Facebook says Toronto’s Pride Parade breaches community standards

The good news is that Facebook has community standards.

The bad news for the LGBT community, and the organisers of the Toronto Pride Parade in particular, is that they fail to meet them.

So Facebook has removed a photo of the 2011 Toronto Pride Parade from its web pages. It sends a strong message to the LGBT lobby that if it wants public support it should clean up its act. However, considering the LGBT lobby thinks that promoting sodomy is an acceptable pastime, it’s hard to see how this will ever happen.


Facebook’s decision is a slap in the face for all the perverted people out there defending the perverted ‘right’ of homosexuals to expose their genitalia to children.

For instance, I’ve previously mentioned Lauren Strapagiel, who wrote just this month that:

“Ultimately, there are worse things than seeing a penis flopping down Yonge Street, especially considering what Pride means for the kids the trustees are so concerned about.”

Lauren also eloquently stated that “in-your-face sexuality is the point of the damn thing”.

And she is right, you know. There are worse things that could happen to a child than just seeing a homosexual wave his genitalia in their direction. In the brazenly permissive sexual environment such lewd displays foster, a child might find itself involved in an actual ‘in-your-face’ indecent assault. That would be worse.

And, for the record, exactly that did happen at this year’s Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras. A 15 year-old girl was indecently assaulted while watching the parade.  Then, right on cue, the NSW Assistant Police Commissioner said this:

“Once again, the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade has made its way through the streets of Sydney with flair and celebrated safely.”

I’m not so sure this young girl would agree.

In another example, attendees at the Dallas Gay Pride Parade were warned that those who violate indecency statutes in front of children could be charged with felonies. I don’t see why this is such a problem, but, then again, I’m not a homosexual activist. It’s quite clear that they see things differently.

Like Daniel Scott Cates. He, for some reason, took great offence to this warning and huffily posted the following message on his Facebook page (which didn’t violate community standards, by the way):

Some of you may be the monogamous, nuclear family type-and that’s cool if that’s your fetish, but the vast majority of our community is NOT and are now being stripped of the dignity of living out and authentically AT PRIDE!

I urge you ALL to openly DEFY the Tavern Guild!


I would just like to reassure Mr Cates that living in a monogamous heterosexual relationship is not a fetish. It’s normal.

Then there’s Hardy Haberman. He also carried on like a deviant would at the news that laws would be enforced in Dallas. This is what he said in his little rant:

“The current manifestation of the Pride parade has decided to be “family friendly,” which means less skin, less of anything that might hint of sexuality. What the hell?

Take away our sexuality and we are just straight people who hold hands with the same sex. I don’t advocate public sex or anything like that, but to have to “clean up” because there might be straight families watching is wrong.

We are different.”

Too right, too. Hardy is different. But not in a good way. Normal people take into account the fact that their actions in public need to accord with standards of decency. Hardy thinks that the LGBT community does not need to be decent at all.

Of course, Facebook’s standard is also a damning indictment of the parents that think it’s hunky dory to let their children attend these vulgar events. And it’s also a pretty sad statement about the local police who are invariably nearby when these lewd incidents occur.

In normal circumstances, it is a criminal offence for an adult to expose his genitalia to children. It is customary for these perverted individuals to be arrested and locked up in jail when the police arrive at the scene.

However, when the police rock up at LGBT ‘Pride’ parades it’s invariably because they are marching a few steps behind in a show of solidarity for the disgusting individuals who flaunt the law.

By and large, the leadership of the LGBT community universally supports indecent exposure, regardless of whether children are present. And, just for the record, public indecency is wrong, regardless of whether youngsters are around. It just that it’s worse when they are. Which is why it is so disturbing that the homosexual lobby encourages children to attend their events.

Furthermore, as leaders in the LGBT community represent those within it, and organise the events that promote ‘homosexual pride’, it’s fair to say the entirety of this deviant society must take some responsibility for pornographic and weird sexual behaviours that are promoted to children.

It must also be noted that normal community groups do not condone the exposure of children to sexually-explicit and pornographic activity. If a leader in any other community suggested that such a thing was acceptable, that community would replace them within a blink of an eyelid. That’s just what normal, responsible community groups would do.

As such, the truth is that the LGBT community is not normal. It is abnormal, as are the parents who let their children attend the events this community holds.

The following pictures are clear proof of that.

Children & Gay Pride 1

Children & Gay Pride 2

It is time to recognise that deviant culture and behaviour is a natural extension of the perverted homosexual lifestyle. Once that recognition is made, then the question must be asked: why are there LGBT ‘Pride’ parades in the first place? They are nothing more than a celebration of a sick and twisted human nature. They do not bring out the best, but promote the worst.

And that’s about the nicest way this can be said.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. I oppose the MISANDRY – (Hatred of Men & Boys, Mascuinity & Normal Heterosexuality) of the Gaystapo and their stooges.

    SEE: San Francisco’s Gay Icon Larry Brinkin Guilty of Felony Child Porn Possession


    Larry Brinkin, convicted of felony child pornography possession on Jan. 21, had served on the San Francisco Human Rights Commission for 22 years. (AP)

    WARNING: Some of the language in this story is graphic and disturbing.

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  2. When any kind of adult claims that it is ok to currupt children then that so called adult has missed the point of what an adult is! So how does one recognize an adult from a child? One word – responsibility.
    How is it responsible to show a lack of respect, morality, dignity, honour and commonsense?
    I wonder whether the so called adult who stood naked before children is a pedophile?

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  3. Bernard did Facebook say ” Toronto’s Pride Parade breaches community standards” or did they remove a photo because it breached its policy? Two different things but don’t let a good story get in the way of the truth.

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    • I think it is Leviticus in the Old Testament that has some comments on dogs and Homosexuals.
      There are many things in the old Testament that don’t sit too well with the teachings of Jesus.
      An eye for an eye would be an example.
      You may be disgusted by what the Bible says but that doesn’t make it a “fact” that it is disgusting. The most you can say is that you are disgusted.
      I for example am disgusted by hairy, bicycle riding, Greenies with an LLB that that attests to nothing but their commitment to Aboriginal and Social Equity Issues; but this doesn’t mean that it is a fact that you are disgusting. Or that Greenies should be made to “revert” to other behaviour.

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  4. Bernard, you are on dangerous grounds applying Facebook’s standards. First, Facebook publicly supports gay marriage. Second, yesterday, someone posted on the Sunrise wall a comment that Facebook removed because it amounted to hate speech. The comment was along the lines of “Gays should be put to death”. Isn’t that what the Bible says, too? The Bible, it seems, doesn’t meet Facebook’s community standards.

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    • No. That is not what the Holy Bible says. Try reading and understanding it before you criticize or misrepresent it. You’re ignorance is shameful.

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  5. Bernard,

    It may have been intended as a pun (and a very funny one if so!), but you do not “flaunt the law”, you ‘flout’ it.

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  6. Rory if the Catholic Medical Association believes that homosexuality is a mental disorder then that would be at odds with The World Health Organization (WHO) who declassified homosexuality as a disorder.

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    • Sodomite activists may have succeeded in having homosexuality declassified as a disorder in official WHO manuals – but that can never change the truth. Please keep in the mind that unlike the WHO, the Catholic Church is able to make INFALLIBLE pronouncements on moral issues.

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  7. The good news for all those afflicted with same-sex attraction disorder (SSAD) is that this disorder is preventable, treatable and curable. Please read the Catholic Medical Association’s Statement “Homosexuality and Hope” for more details…
    It’s also important to clarify that even if they never engage in disgusting acts, sexual attraction to someone of the same sex signifies a disorder.
    The Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith made this clear in a letter to Bishops on the pastoral care of homosexual persons…
    Here is the direct quote from the above document….
    “Although the particular inclination of the homosexual person is not a sin, it is a more or less strong tendency ordered toward an intrinsic moral evil; and thus the inclination itself must be seen as an objective disorder.”

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  8. I’ve always questioned the need for the gay pride events around the world. The reading I’ve done suggested that they started out as protest or memorial marches. It’s plain to see from what the people mentioned in this article are saying that gay pride events are no longer about protest or remembrance, but all about rubbing their collective junk in our faces and saying “We’re special, now get on your knees and worship us as your gods.” They may make the point that they still need to protest, maybe that’s true, but they don’t have to disobey the law, or flaunt their privates, to do it. Every day the LGBT community as a whole, particularly the extremists, are losing more and more of my support and respect. I support and respect the gay people I know, but they are a far cry from the more public face of the LGBT community flinging their bedroom doors wide open and pushing their privates in our faces.

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