The Chief of Army’s speech writer’s preoccupation with the toilet

Joker McGregor

In January this year, the Australian Women’s Weekly ran a story with Lieutenant Colonel McGregor. This officer appeared, in uniform, in yet another publication supporting the ADF’s decision to allow its soldiers to frolic among the flowers in the transgender field.

Predictably, the ABC also loves Lieutenant Colonel McGregor.  McGregor will star again tonight. This time, the Prime Minister will introduce him.

I say him because he is a him. He even says so in the article below. Lieutenant Colonel McGregor admits that he is not a woman. He just lives as one. It’s what the Army has come to: promotion of a full-time cross dresser. And the great news for the Australian taxpayer is that the Army thinks transgender soldiers are so cool that they can have their cosmetic surgery on the house.

I say cosmetic because it’s also just that. It doesn’t matter how much lipstick you put on a man, he is still a man. The result is just a sick joke.

Twitter will predictably explode in a frenzied tweet-fest about St Malcolm tonight and how wonderful it is to have a Catholic Prime Minister back him up. Saner readers will be able to view McGregor’s own words below and wonder where Australia’s military is headed.

It is headed here: while we are still engaged in the war in Afghanistan, the Chief of Army’s speech writer is wondering what it would be like to sit down to go to the toilet.

McGregor - Women's Weekly

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Bernard, although I agree you with that regardless what appendages a transgender person cuts off or has added, they are still genetically what they were born, ie male or female, I don’t think the tone of your article is charitable.

    As Catholic, you know GOd loves everyone and only God knows that has happened to people to make them the people they turn out to be. I think God would like you to go easier on this poor sexually confused guy. He must be a pretty tormented individual if he would go public with an issue like this,

    I’ve met a few of these gender confused people and all the ones I have spoken to are pretty sad individuals.

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    • Hello Cat – thank you for your comment. I wish LTCOL McGregor no ill-feelings. I truly hope that he is able to find happiness and I accept that his situation is not one that would be easy. It is a profound personal crisis. I pray for him everyday.

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  2. Bernard, I assume you believe that sex (and gender) is binary. The High Court will hear the matter on 4 March 2014. I’m curious: What influence, if any, would the decision of highest court in the land have on your views of sex and gender?

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    • Even a ruling of the High Court would not change the fact that you are either a male or a female.

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  3. I think this is called the ‘tail wagging the dog’. The atrocious treatment that Bernard Gaynor has received because he has the courage to defend his religious beliefs, unlike our PM (aka Windsock). I support Bernard 100%.

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  4. The media wouldn’t make such a fuss about a soldier who has a depressive illness or generalised anxiety. Those illnesses are not trendy enough for their liking.

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  5. Just flicked through Australian story on Iview, what a disgrace! I can name a great many real women with real courage who are more deserving than Malcolm McGregor to have their story broadcast on Australian Story. And my regard for Tony Abbott has somewhat diminished, his introduction is nothing short of support for a man with a deep mental issues (something I feel was triggered by his fathers death) that has been encouraged to get worse. And the big question I ask is that if Malcolm always felt like a woman, then why does he wonder what it feels like to sit on a toilet? The answer is that he never felt like a woman in the first place, as he never was a woman and never will be. Seriously I cannot believe how stupid people have become, to exchange logic and reasoning with warm fuzzy wuzzy feelings so that the mentally disturbed can be allowed to flourish in society and gain high positions and then target anyone who dare oppose it.

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  6. Who needs science when you have your feelings?

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  7. When I was in the CMF years ago, I recalled that we had real men and women serving this country and we were mighty proud of our allegiance to the Queen and Country, we had no queers, fags or shirtlifters.
    I hate to be in a war zone with Cate McGregor as my Co and to find out during the battle that it had run out of lipstick.
    Signs of the times when one sees all major institutions having evil in disguise running the establishment, won’t be long now before the wrath of God strikes and mankind would be very much to blame for its apostasy and evil it has committed.
    Abbott, you no longer have my vote after tonight, you have sided with the dark side……

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