Susie O’Brien, the National Curriculum and the Vandals

Let’s not bandy with words.

The National Curriculum is a disgrace. The printed copies serve no value whatsoever. Laws prevent them from being used to belt new-age edu-babblers around the head whenever they utter their nonsense and, because they are double-printed, they serve no use as scrap paper either.

The online versions simply join the vast amount of pointless drivel forever circulating in bits and bops across the ever-more expensive NBN.

The National Curriculum is also the most hypocritical work of the hypocritical elite in this country.

The anti-God, atheistic left are enraptured by the National Curriculum because it has done such things as replace BC (Before Christ) and AD (Anno Domini – Latin for ‘year of the Lord’) with BCE and CE.

BCE stands for ‘Before Common Era’ while CE means ‘Common Era’. Whoopedy-doo!

Apparently it was really important to make this change. Now we have a new set of abbreviations that are based on exactly the same thing as the old set of abbreviations: the life of Jesus Christ.

Except that while the old abbreviations mentioned what they were about, the new ones are about as meaningless as they can get. Why? I’ll take a punt: it’s so now new-age Lefties can pretend that every numbered second of their day does not revolve around the God who will judge them when their time is up. Good luck with that, I say.

A 15 year-old kid shuffling through the National Curriculum, NAPLAN and Gonski would put it another way: whatever, it’s the same diff, dude.

For years we’ve been told by the enlightened Left that the National Curriculum is great and that religion should not be taught in public schools.

But that is baloney. The whole lot of it.

The National Curriculum is not great. It’s a centralised pile of steamy bureaucracy that will do nothing but lower standards. Each state should be in charge of their own curriculum. Further, each school should be able to have the educational flexibility to suit its local community. This is the best way to drive educational competition and to force up standards. National control & budgeting takes power further away from teachers and parents and adds to pointless administrative waste.

And I don’t want to hear the rubbish that standardisation makes it easier to move between states. There is nothing standardised about schools in one state from another anyway. And unless you want to go down an impossibly communistic path of forcing all schools to teach exactly the same literature at exactly the same time, this will never change. Such a goal is not possible and, furthermore, it would do nothing but reduce the educational depth of our nation. If you are moving interstate, I feel for you, but get over it. Life is full of little difficulties.

So the National Curriculum is not great at all. It is just a great waste.

And religion should be taught in schools.

Whether you are religious or not, religion has always played a central element in human history. This will not change in the future. Even atheism is a religion. It can be no more ‘scientifically’ proved than any other belief system.

If you want proof, just go and read Richard Dawkin’s book, The God Delusion. This atheistic giant has an explanation for his inability to explain the cause of this universe, and it involves assuming that there a lot more unexplained galaxies out there. It goes something like this: apparently there are bazillions of universes in a bazillion different dimensions and although it will never be possible to ever scientifically prove that these imagined universes and dimensions exist (or what caused them), we must accept that they do because we are all alive here today and that means that we just happen to be the result of the one universe with all the multitude of levers and knobs set at precisely the right settings for life – by themselves. Phew. And I thought the explanation of the Holy Trinity was a complicated mystery.

Religion should be part of any educational system that teaches about humanity. And any educational system that does not teach about humanity is not really an educational system at all. Even Dawkins’ beliefs should get a look in, just so that kids can understand that brainiacs are often the most arrogantly silly of all.

Further than that, any educational system in Australia that wants to teach about our nation, its institutions, its culture and its values will necessarily have to focus primarily on Christianity. There is simply no getting around it. Christianity is in the DNA of Australia.

But the new-age vandals don’t like this little fact. Like Susie O’Brien. She is a new-age vandal because she wants to destroy our civilisation. Just like the Vandals of old, she wants to plunder and replace the culture with barbarity. She even says it out loud and proud in her article written for the Herald Sun this very day. It’s title: Religion has no place in our state schools.

Susie goes on to write that:

“I am alarmed to hear that independent schools’ lobby group Christian Schools Australia wants the national curriculum to be underpinned by Australia’s Western heritage and Judaeo-Christian influences.”

I think that most people would be alarmed to find out that our national curriculum is not underpinned by our Western heritage and Jedaeo-Christian influences, but by something else altogether.

Susie obviously doesn’t believe our culture is worth fostering in our schools. But she is more supportive of other people’s culture getting a look in. That’s why she’s so supportive of the National Curriculum and its three cross-curriculum priorities.

And if Susie has even had a cursory glance at these priorities, which I am sure she has, considering she wrote about them today, then she will well know that the National Curriculum mandates religious study in every subject in every state school. It’s just not Christianity that is taught, but Islam and Chinese communist ideology. These are the three cross-curriculum priorities:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures
  • Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia
  • Sustainability

The first two priorities make it very clear that Asian and Indigenous religion, cultures and beliefs are to be taught. In every single subject.

I’m sure the Taliban will be pleased that Susie O’Brien thinks that Australia’s schoolkids should be taught more about Islam than Christianity. And even though Anthony Mundine is now a Muslim, I’m sure he appreciates Susie’s support for classroom hours to be freed from any necessity to teach the role of Christianity in our legal and parliamentary systems so that time can be spent analysing Tiddalik and the Rainbow Serpent.

And then there’s the third religion: sustainability. I have hunch that this is Susie’s favourite.

And, I must admit, it is probably mine too: it even comes with its own apocalyptic set of educational talking points. Most educational courses teach about things that are known and that are based on learning from the past. However, Australia’s national curriculum has no need for such old-fashioned ways. Half of the ‘Sustainability’ learning ideas are about things that are going to happen in the future. It all sounds very religious to me. Who knew that the Australian government’s educational bureaucrats had been endowed with the ability to prophesise? Not me. But I do like the fact that, via the National Curriculum, this power has been passed out like some educational sacrament to teachers in every subject across the land.

So, only the most obtuse person can claim that the National Curriculum removes religious study from the state school. It does no such thing at all. All it does is remove Christianity.

And that is the real reason that Susie O’Brien supports this failure of an educational policy. She is not interested in empowering schools to educate children. She is only interested in promoting the secular vandalism of our society.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Being able to recite the Pater Noster and Ave Maria used to be a requirement for First Holy Communion (first graders). Nowadays, most students who graduate from Catholic high-schools are not able to pray these prayers in English – let alone Latin. Let’s not forget that it’s not only the evolution from apes fraud, but that also the whole “sustainability”, “climate change”, “global warming” propaganda are now an integral part of supposedly Catholic education.

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  2. Islam is NOT an Asian religion. There maybe sizable numbers of Muslims from South and South East Asia but it is a commonly known fact that Islam was and is the creation of Arabs from the Middle East region. Please don’t post such a misleading title. It makes you seem ignorant and at the very least, misinformed. I am a fellow Christian of East Asian (Oriental if you will) ethnicity and I take exception to your post title.

    Other than your post title misstep, good article about the amoral lefts’ blatant attack on freedom and religion (Christianity).

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    • Thank you for your comment. Yes – Islam was created by Arabs. And Saudi Arabia is in Asia. It is a little confusing because the Middle East also includes parts of Africa. But there is no doubt that Islam is a religion of Asia.

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    • Beequal,whilst it is true that Asian Christians absorbed a variety of mainland ie Asian Muslim theology via traders, currents of ideology and localised religious variations – in fact in many parts of South East Asia Islam is almost inseparable from Christianity in its official forms which doesnt preclude practitioners from their own form of worship. But yes Islam spread from the Middle East through Africa and Asia and is in fact highly embedded in parts of Australia eg Bendigo.

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  3. I fear you are on the money regarding the Curriculum – it has poisoned bot just the cultural purity of what MUST remain a secular/religious institution ie schooling and not some political plaything. However this Government is unwilling to disturb it or indeed tear down the last pretences of democracy and establish an Aussie Monarchy for once and for all – but its not far off.

    A significant number of media practitioners today have either forgotten or have never accepted that direct democracy via referenda and talk back radio really MUST replace the current fraud of voters lining up with pencils, and the mass fraud that AWU/Slipper/Thompson etc perpetuate in league with international financiers and the Windsors/Soros/Masons etc. They want to run the schools but NOT provide input to the curriculum! Where is the distinction in this Federalism gone mad!

    Meanwhile, the now powerful elites demand tolerance for their ideas while seeking to ensure intolerance for all other ideas especially if they mention bestiality or forced reparation of black people etc. When disturbed they invariably resort to ad hominem abuse and entrenching their achievements through the doctrine of political correctness and forced labour for unionists and other troublemakers..

    But that is not what happened in the bedroom. Cory Bernardi’s estimate is that between 80,000 and 100,000 homosexual marriages are consumated every evening, in a sordid display that only the PC Brigade could enjoy.

    But the elite position is that the gay marriage debate is well and truly closed and not to be reopened despite most Australians not giving a toss. They want to see their kids educated NOT fantasise about homosexual comings and goings! The debate is closed whenever the elites say so – and we are lucky to have them restored to their rightful throne.

    When Tony Abbott wrote Battlelines in 2009, it did not set out official Liberal policy or indeed much policy at all but its a great read (even though presumably ghost written by Sir David Flynt and Chris Pearson). What we need now is real action on the disenfranchisement of the socialist teacher’s cadre and further restrictions on the freedoms they assume they own – has Tony the guts to press on? I suppose we shall see…

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  4. Well spotted Bernard. The MSN certainly have an agenda in the so-called “Curriculum Wars” and its mostly driven by the Left!

    However, we know from history that in what was a world first, the Aussie Constitution was actually approved by the people – excepting Indigenous who werent counted in those days – and also women. ( But that didn’t stop Paul Keating from claiming it had been developed in the Foreign Office so that the British could control Australia!)

    The national curriculum – which was developed as part of a fabian-funded World Government Education Campaign orchestrated out of Zurich by the Royal family, George Soros and others concerned in the Climate Change charade – shows precisely why Canberra should have nothing to do with running the nation’s schools – it should be almost entirely left up to business, citizens’ militia and the churches. Certainly NOT the teacher’s unions!

    Each state should continue as before with the resulting competition demonstrating what is the best state – and the worst stae each year will have to shut its schools until it gets its act together. Its market forces at work and at its most Darwinian.

    The national curriculum has been a fertile target for the elites who have so successfully followed Marxist theoretician Antonio Gramsci’s blueprint for their ”long march through the institutions” eg ATO workers, recreational fishermen, shopkeepers, wine growers, baristas, gay pompous ex-Academics with silly accents and fatties from the suburbs who haven’t ever had a job but just pick up the dregs from the proto-socialist demi-monde and get off on raising the temperature and the bait of radio shock jocks. An elite YOU really dont wanna join!.

    Apart from falling on and endorsing every failed new teaching fashion dreamt up overseas – mostly by charlatans of the masonic Left – the elites have decided that at the centre of the national curriculum there are to be three ”cross curriculum priorities’ based on aetheist values. The latter emerged from the UN’s shadowy Agenda 21 and is a favourite theme of the ultra Greens, the nationalist rifle lobby and a myriad of social credit squandering teacher cadres who have infiltrated our public institutions and are now spreading anti-monarchist sentiments.

    If we must have a national curriculum, it should be appropriate to the subjects being taught and not a document for the left wing indoctrination of our children. It must teach the history of the House of Windsor, the glories of the British Empire and the Judeo Christian heritage that built this country.

    The time has come to put a foot in the sand and say NO!

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    • It’s truly sad that the vast majority of students who finish school in this country have no idea whatsoever that the purpose of their lives is to grow in the knowledge and love of God and to serve Him faithfully in the One, True Church outside of which there is no salvation. It’s even more sad that students completing a supposedly Catholic education are similarly ignorant of this basic fact. Instead, supposedly conservative Prelates like Cardinal Pell and Archbishop Coleridge teach the vicious lie that we evolved from apes via neanderthals.

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