Revealed: Australian-made Islamic death threats

Two videos go up on YouTube. Both were made in Australia.

The first is by Zaky Mallah. He boasts of being Australia’s first Islamic terrorist. The tone of his voice is one of contempt for the non-Islamic world and he deliberately blows smoke into the camera to reinforce his message of disdain and scorn. Mallah arrogantly claims that Islam will be spread throughout Australia. He beats his fist into his hand while stating that ‘on his watch’ Islam will take on all who interfere. And then comes the ominous and loaded warning to one Nathan Abela: his anti-Islamic actions have not gone unnoticed by the very many Muslim bikies. He names at least three different bikie groups. Abela should watch out.

You can watch this video below.

The second is not unlike the grainy videos associated with beheadings in Afghanistan. A man in military attire speaks in front of an Islamic flag. The logo in the top left corner is a slight variation of al Qaeda’s and in fact is that of an outlawed Islamic group that hails from Germany: Millatu Ibrahim. In a mixture of Arabic and English another warning is also sent to Nathan Abela. To the stark background music of a gun being cocked and fired, Abela is told that he has a choice: accept Islam or die.

This video has now been taken down from its original site. However, I saved a copy of this video and have uploaded a shortened version below.

Both videos were uploaded onto You Tube in late March.

And just a few days later, on 03 April 2014, seven bullets were uploaded through the front door, wall and window of Nathan Abela’s house.

These threats are brazen. They are made by people who follow a religion that has no respect for our law or our constitution.

In fact, this is a direct quote from the second video:

“We disbelieve in you and in your gods and in your legislations and in your constitutions and we have rejected your parliament, which you worship…And there has emerged between us, there has emerged between us new hostility and hatred forever until you return to tawhid and apply (Allah’s) legislation and own and accept it with full submission.”

This video also outlines the proper Islamic response to those who oppose Mohammad: death. The man in the video outlines two stories from the Koran in which Muslims, specifically teenage boys and a woman, resorted to violence to defend Mohammad. This is another quote from that video:

“Then they returned to the Prophet Mohammad, each one of them happily saying and telling, ‘I killed the enemy, by Allah’.”

The speaker in the video then asks who will do this today. It’s clear that someone answered his question because Nathan Abela’s house was shot up.

And Zaky Mallah makes it clear in his video that there is a direct link between outlaw motorcycle gangs and Islam:

“There are many Muslim bikies in Australia, in New South Wales, from the Comancheros, Brothers for Life – the good Brothers for Life – the Rebels and the rest that somewhat are getting very, very frustrated with you Nathan. Getting very, very frustrated with you.

And I would take that as warning. You know why?

Because a lot of these bikies out there, who are not religious, but uphold Islam as their religion, have seen your footages, and have seen how much or how hard you are trying to struggle by attacking Islam as a whole.

And quite frankly, they are very, very, very upset. You have upset a lot of bikies that I know. The Middle Eastern Muslim bikies. And I’m just going to leave it at that.”

It’s worth noting that Zaky Mallah has called for Muslims to travel to Syria. He’s uploaded another video in which he claims to wear the uniform of the Free Syrian Army – the same force that is linked to al Qaeda. And now this man also has self-professed links to the major criminal gangs in Australia.

This is not painting a bright and rosy picture of the future.

But there have been no arrests. Our law enforcement agencies sit idle while a civil war brews and the subversive forces gain battlefield training and experience. In fact, the lack of action by the police sends the message that Islam is allowed to flout the law and intimidate all opposition with threats of violence, followed by gunshots in suburban streets.

The media’s response has been even worse. These videos threatening Abela’s life have not been reported, while Abela has been painted as the ‘extremist’. Remember, he is the guy who’s house became a war zone.

The message from this is chilling: the media will run a propaganda campaign to hide the real face of Islam, while demonising patriotic Australians who oppose its growth in this country. And if there is one thing that Abela’s membership of the Australian Defence League shows it is that he is patriotic, even if this patriotism is better channelled via other means.

I do not support vigilantism. It is a path that leads to chaos, criminal activity and the loss of civilisation. But if law enforcement agencies and the government are not going to address the clear and present danger that Islam poses in Australia, then no one can be surprised when patriots of good intent take the law into their own hands, even if this approach is flawed.

The proper response is for the police, security agencies and intelligence services to crack down on those who support ideologies and beliefs that subvert our system of government. In short, that is Islam.

The first step needs to be an immediate cessation of Islamic immigration.

Failure to do this is a failure of the government’s responsibility to protect our nation’s institutions and laws. Unless this happens, violence is guaranteed.

The next step is to deal with the Zaky Mallahs of this world. He has been allowed to advertise his links to criminal groups and threaten another citizen’s life. He has been allowed to roam free in Syria and return to this country. He has been allowed to flaunt his violent background.

When violence does break out, the authorities will only have themselves to blame. Their lack of action against Mallah will have been a leading reason that other groups take decisive action to protect themselves.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. We are yet to have a civil war in this country. We have been disarmed because 2 nut jobs shot a few people. There have been more shootings and deaths since that time and the guns keep coming. Our authorities must either be turning a blind eye or arming our enemies. The day is coming when Islam will declare war on us, in fact, it has already hailed a jihad against us. Australians, WAKE UP, Islam is not a religion, it is a life cause, a cause that will never be satisfied no matter how much blood it spills. There is no point talking to these people, they only listen to their crazy imam’s and mullah’s. The day is coming, Death to white Australians, as arab’s storm our shores and our politicians scratch their heads and say, “that wasn’t what they told us”. Aussies, we have been left to defend ourselves, our armies and police will defend the islamists, this is what we have to look forward to. Look at England, Islam is taking over.

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  2. Why is he still in Australia then and not deported back to were he came from

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  3. This is why nsw should adopt the same bikie laws qld has in place. Outlaw bikies have had it to easy for to long! Although it’s not a solution to the problem at hand here it would at least give the authorities that extra edge.
    Also I’m no vigilanti but when the time comes to take up arms to defend our home soil, just show me where to sign.

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  4. The clown in the first video isn’t he the same clown who had his passport confiscated a few months back and as far Wacky Zacky serious he needs help 🙂

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