The Mother’s Day Massacre

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. And today is my birthday.

This is a happy coincidence. It means, in our family, that we get to celebrate the mother and the father in the same weekend. It’s really the way it should be everywhere.

Mums are important. And so are Dads. But they are much more important when viewed as a whole, not as separate parts. Families function when they are both together, working as a loving team.

Yet our society celebrates them individually. Their days are about as far apart as you can get. It’s almost as if the Mum and the Dad are viewed as hostile enemies, needing as much space from each other as possible, rather than complementary elements of the most important partnership in any child’s life.

It’s also kind of like a motoring club having a day to celebrate tyres and another day to celebrate engines, but no day to recognise the importance of what is actually important: the car.

I don’t think this individual celebration of the separate parts of the founders of a family is a deliberate attack on the family. And the ideas behind Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are not malevolent. But their separateness is a striking reflection of the way family is viewed in society: it’s seen as a bunch of individuals, not the total sum of the parts.

And because this is the case, we have all sorts of absurd situations to deal with.

So in the lead up to Mother’s Day we have the Federal Government proposing a direct economic attack on the ability of mothers to do their duty, while in Victoria there is a brutal and vicious assault on the very thing that allows women to become mothers: children.

These attacks represent the state-sanctioned massacre of the idea of motherhood.

Let’s start with Tony Abbott’s government: the supposedly most family-friendly government ever to have graced the halls of parliament in Canberra.

And let’s dispel that myth right now. Tony Abbott’s government is not family friendly at all. It is a hostile enemy of the family and its economic ideas are the proof in the pudding. That’s not to say that Abbott is anything unusual. His predecessors, on both sides of politics, have been marching down that anti-family road for some time.

However, Tony Abbott’s paid parental leave scheme is something new. It is a colossal waste of funds that will directly or indirectly result in higher costs for every family. That makes it harder to feed the little ’uns.

But this scheme is mostly insidious because it uses Federal funds to remove women from their children. That is its sole purpose. It is based on a complete revolution in the ideas of economics.

Tony Abbott believes women should make babies for the good of the economy. And then get back to work. It’s slavery in thought and action.

A proper politician would understand that the end of families is not the economy, but that the purpose of the economy is to serve the needs of families. That’s what enables true freedom.

And in order to serve this perverted understanding of the proper place of families and economic activity, a whole raft of other ridiculous notions are required.

An entire industry has been formed around childcare.

This absurd practice sees mothers hop in the car every morning, drive to a holding facility, and hand their child over into the care of someone else. Then they go off the work to pay for the childcare costs, or to shell out taxes so that the Federal Government can. It is nothing more than a costly case of pass the parcel played out with the lives of children. And all of this happens to appease the ever-unsatisfied god of fiscal growth.

This is direct economic warfare on the concept of motherhood.

The culmination of this attack is the Abbott government’s proposal to abolish Family Tax Benefit Part B. This payment was originally designed to level out the playing field for families that choose to give up an income (and a tax-free threshold) so that mum can stay at home to provide the best upbringing possible for the next generation.

This is such an important task that any sane government would press a medal and pin it on the chest of those women who sacrifice themselves for the good of their children and the good of the nation.

But if Family Tax Benefit Part B goes on Tuesday night, it will mark the death of all Federal support for the most productive and most stable form of family arrangement. Families where the Dad works to support his wife and children at home will not receive paid parental leave or the baby bonus. These families will not receive any form of childcare support. And they will only get half the tax-free threshold of other families.

To rub salt into the wounds, a dual-income homosexual couple will be able to access all of the payments above if they import a child from India. And they will get double the tax-free threshold.

Parental leave is even payable in cases of late-term abortion. But not for stay-at-home Mums.

Like I said, it’s direct economic warfare on the concept of motherhood.

The best place for a child to be is with their mother. And women want to be with their children, but feel compelled to work. Yet every time the government announces some policy that will give women more ‘choice’, it actually forces them further into the factories.

It is clear from this that the ‘Gold Standard’ mentioned by Cory Bernardi is not the Gold Standard of the government. If you pay out a premium for what you think is best, then it’s clear that Canberra thinks this is a divorced single mother, shacked up with her lesbian lover while undergoing taxpayer-funded IVF treatment.

If the government was really interested in providing choice, it would allow income splitting for families, including a tax-free threshold for every child in that family. And it would provide childcare payments directly to families so that they could choose whether to outsource this service, or to conduct it themselves. It is nothing short of an insult that the government values childcare workers more highly than it does those women who choose to raise their own children.

Unfortunately, the Federal Government’s financial attack on mothers is overshadowed by state governments that allow the murder of their children.

This onslaught is most ferocious in Denis Napthine’s Victoria. This week, while consumers were bombarded with advertising for Mother’s Day, this Premier rejected changes to abortion laws on behalf of the Liberal Party. Again. And the anti-family brigade actually went in to overdrive to defend their ‘rights’ to destroy motherhood itself.

And what are these rights?

The right to abort children because they are the wrong sex.

The right to begin the process of killing a child, by ripping it limb from limb, after it has been partially born.

The right to do this to a child without anaesthetics, even though it is scientific fact that it can feel pain.

The right to kill a child after it has been born, if it was unlucky enough to survive a botched abortion attempt.

The right to not tell distressed women about any of this if they face an unexpected pregnancy, as well as the right to deny them any understanding about the progress and development of the child in their womb, or of the positive options that could address their situation.

Finally, the right to force doctors who are horrified by these ‘medical’ practices to refer women to those who will carry out these ‘procedures’.

Let’s not forget that in Victoria, children have been born after abortion. And left to die.

Children have been aborted because they are the wrong sex. And a doctor has been hauled in and questioned because he objected to this.

Yet the anti-family brigade untruthfully claim that there is nothing to see here.

It is truly the massacre of everything that Mother’s Day represents.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Tony Abbott also says that abortions should “legal, safe and rare” – and no Australian bishop has had the courage to explain to the idiot that abortions can never be safe for children, and that while he maintains such a position he should not be permitted to receive Holy Communion.

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  2. Oh ! Happiest Birthday Bernard , My my My What a coincidence :))) Is also My Pap`s B`day , so I understand what you mean re double happy Day in families*.Happy Mothers Day to your darling wife too.
    I hope you have a special sacred memory Day as a family.

    Thank You for the educational respected article Mr Gaynor.You are a deeply considerate male , unselfishly in my opinion with responsible ethics.

    I agree , it is unnecessary, cruel inhumane tragedy given the times presently in our nation , and avoidable these days with responsible contingencies options and support available.
    Thus it seems unacceptable disturbing malpractice these days and such late term also???? Cruel and disturbing.
    Surely many women are being misled(or factual information omitted or withheld )re :`options`, also re; the `after// side-effects of the consequences they may harbor long term, if confused or vulnerable re: the procedure , facts or trauma that you outline brutally, with clarity here ,and the natural immense loss of human life .
    Especially considering they are undergoing extreme chemical, emotive and Hormonal changes… suddenly and in opposite directions, before ,during and after .
    Every woman will react very individually, as will the fathers and family unit involved, unless they are shallow or sense less? Or so it seems Logical to factor that reality in..
    Kind regards sent (respectfully) to you and your loved ones Bernard . .

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    • Woops I meant My Papa`s**.. it is on Mother`s Day .Cheers for your day BG*.

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    • Thank you for your kind words and I’m very happy to share the day with your father.

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  3. “… in Victoria, children have been born after abortion. And left to die..” And up to 52 [according to the official report] such defenceless new-borns were left to die – in the short period BEFORE the “Deforms” of 2008 – and were specifically denied any investigation into their deaths by our moral imbeciles of the Victorian Parliament. Since 2008, these atrocities can only have increased.

    And let’s not forget that pregnant children can be led into having their baby aborted, while the criminally respondent child abuser [ie what was once “rape”] is protected by the workings of these laws.

    No wonder that these atrocities are so incomprehensible to well-intentioned Holy Joes and Josephines, that they apparently cannot grasp the realities of what is needed for effective reform.

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  4. Thanks for the article Bernard. There are certainly those in our society who are determined to destroy motherhood (and fatherhood with it) in every area they can think of.
    Re where you say “Let’s not forget that in Victoria, children have been born after abortion. And left to die.”
    Don’t forget those in other states and territories. In South Australia where I live, there are around 5 to 14 babies that survive the abortion and left to die each year (see below for figures for 2008). As I read recently on “Australians are all about fairness. Yet, there is something intrinsically unfair about being able to kill another human being – no matter his or size – for any reason whatsoever, and then not come to his rescue when he survives the attempt.”

    See: Maternal, Perinatal and Infant Mortality in South Australia 2008, page 24
    “Of the 51 neonatal deaths, 42 (82.4%) were low birthweight babies and 10 resulted from terminations of pregnancy.”

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    • Thanks Geoffrey – thank you for all your work as well with Family Voice Australia.

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