First International Symposium on Liberty & Islam in Australia

For those not aware, the First International Symposium on Liberty & Islam in Australia was held over the weekend in Melbourne.

It was a great event and I am very thankful for the Q Society for organising it and providing me with an opportunity to speak. I thoroughly enjoyed the main event on Sunday – there was a great line-up of presentations and you can read the full text of my presentation on the Australian Defence Force & Islam here.

And while family duties prevented me from attending the full range of events, it was wonderful to meet with so many people, especially at the main conference and the social function on Saturday night at Docklands.

Of course, it is impossible to hold an event like this without a bunch of ‘tolerant’ radicals from gate-crashing it. I was back in Brisbane when this occurred, so I missed out on the all excitement. However, Pamela Gellar has given a good description of the mindset of these people at her website:

“Then this evening, the Q Society held a welcoming reception for us at a local restaurant. This event was neither open to the public nor publicly announced. It was a lovely affair with longtime supporters and activists greeting us, welcoming us, and taking pictures with us. We weren’t there ten minutes when suddenly a crazed mob of left-fascists attempted to storm the room, attacking and throwing their bodies against our security team while frenziedly screaming that we were the fascists — the irony was unmistakable. These savages were really out of control. Had they managed to break through our security cordon, it is clear that they would have brutally assaulted as many of the freedom-lovers in the room as they possibly could. It was eerily reminiscent of the Muslim riots that took place in Sydney in 2012.”

Robert Spencer also highlighted the ludicrous irony of these people:

“This incident vividly illustrated the nature of our struggle: it is truly, as Pamela Geller has so indelibly put it, a struggle of the civilized man vs. the savage. One side was enjoying drinks and polite conversation, having gathered together in service of the cause of freedom and human rights. The other side, while it professes to be the true guardian of those things, came to the restaurant determined to harass, assault, and maybe even kill us. They are, as I have said before, the true children and heirs of the Nazi brownshirts who menaced and assaulted people at rallies and speeches of the Nazis’ opponents in the early 1930s. The struggle we are in is one that will determine whether our societies will remain civil and free, or fall prey to violence, thuggery, and authoritarianism.”

You can also read Bill Muehlenberg’s take on it here. I was disappointed to miss the presentations from Bill Muehlenberg, Pamela Gellar and Robert Spencer as I had to return early to help my wife with our new baby. The good news is that I understand that they will all be available in the not too distant future.

The presentations that I did see were thoroughly enjoyable and informative.

Kirralie Smith from Halal Choices kept the audience engaged with her vibrant speech on the halal food certification racket. The Endeavour Forum’s Babette Francis spoke about Islam’s poor record when it comes to treatment of women. Mordechai Kedar provided a fantastic presentation of the role of immigration in jihad – a topic particularly relevant for Australia. British lawyer, Gavin Boby, gave a very entertaining (and hopeful) presentation outlining how the efforts of the organisation Law & Freedom was stopping the approval of mosque developments in the UK.

Perhaps the presentation I found most interesting was that of Dr John Perkins. He is an atheist, and we obviously have some different viewpoints about religion, but I found his concern about the ‘blind eye’ that many humanists turn towards Islam fascinating.

All-in-all, it was a very worthwhile and informative event. Now it’s time to take action and, by all accounts, plans are well developed to ensure that successful action is under way.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. I was disturbed to read that Australians taxpayers are funding Somali Muslim madrassas, or religious schools, with funding up to $10,300,000 to teach students the Koran (“Madrassa lessons worry Somalis”, 24/9) and then to bring them to Australia as “Halal Meat Ambassadors” using government funds and ABC resources (OB Vans, helicopters and trucks).

    It brings to mind the 2004 Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal ruling that found Pakistan-born pastor and mathematician Daniel Scot guilty of religious vilification because he told a church seminar about passages in the Koran that require Muslims to slay infidels wherever they find them.

    VCAT said Scot had incited hatred against Muslims, even though he had emphasised that most Muslims do not know or follow these verses. He said Christians should love Muslims and offer friendship. It took several years and huge legal costs before Scot was vindicated by the Supreme Court of Victoria.

    Scot told the truth about the Koran – a truth most Australians do not want to hear. Will it take a home-grown al-Shabab massacre in an Australian shopping mall to make them listen? Or will they merely pay lip service to religious toleration and bring their filthy meat products over with them and thats the whole point of the exercise – refusing people the freedom to say no until they convert to Al Shabab in the suburbs of Australia – ie Sharia Law.

    Whats Bill Shorten/Thompson/Slipper got to say to that – or should we ask Daniel Scot his view of the multicultural madness currently gripping our land ie halal meat undermining the local meat trade! Traditionally, halal has been a difficult market for major supermarkets, partly because of its scattered nature and partly because there is no single halal cuisine. Customers looking for halal products might have their roots in Pakistan, Turkey, the Middle East, north Africa, Bangladesh or India and they aren’t exactly the favourite customers of the newly installed Government!

    The World Halal Forum estimates sales of all types of halal food combined totalled $2.6bn in Australia in 2011, most of it sold to goat herders slaving to survive on a Temporary Protection Visa when not being subsidised with new swimming pools, free cars and a water park. Some are still not subject to behavioural protocols but this will stop soon as a new broom sweeps through the land. But we are waiting for that and thees no evidence it will be soon or that we can wait any longer!

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    • Well, you ARE in for a surprise! Check this out if you want to see how far we’ve come as a community: “The Bendigo Museums Department has announced a unique and unprecedented collaboration between the Allawah Museum of Islamic Civilisation and the Vatican Ethnological and Masonic Museum, resulting in an exhibition on the material culture and arts of Muslim cultures from around the world this March in the Bendigo Showgrounds.

      The exhibition titled “So that you might know each other — the World of Islam and Masonic Faiths from North Africa to China and beyond as far as Bendigo”, the exhibition will feature artefacts sourced from the extensive collections of the Vatican Ethnological Museum in Vatican City and various regional Australian Museums and aboriginal reliquaries.

      It will present 570 first-time exhibits, including costumes, textiles, jewellery, riding equipment, weapons, musical instruments and items of daily life and cultural practice obtained from countries ranging from Africa to the Near and Middle East, and across Asia to China, the Australian outback and inner city Australia. Many exhibits will be shown only to Islamicly-educated people, holy men, Christians baptised under Rome and various fringe Masonic group members and cultists. The general populace will be banned.

      Commenting on this exceptional exhibition, Attaya Hunrave, director-general of International Masonic Museums Department, said, “This unprecedented presentation celebrates Muslims’ and masons and the Papists’ diverse heritage across cultures while exploring how the people’s art flourishes in harmony with a unifying faith. The exhibition is specifically designed to speak about the manifold ways of life within the Muslim community, and each artefact displayed tells a unique story about peoples’ traditions.”

      Beyond the immediate exhibition project, the collaboration is intended and celebrated as a marker of intercultural and interfaith commitment, respect and dialogue. Buddhist faith groups will be bussed out of the city for the duration lest they offend visiting Imams, their wives and foot soldiers. Halal Meat will be freely distributed via small refrigerated food vans, hawkers and local schoolchildren who will participate in ritual butchery ceremonies, fireworks and funeral pyre building demonstrations.”

      Its a slippery slope once these sort of things start up in your town!

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  2. Thanks Bernard for a most engaging explanation of the proceeding.

    Many of our left-wing, secularist neighbours in the region and our neighbourhoods inherit their misplaced awe of Islam from past associations between Fabianism and the Masonic cult of conservative fringe-left ideologies, and from anti-Christian heresy. The kind of Islam they would really approve of would be a liberal, modernist, “cultural Islam”, which seeks to rationalise the premises and practices of secular Western culture as “Islamic” by using an approach to Islamic texts and traditions which has more to do with the secularist canons of perversion filtered through Modernist, Liberal Christianity than a genuine acceptance of Islam’s historic spiritual tradition on its own terms or the terms that have been appropriated for it by post-modern western civilisation in all its ratty, sleazy forms.

    This certainly will lead to a hegemony of the spiritual relativist and a thriving humanistic culture akin to satanism or a primitivist tribal animism. I personally have seen this wherever Islam has sprung through the cracks eg lakemba, Bendigo.

    To hear the left-leaning secularists speak you’d think Islam is accepting of all forms of cultures and religions, but the constant pressure from MSM and other perverted organisations to normalise immorality is unrelenting. We no longer watch the idiot box due to its content for the most part being unsuitable for ‘decent’ adults let alone our children – Christians are reduced to being second class citizens in their own country!

    If the current trend continues, what is to become of the next generations? One shudders to consider they will be Islamified to the extent their houses will resemble the minarets of Amsterdam or Zurich!

    May we all pray for our political leaders to wake up and see what is actually happening. The funding of such events like the Sydney Mardi Gras, the Lakemba Mosque Ramadan Festival, the Australian-taxpayer funded haj expeditions and the introduction of homosexual lifestyles in our schools is a disgrace and in a sense, sowing the seeds of destruction. Islam awaits our seedy destruction at the hands of satanic waves of perversion and godlessness.

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