NSW Tribunal reserves decision in Tess Corbett case

The New South Wales Civil and Administrative Decisions Tribunal held a hearing last week to determine whether Tess Corbett could appeal an order that she apologise to the homosexual activist and serial litigant, Gary Burns, and in writing in the Sydney Morning Herald.

The Tribunal has reserved its decision, which means that we won’t know if the appeal can proceed for some time.

This news report of the hearing highlights what is at stake in this decision. Effectively, Tess Corbett has been turned into a criminal for using the same language St Paul did in the Bible.

And while Tess did not lump homosexuals with murderers, as St Paul correctly did, she did say that homosexuality, lesbianism and paedophilia were moral issues. She also stated that she was concerned paedophiles may use anti-discrimination laws to gain the same rights as homosexuals.

Some might scoff, but a generation ago homosexuality was a criminal offence. Now we have homosexual activists using anti-discrimination laws to tell Christian candidates what they can and can’t say about paedophilia.

And given the fact that there are also lobby groups popping up to protect the rights of ‘minor-attracted persons’, I don’t think Tess’ comments are as far off the mark as some might think.

Anyway, you can read my view about the original decision against Tess Corbett right here.

And you can read Gary Burns’ latest claim that he is going to sue me (for something that someone else wrote on someone else’s webpage) right here. For the record, I don’t support the idea that homosexuals should be exterminated. But I would be interested in whether Mr Burns thinks it was a great idea for the Defence Force Gay & Lesbian Information Service to accuse me of racism for pointing out the dangers of Islam, considering, for example, that the Sultan of Brunei has just announced the imposition of Sharia Law, including the stoning of homosexuals.

It is clear that the Tess Corbett decision has set a dangerous precedent, whereby homosexual activists can claim that political candidates who oppose their agenda are offensive. It means that people like Gary Burns have the right to trump open debate and that local residents have no right to know what their candidates stand for, especially if they are Christian.

It also opens the door to claims that politicians who do not support homosexual marriage vilify and offend homosexuals.

I would like to thank the readers of this site for recognising the danger in this situation and for contributing so that Tess Corbett could appeal this decision. Even if we don’t win in this case, this marks the first step in a long campaign to ensure that the radical rainbow brigade’s grip on political debate is destroyed.

It is the point that we have begun to fight back.

I thank all those who have helped to do so.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. We should never forget that God’s laws and the laws of His One True Church ALWAYS trump any contrary pseudolaws issued by any country, state or territory. Any Australian law which opposes the laws of God is utterly null and void – not requiring any recognition or obedience whatsoever.

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  2. Bernard,
    re “… homosexuality was a criminal offence …” :
    I think you will agree that the law proscribed certain actions of a person [eg. buggery, sodomy], not a propensity etc. of any person. Similarly, 45 years ago, extra-marital sex was surrounded by legal inhibitions, hazards and penalty. Our trashing of the Natural Law is producing a very bitter harvest of vulnerable and damaged fellow neighbours of all ages. We could do with a Solzhenitsyn to show a way to those who need or care.

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