Crack SS Gay Brigade storms America

Can you hear them?

I’m talking about the jackboots of the crack SS Gay Brigade stomping on a thing called civilisation.

Their owners do not have the same military efficiency as the original SS. Nor do they have the same tasteful dress sense. And they are not yet loading up the unchosen onto cattle wagons.

But they’re headed in the same general direction as Hitler and Himmler and all his pompous, hate-filled and maniacal buddies.

The old SS and the new Pansy Battalions have one thing in common: a totalitarian disdain for freedom.

No one can deny this. It is self-evident.

You only have to google ‘mozilla’ to see the unchecked onslaught against freedom of thought, political opinion and religious belief in its full fury.

Gay MozillaMozilla’s new logo

Mozilla is already the sodomite’s paradise. It offers health care for same-sex partners of employees, even in US states where homosexual relationships are not recognised. That means employees who do not support homosexuality are forced to subsidise health care costs for a lifestyle that is both immoral and inherently unhealthy.

And Mozilla has made it clear that employees who do not support radical agendas like homosexual marriage must leave their opinions at the door, while those who want to promote it are free to run amok. Apparently, tolerance means cracking down on dissenting thought.

It’s also obvious that the so-called progressive agenda of railing against sterotypes is nothing more than a hypocritical and pharasiacal mirage. Mozilla feels free to label with the broad LGBT brush. Its ‘Community Participation Guidelines’ categorise people into those who support exclusionary practices and those who support inclusionary practices.

The exclusionary are those who believe that both a mother and father should be included in a child’s life. That’s bad. And if you understand this reasoning, then you’ll also instinctively know what comes next. Yes, inclusionary people are those who think it’s all sunsets and lollipops to exclude a mother or father or even both from a child’s life. These people are the goodies.

The Mozilla Foundation’s Chairman, Mitchell Baker, says she supports homosexual marriage. And that’s not just a personal opinion. It’s the company line as well. The logic, if that is what it can be called, is that support for homosexuality equates to justice and a free web.

This company is one that promotes LGBT political activism, cans the right of employees who may beg to differ on political or religious grounds from saying so and forces them to cough up and pay for homosexual health care costs. So what more could the Waffen von Rainbows of the world want with Mozilla?

At first glance, it’s an easy question to answer. It’s simple: more. They always want more because the homosexual community is perpetually unsatisfied.

But to be specific, they want to destroy anyone not prepared to don the rainbow cufflinks.

That is exactly what happened to Brendan Eich. He lost his job because the Tolerance Police were intolerant of his beliefs. I’m sure there were another dozen Brendan Eichs somewhere in Hitler’s Third Reich who know what this bloke is going through.

At this point, it might be worthwhile examining two things: Eich’s credentials and his beliefs.

Brendan Eich was appointed CEO of Mozilla about a millisecond before he was forced to resign. And he was not appointed for some inherently and economically stupid reason like meeting a diversity quota. He got the job because he was good at his job.

Brendan Eich invented JavaScript. I don’t know what it is or how it works. In fact, I don’t really care. All I know is that according to those in the know, it makes the web work and is one of the most popular programming languages around today. Considering Mozilla does stuff on the internet, Eich is the kind of guy you’d want to be CEO. Plus he co-founded Mozilla and previously served as the company’s Chief Technical Officer.

That’s some pretty good credentials right there.

So what about his beliefs.

Eich published a statement on 26 March, 2014 confirming his commitment to Mozilla’s pro-LGBT health care policies and inclusion statements. He promised to work with LGBT individuals and allies to learn what they want. And Eich mentioned his support of Project Ascend, which aims to increase LGBTQ employment in the tech-world.

Q stands for Queer, by the way. That’s how they describe themselves, while calling for the rest of us to show respect.

Brendan Eich should have been the perfect CEO. And ten years ago, there would have been a flurry of media reports fawning over this new wonderdude for his acceptance of the poor, downtrodden homosexual community.

But just promoting homosexuality is no longer enough. Today, one must worship at the rainbow altar and confess sins of homophobia. Eich refused to do this. He refused to beg forgiveness for engaging, as a private citizen, in political activity to defend the normal view of marriage.

So because Eich donated $1000 in 2008 to a political campaign opposing homosexual marriage, he is not fit to work at Mozilla. And guess who shared his belief then? President Obama. We all know he’s unfit for office, but now there’s a good reason to demand his resignation as well.

And how exactly did the crack SS Gay Panzer Brigade find out about Eich’s personal political views?

It wasn’t because he was shouting them from the rooftop. In fact, Eich refuses to talk publicly about his political views. It was because his personal details were illegally leaked from the US Internal Revenue Service to pro-homosexual marriage organisations. And then came the Night of the Long Knives.

Stomp, stomp, stomp. That is the sound of rainbow jackboots trampling over privacy, political and religious freedom and personal talent and qualifications.

And, just so you know, Eich’s vision as CEO of Mozilla was to increase privacy and personal control of data. I guess that’s gone out the window now. It always does in totalitarian regimes.

Gay HitlerTotalitarianism is at the end of the rainbow.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. homosexual behaviour simply ‘feels’ wrong to me… for me a huge high ten-foot thick barrier called ‘Disgust’ stands between any possibility I might indulge…that’s not to condemn those who do it,but if I find the prospect viscerally repulsive,and I’m by no means untypical,then to expect total ‘equality’ is a bit of an ask and patience per – lease!

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  2. The way things are heading, these sick sodomite activists may soon charge us with discrimination for refusing to engage in sodomy.

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  3. In one post, you call for militant action against the head of Bendigo Bank for rejecting the money of an anti-Mosque group. In the next post, you express outrage at the militant action against the head of Mozilla who financially supported an anti-equality amendment that breached the US Constitution. You also quietly ignore the militant action by Christian fundamentalists against the head of World Vision USA, who was forced to reverse his decision to employ gay people (the way World Vision USA discriminates against gay people would be illegal in Australia). I can’t see the line where you divide what is illegitimate “bullying” in one case, and what is not illegitimate bullying in the other. Perhaps you can explain the dividing line? It’s a genuine question.

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    • Troy you will never get a response from Bernard when he has been caught out.
      Where does he stand on bakers refusing to make a Wedding Cake to a gay couple?
      Going on what he thinks about Bendigo Bank he would be against it

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    • Troy,

      Would you like to point me to where the US Constitution talks about marriage, generally, gay “marriage”, specifically. Of course, I’m assuming you’re talking about the US one and not any particular state variety.

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      • Marc: in this context, I was talking about the US Constitution. I am no expert in US constitutional law. However, the US has an “equal protection under the law” clause. This is what marriage equality is about: equality under the law. On a previous post, I mentioned marriage in the context of the Australian Constitution. In the Australian Constitution, “marriage” is not the same as Christian marriage. The High Court has unanimously, and explicitly, stated that marriage can mean same-sex marriage.

  4. The homosexual movement have been comparing those who opposed gay marriage with Adolph Hitler.

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  5. In the first instance, I object to the wrongful use of the term “gay”, as gay describes happy, having a good time and so on.
    Secondly, if those who insist on playing with homosexual tendencies are proud to do so then why disguise their pride with a name that has nothing to do with what they do.
    Thirdly, those who are very much in the minority and know that the act of homosexuality is more dangerous than any other destructive force, appear bent (no punt intended) on pushing their unsavory and dangerous activity on the rest of us as if there is a war between the sexes.
    Fourthly, if this minority group accept that they are bent or queer then they should try their best to be unbent and not queer for common sense will derive that if we were all bent or queer – where society and order that they presently enjoy?
    The question still begs – why have all previous generations refused to accept homosexual activity and what about the so called “gay health crisis”?
    I invite anyone to debate the issue with me on:

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    • The word ‘gay’ does kind of fit the scene, often being paired in times gone by, as in ‘gay abandon’. In other words it has always had an element of irresponsibility attached to its meaning.

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  6. Something to add is that at least one of the gay brigade’s minions (a dating site) played a big part in letting LGBT supporters know about Eich by specifically targeting Firefox users with an interstitial page ranting about how Eich was anti gay and how he should be tarred and feathered for his previous “indiscretions”. I don’t blame Mozilla for what happened. The way I see it they had 2 choices, either keep Brendan on and make the gay brigade ramp up their attacks or let Brendan go and make the trouble go away. The gay brigade has to stop this “our way or the highway” nonsense. Anyone who claims the militant gays are after equality are deluding themselves. If they were after equality, they wouldn’t attack someone for their actions in the past, or merely for disagreeing with them. The situation is to a point where gays caught doing the wrong thing are using the fact of being gay to proclaim their innocence. If they do something seen as suspicious and end up being investigated for it they claim they’re being unfairly discriminated against for, you guessed it, being gay.

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