See Bill Muehlenberg’s book, “Strained Relations”. Whoever who doesn’t know the elements of the contest can’t grasp what is actually happening.

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  3. Bernard what was the main reason that The Australian War Memorial sent someone to the Mardi Gras to take photos?

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    • Bloody good question, Paul. What on earth is the Australian War Memorial having anything to do with an annual political parade with NO connection to Australian operational service overseas? Sounds like Brendan Nelson needs to get a grip on what the AWM is doing very quickly – or that Dr Brendan Nelson should be sacked sooner rather than later, if he allows internal political ideologists to pursue their private hobby-horses to the detriment of one of the world’s finest military war museums.

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  4. Hey Bernard, I notice your little rant isn’t couched in terms of YOU spending any time in the military. Therefore my opinion (as someone who has served) and that of any serviceman or servicewoman who is gay might automatically be deemed more relevant. I say f**k you and your backwards-arsed views.

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    • Normally I don’t allow profanity on comments, but I have relented this one time. I doubt Jonathon is actually serving. Maybe he’d like to put up his rank and PMKeys number to prove it. Also, he might be a little embarrassed at his emotional diatribe. I have served for over 16 years and have deployed three times.

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    • lovely language from the ones who supposedly promote tolerance and “love is love” message.
      But then again what does one expect much from the people who support and promote such unatural practices, the filth that spews from their mouths fit their lifestyle.

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    • Jonny boy – you’re a sad, sad little man and you have my sympathy. Bernard Gaynor has served his country for more than 15 years and has deployed three times to Iraq – if you had read his earlier postings and his biography, you might have picked this up, dipstick. Now – what have you done, boyo? Besides learn how to type anonymous obscenities on the computer, that is. I’m now waiting to hear that you’re an SF dude with 15 years under your belt and a ten operational deployments. Yeah – riiiiiiiiiight!

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    • Jonathon, you just made a made a fool out of yourself. Congratulations. Mr Gaynor has served in the military for one and a half decades.

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  5. Forget the insult resulting from your catholic world view, this seems insulting to me because the Mardi Gras has nothing at all to do with war, or even bravery, except that the army allowed soldiers to march in uniform at the Mardi Gras. Clearly, DEFGLIS have taken their activities way too far with this contemptuous display of disrespect.

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