The smiling face of evil

There are no words that can truly describe how sickening, perverse and brazen this face of evil is. And there are certainly no condemning words that the homosexual community wishes to speak about it either.

Gay man & children

Instead, this perversion is applauded.

And while this particular incident is from the Toronto Pride Parade in Canada, it should be remembered that earlier this month schoolchildren were encouraged to participate in the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, which also included many acts of public exposure and indecency. And just as the Australian Defence Force marched in that event, the Canadian military got in step with this one too.

The location is irrelevant because the message is universal.

Homosexuals want to teach impressionable youngsters that evil is good. They are after the hearts and minds of children. And there are perverted groups and individuals hiding behind the mantra of LGBT ‘pride’ and ‘diversity’ that also want their bodies. In fact, a political candidate at the recent Federal Election, Tess Corbett, was ordered to apologise by the New South Wales Administrative Decisions Tribunal simply for stating that she did not want paedophiles to gain the same rights as homosexuals. You can read more about that here.

Despite this sickening truth, the mainstream media is quick to defend the ‘right’ of homosexuals to expose themselves to children. In fact, claims are even made that this is healthy.

Take Lauren Strapagiel. She’s the editor News Editor of

She has written a whole article deriding Sam Sotiropoulos, a trustee of the Toronto District School Board. According to Lauren, Sotiropoulos’ crime was to suggest that laws regarding public nudity should be enforced, especially if schoolchildren were to attend to Toronto Pride Parade. Lauren has a different view – she says that thinking about the children ‘stinks’. That’s the word she uses.

And then, without any hint of irony, Lauren quotes the co-Chair of Toronto Pride, who dismissed concerns by stating that the event was ‘a safe and open place’. The community-organiser also outlined his disappointment that the issue of indecent exposure in front of children was even raised. And then he told Lauren that it is really important for the youth to see their school board involved in this event – even though naked men display their genitalia to schoolkids.

Lauren Strapagiel should always remember this. She has defended those who expose themselves to children. There is no getting around it.

Furthermore, her words make it clear that she believes this is a good thing. She is just as evil as the man in the photo above. He is the main event and she is cheerleader.

I suppose Lauren will be singing and dancing in the street at the news that the local teachers union has stepped into the debate. It doesn’t care about protecting the innocence of children entrusted to teachers. Instead, this union has called for Sam Sotiropoulos to be investigated.

There is no clearer proof that we live in times when evil is promoted and morality is outlawed.

In these circumstances, it is no surprise that stupidity reigns supreme.

So you might have noticed that the man photographed above is wearing shoes. They are not fashion accessories. They are mandated in the interests of public ‘health and safety’. As a result, naked men can only stroll past children and expose their genitalia if they have first covered their feet.

And then, with feet covered and genitalia flapping in the breeze, the homosexual community claims that more of this is required to end misunderstanding and marginalisation.

Of course, homosexuals are right on the first point. They are misunderstood. They are the modern day saints and the media loves to love them. They can do no wrong. But if their lifestyle choices were fully understood then homosexuality would still be a criminal offence.

Unfortunately, they are wrong on the second point. This community is not marginalised. But it should be because it supports unmitigated evil. Instead, homosexuality is promoted by government, commerce, media and even in schools. Claims of marginalisation are nothing more than absurd inanities. Those who rightly oppose this perverse depravity are the marginalised ones.

The truth is that homosexuality sickens a man’s body and destroys his soul. It leads men to expose themselves to children to display their ‘pride’. There is not much in this world that is more unholy.

And, truth be told, it is so evil that it even sickens me to write about it.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. I have no doubt that the majority of homosexuals would be horrified to see this photograph. The criticism needs to be directed at the individual that exposed himself in this way, the organizers that allowed it, and the police that did not take action, not an entire community that crosses every demographic in society from the right to the left of politics, and across the religious spectrum as well.

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  2. On the bright side, at least these sick weirdos didn’t desecrate a Catholic Church like “Gay Pride” did in Cape Town some years ago – at the invitation of sodomite activist Bishop Reginald Cawcutt, who subsequently clarified that his own frequent visits to “gay-bars” around the town clad in skimpy leather were “an important part of his ministry”. Unfortunately for many years Pope John Paul 2 refused to do anything about Bishop Cawcutt (mired as he was in the false notion of “collegiality”).

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  3. That dog was lucky I wasn’t there, and the onlookers should have had fire hoses put on them.

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  4. Bernard, can you be clear: what do you wish people with “homosexual tendencies” to do?

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    • For starters – stop shoving their beliefs down our throats! Secondly – stop endlessly portraying themselves as the Modern Saints of our era who can do no wrong. After that – it’s up to them, as the vast majority of them skip merrily down the path to self-selected removal from the human gene pool by virtue of no kids (ie self-administered extinction). That last point arises from the reality that very few homosexuals have children – when they die childless, their genetic strands die with them

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    • That’s simple Troy. I’d like them to enjoy eternal happiness in Heaven with their Creator.

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  5. At times like this I feel ashamed of my sexuality thanks to dumb sh*ts like this who I need to share the title with…

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    • Thank you for your comment – I accept that homosexual tendencies are a real cross that cannot be easy to carry. However, shame is not a bad thing. Shame helps us to avoid those actions that lower our dignity as humans and to recognise faults that need correcting. In fact, without shame we would not be able to experience the greater joy and relief that comes with forgiveness and starting again. All of us are capable of becoming great human beings if we accept the grace of God. I wish you all the best and you are in my prayers. Please pray for me too – I have other faults that are less exotic but that can also destroy a man’s soul and dignity. I need prayers as much as you.

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      • Bernard, you are so right. homosexuality corrodes th heart and soul of men who practice it – especially priests. We have become innurred to the poison that the homosexual lifestyle does to kiddies and the community, and now its even becoming trendy for priests to walk naked during the Mardi Gras (I know I saw it myself this year) and then you’d never know what happened if school teachers were to take kiddies there either, especially given the Leather guys. We must crack down on these perverted lifestyles before they erode all faith in the church and our Judeo christian heritage.

    • Thank you for bringing this to my attention Doug. Of course, I do not support an activist campaign that will see naked people riding around Australian streets. It is uncivilised and indecent. I also see that this is yet another activist campaign from ‘Left’ and ‘Green’ groups. Maybe you can explain why your buddies like pushing against all boundaries of public decency.

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  6. “If their lifestyle choices were fully understood then homosexuality would still be a criminal offence”. What, exactly, do you propose should be re-criminalised? And would the ban apply to heterosexual couples engaging in the same behaviour?

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  7. Good on you, Bernard, well said. (And just what made the naked guy think anyone actually wanted to look at _him_ ?)

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    • Yes, at least we have a Prime Minister who will stand up for the rights of the ordinary citizen and the extraordinary mouthings of a few homo-sexual lunatics on orders from UN Protectortaes will NOT dissuade him from the task at hand. As Cory Bernardi once said: “I believe we need to re-establish the primacy of the family, the social and economic virtues that seem to have been neglected for at least two generations, yet are as innate within the human spirit today as they have ever been,” Or indeed as they will ever be.

      At last we will have a pure genealogical line of rule by the elite over the prolls who care nothing for law and order, or the Judeo Christian heritage or morality. rather they seek gratification at the end of a teat of socialist medicine, poor grammar and Republicanism, deluded by the hope of equality when they are in fact imbeciles.

      Its a thin thin edge but the wedge of anti-family antics is here to be seen – naked gentleman one day whole tribes of dancing leering halal-meat purveyors the next!

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    • I think you and Professor David Fliint are on the same wavelength.

      If the homosexuals love each other, and can pass a test to prove it so that they arent doing it just to be difficult or for welfare etc – then by all means let them marry even if they are both hairy and bears or even like the fat ones who all look a strange pairing if you’d see them in the shopping mall.

      What you call it? I dont know, but many of them want to do it under Sharia law anyway so it may be a muslim name for it I think. Maybe we just let them choose a name – or maybe we change the hetero name and they can keep “Marriage”. Anything for a bit of peace and quiet…

      But public nudity is an other matter – its offensive and they cant do that in front of kiddies. It cheapens the whole parade as well and also tourists will be revolted. Frock them up I say!

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