The Chief of Army’s Anzac Day insult

In yonder times, Anzac Day was all about remembering the sacrifices of Australian and New Zealand war veterans, especially those who gave everything they had for our respective countries. It also provided a day for a grateful nation to pause and pay tribute to those men and women who currently serve in dangerous corners of the globe to protect our freedoms.

But, apparently, that is not the case anymore.

At least, that’s the impression you’d get if you skipped the local Dawn Service and just tuned into what the Chief of Army, Lieutenant General David Morrison, had to say about this most important event in the national calendar.

Morrison has spent the better part of the last week lambasting what he calls the myth of Anzac Day.

According to him, the national pride shown on Anzac Day is a primary reason homosexuals are not joining up. And then, on Anzac Day morn, he gave a speech that declared white Aussie Diggers have a lesser love for this nation than Aboriginals. Furthermore, Morrison went on to infer that Anzac Day was hurtful to the Indigenous community.

Morrison might like talking up the myth of Anzac Day, but the truth is that he’s just peddling a few porkies of his own.

Using Anzac Day to push the homosexual political agenda and to promote the lie of ‘Invasion Day’ is about as insulting as it gets. But there is one thing that rubs salt into the wounds more. And that is completely failing to mention those who currently serve on operations.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what the Chief of Army did in his official Anzac Day speech.

There is not a single nod in Morrison’s Anzac Day address to the 400 Australian Defence personnel who currently put their lives on the line in Afghanistan. He failed to mention the war at all and he should not be allowed to get away with it.

It’s as if Afghanistan is just an afterthought for the most senior soldier in the Australian Army. And that would certainly explain why Lieutenant General Morrison seems to spend more time lamenting the fact that homosexuals are not prepared to don the uniform than trying to win a war that is rapidly becoming the next failed military experiment.

However, considering the Chief of Army used Anzac Day to raise the issue of homosexuality and military service, I’ll happily bust open the door to that closet and expose some of the skeletons within that he’s dressed-up and presented in a less than truthful light.

Let’s start with an article published in the Australian Financial Review on 24 April. It begins like this:

“The Chief of Army, Lieutenant-General David Morrison, says he believes a myth has been created about the Anzacs that makes it harder for the military to recruit women, gays and people from different ethnic backgrounds.

Popular culture sees the “Australian soldier as a rough-hewn country lad – invariably white – a larrikin who fights best with a hangover and who never salutes officers…especially the Poms,” General Morrison said.

This “caricature” has become a “double-edged sword” for the military because it undermines recruitment and creates complacency about military service, he said in a recent speech to the Harvard Club of Australia in Sydney.”

Of course, we all know already that women, in general, simply do not have the same desire to serve in the military as men. There is no changing human nature and I’m certainly not suggesting that we should try to do so.

And I have previously written extensively that the Islamic community in Australia is 15 times less patriotic than the rest of us, but ten times more likely to mourn a son killed on the battlefield. It’s just that Al Qaeda et al have cornered this segment of the recruitment pool.

However, I’ve never made any comment about the likelihood or otherwise that a gay man would sign up to serve the nation. But now, thanks to Lieutenant General Morrison, we have an insight into this community. And, once again, it isn’t pretty.

David Morrison is banging on again about queers in the Army because he doesn’t think that enough of them are signing up. (By the way, I only use the word ‘queer’ because the LGBT community loves to describe itself with this insulting language – even they have no respect whatsoever for their own perverse lifestyle).

And unless he’s making this all up as he goes along, Morrison can only have come to that conclusion if he has some information that says, proportionately, there are less homosexuals in the military than there are in the general population.

So we can all thank Lieutenant General Morrison for pointing out a rather unhappy truth: the homosexual community is less likely to serve this nation in uniform than other segments of society.

That’s point number one.

Point number two is a little more concerning.

The only reason the Chief of Army could possibly know that the homosexual participation rate in the military is low compared to the rate of homosexuality in the community is if he is now collecting information on the sexual preferences of his soldiers.

There can be no other conclusion, except that the good general is just making this stuff up. And it would be uncharitable to assume that. So I won’t.

Point number two is not just creepy, it also makes a mockery of the radically progressive cry that sexuality is irrelevant to military service. If it was, the Chief of Army would not be keeping tabs on who sleeps with what. In the post-modern era of sexual diversity, sexuality is now so un-irrelevant that the Army’s top brass are factoring it into recruiting. And, presumably, promotion as well.

That means targets. It means asking a bunch of questions about sexual preference. And, most of all, it also means that if you give the wrong answer (like, for instance, stating that you are heterosexual) then you run the risk of falling into an unwanted demographic.

If you haven’t put two and two together yet, what Lieutenant General David Morrison has implied in his recent statements is that the Australian Defence Force is now prioritising recruitment from the homosexual community.

Fortunately, he’s also admitted that plans to transform the military into a gay wonderland are failing.

So, in response, the Chief of Army has declared war on Anzac Day. In his estimation, if Anzac Day was a little less patriotic there would be more queens in the Queen’s service.

And this is where I’ll burst his bubble and shine a light into the closet he’s opened so that he can see what lurks inside.

The truth is that homosexuals don’t shun Anzac Day. They love it. It’s like Mardi Gras with uniforms. Apparently, that’s even better.

You can see just some of the LGBT advertising for Anzac Day below:

Gay Anzac 3

Gay anzac 1

Gay Anzac 2

Gay Anzac 4

These images demonstrate many things, and one stands beyond dispute: the LGBT community is not afraid of Anzac Day.

They also show that if Lieutenant General Morrison’s trying to maintain high moral standards within the military, then he’s doing it wrong by promoting homosexuality.

It is just absurd for the Chief of Army to suggest that Anzac Day hurts homosexual recruitment. But even if it does, it would only reflect poorly on the homosexual community. They are the ones who have turned a day set aside to remember the nation’s war dead into a disgraceful orgy.

Lieutenant General David Morrison’s recent statements about Anzac Day are an insult to decent Australians who show up in great numbers on April 25 to pay their respects. He should apologise.

But I won’t hold my breath. Integrity and moral courage are virtues completely lacking in the Australian Army’s highest office.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Bernard,this is my first post with you and wont be my last.
    I am totally disgusted with the comments by the xchief of the army re Anzac day..
    who is this clown who has disgraced Anzac day in front of all the Military.
    Our ancestors would not only be turning in their graves but ready to jump up and teach this wanker a lesson.

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  2. General John J. Sheehan, former US Marine Corps General [ retired as Commander-in-Chief of the Atlantic Command, also had supreme Allied Command of NATO ] testified on this issue before a Senate Armed Services Committee SH-216 on the subject of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell policy’. The committee was stacked with the usual suspects who favour ‘out there’ gays in the military. Big Jew on the Hill, Senator Carl Levin, clearly using his position to push the tribal agenda in the hearing where General Sheehan testified under oath.
    General Sheehan : Gays Responsible for the Srebrenica Massacre.

    Jewish Canadian researcher, Dr Henry Makow – author of The Illuminati: the Cult that Hijacked the World has applied his knowledge of the Satanism of the political elites to analyze this agenda. “What’s Wrong with Gays in the Military” Dr Henry Makow May 29, 2010

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  3. I have just been through the DART process due to a so-called colleague who attempted to rape and sexually assaulted me in 1981, whilst I was just a kid. I suffer from PTSD and cannot work due to what happened to me. I support all that Lieutenant General David Morrison, stands for and represents. Do you seriously think it is ok to keep criminals, paedophiles and people who sexually harass their colleagues in the ranks? All Morrison has done, in fact all the ADF is doing is acknowledging that homosexual and trans-gender people are in the community and also want to serve and represent their community.
    There is no room in the modern ADF for criminals, people who commit sexual harassment, assault against other members, either Male or Female members. There is also no room for paedophiles in the ranks either and there were paedophiles in the ranks who were responsible for kids no older than 15 who went into the service as either cadets or apprentices who were raped. HMAS Leeuwin, were the naval Cadets were trained in WA is now recognised as a hot-bed for paedophiles. Along with the Australian Army Apprenticeship School at Balcombe Barracks. Morrison started to clean up the shit that other so-called leaders such as the current Governor-General when he was head of the ADF.

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    • I am sure the Australians will learn their true history. And when we do we will discover (as many back in the old country know) that the ANZAC legend has bloodline antecedents in the populations which opposed the settlement of the loans made by the Great Synagogue of Mulheim (their Amsterdamsee Wisselbank) to Parliamentarians in England and the Scottish Convention of of Estates to fight Charles I for the Supremacy. This is called the English Civil War 1642.

      All estates of three nations were collateral on those loans. And the Parliamentarians won that war. But their Bare Bones Parliament proved so incompetent they had to restore the monarchy (Charles II) under the Parliamentarian Supremacy. However, when their restored monarchy under his successor, James II (in obedience to the Pope’s Apostolic Constitution against usury) had the hide to oppose the Parliament in its efforts to establish the monetisation of their debt to the Synagogue (for the English Civil War) by means of a bank like the Amsterdamsee Wisselbank – then the Parliamentarians demanded the invasion of “collateral” – three nations – by Synagogue’s front man : Prince William of Orange to assume the monarchy under the Parliamentarian Supremacy.

      The Willemite armies invaded for the Synagogue (now styling itself The Crown) and joined with the Parliamentarian armies in the ‘Glorious Revolution’ of 1688 to settle the Parliamentarian debt over Ireland, Scotland and England.

      There were sigifnicant demographics in those nations which resisted the invasion that is also called : The War of the Three Kingdoms. The Irish did not like the idea of a Jew Bank sending English landlords over to tax not only all estates but every window on every house, every tool of trade, every butterchurn, every spindle every plough. There are even windows to this day in the West country of Ireland boarded up still protesting that tax. By order of The Crown guarded by King Willie’s muskets in the sq mi of The City of London, the Roman Catholic mass was suppressed. It could only be celebrated “between the salt water and the sea strands” in Ireland. And the list of Ireland’s woes at the hands of the Bank of England and The Crown continues to this day.

      In Scotland all estates of those loyal to the last monarchy to legitimately rule under Scotland’s Declaration of Arbroath and Magna Carta (that would be James Stuart) were forfeit to the Bank of England (newly minted in the likeness of the Amsterdamsee Wisselbank). These estates were, of course, the Highlands and Pictish estates and they waged war on The Crown from 1688 to 1748. Even after the Culloden, the Highlands still would not kiss King Willie’s loof:

      So the Highlands were cleared with fire, sword and musket and the new landlords pastured the Cheviot sheep. Those hills and mountains are desolate to this day.

      Then the English – already clobbered by the Civil War 1642. All estates were forfeit to the Bank of England which closed the Commons and extinguished the ancient Common Law Rights for the English peasants on the estates. They became prey of the impressment gangs and as the newly created class of proles were herded into the industrial slums to turn the wheels of the dark satanic mills. And significant numbers reisted.

      So where did the populations which fought and lost that war, the populations still fighting when everybody else kissed King Willie’s loof – where did they go?
      Braes of Killiekrankie

      When I first heard that sung at The Whig’s Leap pub in Killiekrankie, they sang it for the Aussie visitors. They got it. One old timer who was accompanying leaned over and said -it’s “an ANZAC song from the 17th century”. I didn’t get it then. But I get it now.

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  4. I was a young digger in this blokes platoon in 80, then I found him to be of very average character, soon forgot about him. This creature has turned out to be an absolute disgrace to the army, A FILTHY TRAITOR of the highest level…I DESPISE it!!

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  5. My family had plenty of serviceman in both wars many are still over there,
    they would be turning over in their grave. This guys a discredit to the Defence force.
    UnAustralian of the year.

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  6. Having spent 20 years in the ADF I’m glad I no longer belong. To have a bloke like this running the Army is a big worry.

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    • This man is a disgrace to the ADF, he should be relieved of his position, how dare he come out with these abhorrent comments, it is not normal or natural to be homosexual and to hold these people up nfront f heterosexuals is political correctness not only gone mad but destructively so, do you want platoons of sequinned uniforms in our midst because I don’t, how dare these people be encouraged to wear their ADF uniforms during the disgusting orgy they call Mardi Gras, I believe our government want gays in the defence force to weaken it so that when the time comes our Defence force is little more than a gay party. Shame on this man, he doesn’t deserve to hold this position of power. We the people mostly are accepting of the current gay abandon in our society, but don’t ever tell us it is normal or natural because it is not and no amount of lefties banging on about its virtues will change this. Sack this man he is an utter disgrace to his uniform and represents the left, the governments political correctness who’s is a scourge on our country, they should be ashamed.

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  7. Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to focus not on what the Chief of Army has said, although I agree it is simple politically motivated drivel, but on what he has not said. ANZAC Day is an acknowledgement of all Australians, our Allies and dare I say our former enemies who have died in war. To fail to make this homage is a disgrace and only identifies how much our society has become entrapped by political correctness. As has been noted, no mention of our service personnel who have recently and are still combatting the forces of darkness in Afghanistan.
    Personally I care less about individual persons and their after hours activities as I do about wearing of our nations uniform in the Mardi Gras, this is unacceptable, it makes the ADF appear as though everyone supports this behavior which I certainly do not. The uniform is that of our armed forces and should be preserved as a symbol of the whole and not of individual choices. IMHO.

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  8. I too am disgusted at what is driving the armed forces in terms of so called sexual equality. What homosexuals do behind closed doors is up to them but nether they nor any two bob Lieutenant General should tell society what to think. The bottom line is that men at the front line will not take orders from a frocked up queer and nor should they be asked to. Men trying to copulate with other men is simply disgusting and anything but normal and can never result in new life. Think about it…….its unnatural and shortens the life of these people. To try and convert the armed forces to believe this behavior is normal is patently stupid and no amount of legislation will ever justify or make it believable. Excessive legislation just puts a lid on the social pressure cooker and eventually it cracks.

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  9. After having spent nearly 30 years in the Military I am extremely glad that I am no longer a part of it as it seems that Political Correctness has taken over as the Military Law Manual! I was even more incensed when I read that Soldiers were not allowed to drink alcohol on ANZAC Day in uniform in public and that the only place they could drink alcohol in uniform was in the unit messes or canteen.

    I am not sure how many refused that order but I know here in the West many did and rightly so. This was a day of remembrance, to drink a toast to lost mates and for some General to say that a soldier cannot go to an RSL and have a beer is a dereliction of duty. Especially when the Military openly encouraged and allowed homosexuals to wear their uniforms in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras! I don’t have a problem with either gay or lesbians and have friends that are and even they were disgusted in allowing the military to wear their uniform. There are probably close to 6000 men buried at Gallipoli that would be turning over in their graves at that decision.

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  10. Perhaps the brass are suffering deja vu:
    Neville Chamberlain, 1939 all over again, “Peace in our time!”
    It was a lie then – and it is a lie now.
    The Services have been penetrated and compromised. They must identify the enemy and defend the nation.
    They must stop playing games and get on with it, or we are lost.
    bill bowser, intelligence analyst

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  11. Not only should he apologise, he should also stand down.

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  12. Well said, Bernie. The lack of common sense and obvious cognitive dissonance at the highest levels in our Armed Services is a national disgrace and the deepest of insults to those who have gone before us. All of my uncles wore uniforms in WW2. I know what they would be thinking if they were hearing this drivel from the top brass. Their comments would be pithy and definitely disrespectful – deservedly so, I might add. The brass still have a bloody long way to go before they earn my respect as well. Their craven surrender to the worst aspects of human nature and their persistence in pretending that all is OK for the Defence Force is insulting our intelligence. We in the West are under attack. The role of the Defence Force is to defend the nation. Instead the brass is getting into bed with the enemy – at all levels. How can anyone seriously suggest that the serving members should have input to the next White Paper when they are incapable of accurately identifying the enemy we face? If it wasn’t so serious, I’d b e laughing at the stupidity of it all.
    Bill Bowser, Intelligence analyst,

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    • Morrisson is NOT an embarrassment he and the previous two or three given the title of ‘Australian of the Year” have made a disgrace of the very things ALL genuine Australians stand for. If I was a Homosexual in the services and I know there are quite a few, I would cringe every time he opened his mouth. He is just enforcing my belief that now homosexuals are accepted into the community it is NOT enough. They demand, through the likes of this speech by the Leader of our Army, “special” treatment by society. Not happy with recognition and acceptance they demand what NO single group deserves, except those who have given their lives so we can have freedom and acceptance of whoever we are or want to be.

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  13. Sorry, but what do you expect from someone who graduated in “Arts”, at ANU no less?! He was influenced by the progressives there, no doubt, as he is being influenced now, especially by his speechwriter (who should be given the sack for all the omissions in this ANZAC day speech). Well, Rommel was famous for his “Panzer Division”, maybe Morrison wants to be remembered for his “Pansy Division”!

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    • How pathetic that the Chief of Army uses a speech writer. The military exists primarily to ensure that any invader is destroyed. By preference, the military should be demonstrably so well prepared to achieve that task, that no invader dare attack. The military has no role in social engineering. The military does not exist for changing the nature of Australia. The military does not exist as a plaything for generals who suffer from a narcissistic personality disorder

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  14. “By the way, I only use the word ‘queer’ because the LGBT community loves to describe itself with this insulting language” Bernard you have used the word “Freaks” to describe homosexuals before…I guess you don’t think that was insulting to homosexuals?

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    • The words ‘queer’ and ‘freaks’ both accurately depicts the homosexual agenda’s activities of preaching their sick lifestyles.

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      • I prefer the term ‘shirt-lifter’, its funny and shows the banality of the notion of sexual ‘orientation’.

  15. 3 questions:
    1. Didn’t aboriginals serve in WWII?
    2. Is Anzac Day offensive to them?
    3. When he compares the to ratio of gays in the community, is he using the real figure around 2% or the fictitious gay version around 10%

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  16. My grandmother’s five brothers who fought in WWI weren’t myths. They were (white) country boys with a larrikin streak and (being Scottish) they didn’t like saluting Pommie officers either. I am absolutely disgusted with Morrison.

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  17. These types are opportunists. They know what was the political winds are blowing on the macro scale and adjusting their integrity to suit. This won’t change any time soon, as both major political parties, both here and across the western world, have totally bought into the modernist agenda.

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    • Great comment Michael & also to Mishka,Mark & Gordon.
      I would like to add that Morrison & nearly all political leaders are all contributing to misleading our children that homosexuality is ok. It is not OK or NORMAL. The sensorship on our media that children watch is non existant & what is screened is a crime against God & humanity.

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    • These homosexual army types do a great dis0service advertising their antics in this way – they should not be allowed to drag a sacred day like Anzac Day into their sodomic excesses! I dont know why more of the army leadership dont track down the buggers and shunt them out of uniform quick smart before they do even more damage to the reputation of the ADF!

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