Defence considering Defence Conservative Action Network

I am pleased to report that the Australian Defence Force is now considering my request to wear uniform at the March for Babies, which will be held in October in Melbourne.

Defence has also received my request for the Defence Conservative Action Network to receive the same support and recognition that has been given to the Defence Force Gay and Lesbian Information Service.

I have no idea whether these requests will be granted but I suspect that the answer will be no. I am not convinced that Defence genuinely believes in a diverse workforce. We will see whether I am wrong when an answer is given.

I have to say straight up front that this is not my preferred course of action. In principle, I do not believe that it is appropriate for Defence members to attend any political events or rallies for social causes in uniform. It is not fitting for Defence members to do so.

However, I have reluctantly formed the opinion that there is no other option but to head down this path. Defence continues to support uniformed involvement in the disgraceful Mardi Gras. And this is not just a hangover from the previous Labor government. The current government is well aware of this issue (thanks in large part to the actions taken by readers of this website) and has chosen to allow Defence to continue its uniformed participation in this radical political activity.

As a result, the only way that Defence members with conservative views can be protected or campaign on a level-playing field is if they demand the same rights as other Defence members. Even within the last 24 hours I have been informed of officers who have been told that their views on homosexuality are not acceptable.

I hope to have the Defence Conservative Action Network website online very shortly (and I pass on my gratitude to those who have assisted thus far).

In the meantime, the letters below provide an insight into the latest developments.

Response re Mardi gras on behalf of Assistant Minister for Defence

This letter proves that the Liberal Assistant Minister for Defence, Stuart Robert, is just as supportive of ADF involvement in the Mardi Gras as the previous government was, even though Defence’s own investigations have reported that vilification of Christianity occurs at this parade.

Coincidentally, if I had a dollar for everytime someone told me that Stuart Robert was a good Christian, I would be rich.

140428 - Minute - CO DIntTC - DEFCAN and request to wear uniform_Page_1

140428 - Minute - CO DIntTC - DEFCAN and request to wear uniform_Page_2


This is the letter I sent through my chain of command on April 28.

As you can see, I highlight that uniformed attendance at conservative political events in not a preferred course of action, but is the only possible response to ongoing ADF involvement in the Mardi Gras.

140512 - DINTTC_HQ_MIN _Announcement of the Defence Conservative Action Network

This last letter confirms that my request has now been forwarded to the Defence People Group (DPG). It is now up to DPG to decide if the ADF is truly as tolerant and as diverse as they like to make out.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Thanks for the update on DEFCAN.
    Looking forward to see if the ADF is as tolerant as they claim to be, or just slaves to PC totalitarianism.

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  2. Hi Bernard,

    Firstly, thank you for your updated posts regarding DEFCAN – I will be following your journey closely and I do hope you receive support through the DPG. What I am thinking though is that the “powers that be” are simply doing this to “shut you up” i.e. it’s a bit hard to get on a soap box and voice your concerns about an even platform of debate, if in fact the SLG and upper echelons have given you what you want.

    Not meaning to belittle you (far from it) , however, it’s like a parent (CDF and CA) in the busy supermarket (political/public arena) giving one child (DEFGLIS) a lollipop to shut their whining and then when the other child (DEFCAN) also pipes up, they have to keep the peace (placate other shoppers AKA the Australian public) and give the second child a lollipop as well. As every parent knows, there’s nothing more frustrating than being in a public place when a child throws a tantrum.

    What will probably happen is that DEFGLIS has received a “chuppa chup” (high levels of funding and publicity) and you will receive a lame-arsed “no-name brand” lollipop (delays in funding, significant red tape, and drastically reduced coverage). Technically speaking both “children” have been given a “lollipop”, however, each leaves a drastically different after taste…..The parent can then effectively say to DEFCAN, “OK quite now dear, you have your lollipop”. The parent can then publicly show other shoppers “Look, see I gave them what they wanted – they have nothing to be upset about”, Everyone then goes about their shopping.

    What I would like to see now is with the flood gates opened, have everybody in Defence jump on the proverbial band wagon and seek funding for a myriad of different causes. Don’t get me wrong, I respect your right to champion DEFGLIS and I look forward to see what it has to say. I wonder what other groups will come forward? What’s to stop a Defence Islamic Action Network Team (DEFIANT) or the Defence Action Mens Environment (DEFAME).

    You know what will happen. Most serving members are too afraid and/or politically smart to raise their heads above the parapet and will simply leave their comments for a quiet period in their respective messes/canteens. Then again in this day and age, nowhere is safe to voice ones opinions. With certain elements of society crying (confected) outrage at the drop of a hat, if one wants to keep their job and make sure the mortgage repayments are on time – the only place to have an opinion is the 3cm behind your forehead.

    I speak to many serving members and they (quietly) say that the whole bandwagon has gone too far. It’s taking valuable time away from more important matters. Trouble is, who (apart from yourself) has the guts to say it??

    Thanks for the opportunity to post on your blog.

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  3. They call it fighting fire with fire because it’s highly effective.
    Your doing good work mate! Keep it up.

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