Why Islam must push its presence into Bendigo

As readers may be aware, there are plans to build a giant mosque in the regional Victorian city of Bendigo. Melodious Ocean is the name of a new blog site that covers Islamic affairs in Australia and I am very grateful to republish this piece today. It explains why Islam wants Bendigo: it’s all about domination over everyone else. In this case, domination of Australia’s Buddhist community.

Please note that I do not publish this piece as an endorsement of Buddhism, but rather to highlight the aggressive nature of Islam.

If you are interested in viewing the other articles online at Melodious Ocean, please click here.

If you would like more information about the proposed mosque in Bendigo, please visit this Facebook site.


Bendigo is set to become a major centre for Buddhists.  The Giant Stupa of Universal Compassion and its twin attraction, The Jade Buddha of Universal Peace, will make Bendigo a pivotal location for Buddhist pilgrims and tourists both domestically and internationally.

Since 2009, The Jade Buddha of Universal Peace has been on a continuous world tour attracting over 7,100,000 visitors and still counting. When the Giant Stupa of Universal Compassion is completed at a cost of $30 million dollars, paid for by donations, the Jade Buddha will finish its world tour to reside in the stupa at Bendigo.  Bendigo is not only going to have a Buddhist flavour: it will become a historically important location for Buddhists.

Islam, the world’s notorious party poopers, is setting up its presence in Bendigo with a “Grand Mosque”. Included in the proposed design is a 25 metre high minaret.  Once they wriggle their way into Bendigo’s power structure the ‘Call to Prayer’ will no doubt gradually commence until it screeches out five times a day, as a not so subtle reminder of their presence.

So this momentous event for Australia’s Buddhist community is going to be damped by the acidic presence of Islam.  If the Australian Islamic Mission get their way, the 25 metre high minaret will become a landmark itself, allowing the good residents of Bendigo to know that they have arrived and plan to Islamise the area to counter the ‘Buddhafication’ currently in progress.

No only has Islam arrived but the peace, compassion and love the Buddhists wanted to create in Bendigo is going to be challenged by the Religion of Hate, warmongers and violence.

The good residents of Bendigo will come to know, that instead of an atmosphere of peaceful co-existence, there is going to be an environment of ongoing religious tension as Islam constantly tries to usurp Buddhism and Christianity, and most importantly destroy what the Buddhists have created.

Melodious Ocean 2

Melodious Ocean is a new blog and is the translation for the blog author’s Tibetan name, ‘Tashi Yangtso’.

The blog focuses on the so-called ‘History Wars’ and explores the author’s experiences with multiculturalism. It has a number of interesting perspectives about Islam from a different perspective than mine: Buddhism.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Oh dear, Islam and christianity cannot be more different. Buddhism is of course also different, however Buddha, was an inherently good man. If you compare his sayings, with that of Jesus they are very similar. Buddhism is also a very conceptual philosophy, and not all that easily understood.

    Islam is THE exact opposite of christianity. Don’t let a few plagarized passages in the Koran Fool you.

    Islam is basically mono-paganism, not theism. The nature of God in judaism and christianity is opposite to that of Islam.

    In Islam, the basic view is, anything that is good for Muhammed and Islam, is morally good. Anything that is not good for Muhammed and Islam, is morally bad. This was how Muhammed lived his life. Since it is “good” to lie to further the cause of Islam, lying to a non-believer is therefore morally correct. Since it is bad for anyone to criticise Islam, this is therefore morally bad and the individual must be killed(hence all those holding up placards with Behead those who insult the prophet)

    This is paganism at it’s finest. Other way’s of looking at it, would be to understand the concept of narcissism. A narcissist will say “What is good for me, is therefore morally good, what is bad for me, is therefore morally bad”. A Nazi would say “What is good for nazism is morally good, what is bad for Nazism, is morally bad”. A communist would say “What is good for communism, is morally good, what is bad for communism is morally bad”.

    if you have a look at all of these ideologies they have been incredibly destructive forces on this planet. Islam, is no different.

    Islam has no concept of an “Objective” morality. There is no “objective” Truth. 9th century Islamic philosophers decided that due to Muhammeds teaching, it must be understood that there is NO natural law, and that there is NO cause and effect.

    Meaning, there is no such thing as a moral conscience. Islam, is a manual for turning human beings into Psychopaths. Christianity is it’s cure.

    If you want to fight Islam you must understand it.

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  2. Uniting Christians and Muslims, it’s called Chrislam. No way . Islam is a violent religion that beat and kill even their own family members. The mosques are used as training centers to train terrorists to kill Christians and Jews etc. Muslims are killing Christians all over the world even crucifying them in Egypt. They are burning wn Christian churches. By should they have their buildings here in peaceful bendigo?

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    • Leeanne, yes, uniting Islam with our own religion may NOT be an answer – especially given the rise of pernicious cultural disagreements between the two religious communities and some drifting between our theologies. However, there’s no doubting that the two religions share the same root. And yes, Islam has a mindset like the Safavid dynasty, who came to prominence in Iran in the 16th Century – as opposed to the 16th Century Protestant Reformation in Europe which undermined the primacy of the Papists and established a counter to Catholic rule – and leading to the Thirty Year War which was also not all that good.

      I’m guessing that you probably see that the Safavid is the start of modern Persian history, succeeding the Muslim conquest of Persia and establishing the Twelver school of Shi’a Islam as the official religion of their empire.

      The Safavids ruled all of modern Iran, Azerbaijan and Armenia, most of Iraq, Georgia, Afghanistan, and the Caucasus, as well as parts of Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Turkey. Safavid Iran was one of the Islamic “gunpowder empires”, along with its neighbours, the Ottoman and Mughal empires – and I’m sure you wouldn’t approve of their rule, and would probably want them all “deported” back to their countries of origin which sadly would not be possible even in the 16th Century. Though could happen today and probably does!

      Of course you would know that the Safavid dynasty had its origin in the Safaviyya Sufi order, and had mixed ancestry including Azerbaijani, Kurdish, Persian, and Turkmen,which included intermarriages with Georgian and Pontic Greek dignitaries. Strangely “well assimilated!”. Christians were of course sprinkled amongst these sects – the Christian – Islamic bloodline runs back a surprisingly long way.

      Whether or not this means the two religions will ever completely merge – I doubt we’ll ever know if our lifetimes. There are certainly some things the Islamics would have to drop from their worldview – halal meat being a prime example, but then again they dont like a whole lot of what we get up to either! Anyway, a closed mind wont see anything anyway, so I hope we can all look at these possibilities through a positive and untainted vision.

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    • hitler told us that jews were the scum of the earth and that muslims were heroes , i am not jewish but two of my greatest australian heroes were jews ,sydney myer and john monash . myer was a great charity giver who gave , out of his own expense , a christmas dinner for 10,000 people at the melbourne exibition buildings at the height of the great depression ,a very aussie act ; monash , a german jew , saved the lives of countless australians through his carefull battle planning in the first world war . islamic vermin will never be known as peacefull or generouse ,they only care for theire own adgender. bendigo, a very australian city , does not need to be a home for this anti australian religion.

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  3. Lorett, I think you may have a point. Christians and Muslims do have a common ancestry and in fact theologically aren’t that dissimilar. Perhaps we are leading towards a century which will see them merged into a multi-denominational church, able to withstand the oppressions that are surely coming from cults such as Buddhism with its relativistic bent! Maybe its time for the Christians in Bendigo to work with the Muslims on some sort of power-sharing arrangement – perhaps the Mosque could also have chapels for Christian s to pray in, and halal-meat sales could be restricted to a small number of butcheries NOT in main thoroughfares etc. Where there’s a will there’s a way. Of course, Muslims share many of our Judeo Christian ethics and moral structures – ie pro life, anti euthanasia, anti unwed sex etc which makes it a lot easier to work with them rather than the strange heresies hat pass as Buddhist “scriptures”. I’m sure the Muslims would work to get rid of the Emily’s Listers if you asked them too.

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    • I suggest before you let us know your views on the similarities between Christianity and Islam that you do some study. There are excellent books on the subject like Dr Mark Durie’s “Which God” and “The Third Choice”. In addition read Bill Warner’s “An Abridged Koran”. This book, once it is re-set in its proper order, and the repetition is removed is smaller than a “Mills and Boone”. If that is too long, read “The Two Hour Koran” . Add the “Hadith” and “Sharia for Non-Muslims”, and you will probably know more about Islam than the average Muslim.
      Once you know Mohammed, (the only source of Islam and Allah) and compare him to Jesus, and compare God to Allah all similarity disappears, except the bits of the Bible that Mo stole to make the Koran seem authentic.

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    • Islam and Christianity have different world views, and are not alike in some very big ways. Islam teaches that it is obligatory to kill un-believers. Christianity teaches that “thou shalt not kill”. Islam teaches that it is permissable and even obligatory to lie to advance the cause of Islam. Christianity teaches us that “Thou shalt no bear false witness”. Islam teaches believers to abuse, humiliate, mock and kill unbelievers. Christianity teaches us to love our neighbour and to treat others the way we would like to be treated. Christianity considers sin as the biggest problem, for which we can seek forgiveness to achieve salvation. Islam teaches us that ignorance is the biggest problem for which Mohammed and Islamic doctrine can provide guidance, to achieve success. They are ‘way different and any claims that the theologies are alike are wrong in my view. Fire away.

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  4. Thanks for writing this article Bernard, interesting and valid points.

    I have been of the mnd that a Mosque is not as bad as the Buddist Stupa, but two wrongs don’t make a right.

    A friend pointed out once, that Budhism is the most suttle evil of all religions eg: Eve was told by the Serpent if she eats the fruit of the Apple they will become as powerful as God. So she ate the fruit believing they wil become God.
    Buddism is about people being God themselves which actually makes it a truly evil Relgion in a more suttle, deceitful way.

    The Muslims actually are more on track to to our beliefs by the 1st testament of the bible and their acknowlegment of Christ being the Spirit of God or atleast the Greatest Prophet.

    Of course they are wrong in their beliefs following a disorted bible, deceitfully betraying Gods word as written by Mohamad.. Which I understand is one of the most evil things of all to betray people with falsefying Gods word.

    As I said two wrongs don’t make a right, but I guess when there are 4 Emilys List MP’s in the lower and upper house in Bendigo and one of the most evil and powerful arms of Womens health based in Bendigo “Loddon Mallee Womens Health”, the most pro abort oganisation in the State, then the town is surrounded by evil.

    I guess the Christians need to pray and pray and pray and stand in stronger witness now than ever before..
    Bendigo must have the most lazy, slackest Christians in the world,.. Very few stand up for the babies, very few do anything for anything…

    God Bless

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    • Slack Christians in Bendigo? wow thats a pretty big assumption, there are a lot of Cristian people who would take offence to a comment like that. And I do believe the only available Abortion clinic was shut down in December last year, Bendigo Health told the BendigoWeekly the service was suspended because no local consultant was prepared to do the work. I do believe the “clinic’ had to source “doctors” from outside Bendigo to reopen the “clinic”. I think that this alone says alot about the local medical proffesion, regardless of Emilys list MPs in the area. And most of the time most people are unaware of Emilys list what they stand for and vote with little knowledge on the matter.

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    • At least with buddhism they basically stick to themselves and don’t care if others become buddhist or not. Islam sees it’s sacred duty to enforce islam on the entire world. Then they have all sorts of stuff like this…..Quran (5:33) – “The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement”

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  5. The Catholic Church really needs to redouble her efforts to convert the muslims from their dirty, false religion – except now we have Vatican 2 and the Pope promoting the lie that the “muslims together with us worship the one, merciful God”!!!! How can we stop the muslims from building mosques in Australia when the Pope and many of his most senior clerics are assisting with the building of mosques – not only in Rome but throughout Europe???

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