Banking on Islam

The Bendigo Bank has staked its future on Islam. And that means it has turned its back on ordinary Australians.

Bendigo Bank hasn’t done this in any old way. It’s done it in the most brazen way possible, thumbing its nose at the citizens of the very town that gave birth to this company.

Of course, Bendigo Bank has hypocritically used new-age buzzwords to mask its totalitarian and anti-Australian intent: tolerance and inclusiveness. So it put out this statement yesterday:

“In response to recent questions and commentary regarding our decision to close  an account.

This was a considered decision by our Bank, and we respect everyone’s right to voice their opinions.

Equally we have a right to ours, and we want to do business with organisations whose values align with our own.

Our Bank values tolerance and inclusiveness, qualities which are an important part of a strong community.

This is the only comment we will be making here on this matter.”

For those who don’t know, and in this particular case it is clear that this includes the Head-Honchos of Australia’s fifth largest bank, tolerance is defined as:

“The ability or willingness to tolerate the existence of opinions or behaviour that one dislikes or disagrees with.”

And inclusive, according to the Oxford Dictionary online, has the following meaning:

“Not excluding any section of society or any party involved in something.”

Bendigo Bank obviously has other ideas about what these words mean. It thinks that being tolerant and inclusive is to operate an account for a group that want to build a mosque in Bendigo, while closing down an account for another group that opposes this idea.

 Close AccountBendigo Bank is closing the account of the local citizens group campaigning against the proposed Bendigo Mosque.


Open Account
Bendigo Bank is taking donations for the Bendigo Mosque Fundraising Appeal.

Quite simply, Bendigo Bank is doing ‘tolerance’ and ‘inclusiveness’ wrong.

And if truth in advertising laws had any power, Bendigo Bank would be banned from using those words in any statements, except to confirm to Australians that it was an organisation that shunned the ideas of tolerance and inclusion.

Bendigo Bank’s decision to support Islam over the rights of concerned local citizens to protest against its establishment in Bendigo also highlights the values of this company.

By definition, anyone who supports Islam supports a religion founded by a man who had sexual relations with a child, engaged in brutal atrocities against Jews and Christians, stated that the testimony of women is worth half that of men and who resorted to warfare to impose his will on unbelievers. By extension, they are now the values of Bendigo Bank.

And if you think that because all this happened 1500 years ago, it no longer matters, then you are wrong. More modern Islamic scholars controlling entire Islamic nations have stated that it’s hunky-dory to have sex with animals, provided you clean up afterwards. Of course, there are downsides. The animal must be slaughtered afterwards and its milk becomes unclean. Hey, don’t say Islam doesn’t have standards or values!

And if you find that a little unappealing, you probably should not read what the Ayatollah Khomeini had to say about infants and sexual intercourse.

That’s the bed that Bendigo Bank has climbed into.

In doing so, it’s also decided that it can no longer deal with those who may disagree with these notions. That would be the non-Islamic majority, who are now being forced by organisations like Bendigo Bank to become second-class citizens.

It should make all Australians very concerned.

The easy refrain that Sharia Law will never be implemented rings hollow when the Islamic population of around only 2% already has the power to pressure banks to shut down the financial operations of those who oppose them.

That pretty much is Sharia Law.

And, like any law, it also comes with police. Now we know who they are: Bendigo Bank.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. I really don’t care if Bendigo Bank backs a mosque. I do care that they close down the accounts of those that have a different opinion on the matter. I wonder if they only closed down the accounts of those that had deposits, or those with large mortgages, or both? I would love to get out of a fixed term mortgage I was locked into that wasn’t in my favor. People protest, people get emotional and sometimes irrational about things they disagree with. OK so the bank for some reason feels they need to deal with the “threats” by the anti mosque group by financially foo baring them rather than leave it to the police alone. And then some hypocritical speel about tolerance & inclusiveness. It’s BS that a bank can do this, and not even a whimper from the ombudsman. Regardless of any community good they do, I disagree with the ethics of the bank on this one.

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  2. neither I or any member of my family will ever bank with u . u are a finantial institution not a place to control who u alienate as customers will be watching with interest as you loose customers respect and profit have a nice day

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  3. Bendigo bank should go broke quickly if they are banking on the Muslim accounts to make money as they do not belive in paying intrest

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  4. #islamaphobia #bigot

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    Assalaamu alaikum Dear Brothers & Sisters,

    In recent years the Muslim population in Bendigo, Victoria has doubled. This has been projected to increase at a steady rate, given the higher prospects of job availabilities and influx of Muslims from interstate and overseas.

    Latrobe University in Bendigo has been providing its Muslim students with a small musallah on campus which is also used by the Muslim residents of Bendigo. However, taking into account the welcome rise in numbers of Muslim residents in our city, this premises is no longer sufficient.

    The daily congregational prayers, Friday and Eid prayers play a crucial role in uniting and binding the community and instilling spiritual and social goals of Islam of righteousness, dawah and fear of Allah (swt). Therefore, our first step has been to collaborate and form the Bendigo Islamic Association, which is a registered not for profit organisation. A mosque committee has also been established. Bendigo council has extended their support to set-up a mosque in the area.

    Given that we are a Muslim community in its infancy it is not feasible for us to proceed to the next step, which is to raise enough funds amongst ourselves to purchase a property to establish a mosque without the financial assistance of our Muslim brothers and sisters in Australia and abroad.

    Every Muslim is aware of the significance of the mosque in forming a strong Islamic society. The first act performed by our Beloved Prophet (pbuh) on arrival in Madinah was the building of a mosque.

    The Prophet (pbuh) said: “Whoever builds a mosque for Allah, Allah will build for him likewise in Paradise.” [Sahîh Bukhârî]

    We, the Muslims of Bendigo, turn to you to help us in establishing a mosque that will:

    – Be a symbol of the Islamic faith in Bendigo.

    – Act as a religious centre not only for congregational prayers but also serve as a community hub where
    we can create an environment for Islamic education and activities.

    – Play a central role in encouraging dialogue and harmony amongst the multicultural and multi-faith
    society of Bendigo.

    It is truly amazing how little it can collectively cost to provide our community with a much-needed place of worship, and the opportunity to help provide for this is a real blessing from Allah (swt). Please help us realise our dream; help us establish a mosque for us and future generations of Muslims in Bendigo. We respectfully ask your mosque / organisation to spread this message to your community to donate generously towards this worthy cause and reap tremendous ongoing reward till the Day of Judgement.

    Contributions can be deposited to:

    Bendigo Adelaide Bank
    Account Name: Bendigo Islamic Association Inc
    BSB: 633-000
    Account No: 140643933

    Or by contacting our mosque committee members:

    Br Ron Bolitho: 0418 315 734
    Br. A Preena: 0407 462 770
    Br. Shaker Issa: 0427 350 088
    Br. Sajjad Muhammad: 0421 426 551
    Br A Mamun 0450 489 357
    Br. Sameer Syed: 0405 140 786
    Br. Heri Febriyanto: 0438 196 822
    Br. Rauf Soomro: 0411 709 189


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  6. The breath-taking and sanctimonious arrogance of the banks spokesmen. “Our Bank”, he says. The bank is owned by its shareholders, and I suspect few of them will be thanking this group (board of directors) of nonentities for deliberately involving the company in political and religious controversy. Can there ever be circumstances where businesses with a strong market position benefit by insulting large portions of their customer base? It probably takes many years to build a small bank, but this group of politically correct elitists has an alternative method-start with a biggish bank and then get rid of customers. Suppose BEN directors will give the two-finger salute to christians in one-bank towns
    Since the Bendigo Banks shareholders have not dumped this group of elitists I am dumping Bendigo Bank. Don’t worry shareholders it is only about $10k p.a. pre tax profit to you, but it will be forever and others may also not want to do business with a bank, whose directors oppose our basic freedom to associate. I hope those shareholders who value freedom of speech, and association will from now on vote NO to every single recommendation by this board, until they are all dismissed from BEN. Mark their names down though since they may pop up somewhere else seeking to spread their totalitarian ideas.

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  7. Thanks Bernard for your informative article about the bigoted Bendigo bank.

    To get this information circulating about the Bendigo Bank’s discrimination and bigotry, is it okay to copy your article and e-mail it to others?

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    • Hi Harold – thanks for your feedback. Please feel free to copy as you see fit.

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  8. Thank you Bernard for your efforts in exposing the agendas and dangers that we are deliberately and systematically being exposed to through Islamic infiltration of Australian society.

    My accounts at the Bendigo Bank and also NAB have now been closed.

    I have spoken and written to the banks and the council and also the Bendigo Weekly who have played a major role in promoting the proposed mosque using blatant lies, misinformation and propoganda to deceive the public and to intimidate anyone who voices their opposition.

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  9. Hopefully their stance will have the effect of losing a much more significant proportion of their accounts Australia-wide than the small number of Islamic accounts that they would have in the area. Having said that, we do know that the Islamists funding mosque construction in Australia have very deep pockets, so, as with everything, in the end it may come down to $ – it is such a shame that an Australian bank would bow to pressure from a Islamic minority for the sake of $.

    In hindsight, thinking about my earlier comments where I was looking at the legality of such a decision was, I would much prefer to see the power of the people voting with their feet bringing about the appropriate response than to see us trying to get the government to be our ‘nanny’ – better that the power of the people reigns, because, like the VCAT anti-discriminitory legislation of the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 that we should be repealing, it is this very issue of governmental regulation and decree that places us in a position where the ‘powers that be’ get to decide what is acceptable and what isn’t – and given the anti-Christian fervour abounding and the dollars involved in this, that sort of power is easily swayed.

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  10. Gobsmacking, ugly, outrageous, ignorant, incredibly stupid, threatening, dangerous, and a clear sign from my Bendigo Bank that I need to close all 7 of my accounts and divest my shareholding. So very sad.

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  11. Dear Bernard, thank you for all you do. I have seen what has happened in my native country and I dread it developing here to that extent. Of course Bendigo sided with the mosque-builders, they have far more money and will be a far better business proposition long term than will any little oppositional activist group. Yes it was partly being PC and quite possibly yes pressure was brought to bear by the mosque-builders, but we all know how business works, deepest pockets always win. Jereth makes a very good point above and I would love it if someone, or perhaps a group of sharehollders, challenge it legally, but seeing how magistrates et al come down on the side of Islam believers every time, I dont hold out much hope. Look at the pathetic “punishment” meted out to the one that facilitated the marriage of a female child to an older man recently. Unless our 98% rise up en masse in some sort of revolt (and not all of that 98% feel the same level of antipathy towards this faith and its 2% adherents here, we are, to put it bluntly, stuffed.

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  12. Bendigo Bank has broken the law, and someone from the Concerned Citizens Fund should take them to VCAT. Under Victorian law, it is illegal to discriminate in the provisions of goods and services on grounds of political belief or activity. This is exactly what Bendigo Bank has done – they have refused to provide goods and services because of the political beliefs of their client.

    “Under the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 it is against the law for providers of goods and services to treat, or propose to treat, someone unfavourably because of a personal characteristic protected by law.”

    “In Victoria it is against the law for someone to discriminate against you because of your political beliefs or activities, or what people think these might be.”

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    • I do agree that we look at the legalities of such a decision by Bendigo however I would suggest using banking laws or fair trade laws.

      I would be *very careful* about using this legislation against them. It is the very same legislation that will be a noose around the necks of any business which should rightfully be able to choose who they do business with. And it has already been used against Christians and will be again – it is a law that should be repealed not wielded.

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      • Thanks Garth. I share your concerns about this also. However, we need to use the laws of the land as they stand.

  13. I was talking to some mates today about taking a trip later this year. One of the towns we pass through is Gilgandra. I pointed out the historical significance of the town in relation to WW1. It was the start point of the Cooee March. I looked at some of the old photos as it grew along it’s journey. I was saddened in the knowledge that many of those boys and men didn’t come home, but equally saddened that Australia has moved so far away from their spirit and sacrifice. I’m not glorifying the war at all, it was one of mans greatest catastrophes and an example of good men being led poorly by their political elites.
    Almost 100 years on from the Cooee March, a new march has started “will you join us.” I see Bernards site and other nationalist sites as an extension of the Cooee March and feel a sense of duty to “fall in” for Australia & my children’s sakes.
    Keep up the good work Bernard, and everyone else that heeds the call.

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  14. The thing is: You guys have the rare opportunity to persuade me that you’re right. Suggesting that I, for asking questions, “support sex with nine year old girls” doesn’t get the matter very far. Perhaps more reasonable minds can calmly persuade me?

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    • Troy, persuasion is not required, simply go and do your own research. I guarantee you most people on this page did not require anyone to persuade them into seeing the truth. They, like my self, identified the issue and set about seeking the truth for them selfs.

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    • Your question is does one think a radical Islamic group’s bank account deserve to be closed?
      Of course it does as you probably think yourself and may well have only asked the question for some strange reason as it infers that the 5,000 or so people from the area in which the mosque builders are targeting are themselves radicals.

      This is all fairly emotional stuff as we all have the misdeeds of Muslims put in our face on a near daily basis. There is many religions in the world and many rooms within each house of worship- but only one of those houses is currently preaching the destruction or oppression of every single other one.
      Talking about things that happened hundreds and even thousands of years ago is imbecilic unless people currently support those actions and believe them without fault.
      Again, there is only one religion who has an overwhelming number of it’s teachers doing that.
      Even the crusades when studied reveal themselves to have begun due to the fact that non Muslims were being robbed, kidnapped and worse or even murdered by Muslims whilst trying to make pilgrimage to Jerusalem.
      The abuse of that beginning was wrong and I haven’t heard any teacher of any other faith say it was right but as others have mentioned, the majority of Muslims and their clerics believe that Mohammed and all his actions are above reproach even now.

      Obama coming out and reprimanding Christians for the crusades after the Paris terrorist attack of 2015 was just disgusting and totally divisive.
      It all reminds me of that mongrel in Australia who called women uncovered meat for the cat when those animals were arrested for their racially targeting white Australian girls for pack rape in Sydney.
      Islam may well have had its use in the deserts of Arabia 1500 yrs ago as did some of the nasty sides of abrahamic religions that you mentioned.
      But the same as the Old Testament and let’s be honest a whole bunch of the New Testament is now only a hindrance to real equality, respect and progress, Islam is terribly so.
      The secret behind the peace in the west is that we take on the most part the good and fair parts of the testament as gospel, not the whole gospel itself.
      In my opinion the Ten Commandments we all know are all that are necessary.
      ( I don’t for one second believe that they were handed down by some perfect being themselves- I mean who in their right mind thinks for one second that even a cave man thought ‘hey yeah take my woman and steal my food etc etc- no worries! would you like my flint and my other tools as well? ).
      I fear that you may not know that Islamic banks, now being set up even in merry old England for some reason have the right to refuse loans to non Muslims?
      Perhaps one also does not know about the government sanctioned, ( by remaining silent and even going so far as to punish the victim groups by charging them with somehow disturbing the peace by protesting against the destruction or attack ), destruction of non Islamic places of worship in Islamic nations in Asia?
      I think that perhaps yourself and some others like you see people protesting against Islamic practices as being protests about the people who follow Islam?
      Well please note that being Christian is not a race.
      Neither is being a Muslim.
      It is a choice.
      Protesting against it’s practices is the same as protesting against the practices of an exclusive club such as a men’s only club etc- not against the people in that club.

      Lastly, the main problem that Islam has is that the ‘peaceful and western style equality based law abiding Muslim majority’ do not seem to exist- otherwise they would surely be able to keep a lid on and actually police their own Muslim brothers and sisters who commit the heinous acts we see in the news constantly.
      That goes for the lesser crimes many of us born in Sydney or any other major western nation’s cities have seen, have experienced firsthand or have had our families subjected to.
      My mother was spat on and jostled in seperate instances in parramatta shopping centre just for trying to enter the doors to the centre back in the 1980’s by women of Middle Eastern appearance and language, and she is a tiny little lady who attended a private school and the conservatory of music- a woman who truly would not harm a fly and never had any hard feelings to our ‘grateful refugees’ at that time coming from the Iran/Iraq war or Lebanon. She still has no hard feelings to them at all but is instead the sufferer of agoraphobia now and has panic attacks when in shopping centres etc, so well done oh grateful refugees or others from that region, you really are brave and heroic.

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  15. Another excellent piece Bernard.

    Agree with remarks of Gunther and others. Instead of just grumbling under our breath our response should be
    more significant. Hope others will lodge protest with Bendigo & Adelaide Muslims Bank.

    Mr Robert Johanson
    Bendigo & Adelaide Bank.

    Dear Sir,

    At inception, Bendigo claimed it was “ the peoples bank” offering personal and caring grass roots service, particularly in regional areas and suburbs where the major banks had closed operations.

    Bendigo Banks’ decision to terminate The Bendigo Concerned Citizens Account is disgusting and hypercritical, betraying the interests of the local community from which Bendigo Bank originated.

    Your bank is displaying anti Australian bias, discriminating against a legitimate community group of 5,000 Australians in favour of the demands 263 moslems.

    I suspect the few moslem account customers Bendigo Central holds are only used to receive their Social Security benefits – they favour undisclosed cash transactions. The bank and community will gain no benefit from an ever growing muslim population which refuses to integrate or assimilate.

    Bendigo Banks actions are detrimental to its reputation and image and extremely dumb business. Your bank will lose customer / investor good will and deserves condemnation.

    Bendigo’s Board ( and the NAB ) would do well to counter the financial threat multiplying Sharia banks pose to your core business. Profits / benefits from these banks go to moslem investors- not Australian community.

    I don’t live in Bendigo, have no affiliation with Bendigo Concerned Citizens but I have seen what happens in Sydney areas when mosques and schools are built. You and other directors probably live in very expensive suburbs free of such problems.

    Please note from BEN Share Register that I have held shares for many years since it’s inception.
    I have just sold all BEN Bank shares ( 12,000 )


    There is another email address for Bendigo Central Branch. Google Bendigo and Adelaide Bank – Central. Click ‘Contact’. ‘Click Suggestions or Comments’ box. I made following suggestion :

    ‘ I suggest that Head of Bendigo Central Branch, Chris Bone or more appropriately – Bone Head :

    Should apologise to the 5,000 members of The Bendigo Concerned Citizens Group and Bendigo community for the insulting, disgusting discrimination Bendigo Bank has inflicted.

    My guess is that it would cost at least half a million in advertising to counter the ill will you have stupidly created ‘.

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  16. The people of Bendigo must target the Mayor, (picket his house- it’s the one furthest from the mosque) the local state MP & the local federal member, even if they are doing an otherwise good job. I believe targeting these REPRESENTATIVES ( and actually think what that word means) is the best method of forcing them to act for the majority. Real work is foreign to them and a frightening abomination.
    If you live outside Bendigo like I do, target your local federal member to pressure their Victorian counterparts. If they say ” I can’t do anything about a Victorian issue ” tell them BS, your not trying hard enough. If your local member is pressured they will transfer that pressure in an effort to save their own skin/ seat. This is a national issue playing out in Victoria in this instance.

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  17. I’m curious. Say you controlled the Bendigo Bank. It held an account for the purposes of building a new Catholic church. A group of radical Islamists wanted to open an account for the purposes of fighting the proposed construction of the Catholic church. Would you keep the radical Islamists’ account open?

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    • The obvious conclusion from the wording of your hypotheses is that you believe those who object to the construction of a very large mosque in Bendigo are also “radicals”, of some persuasion. Troy – what “radicals” would they be? Of what persuasion, inclination and temptation? I await your response. While waiting, may I observe that you may have been a tad hasty in leaping to your bigoted prejudices. You see, old mate, if people actually have a valid objection to the construction of that mosque, then you might yourself end up looking somewhat foolish. For instance, if those objecting to the mosque held the view that no religion should be supported in any way – including in the granting of permits to construct religious edifices, when the founder of that religion was a paedophile who had sex with his “bride” aged nine years old – I think those objectors may well be sane and sensible citizens whose concerns are valid and worthy of close consideration. Don’t you … mate?

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      • Jim: I am unclear. Would you keep the hypothetical radical Islamists’ account open in the scenario I presented or not?

      • Just answer my questions to you, mate – there’s a god fellow.

      • Troy,
        The first step towards rehabilitation for every pagan savage is the realisation that not all religions are created equal. God founded only one Church – the Catholic Church. All other religions are false religions.

      • Rory, if you are referring to the catholic (definition: “including a wide variety of things; all-embracing”) church as in ‘Body of Christ’ that is the church made up of all true believers wherever they may be then couldn’t agree with you more. I really hope you are NOT referring to the Roman Catholic church which is purely a man made organisation and certainly not the ‘only way to God’ which is Jesus Christ.

  18. let us hope that bank robbers target Bendigo banks in future as it would be more satisfying spending the musrats ill gotten money, rid this country of these barbaric low lifes.

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    • “Let us hope that bank robbers target Bendigo banks in future as it would be more satisfying spending the musrats ill gotten money, rid this country of these barbaric low lifes.” Very tolerant, indeed :/

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      • Troy – how tolerant should we be of a religion whose leader married a girl aged six years old, and had sex with her when she was nine? Mate – that’s also a religion whose followers, centuries later, state absolutely and unashamedly that EVERYTHING their wild-eyed leader did was morally impeccable, without blemish and a perfect example to all his followers – including the sexual assault of a nine year old girl. Troy – the question you need to ask yourself is this: do you really want to support a religion started by a paedophile, just to appear politically correct? Now that this sexual issue has been brought to your attention, Troy, you should understand that any further defence from you of the religion that applauds its leader’s paedophilic inclinations will cause others to conclude that you, too, support sex with nine year old girls. Which would, by definition, mean that you support paedophilia. I await your reply with great interest …

      • Jim, I hear fundamentalist Christians say often, absolutely and unashamedly, that what is just is what God says is just. Remember: the Abrahamic God of the Old Testament killed something like 2 million people, including the slaughter of innocent babies (and committed near-genocide in the supposed Great Flood). Do you support the slaughter of innocent babies? Of course, pedophilia is wrong; as is the slaughter of innocent babies and mass murder. I’m curious: which Muslims do you know who are suggesting pedophilia is okay?

      • Troy asks: “Which Muslims do you know who are suggesting pedophilia (sic) is okay?” Mate – you do realise, don’t you, that EVERY Islamic cleric and EVERY practising muslim says that paedophilia is OK – that is because EVERY Islamic cleric and EVERY practising muslim believes that Mohammed lived a perfect life without blemish – indeed, a life that is worthy of imitation in every respect. That includes his marriage to a six year old girl, with whom he had sex when she was nine years of age. Troy, the last time I checked, sex with a nine year old girl was paedophilia. Do you disagree with that, Troy? Or do you believe that muslims cannot be accused of paedophilia because their religion allows it? It’s time you pulled your head out of the sand, matie, and had a good look at what islam actually teaches and promotes.

  19. The bank must be punished for it’s stand, however this is a distraction. the greatest punishment should be applied to Bendigo council, it is they that have the power to act. If the council ignores the will of the people then the people should act against the council. The actions of the people against Mussolini come to mind, & I think it’s appropriate.
    More broadly, let the local state & federal members know, that the next election is a single issue election for you, give them an ultimatum- either the mosque goes or they do. 99.9% of politicians only care about their seat. Ask them if they can win an election with 2% of the vote.

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    • Very good point Gunther. The local council have the biggest case to answer. The good news is that over in England, there are now legal efforts being undertaken that are successfully forcing councils to apply our laws. We need to start doing the same in Australia and I understand that this has started in Sydney and Canberra. I will be writing about it next week hopefully.

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    • Excellent point Gunther.

      If enough folk wrote to the council, the council members would change there mind. People power at work.

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  20. Quite obviously the Islamic Account Holder has more money than the Australian Account Holder !
    Or else the Bank Manager has been abducted and ANOTHER has taken his place.
    What will I do about this ? Absolutely nothing – since I don’t even know where exactly Bendigo is
    and I suppose the Bank is acting within its own guidelines of putting your money on the winning horse.
    Contempt and scorn mean nothing to them. Let them enjoy praying twice a day to the call of
    the mussein and may their Bank go into liquidation within 3 days!

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    • G’day Eirene,
      I don’t have a Bendigo account either & a quick Internet search or phone book will display your nearest branch. I support Bendigo Bank in that, they have provided on-site banks in small towns when the major banks abandoned them- however they are way off the mark on this & that is the basis of my protest.

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  21. Thanks Bernard……first chance I get I am closing my Bendigo account, and telling them clearly why i am doing so.
    Thanks for the heads up. Keep up the good work mate!

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  22. If you, the reader doesn’t like the situation, get off your collective back-sides and do something. Whinging quietly amongst like- minded people is not action, so don’t be surprised when nothing happens. I’m not particularly brave, but on Monday I’ll hand out 100 flyers outside Bendigo Banks on this story. What will you do?

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    • Gunther- Can you post a copy of your flyer, so that others can copy same and hand them out at other Bendigo Bank branches?
      Bernard, you are a brave man and I greatly respect you and the stand you are making against injustice.

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      • G’day Terry,
        I’m simply going to print this story out & distribute it. I’ll cut & paste it to fit an A4. I’ll post a photo or forward it to to Bernard to post it. Any way I’ll let you know how I get on. I’m interested to see if the police try to move me on.

      • Hi Gunther – send me a photo and I’ll place it up.

      • Gunther, what happened?

    • Gunther,
      thank you for identifying the most serious cause of our problems: the failure of those who recognise problems, but fail to act intelligently. And congratulations for introducing “action”!

      Our opponents, ie. leftists, etc, are entitled to bring their challenges, even though these are mostly based on falsehoods. But I do not accept the whingeing which is all-too-common among the ‘conservative” mouths on those websites which purport to advocate for the “common good”.

      It’s better to light a candle than curse the darkness. In this Bendigo Bank issue, it may well be better to organise support for those in the Bendigo Bank community who will bear the burden of fighting for the truth. “Opting out” may simply mean we vacate the field of battle – a “walkover”! – in favour of our opponents.

      BTW, it may turn out that Australia owes Bernard another debt for bringing this issue to public attention.

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      • Thanks Gerard. Action is required and I am certainly working on means to do that other than just by writing. Hopefully this will come to fruition in the not too distant future. I can’t take credit for breaking this story – it has been covered elsewhere in the last 48 hours. But I will keep on it!

      • G’day Gerard,
        I love this country but apathy is killing us slowly. Disorganisation is our weakness.
        If we are too stupid or lazy to learn from Europe, then we only have ourselves to blame, & our children will curse us for it. My small action is not particularly brave, but it’s action in the right direction.
        We certainly owe Bernard & like-minded activists a debt of gratitude, he has the conviction to stay true to his beliefs while under enormous pressure to back down in the face of cowardly bullies.

    • Gunther, you are indeed a brave man and I am very sad that I have ever had to say that in Australia. It is no longer a free country and some people just can’t/won’t see it! Don’t they realise they are contributing to the downfall of all we hold dear?We have to do something before it is too late… if we don’t, we will end up like the UK and Europe. I am an old lady and can’t do very much but I can write letters and spread the word.
      Please keep up the good work.

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      • G’day Annie,
        Thanks for your support. If you’re writing letters, you are already doing far more than most. One letter equals one straw on the camels back. If you can get a friend to do the same and so on we can make a difference. Gandhi once said ” Every great journey begins with a foot step” or words to that affect. If your of voting age, you have a voice. I’ve actually been to see Senator Lundy about the import of foreign labour. Not surprisingly I was the only person to do so. I said if one Aussie bothers to see you, then ten thousand more are thinking the same way. I said Labor will be anhialated at the next election, and they were.

  23. Well said Bernard! I don’t bank with the Bendigo Bank, however I might know some people who do so I will do my best to inform them to withdraw their money and stop supporting those who support Sharia Law.

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