International media covers what the Australian press won’t

There are very few journalists prepared to ask any hard questions when it comes to Islam.

Apart from Paul Sheehan at the Sydney Morning Herald and Des Houghton at The Courier Mail, most Australian journalists run the other way when it comes to reporting the issues raised on this blog. I think they’re scared and don’t have the logic or intestinal fortitude for a debate. But I would be more than happy to be proven wrong.

But some of them do bite. Like Mike Carlton. He won’t report, but he will resort to insult. It’s all he’s got.


Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Anyone as silly as Dougie who believes that Islam is a religion of peace obviously hasn’t read the Muslim instruction manual, the Koran. I recommend everyone should read it (yes, yes, it’s awfully boring) just to understand WHY Islam has done these things in the world. Not reading it is like saying you’re an expert on Christianity without ever having read the Gospels.

    BTW Dougie, there is no such thing as “mainstream” Islam. Islam is Islam is Islam. You may meet Muslims who would run a mile if they were asked to blow something up but that is a choice informed by something other than Islam. The early history of Islam tells you that terrorism and murder, bar a few decades here and there, is the normal behaviour in this religion.

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  2. Bernard,
    Sorry for the profanity (and I know one does not make an excuse after an apology, but in this case one will), but after a couple of letters to Carlton, in which I expressed my disgust at his views, his truly amazing comeback (which should go down in the Journalist’s Hall of Fame for Amazing Retorts) was ‘You pathetic fuckwit’.
    Now seriously, how can one come back from such a scathing, withering and possibly witty response?
    Okay, not witty. Sadly, he is not the only lefty journalist with only that sort of response when someone disagrees with their warped views.

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  3. The Islamic footsoldier is part of the “dis-arming” strategy undertaken by world government to enforce anti-Christian pro-Masonic government upon populace via Politically Correct Brigades. We all know that guns only do what the shooter tells them to do and they only usually shoot living things by accident or sometimes in hunting and then its not the users fault if some animal gets in the way.

    Its tougher gun laws that lead to social dissent as people without access to guns slug it out on the street with onlookers and the like. They would put an end to this king-hit culture if there was easier access to guns and then people wouldnt dare attack others not knowing if they were going to get a blast back. And Islamic terrorism would be a thing of the past.

    Generally I find the shooter to be a complete gentleman especially in the backblocks where he can shoot up whatever he likes and no worries cos theres almost no chance of hitting anybody. When the UN Inspectors come looking for the guns its goodbye sweetie cos the citizen would abide and then it will take some citizen-elected militia before any guns get confiscated but thats only theoretical.

    Most of the crime on the street is fuelled by a combination of Ice/Steroids and Halal Meat – Ive seen those foreign types running amok with a gutful.

    Give them a gun license and it’ll probably wind them back to normality and half the so-called gangs will disappear overnight. Make it easier foir the so-called gangsters to get legal guns and they just might chill and practice a bit of target shooting and not drive-bys. And Islam wont take over as the “army Of The Willing” ie Christians would be ready and wont give any quarter.

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    • After the last election, if the alarm bells aren’t ringing now about the danger from the enemy within, one wonders if they ever will. The question must be raised if muslims wanting to serve fabian masters in vote-rigging are ever fully vetted before they are admitted? If so, to what degree and against which criteria and was the ABC involved? And are those who are admitted after being positively vetted, subject to constant review (like members of our security services are), to see if they haven’t changed their mind about things or indeed have become Christians undercover and infiltrating some charismatic sects to enforce halal-meat eating and sexual repression through the ballot box? To see if they may be starting to acquire Jihadist tendencies or even baptising their own relatives contrary to AEC regulations and the rule of law?

      During the cold war, Russians and other anti-communist East Europeans working for the West would have been constantly vetted – and would have fully accepted that they needed to be vetted on a regular basis, and would have been more than happy about it and even self-vetted – so that voting intentions were made very clear – as I think Bob Kernohan has demonstrated in his court battles with Gillard/Slipper/Thompson.

      And it should be the same thing to do with all our service men and women. We should accept nothing less than full compliance from potential Muslim recruits, given the state the world is in and the voting irregularities that have occurred in almost every Labor-held electorate.

      What’s more Muslims should only be allowed to vote in the first place when they sign an agreement that their loyalty is, unequivocally, to Australia first, above all (including the Ummah (something which they are unlikely to agree to, me thinks) secondly without complaints (unlikely, too.) and thirdly that they join as a fully fledged financial member the Liberal Party, the National Party or Aussies First Foreigners Out Anti-Immigration Party or their associates but not Fabian ones.

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  4. The reason Moslems don’t join the Australian Army is that they want to use big 7.62mm bullets, not little 5.56mm ones.

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    • Very good point, Clive. That, plus the fact that, in islamic military circles, a hipster young mussie dude can get about in fashionable three-day-growth and super trendy balaclava or shemagh – a combined look whose net effect is to guarantee total success in pulling the sheilas at the Blue Burqa Bar on any Friday night!

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  5. Jim…!! Thank you! You have shown very explicitly the stupidity of those who claim falsely that Islam is a “religion of peace”!
    Come on, Doug…….we’re all waiting for your statistics on “Christian terrorists”. You should hang your head in shame for your ridiculous assertions.

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  6. Given that there are an estimated 1.6 billion Muslims in the world and how very few terrorist attacks there have been even you would have to admit that mainstream Islam is a very peaceful religion.

    In the years since 9/11 in America more people have been killed by fanatical Christian “Terrorists” than by Muslim ones.

    Not forgetting the centuries of attacks conducted by Catholic terrorists in Ireland and the UK killing and maiming innocent civilians.

    I think your logic is seriously flawed……. ( as usual )

    How is civi street ? 😉

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    • Douggie, Douggie, Dougie …. what universe do you live in, mate? It can’t be this one. Because in this one, atrocities are committed around the world EVERY DAY by muslims, in the name of their religion. Here is a list of the murders carried out by muslims, in the name of islam, between 17 Feb and 18 March 2014:
      2014.03.18 Afghanistan Maimana – 16 killed and 20 injured at a market are blown to pieces by a Shahid suicide bomber with a rickshaw. 2014.03.17 Libya Benghazi – 10 killed and 23 injured in a car bomb blast staged by Islamic extremists. 2014.03.17 Somalia Alamada – al-Shabaab claims credit for a suicide car bombing that leaves seven dead. 2014.03.17 Iraq Saladin – 4 killed 2 injured – At least one child is injured when four women are blown up in their own home by al-Qaeda. 2014.03.17 Somalia Bulobarde -Two dozen people are killed when a suicide bomber ploughs an explosives-laden car into a hotel in the middle of the night.
      2014.03.17 Pakistan Karachi – A doctor belonging to a minority religious community is murdered at his clinic by sectarian gunmen.
      2014.03.16 Nigeria Pela Birni – Boko Haram attack a Christian village, torch a church and murder two people.
      2014.03.16 Lebanon Nabi Othman – A married couple are among four people blown to pieces by an al-Nusra suicide car bombing.
      2014.03.15 Egypt Cairo – Islamists machine-gun six off-duty soldiers.
      2014.03.14 Somalia Hiraan – An al-Shabaab assault on a small town leaves ten dead.
      2014.03.14 Nigeria Maiduguri – At least eight civilians die during a sustained assault by Boko Haram.
      2014.03.14 Afghanistan Helmand – Two children and two women are among a family of six obliterated by Religion of Peace bombers.
      2014.03.14 Pakistan Peshawar – A Fedayeen suicide bomber detonates at a gas station, incinerating ten souls, including two women.
      2014.03.14 Nigeria Kayamla – Islamists stop commercial vehicles at random on a highway and murder 20 passengers.
      2014.03.14 Iraq Baghdad – Five patrons at a market are killed by a shrapnel bomb blast.
      2014.03.14 Iraq Anbar – Three Iraqis are murdered by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
      2014.03.14 Thailand Pattani – Muslims shoot a Buddhist teacher and then set her body on fire.
      2014.03.13 Iraq Mosul – One other person killed by a suicide car bomber.
      2014.03.13 Iraq Rawa – Four people on a bridge are sent to the great beyond by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
      2014.03.13 Thailand Narathiwat – A 45-year-old rubber tapper is gunned down by Muslim terrorists.
      2014.03.13 Egypt Cairo – Islamists open fire at a bus stop, killing a guard.
      2014.03.13 Pakistan Shabqadar – A Sikh man and his employee are murdered in a targeted attack on him.
      2014.03.13 Kenya Mandera – A young woman closing her shop is among two people shot to death by al-Shabaab.
      2014.03.13 Iraq Rawa – Mujahid bombers kill eighteen members of a wedding party and wound another 18.
      2014.03.12 Iraq Aziria – A Shahid suicide car bomber kills four Iraqis.
      2014.03.12 Afghanistan Faryab – Three election workers are murdered by Taliban fundamentalists.
      2014.03.11 Iraq Baqubah – Two people at a mosque are blown to bits by Religion of Peace rivals.
      2014.03.11 Afghanistan Kabul – A European journalist is assassinated by religious radicals from Fidai Mahaz.
      2014.03.11 Iraq Qamishli – Four women are among seven Kurds killed by three suicide bombers.
      2014.03.11 Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan – Two people are killed when Islamists fire on a team trying to vaccinate children against polio.
      2014.03.11 Syria Jarabulus – Islamists with knives execute twenty-two people in cold blood while shouting praises to Allah.
      2014.03.11 Iraq Samarrah – A woman and her child are blown to pieces by Mujahid bombers.
      2014.03.11 Turkey Istanbul – A woman is murdered in court by her own son for seeking a divorce (a bystander is also killed).
      2014.03.10 Afghanistan Herat – Hardline fundamentalists detonate a motorcycle sharpnel bomb that sends two locals to Allah.
      2014.03.10 Iraq Muqdadiya – A mosque preacher is murdered on his way home by rivals.
      2014.03.10 Iraq Baqubah – A child and an old man are exterminated by Mujahideen bombers.
      2014.03.10 Pakistan Islamabad – Sectarian Jihadi gunmen pick off a rival cleric.
      2014.03.10 Pakistan Peshawar – Sunni snipers shoot dead a Shiite outside his house.
      2014.03.09 Thailand Pattani – A Buddhist fisherman is shot to death by suspected militants.
      2014.03.09 Iraq Hillah – 45 people are killed by a suicide bomber with a shrapnel-packed minibus – 157 others are wounded.
      2014.03.09 Afghanistan Musa Qala – Three women and two children are among a family of seven reduced to a bloody paste by Taliban bombers.
      2014.03.09 Thailand Narathiwat – ‘Insurgents’ fire two shots into the head of a man laying eel traps.
      2014.03.09 Iraq Tuz Khurmatu – ‘Insurgents’ fire on oil company workers, killing three.
      2014.03.09 Iraq Abu Ghraib – Suspected al-Qaeda roll up on a check point and machine-gun four policemen.
      2014.03.09 Thailand Pattani – Runda Kumpulan Kecil gunmen open fire on a Buddhist village, killing four residents.
      2014.03.08 Iraq Baghdad – A street packed with shoppers is the target of a suspected al-Qaeda blast that kills at least a half-dozen Iraqis.
      2014.03.08 Iraq Ramadi – A suicide bombing is among a series of Mujahid attacks that leave 13 dead and 29 wounded.
      2014.03.08 Yemen Lawder – Two local soldiers are killed when al-Qaeda militants fire an RPG into their base.
      2014.03.08 Afghanistan Nazian – The Taliban assassinate a district chief by attaching a bomb to his car.
      2014.03.08 Afghanistan Taywara – Three teachers are kidnapped and murdered by Islamic extremists.
      2014.03.08 Afghanistan Kajaki – Two civilians are taken out with a Taliban bomb.
      2014.03.07 Afghanistan Marjah – Sunni hardliners detonate a bomb in a crowded marketplace, killing five shoppers and wounding eight.
      2014.03.07 Iraq Tuz Khormatu – Jihadis plant a bomb at a market that takes the lives of four innocents.
      2014.03.07 Iraq Ramadi – Three Iraqis are taken out by a Shahid suicide bomber.
      2014.03.07 Syria Aleppo – Ten ‘enemies of Islam’ are lined up and shot on video to the cry of ‘Allah Akbar’.
      2014.03.06 USA Port Bolivar, TX – A Muslim man shoots his lesbian daughter and her lover to death and leaves a copy of the Quran open to a page condemning homosexuality.
      2014.03.06 Iraq Baghdad – A bomb at a restaurant leaves two dead 11 wounded.
      2014.03.06 Pakistan Kurram – Two women are among three people killed in a Religion of Peace bomb blast.
      2014.03.06 Iraq Baghdad – Jihadis murder four people at a café and wound seven.
      2014.03.06 Nigeria Riyom – Armed Muslims raid a series of Christian villages, burning churches and killing sixteen, including women and four children.
      2014.03.06 Syria Hama – Two suicide bombings leave at least five dead.
      2014.03.06 Iraq Baghdad – Sunni bomber take down seven patrons at an outdoor market frequented by Shias.
      2014.03.06 Syria Homs 15 12 A brutal sectarian car bombing in an Armenian neighborhood leaves fifteen dead.
      2014.03.06 Iraq Meshada – Five civilians are blown apart by a terrorist bomb blast.
      2014.03.06 Iraq Hillah – Two al-Qaeda car bombs produce nine dead Iraqis.
      2014.03.06 Iraq Kanaan – Five people at a billiards hall lose their lives to a Muhideen bomb blast.
      2014.03.06 Iraq Iskandariyah – Fundamentalist bombers blow up four people at a casino.
      2014.03.05 Pakistan Hangu – Six local soldiers are slain by Ansar-ul-Mujahideen.
      2014.03.05 Syria Homs – Fifteen people are reduced to pulp by a Sunni car bombing.
      2014.03.05 Iraq Ramadi – Three Iraqis are dismembered by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
      2014.03.05 Iraq Baghdad – Fundamentalists bomb a university, killing three bystanders.
      2014.03.05 Iraq Baghdad – Sunni bombers strike a Shiite neighborhood, taking out at least eight innocents and wounding 31.
      2014.03.04 Thailand Yala – A 22-year-old woman is shot to death in front of her husband by ‘insurgents’.
      2014.03.04 Iraq Samarrah – Seven Iraqis are murdered by al-Qaeda gunmen at a city council.
      2014.03.04 Afghanistan Qaisar – Sunni hardliners roll up on a checkpoint and machine-gun seven local cops at point-blank range.
      2014.03.04 Pakistan Jamrud – Two truck drivers are shot dead byTaliban snipers.
      2014.03.04 Somalia Barawa – A woman and her cousin are beheaded in front of her young children for being Christians.
      2014.03.04 Bahrain Manama – Three police are pulverized by a bomb thought to have been planted by Shiite radicals.
      2014.03.04 Pakistan Karachi – A Shia man is gunned down by Sipah-e-Sahaba.
      2014.03.03 Yemen Shabwa – An al-Qaeda ambush leaves six local soldiers dead and 14 wounded.
      2014.03.03 Iraq Hawija – al-Qaeda bombers take out two mourners at a funeral.
      2014.03.03 Nigeria Borno – Two local cops are taken down by a Boko Haram bomb – 13 others wounded.
      2014.03.03 Pakistan Islamabad – A dozen people are blown to pieces by a suicide bomber inside a court house.
      2014.03.03 Pakistan Landikotal – Islamic radicals kill two local soldiers with a roadside bomb and subsequent shooting.
      2014.03.03 Iraq Fallujah – Two women are killed by a mortar attack that also injures two children.
      2014.03.03 India Pulwama – Muslim terrorists murder two people transporting food.
      2014.03.03 Nigeria Jakana – Gunmen shouting praises to Allah invade a small village and kill 48 innocents, some by burning.
      2014.03.03 Thailand Yala – Muslim terrorists murder a 40-year-old labourer outside a tea shop.
      2014.03.02 Cameroon Border – Seven people are killed when Nigerian Islamists sneak across the border and open fire.
      2014.03.02 Iran Rasht – Two homosexuals are executed for the crime of ‘perversion’.
      2014.03.02 Iraq Tikrit – Two Iraqis are blown up by al-Qaeda.
      2014.03.02 Nigeria Mafa -Thirty-two villagers are slaughtered by militants fighting for Sharia – another 48 injured.
      2014.03.02 Thailand Yala – A couple of married gardeners are ambushed and killed by Muslim terrorists.
      2014.03.02 Libya Benghazi – Islamists are suspected of shooting a French engineer to death.
      2014.03.02 Afghanistan Logar – Two children and two women are killed by a Taliban bomb.
      2014.03.02 Syria Aleppo – Ten victims of the ISIL are discovered in a mass grave.
      2014.03.01 Iraq Tuz Khormato – Suspected al-Qaeda bombers target a shop, killing three patrons.
      2014.03.01 Iraq Balad Ruz – A woman is taken out by Jihadi bombers.
      2014.03.01 China Yunnan – A group of Muslim terrorists go on a sudden stabbing spree at a train station that leaves over thirty dead and 143 wounded.
      2014.03.01 Nigeria Bullumkuttu – A Boko Haram car bomb claims seven lives.
      2014.03.01 Nigeria Maiduguri -Children are ‘most affected’ by a double suicide bombing at a crowded marketplace that leaves over fifty dead and sixty wounded.
      2014.03.01 Pakistan Jamrud – A young boy is among a dozen killed in two bombing attacks on polio vaccination teams.
      2014.03.01 Nigeria Mainok – Islamic extremists pour into a village and massacre 47 innocents.
      2014.03.01 Pakistan Hotani – A woman is murdered by her conservative brother-in-law on suspicion of an affair.
      2014.02.28 Pakistan Karachi – Sectarian Jihadis pick off a salesman working at a shop.
      2014.02.28 Pakistan Nazimabad – Muslim militant open fire on a group of worshippers at a rival mosque, killing two.
      2014.02.28 Egypt Mansoura – A local cop is murdered by Islamic extremists.
      2014.02.28 Iraq Baqubah – Four family members are riddled with machine-gun fire by Mujahideen.
      2014.02.28 Tanzania Bondeni – A cleric and his son are doused with acid after declining to promote Jihad.
      2014.02.28 Pakistan Miranshah – Five people are killed by Muslim terrorists in two bombing and shooting attacks.
      2014.02.27 Iraq Sadr City – Sunnis plant a bomb on a minibus that kills five Shia.
      2014.02.27 Iraq Sadr City -Thirty-two patrons at a used motorbike market in a Shia area are brutally murdered by Sunni bombers.
      2014.02.27 Syria Homs – Five people are killed when Sunni militants fire a rocket into a hospital.
      2014.02.27 Pakistan Samanabad – A seminary teacher is assassinated by rival co-religionists.
      2014.02.27 Nigeria Adamawa – Boko Haram Islamists burn churches and massacre nearly forty people, including students at a Christian seminary.
      2014.02.27 Somalia Mogadishu – Ten people are taken out in mid-bite by an al-Shabaab bombing at a restaurant.
      2014.02.27 Iraq Baghdad – A bomb blast in a neighborhood leaves four dead.
      2014.02.27 Iraq Baghdad – A Shahid suicide bomber sends three Iraqis to Allah.
      2014.02.27 Pakistan Karachi – A prominent Shia scholar is gunned down by Sunni rivals.
      2014.02.27 Iraq Tuz Khurmato – Jihadis blow up a fish market, killing two patrons.
      2014.02.27 Iraq Haditha – A Religion of Peace suicide bomber blows up seven people at a house.
      2014.02.27 Pakistan Karachi – Sunni gunmen take down a Shiite imam and his son outside their madrassah.
      2014.02.26 Iraq Mosul – Four Iraqis are blow to bits by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
      2014.02.26 Thailand Narathiwat – Muslim gunmen murder a man and critically injure his wife.
      2014.02.26 Iraq Diyala – Roadside bombers kill four passengers on a bus.
      2014.02.26 Nigeria Michika – Three catholic nuns are feared dead after their church is torched by Islamists.
      2014.02.26 Turkmenistan Moqor – Three border guards are gunned down by Taliban.
      2014.02.26 Nigeria Riyom – Two family members are shot to death their own home by Boko Haram.
      2014.02.25 Iraq Meshahda – Four Iraqis are kidnapped and executed by al-Qaeda.
      2014.02.25 Iraq Baghdad – Fifteen innocents at a crowded commercial district are blown to bits by a Mujahideen car bomb.
      2014.02.25 Iraq Ramadi – A Fedayeen suicide bomber obliterates three souls.
      2014.02.25 Afghanistan Tirinkot – Nine people are wiped out when a Shahid suicide bomber detonates at a hotel.
      2014.02.25 Nigeria Damaturu – Islamic extremists burn alive or slit the throats of dozens of students at a school.
      2014.02.24 Libya Benghazi – Seven Christians are shot execution-style by Muslims who first confirmed their identity.
      2014.02.24 Nigeria Izge – Two women and a man are murdered by Islamic extremists.
      2014.02.24 Pakistan Peshawar – A Sunni suicide bomber attacks an Iranian consulate office, killing two guards.
      2014.02.24 Bangladesh Mymensingh – Jama’atul Mujahideen gun down a cop.
      2014.02.24 Iraq Khalidiya – Two Iraqis are taken down by al-Qaeda.
      2014.02.24 Thailand Yala – Two attacks by Muslim terrorists leave two dead.
      2014.02.24 Pakistan Karachi – An elderly Shiite is picked off by Sipah-e-Sahaba gunmen.
      2014.02.24 Thailand Yala – A 42-year-old man is ambushed and killed by Muslim terrorists.
      2014.02.23 Syria Atmeh – Sectarian bombers take out over a dozen people outside a hospital.
      2014.02.23 Afghanistan Kunar – Armed fundamentalists assault an Afghan checkpoint, killing twenty-one defenders.
      2014.02.23 Pakistan Kohat – A woman and child are among thirteen who bleed to death following a Religion of Peace shrapnel bombing.
      2014.02.23 Egypt Zagazig – Religious extremists murder a man on his way home.
      2014.02.23 Iraq Baiji – Muslim militants kill seven Iraqis with automatic weapons fire.
      2014.02.23 Iraq Baghdad – Mujahideen detonate a bomb along a busy street, which takes the lives of four innocents.
      2014.02.23 Thailand Yala – An older couple in their 60’s are machine-gunned in their own home by a group of fifteen Muslims.
      2014.02.23 Pakistan Karachi – A 10-year-old boy is among the victims of a Taliban shooting inside a rival mosque.
      2014.02.23 Iraq Sadr City – A bomb planted at a bicycle market claims the lives of six people and wounds 21.
      2014.02.23 Syria Aleppo – Seven Jihadis are killed by a rival suicide bomber.
      2014.02.22 Pakistan Barawal – A man and woman are shot to death for having ‘illicit’ sex.
      2014.02.22 Lebanon Hermel – Three people are blown to bits by an al-Nusra suicide bomber.
      2014.02.22 Iraq Ramadi – A Fedayeen suicide bomber sends a half-dozen Iraqis to Allah.
      2014.02.22 Pakistan Buner – Three people lose their lives to a Taliban bomb.
      2014.02.22 Iraq Baqubah – A half dozen Iraqis are machine-gunned by militants fighting for an Islamic state.
      2014.02.22 Afghanistan Laghman – A child is among three people killed when fundamentalists fire on a women’s clinic.
      2014.02.22 Iraq Kirkuk – ‘Insurgents’ set off three car bombs in a neighborhood, killing five people.
      2014.02.22 Thailand Yala – Three Buddhists are gunned down at a shop by militant Muslims.
      2014.02.21 Afghanistan Sarobi – Three suicide bombers manage to kill only one other person.
      2014.02.21 Somalia Mogadishu – Five Somalis are laid out by a number of Fedayeen suicide bombers.
      2014.02.21 Pakistan Sibi – The Taliban strap explosives to a 13-year-old boy.
      2014.02.21 India Sopore – Islamists murder a civilian.
      2014.02.20 Syria Esselame – Two dozen people are reduced to pulp by ISIL bombers.
      2014.02.20 Afghanistan Kabul – A suicide bomber takes out a security guard.
      2014.02.20 Thailand Yala – Muslim terrorists fire on a man and wife, killing the husband.
      2014.02.20 Iraq Musayyib – Sunnis send mortar rounds into a Shiite neighborhood, killing over twenty residents.
      2014.02.20 Iraq Dujail – Three al-Qaeda bombs produce ten dead Iraqis.
      2014.02.19 Iraq Dujail – A powerful car bomb sends ball bearings through shoppers at a market.
      2014.02.19 Iraq Mahmoudiya – Six people bleed to death when Jihadis set off a bomb at a vegetable market.
      2014.02.19 Nigeria Rapyem – Nine children are among thirteen villagers slain in their sleep by Muslim terrorists.
      2014.02.19 Nigeria Bama – Fifty people at a school are among over 100 ‘infidels’ shot up or burned to death by militants fighting for an Islamic state.
      2014.02.19 Lebanon Beirut – Two Abdullah Azzam Brigades suicide bombers murder a dozen people outside an orphanage and wound 103.
      2014.02.18 Nigeria Borno – A guard is killed during a Boko Haram attack on a house.
      2014.02.18 Thailand Pattani – Suspected Muslim ‘insurgents’ sweep the inside of a pickup truck with gunfire, killing three riders.
      2014.02.18 Philippines Jolo – A farmer is beheaded by Bangsamoro Islamists.
      2014.02.18 Iraq Baghdad – A brutal al-Qaeda car bomb at a bus station claims the lives of seven innocents.
      2014.02.18 Iraq Hillah – Thirty-five people are torn to shreds by seven al-Qaeda car bombs.
      2014.02.18 Nigeria Adamawa – Eleven villagers are slaughtered by Boko Haram.
      2014.02.18 Syria Aleppo – A video shows a hardline fundamentalist group executing fourteen people in cold blood.
      2014.02.18 Iraq Baghdad – A series of Religion of Peace car bombs in mostly Shia areas leave ten dead.
      2014.02.17 Iraq Anbar – A Shahid suicide bomber manages to kill one other person.
      2014.02.17 Iraq Mosul – A baby is torn to shreds by a Religion of Peace bomb blast.
      2014.02.17 Afghanistan Kapisa – A half-dozen Afghans are blown to bits by religious radicals.
      2014.02.17 Iraq Baghdad – Sunnis bomb a Shia mosque, killing two worshippers.
      2014.02.17 Iraq Baghdad – Four patrons are pulled into pieces by al-Qaeda bombers.
      2014.02.17 Somalia Kismayo – Three men are murdered by a pro-Sharia gunmen.
      2014.02.17 Iraq Baghdad – Sunni car bombers strike a heavily populated Shiite area, taking out ten civilians.
      2014.02.17 Iraq Karrada – Nine civilians at a market are sectionalized by Jihadi car bombers.
      2014.02.17 Iraq Ramadi – A suicide car bomber sends three Iraqis to Allah.
      2014.02.17 Egypt Alexandria – A 6-year-old girl is among a Christian family of four found murdered.
      2014.02.17 Pakistan Shongari – Twenty-three captured soldiers are beheaded after being held hostage for nearly four years. DOUGGIE ME OLD MATE – that’s 1,449 people MURDERED BY MUSLIMS in 191 separate muslim attacks around the world IN JUST ONE MONTH – and you have the unbelievable stupidity to say that there have been very few terrorist attacks! You’re a fool, Doug – a completely ridiculous and ignorant fool.

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    • Three questions, Doug: ONE: how many people have been killed by “fanatical Christian terrorists” since 9/11? TWO: when and where did these attacks take place? THREE: who were these “fanatical Christian terrorists? Doug – it’s time to put up or shut up. I have just provided you with details of the murders of 1,449 men, women and children by muslims, in the name of islam, IN JUST ONE MONTH. Now it’s your turn – give me the details of all the atrocities you claim to have been committed by Christians. Your time starts now …

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    • Don’t let facts get in the way of a good yarn doug!

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    • Doug,I think it fair to say, you just got served by Jim from Boomba.

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    • Doug when sharia Law hits this country I hope you continue to enjoy the “PEACEFUL RELIGION”you seem so fond of. Do you read about France, England,Belgium, Netherlands etc etc? Do some research my friend & if you value this beautiful country of ours I am sure you will change your mind. Islam is the only religion that DEMANDS Mosques, prayer rooms , separate swimming areas on & on it goes. The Hindu, Buddhists ,orthodox, Bahia do not demand we change our life style to suit them BUT THE ISLAMICS DO.

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    • Doug please explain otherwise I think the term”Christian terrorist”is a figment of your imagination.

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    • Everyone knows that Australia and the rest of the Western World are hightailing it out of Afghanistan as fast as they can. And just like Iraq, which is sliding back into civil war, Afghanistan will be left in a worse situation than when we arrived. Its future is as a breeding ground for more murderous Islamic brutality, strengthened by the knowledge that the might of Western civilisation is defeated. And yet they cheer? And yet they run movies on a friday night glorifying sailors from another time, like Sinbad. And yet they expect us to believe that Senator John Madigan, a simple blacksmith from Pootarook, can hold back the tide of the the filth that is overrunning the streets, flagrantly exposing themselves and demonstrating all manner of exotic lovemaking practices that really shouldnt be seen by children.

      Now soldiers are not even allowed to speak the truth about the enemy’s belief system or what the meals have been like. While they are muzzled, the hierarchy sprouts off that there is nothing wrong with Islam; that a growing Islamic community is a good thing for this country. Indeed, it must be respected. the Army are actually importing Afghani livestock into the country in a mad attempt at overrunning our own flocks! Its gone too far! When we speak we are defamed as “insane” or as bigots even though all we ever did was the read the Bible aloud and point to the passing flock of heretics and flagrant homosexual activists like Bernard did and suffer all sorts of rejection from MSM/Gillard/Slipper/Thompson etc.

      Islam, as the saying goes, is the religion of peace.

      Official Defence documents even state that Muslims believe Mohammad lived as perfect a life as any human and that all ADF members are to respect that assessment. Soldiers can’t challenge its truthfulness or they are whipped with barbed wire for hours then shunted off to Belgrade for some routine torture, before the final act of muzzlement which involves a wire bodkin, three feet of fishing line, a rough shod camel and a product only produced by Selleys! Its insane our troops are treated as if they themselves are the criminals.

      When they are doing a great job and nobody doubts that.

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