Adolescent men are responsible for rabid feminists

I’ve written a bit about feminism this year and it is a subject I intend to continue pursuing.

And while I am more than happy to point out the dangerous and crazy ideas that sprout from the feminist movement, today I’m going to do something a little dangerous and crazy myself. I’m going to kind of agree with them.

Feminists are an unhappy bunch. They might not know it, but it’s because they have high expectations of men and are continually disappointed.

Unfortunately, men generally have become very low achievers. Feminists, rightly, are outraged at this because it leaves them unfulfilled and empty. The love, leadership and rocklike dependency they crave is missing.

So feminists have taken matters into their own hands. If men won’t be men, then the women will step up to the plate. And who can really blame them?

Men have become perpetual adolescents. They have been allowed to live the 15 year old boy’s fantasy of free sex and no responsibility. As a result, men no longer grow up. The general irresponsibility of men is what has spawned and feeds the feminist movement.

I’ll give credit to these women. They care more about the big issues than most men. It is just unfortunate that they are so far off track.

As I mentioned above, there is a reason why men are perpetual adolescents. It’s called contraception and abortion and it goes hand in hand with non-committal relationships.

The feminists probably don’t want to hear it, but reproductive “choice” has made them sexual slaves of mediocre and selfish owners. I accept that some women think it’s great, but the truth is that it is not.

The reality is this: contraception and abortion are ‘tools’ women use to ‘manage’ a sexual relationship with a man who won’t take responsibility for his actions. And irrespective of whether the woman thinks that this provides choice or freedom, both these things absolve men of their selfishness. It’s all give on the woman’s part and it’s all take on the man’s. That’s not mutual respect. Rather, it’s a relationship between the dominated and the dominator.

Abortion and contraception allow men to view sex as five minutes of fun and that’s that. They allow men to view women in general, and most particularly the woman they are with, as just ‘a bit of fun’. And because all responsibility has gone, the relationship is carefree and careless.

The horrible truth of all of this is that men who are in carefree and careless relationships want self-gratification, rather than a lasting connection that is about more than just the bedroom. So when the bedroom gets boring, they move on to another one. It’s just what adolescents do. Even when they are 45.

Or, to put it another way, when the sexual concubine is no longer pleasing, men will find a new one.

This phenomenon is not unnoticed. Recently The Courier Mail’s Kylie Lang published an article about the predatory nature of men in the growing online-dating scene. Apparently there is more non-committal action than ever before, and for older men. Ms Lang drily noted that most of the younger women entering the careless bedroom were looking for a relationship, while the men wanted a fling.

How nice for the men, Kylie said sarcastically. And with truth. The women are not the winners in this game. And as she noted in a second column a week later, the one night stand mostly ends in disappointment. For the woman, that is.

Kylie also stated that ‘good-time’ girls don’t get much respect from men. It’s true. They don’t. They are slaves and who would respect a sexual slave.

Women have an innate desire to please men. That might not sound politically correct, but that’s the way God made them (or, if you are so inclined, the way evolution shaped them). But it’s not all bad news. Men have an innate desire to adore the woman they love.

Non-committal sex destroys this mutual complementarity, and more so in men. It’s hard to love someone you don’t respect. And this is where the feminists have got it wrong. They think that more reproductive choice and control will allow them to have more pleasing relationships with men. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. It just makes men more irresponsible. And women’s lives are shattered as a result.

Take abortion for example. There’s somewhere between 75,000 and 100,000 a year. No one knows for sure, but anecdotal evidence suggests the vast majority are because men are just slugs. Take this Mamamia piece. The anonymous woman admits she had two abortions because the guys she was with were idiots.

I can imagine why a woman with a bozo boyfriend and hopes of a career will contemplate an abortion. And I understand it is probably just about the worst thing any woman could face. It is not a choice to relish, but one fuelled by fear. Lust might have resulted in the choice, but love plays no part in it. Abortion is an answer to “what if” and “how can I”. Mainly, what if I don’t want this bloke’s kid and how can I raise it when I know he has no desire for a life with me.

That’s not a fun place to be in and it’s a place created by masculine irresponsibility.

Unfortunately, the anguish doesn’t end at the clinic. It can go on. It might be hard for some to hear, but the tragedy surrounding Charlotte Dawson does have a link to abortion. She said so herself. It changed her and that was when her depression started. Masculine selfishness and irresponsibility is woven into this tragedy.

Abortion is always wrong because it allows fear to destroy life. But it’s root cause is not in a failure to acknowledge life. Many women do acknowledge this. It’s found in relationships that are fundamentally broken and hopeless, whereas life is always hopeful. The responsibility for that rests with men. Because a woman who takes the pill or endures abortion has, in a radically flawed way, surrendered her life for his pleasure.

If men respected the women they were with, if they truly cherished them, then abortion would not be a possibility.

But men do not respect their women. So abortions occur and men just move on. Women are left to carry the burden inside.

Women are rightly enraged by this irresponsibility of men. That is why we have radical feminists. However much they might disdain the idea, the feminist movement is the fruit of adolescent men’s carelessness.

Men responsible for abortion

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Really? Drawing a long bow there Bernard, actually I’d argue that it’s often women’s choices in men that encourage men’s behavior. I’ve just found your blog and agree with much of what you say but this is incredible!

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  2. While it’s true that misogyny provides a breeding ground for feminazis and vice versa, what we need to avoid is helping to find excuses why women would pay big money to savagely slaughter their own babies – in the very place where these babies should be safest. The truth is that no circumstances, no matter how severe – not even rape – can ever justify the gruesome murder of one’s own child. Another problem is the false compassion of protestant and other so-called Christian counsellors who try to make these murderers feel good about themselves – instead of helping them appreciate the gravity of what they have done, and then leading them to the Catholic Church, which is the only place they can find true healing in the Sacrament of Penance.

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  3. While I agree with the general thrust of Bernard’s article, I would like to look at the situation from a slightly different angle.
    When I was younger, I tried to be a decent man. Truly, I did. What I found was that women wanted (wish I could put that in italics) to be badly by males. They threw themselves, crotch first, at the criminal looking or sleazy bad boys. Decent young men could not get a look in.
    I grew tired of being friend zoned because it was not in me to treat a woman badly. Nor did I have long hair, tattoos, or a drug or alcohol problem and I did have a good career.
    What I observed was that young men who wanted that one special girl to love (and the white picket fence and dog that went with that) were shunned by young women. After the age of about 30 that seemed to have wider appeal to the female audience, but between the ages of 15 and 25 any hint of ‘honourable intentions’ was the kiss of death.
    While it is in the nature of young women to make really bad choices (as a moth to a flame), I believe that this inherent trait has been used by the global elite (who own 96 per cent of the news and entertainment media) to programme the minds of young women (who are influenced easily) that this sort of irresponsible behaviour and poor choices are ‘cool’. There is a social engineering agenda afoot that, I believe, is demonic in origin.
    When 30-something women complain of a ‘man drought’ what that means is that they have screwed their way through the bad boys for about a decade and a half, then had the epiphany that the bad boys were not good husband material. By the time that these women had their epiphany, a significant number of men, of whom I am one, had simply given up and walked away with a heavy and broken heart. It is not that there is a shortage of men, it is that a number of us have given up on women. As Bernard and I were both taught by the Army: fight only the battles that you can win.

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  4. Therese,
    re ‘which came first?’, there has been speculation that the prevalence of masculine tasks [during eg. ‘frontier’ or ‘pioneer’ periods, perhaps] is associated with effective male role playing, whereas historical periods where distinctively male roles are not prevalent are associated with increasing matriarchal behaviors. The post-Great Depression and -WW2 general prosperity in much of the West – a mixed blessing?

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  5. I’m not surprised that women are having trouble finding meaningful relationships when they offer up sex so readily. We can’t put all the blame on women though, since it does take 2 to have sex. Us men need to display more self-control as well when it comes to sex (something I’m bad at myself). In all fairness though, men can’t take advantage of an offer that isn’t made, and any woman who sticks with a man who’s been trying to ware her down over time is a fool if she thinks the man she’s with respects her. There’s a lot to be said for the advantages of self-control when it comes to sex for the success of a meaningful relationship.

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    • Ah self control, something that has become absent in todays society. Contraception is the main cause for loss of self control, sex without responsability, I know you will disagree with me on this Webboy42, however just thought I give you something to ponder……..

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      • There is some merit in your assertion, but I think other factors could be involved as well. Contraception and abortion do make it easier to ignore self-control all together, but it is still possible for someone to decide that they should control themselves (not that many bother with that). I think there’s also a component of laziness involved. It takes no effort at all to give into biological urges when they strike, but it takes a conscious thought to decide to wait. I guess for some waiting comes naturally, but for most of us it requires a conscious decision when presented with temptation.

      • I see you are still an apologist for contraception but thanks for the “merit in your assertion” comment all the same. We all have the ability to fight off urges, and exercise self control, I suggest using more conscious decision when faced with temptation, we then would see greater respect between men and women. We are capable of greater things than we assume, sometimes these things seem hard at the time but we can overcome them if we put our minds to it. I still view contraception as very divisive in nature, it cheapens sex with lack of respect and using one another for mere selfish reasons, it also gives a false assertion that they (contraception) protects from STIs and stops pregnancy, which ultimately leads to abortion, and health issues mentally and physically.

  6. A great article, but really, which came first? Did the feminist movement grow because men stopped being men, or did men stop being men because of the resurgence of the feminist movement? I´ve always thought the latter.

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    • Hi Therese – thanks for your comment. I believe men are responsible for their families. Fundamentally, they have failed women in that regard. However, it is a bit like the chicken & the egg. What came first? Probably both. So I think that feminists and weak men are engaged in a downward spiral. Shattered families are the result of the chaos.

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  7. Bravo Bernard, brilliant write up on this subject!
    Women yearn to be loved and respected by men, and men want to feel needed and respected by women.
    Once this is broken chaos reigns, women try to sell themselves for much less than they are worth (under the guise of feminist freedom) rewiring the brains of men to act as fools and just play the game to access free sex without responsability. When pre marital sex is widely acceptable as the norm, respect goes out the window, not only between men and women but for life as well. it is a sad reality in todays society, I was often looked upon as weird by my peers for not engaging in premarital sex however not surprisingly I was greeted with respect by men and became subject of discussion among the female peers who had been used and discarded by young men. Feminist are often groups made up of women who have taken the free love path, become hurt and try justify maybe an abortion they once had. they have become angry at men who have ultimately used them and disregarded them as a fling without responsibility. But the fact remains that unless women start acting like ladies with self respect, men will not step up to the challenge of acting as gentlemen with respect for women.

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