Abortion: the political death of Mary Wooldridge

Apparently, Mary Wooldridge was a future leadership prospect within the Victorian Liberal Party – a “premieral” foetus, one might say.

And then some mean, nasty and hateful people terminated her, pulling apart her political ambition bit by bit and ejecting it unceremoniously into the bin labelled “Hazardous Waste – Do not touch”.

What a pity. The weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth from the pro-abortion crowd has filled the air and it is now making its way into the ABC and The Age. What a surprise.

The gasping is so loud, I can hear it from Queensland.

Mary Wooldridge was asked her views on Victorian laws that allow abortion up until the day of birth. Gasp!

Mary Wooldridge was asked her views on whether doctors should be allowed to follow their conscience, or whether they should be forced to assist in gender-selection abortion. Gasp!

Mary Wooldridge was asked if she would support any review of these laws. Gasp!

And the biggest gasp! of all is saved for the fact that local Liberal Party members in the electorate of Kew gave Mary the flick because she said she supported these malicious and evil laws.

I think the ABC and The Age have got their gasping all wrong. They should not be lamenting the loss of the malevolent Mary. Instead, they should be catching their breath because a Victorian politician supports the murder of that state’s youngest and most innocent citizens.

Mary Wooldridge’s dumping should come as no surprise. The membership of the Victorian Liberal Party have their collective heads screwed on in a way that Mary does not. As was well reported late last year, the Victorian Liberal State Conference passed a unanimous motion calling for the repeal of Section 8 of the Victorian abortion laws.

Since then, the elected leadership of the Liberal Party have done precisely nothing.

Now they have their come-uppance. It’s time Denis Napthine and his crew started listening.

The only people who support abortion until the day of birth work for Fairfax or are hiding behind fake names on Twitter. People who live in the real world do not. Nor do they support laws that criminalise doctors for refusing to assist in the termination of little girls because, well, they are just little girls.

It is well-known in political circles that the pro-life movement was able to secure the Victorian Liberals a finger-nail electoral victory at the last election. They did so because Victorians simply did not support those laws. In fact, Victorians hate these laws so much that they dumped Labor for the most unimpressive Liberal government anywhere in Australia in recent memory.

That shows exactly how much Victorians hate these laws.

And if Denis Napthine is going to insult his party membership and the will of Victorians in general by promoting MPs who stand for everything that they do not, then he deserves to have egg on his face.

People who love life from conception generally tend to vote conservative and the Liberal Party is by far the biggest beneficiary of their support. These people deserve a voice in a democracy and they deserve to be heard in any society that still has a basic understanding of right and wrong. But the Liberal leadership are kicking dirt in their face.

I hope Denis Napthine is interested in doing the right thing, but his inaction makes me wonder. I can understand that: our politicians are generally lacklustre when it comes to moral fibre. But they are supposed to be politically adept. Like Ted Baillieu before him, Napthine’s refusal to repeal Section 8 is just political stupidity.

If he keeps his present course, he won’t just have political egg to deal with today, but on election day as well.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Sounds like a story with a happy ending to me.
    God bless democracy.

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  2. Bernard, we have the equivalent of the “malevolent Mary” here in Tasmania. Her name is Michelle O’Byrne. She was responsible for introducing Tasmania’s horrendous pro-abortion laws – fully supported by her political party. Hopefully, after the coming election, she and her murderous colleagues will also be tipped into the “hazardous waste” bin!

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    • Thanks Jan – I’ll have a look. They all need to go.

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