An old cliché: Labor supports family values

If you lie with dogs, then you’ll wake up with fleas.

It’s a saying that the Australian Labor Party likes to ignore. And to it’s own political peril too.

Labor does not just sleep with dogs. It wallows in the dirtiest and filthiest fringes of the Australian political spectrum. If Craig Thomson was not enough to prove that this party’s supposed love of family values was nothing more than a hollow joke, then the Group Voting Ticket issued by Labor for the upcoming Senate re-run in Western Australia certainly is. It is a sickening read for those who once supported this proud party because of its strong defence of working families and their values – the Christian base of Australia.

So if you are inclined to vote Labor in a little over a week, you should understand where your vote will go if Labor’s preferences are distributed. And you should also understand what political forces are working to see Labor elected. It’s not a pretty picture.

  • Secular Party. Labor’s preferences will be first directed to the Secular Party. And according to the website of the Secular Party, it’s highest priority policy is the forced removal of religious education from all schools – including the private Christian school you send your children to. However, children will be required to attend compulsory sex-education classes that promote homosexuality.
  • Animal Justice Party. Labor will then send preferences to the party that wants to give animals the same legal recognition as humans – except, of course, those in utero.
  • Sex Party. Next on Labor’s list is the Sex Party. Apparently Labor looks favourably on its policies that promote drug use, publicly-funded abortions and pro-homosexual sex ‘education’ for children in pre-school. If Labor’s Louise Pratt, a lesbian, is elected, it will be due to preferences received from the Sex Party.
  • Russell Woolf. The former ABC presenter is running as an independent on a pro-ABC platform.
  • Voluntary Euthanasia Party. Coming it at number five on Labor’s list is the infamous ‘Doctor’ Philip Nitschke. He boasts of being the first doctor in the world to administer a lethal injection for voluntary euthanasia and says that after each assisted suicide he felt a deep sexual urge. That’s not just weird. It’s disturbed. So is Labor’s preferencing arrangement for this man.
  • HEMP Party. Labor has put the doped-up HEMP Party at number six on its ticket. Potheads are Labor’s political friends over any party that supports family values. It should come as no surprise that the HEMP Party has no education policy at all.
  • The Greens. The Greens might be the most hated political party in Australia, but they come in high on Labor’s list. And the only parties ahead of the Greens are even more radical than them. Remember, if it wasn’t for the Greens, the carbon tax and homosexual marriage would not even be political issues. And on top of that, the Greens support the flood of illegal immigration into our country.
  • Australian Democrats. Yes, the Australian Democrats still exist. And yes, they still have policies that have long been rejected by mainstream Australia. This includes things like taxpayer funded sex-change operations and the removal of gender from all government documents. I’d love to see the Medicare claim form designed by the Democrats for a sex-change operation. It would probably even break Sarah Hanson-Young’s brain.
  • Pirate Party. The Pirate Party supports drug use and euthanasia. It also wants to get rid of marriage altogether, but has not yet worked out where it stands an abortion. Presumably, Labor would have preferenced the Pirate Party higher if it had a more detailed policy in this area. But really, does anyone believe that the Pirate Party might be pro-life?
  • Wikileaks Party. The Wikileaks Party does not stand for much. But it does fall for climate change and onshore processing of refugees. And because of that, it sneaks into Labor’s top ten preferences, just ahead of the Socialist Alliance.

And special mention must go the Socialist Alliance. They want to increase all welfare payments so that they equal the minimum wage. Hey! Why work when you can get a worker’s wage for nothing? It’s what the Socialist Alliance is all about and Labor has preferenced them higher than most other parties.

According to Labor, if it can’t govern Australia, then our nation should be ruled by those who promote death, destructive sexual relationships and drug use. Ordinary Australians raising ordinary families concerned about ordinary political issues like jobs, crime reduction and protection of our nation don’t get much of a look in on Labor’s anti-family line-up.

And there is no denying that this is the primary cause of the collapse in support for Labor. It’s radical social policies and stinky political mates are on the nose. Australians don’t like the party’s direction or the friends it keeps. The results are in. Let’s have a quick look at how one-sided they are.

  • At the last New South Wales state election, Labor lost around 500,000 voters. One third of it’s base got up and walked away. And almost all of them stepped to the right.
  • It was an even worse story for the party that previously stood for working families in the Sunshine state. Almost half of Labor’s vote deserted it at the last Queensland state election. Despite the fact that 350,000 Labor voters went looking for a new home, none of them found it with the Greens. Labor’s radical vanguard was smashed at the ballot box as well.
  • The Apple Isle has completely abandoned Labor. It’s vote has halved since 2006 while the Greens have also lost a third of their base. Working families didn’t so much as walk to the ‘Right’, but ran screaming in any direction that wasn’t Labor or the Greens.
  • Western Australians also left Labor and the Greens in droves at the last election. The pain inflicted was not at the same scale as the states mentioned above, but was still a considerable swing of over 6 per cent. That would be a massive result in ‘normal’ times.
  • In South Australia, Labor has now twice managed to cling to power, despite losing the vote. This time Labor and the ‘Left’ could only just manage 47%. And the total Labor/Green vote has collapsed by 14% since 2006.
  • Victorians have also given Labor a beating. Over the last decade it has lost 250,000 votes. The only thing providing Labor any hope is the fact that the Victorian Liberal government is the most despised in the country, precisely because it continues to support Labor’s radical social policies, including the most atrocious abortion laws in the Western world.
  • Federally, Labor has lost 1 million voters since 2007. One in five of its supporters have given it the electoral finger. And at the last election, the Greens and Labor lost nearly 750,000 votes between them. It was a drubbing and a repudiation of everything  associated with the Green-Gillard-Rudd shenanigans.

Of course, these results don’t come as a newsflash to anyone who has paid even the slightest attention to the political flings of the Labor Party over the last decades. But the blind can’t see, so Labor’s hierarchy have continued to cavort with the immoral and unedifying political fringe, even while it costs them votes. Massive piles of votes, so large that they could never be lost.

Australians have abandoned Labor and they won’t go back until one of two things happen. Labor will win support when it pulls its socks up and starts running a decent party. Or, and this is unfortunately more likely, Labor will be re-elected at some point because the liberal element of the Liberal Party are intent on wading through the same political muck heap.

But in Western Australia on the first Saturday of April, all voters should know that Labor owns that muck heap for the time being and has built its political campaign on it.

As such, I suppose there is another old cliché that the Labor hierarchy might like to ponder.

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. As a conservative Victorian voter, I’m not overly enamored with my voting options in the November state election.

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