Filming your own abortion vs Defending life

There is probably not much that is more brazenly evil than filming the abortion of your own child and then claiming at the end of it that you are in awe of your ability to create a baby.

But that is what Emily did. She claimed it was ‘right for her’.

Presumably, if Emily was logical, then she would also support the right of other murderers to let rip because it feels ‘right’ for them. And she would even back the right of people to protest against abortion because that is their ‘truth’. But it seems pretty clear that Emily is not logical. She killed the baby that she was in awe of making. That’s not logical. It’s evil.

Luckily for Emily, the power that allows her to so easily create life and to so wantonly destroy it is also the same power that forgives. That’s why God gave us the Sacrament of Confession.

Because the abortion industry is evil, it hates with a vicious hatred all who oppose it. That is why it wants to turn those who support life into criminals. Those who participate in abortion truly dance in the dark world of death.

Thankfully, the world is not just made up of evil people like Emily. There are also decent people who help to make our society civilised. One of them is Richard Grant.

I have previously published his open letter to the Victorian Premier.

Now he has written Dr Susie Allanson, who works at the Fertility Control Clinic in East Melbourne. She believes it is ‘right’ to provide abortion in the name of choice, but opposes the choice that others make to oppose it. Logic is lost on the evil. So is decency. That is why Dr Allanson has slurred a group of people as criminals, simply because they seek to help women in distress before a terrible decision is made and afterwards so that they can find relief for their pain and guilt.

Richard Grant’s letter is republished below.

OPEN LETTER to SUSIE ALLANSON of the FERTILITY CONTROL CLINIC in East Melbourne regarding her article in the Herald Sun on March 14th 2014, entitled ‘Council has a duty to stop the harassment’.


Dear Ms Allanson,

I received the following text message on the 15th March 2014 from a Melbourne woman of the Muslim faith:

“…I am so happy today because finally I am a graduate. I want to thank u n everyone who supported me because without u people I would not be able to complete my studies. Your financial and moral support means a lot to me.

Honestly I have no words to express what I feel about you and the Helpers. You seriously deserve the words ‘The Giant Heart’. Thank you for being there for me in my hard time. May God shower his blessings on u and ur family. “

The unborn child being carried by this woman when we first met her outside your abortion centre in 2013 had a narrow escape from a violent death by abortion. We and this mother rejoice at the saving of the life of this one little child. Imagine how many more babies’ lives would be saved if there was a complete halt to the killing taking place inside your abortuary on even just one day of the year.

Your security guard, Steve Rogers, was murdered by a person whose identity was unknown to me or any of the other Helpers of God’s Precious Infants. That the killer of Steve Rogers had no connection with our group was made clear in the Supreme Court trial covering this crime.

Given this, the implication in your article that Helpers have been party to assault and murder is untrue and a grave slur on the character of each Helper of God’s Precious Infants. If you can make such a specious claim about such an important life and death matter, how can anything else you have written in your article be taken as the truth?

In the 21 years Helpers have prayed, witnessed and advocated for life outside your abortuary, no Helper has been convicted of or pleaded guilty to assault, let alone murder. One of the guards working for your organisation was found guilty of assaulting an elderly male Helper and another of your guards admitted guilt to assaulting a woman in her 60s.

While we remain appalled by the senseless murder of Steve Rogers, we are equally appalled by the merciless slaughter of unborn babies at your abortuary which amazingly reopened for business the day after the death of Steve. For this reason, the Helpers needed to be there to pray for (and plead for) the lives of the babies scheduled to die inside your abortion centre that day, and to offer to their mothers a loving alternative to abortion.

The text message I quoted at the beginning of my letter is typical of the gratitude expressed by mothers who accept our help to continue their pregnancies. You may be interested to learn that the author of the text message miscarried at four months’ gestation. Two of the Helpers’ accompanied her to the hospital at this sad time. The Helpers continued to support her emotionally and financially, honouring our commitment to pay her tuition fees.

You claim in your article that we harass and intimidate patients entering your clinic. To the contrary, Helpers are always respectful and compassionate towards those to whom we offer assistance. We would never say to any woman (let alone a mother seeking an apparent solution to a crisis pregnancy) that she is a “whore”, “a murderer” or that she is “going to hell”. We appreciate the turmoil women are experiencing when approaching the abortion building. Certainly we would never make the accusations or say the words that were attributed to us by ‘Charlotte’ in a press release.

FCC guards have photographed us, videotaped us and taken audio recordings of us; none of this hard evidence shows any wrongdoing on our part. But we can produce an abundance of video evidence of FCC personnel, including security guards but not confined to them, using abusive, threatening, obscene and sexually explicit language, interfering with our property, and pushing, shoving and physically obstructing Helpers, mainly our women.

The Helpers do not describe themselves as ‘sidewalk counsellors’ but as ‘life advocates’. Our advocates never prevent people from entering your abortion centre. The 300 mothers who have accepted our offers of help and turned away from Melbourne abortuaries have willingly stopped to listen and discuss their situations with us.

Only four weeks ago, a young woman turned away from abortion outside your business and is now safe and sound, living with one of our generous supporter families for the remainder of her pregnancy. We have received many testimonies from other grateful women who have accepted our offers of help in front of your abortion centre.

In a recent broadcast by the “Hack” of Triple J, your counsellor June Dryburgh was at pains to assure the listening public that your clinic never wants to perform an abortion on a woman who is ambivalent. The Helpers freely acknowledge that our ‘turnarounds’ are parents who are reluctant to have abortions and who eagerly accept our help to continue their pregnancies. So surely, in this regard, we are on the same page?

The Helpers in no way, shape or form are stupid enough to exert pressure when offering help to those of your clients who are not interested. But the Helpers must make the offer to each of your customers – because we don’t know who is ambivalent until we speak to them.

Post-abortive women commonly lament in public forums that if only there had been someone outside the clinic to offer them help, they would never have gone ahead with the abortion.

Your claim that the Helpers ‘spout frightening mistruths’ is also untrue. The brochures and information we offer to women are factual; covering foetal development and the physical and psychological complications of abortion as given in informed consent documents.

That life begins at conception, and that every abortion kills a human being, are scientific and biological facts. In your Patient Information pamphlet you describe the abortion procedure as ‘involving the removal of the lining of the uterus by suction and then checking that the uterus is empty with a spoon shaped instrument called a curette’. You fail to further explain that this process involves the dismembering of the body of a living human being which is then sucked out from the womb and discarded.

Your pamphlet also claims that abortion is a ‘safe procedure’. Abortion is anything but safe for the child. Abortion is also harmful for the mother. Studies have shown that a high percentage of women who have had abortions suffer varying levels of post abortion grief and trauma at some stage of their lives. In her book, the late Charlotte Dawson said that following her abortion “I felt a shift, maybe it was hormonal, but I felt the early tinges of what I can now identify as my first experience with depression”.

I have personally arranged for the production of 80 memorial plaques for women grieving over the loss of their babies through abortion.

You frequently refer to the Helpers as ‘extremists’. Your emotive use of this term adds nothing to the validity of your allegations against the Helpers. We endeavour to preserve human life. Your organisation destroys life. Abortion kills little babies. There have been more than 300,000 human deaths inside your abortuary since 1972. Now tell me – who are the extremists?

You claim your organisation is a ‘legal health service’. Abortion may have been decriminalised in Victoria but this does not make abortion right. In a proper health service, a doctor who is attending a pregnant woman would acknowledge that there are two patients to be cared for – mother and child.

It is no surprise that your organisation wants to be rid of the Helpers. One of the main sources of income for your organisation is derived from abortion and therefore every baby the Helpers help rescue from abortion represents a loss of income for your abortion centre.

Not so long ago, members of the medical profession took the Hippocratic Oath which specifically contains the phrase ‘and especially I will not aid a woman to procure an abortion’. How things have changed in the last few decades! In Victoria, under the guise of ‘choice’ (a totally meaningless euphemism), the unborn child has been placed in the same category as Jews were placed in the holocaust and black people during the slavery era. All of these human beings either were, or are, treated as legal non- entities able to be disposed of at will if unwanted by those exercising control over them.

We now look back in horror at what happened during the holocaust and wonder how the people of that time could have let it happen. When the day arrives, as it surely will, when legalised abortion is consigned to the history books, future generations will also be asking the question ‘How could they have allowed this to happen?’

Abortion is not just a method of killing – it is the most widespread and systematic act of violence ever committed in human history. Between 40 and 50 million babies are now tortured to death in abortions every year around the world; at least 100,000 of these in Australia.

We look forward to the day when all human beings, whether born or unborn, young or old, handicapped or non-handicapped, black or white, are protected and treated equally under the law, particularly in relation to being accorded the most fundamental of all human rights – the right to life.

Richard Grant

Father of seven daughters and two sons and grandfather of 20 (including one child in utero). Retired Labour Market Economist.


Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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