The good, the bad & the ugly – 22 February 2014

It’s time for the latest round up of all that’s holy and unholy…

The Good

Simon Horsfall deservedly warrants recognition for his good work this week. He is a Catholic chemist from Thugoona, near Albury, and does not support contraception. He was brave enough to say so and, as a result, the Soul Pattinson chain of chemists dumped him. The decision comes as none other than Ricki Lake has announced she will be producing a documentary to highlight how ‘The Pill’ is making women sick.

I understand Simon’s business will now go it alone. We can only hope and pray that he is successful. Good work Simon!

Catholic chemist, Simon Horsfall: sacked for his Catholic beliefs.

The Bad

Craig Thomson is bad. We all knew that and now the courts have made it official. Thomson was previously a Member of Parliament. He should now spend time in another institution for using his union credit card to pay for prostitutes. One can only feel for his third wife, who was pregnant with their first child when the details of the scandal emerged and gave birth to their second while Thomson was facing charges. It’s all bad.

Craig Thomson: remember when he cried in Parliament
that he was innocent?

The Ugly

UPDATE: the Macquarie Grammar School have threatened me with legal action for pointing out that the principal, Dr Darryl Gauld, allowed his students to march in the Mardi Gras – a parade that also promoted drug use and self-described sexual perverts.

You can read all about it here.

Goose of the Week

Tony Abbott is a goose. It’s unfortunate. But it’s also true. There really is no greater height of silliness than a Prime Minister promoting an emasculated military. That’s exactly what Abbott is doing.

Tony’s decision to introduce Lieutenant Colonel McGregor, a bloke found guilty of unacceptable behaviour by the Australian Defence Force, as a beacon of shining light in yet another ABC promotion of transgender dominance in the military makes him eminently qualified to take out the ‘Goose’ award this week.

But that’s just the start. The supposedly Catholic Abbott also took a swipe at the above mentioned pharmacist, Simon Horsfall, saying that instead of acting as a Catholic, he should act professionally. Since when is it professional to do something you believe to be wrong, Mr Abbott?

Abbott crazy eyes
Tony Abbott: Just ‘cos I’m happy to praise his border protection policies
doesn’t mean I’ll let him get away with stupidity.

Crazy Geese

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Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Tony Abbott, nominal catholic only, when push comes to shove, we see his real colours…… What would profit man to own the whole world and at the end lose his soul……..

    Craig Thompson, a serial Liar, embezzler and a blight on society, pity his wife and kids. That means the Labor party must have eggs all over their faces and watch them run a mile to distance themselves from him.

    Simon, good on you for sticking to your principles, I wish you even greater success than before, God will look after you and yours alike.

    As for the principal of Macquarie college, he should be prosecuted for leading children into sin, how come we do not hear from those people who are doing the trials of churches into child abuse…..

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  2. As a medical doctor myself (a pathologist), I don’t mind admitting that the medical profession has become rotten to the core. Unfortunately feminazi “pro-choice” baby-killers and/or contraceptors have taken control of most of the medical schools, many of the specialist colleges – and worst of all, many so-called Catholic hospitals too. Wrestling these institutions back from the lunatics now in control of the asylum will be no easy task – especially with Bishops who remain fast asleep at the wheel in their “great springtime of Vatican 2”!

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  3. So Simon Horsfall is opposed to Group 1 carcinogens and steroids [oral contraceptive], and a human “pesticide” [RU-486, which is also very problematic for the mother], and he is in the “wrong”?? The medical profession “leaderships” are looking like another “profession”, the one with ‘seniority’.

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    • Gerard, it is not politically correct to be a good pharmacist anymore!

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