Why I will never move to England

This post is dedicated to all those poor sods who are still labouring away under dreary clouds in the fast-fading remnants of what used to be the Great British Empire.

Please pass on my thanks to your forebears for their civilisation. The glorious remains of quaint things like rule of law, courtesy, privacy and steadfast duty in the face of responsibility still occasionally rise to the surface in Australia. Who knows? They may even survive here.

And that gives me as much pleasure as the warm sunny days in the middle of our winter.

Please also accept my sincere condolences for the fact that you live in what is probably the bleakest of circumstances: a dead empire with nothing left but hoodlums, Anjem Choudary and government departments established for no other reason than to crunch data on your sexual preference.

About the only thing going for you guys is that dude on the car show who is brave enough to be politically incorrect.

I truly am sorry for the sad state of affairs in which you live. It sounds like about as much fun as sharing an outhouse with a redback spider during a power failure.

Let me also say that I thought long and hard before I wrote this post. You never can be too careful, as any drongo knows. I don’t want to write something that could see me blacklisted, if that word is still acceptable in the British Empire.

First up, I considered if I lived in England. The answer to that is no. Tick.

So far, this is pretty easy. Kind of like the last Ashes series.

Next question. Do I want to live in England?

Excuse me brain, but is that England as it is today, or as it was when it was functional, like when David Cameron-type figures were pin-up boys for the Socialist Party?

My brain informs me that the question is about current feel-good England. Well, the answer to that is also no. Tick.

Now, do I want to be a British public servant, like a teacher at an English school (as opposed to a teacher at a school that teaches English)? Ahh, no. That only took about two seconds. Tick.

Final question. Will I cry like a baby if I ever want to go to England and Her Majesty’s Immigration Commissar refuses me a visa because I have offended the entire Sexual-Preference Investigative Service?

C’mon. This is simple. Why would I want to go to a country that has a government department dedicated to keeping tabs on my sexuality? Again, the answer is no. Tick.

Tick, tick, tick, tick. Finished in record time. I’ve learnt today that thinking long and hard occasionally only takes about as much time as it does to clear a beach when a hoop-snake slithers in on the scene.

So, now that I have the risk assessment done and dusted and feel secure that my post won’t result in the release of a rabid pack of dingos, I’m happy to go ahead.

So what’s all this about then?

It’s about your bloody crazy, moon-bat, left-wing, handbag-swinging, pot-smoking, tofu-eating, femonazi, commo, pinko, glitter-encrusted, new-age and utterly ridiculous equality and diversity questionnaires. They are attached to the public service job applications that must be filled out by any hope-deprived soul still looking for employment in what used to be the land of the free.

I’ve helpfully displayed one below.

Equality Questionnaire_Page_1 Equality Questionnaire_Page_2

Are you lot serious?

Have you lost your marbles?

Why on earth do you have a government that collects data on your sexual preference when you apply for a job?

And why have you lot of sorry excuses for what used to be hardy British subjects not done anything about it?

I know things aren’t great in Australia, but you guys are about as useful as a bunch of bananas in a gunfight.

The only reason your government collects data on whether you sleep with your wife or the drag-queen up the street is so that the cross-dressing perverts that have taken hold of your country by what’s left of its proverbials can get a taxpayer-funded job. But you can’t.

The only reason your government cares about your religious beliefs is so that it can prioritise work for people who think that Allah is Akbar. And so it can prioritise you out.

The only reason your government asks you to fill in a form asking for your skin colour is so that it can make sure that descendents of every tribe bar the Angles and the Saxons can get a leg up. While they climb all over you.

The only reason your government asks if you are married or if you have partook in a homosexual civil union…I’m sure by now you get my drift.

These questionnaires say a lot about the fallen state of the UK. And none of it is good.

They also highlight the sheer hypocrisy of the equality warriors.

These morons champion a lollipop-filled land where children frolic on sunlit pastures, ever basking in the warm glow of self-righteous knowledge that sexual preference and gender identity supposedly matter no more. Yet now British law mandates that a job applicant for the public service tell the government about their sexual proclivities. It’s called the Equality Act 2010.

When the Empire was expanding, the only time such data was collected was if the state wanted to do an enemy in by exploiting the very private details of their life. Some things have changed, but clearly not all of them.

In today’s world, where jobs are supposedly handed out on merit in the UK, all the government wants to know about is whether you fit into one of its ‘protected’ categories.

Apparently this is better than the bad old days. The Equality Police have outlawed them precisely because sexual preference was never a topic on a job application form. No one ever asked about it. People just assumed that you would be polite and keep such private matters to yourself. Especially if you were a weirdo.

Now great taxpayer-funded super-computers cut through reams of data, analysing the latest trends before spitting out code red reports. Then some taxpayer-funded bloke runs in from the taxpayer-funded Islamic prayer room next door to hand over the latest update to the taxpayer-funded bearded lady sitting behind a taxpayer-funded desk labelled ‘Equalisation Bureau Commandant’.

They both hate each other’s guts but do agree on one thing: something must be done about the fact that too many nominal Christians are employed in the Borough of Bexley.

The only way to solve that little problem is to ‘advance the equality of persons’ by ensuring that more Arabs, Chinese and divorced gay men are graduated in the Department of Administrative Affairs’ next recruitment intake.

Sir Humphrey would be happily shocked.

However, there is a downside. If government departments need to keep tabs on the sexual exploits of their workers to ensure that every separate protected category of deviant is properly represented according to their societal ratio, guess what? It means that the government is poking its nose into everybody’s bedroom as well.

It’s the only way it could possibly keep tabs on such things. And that’s just creepy.

But don’t take my word for it. Have a captain cook at the Equality Act 2010.

Part 11, Chapter 2, Section 159 is straight out of George Orwell’s 1984. He got the general gist of Big Brother right, but he was just 26 years too early. That’s not a bad effort.

This law says that it’s fine and dandy to give a job to pretty much anyone who is not a white, English male over someone who is a white, English male simply because the former is not a white, English male. And it’s proudly called anti-discrimination.

Sensible people would call it sheer stupidity. I certainly do and I come from a nation made great by immigration.

In normal countries, if two people have the same qualifications but one of them has lobbed in from someplace else, the law will ensure that the home-town lad is protected. Immigrants are welcome if they can add to the nation. Not so much if they just force a local out of a job.

In the UK, it’s the other way around.

And considering the fact that this law has been in place for the entire period the ‘conservatives’ have been running the joint over there, it’s pretty clear that things are amiss. There are not too many sensible people left on the British Isles.

And that is why I would never move to England.

Not even if there was a plague of drop bears here in Australia, gallumping their way across Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Seems to me that the way to protest this is to claim to be a disabled, transxual, homosexual, muslim, irish traveller. It would totally ruin their system and if you stick to your guns who is to claim otherwise.

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  2. I’m not sure if you know this but as a citizen of both countries I can tell you that Australia has pretty much the same forms when applying for some jobs as the UK. Australia also has similar organisations that track this information.

    You have an equal opportunities organisation federally and also one for each state and territory (for some strange reason Australians love governmental duplication). Here is a link to details of all NINE Australian government organisations for this area: https://www.humanrights.gov.au/information-employers-contacts

    Some of the other comments have mentioned the British National Party (BNP). This organization was founded in the 1980s and in the last election their vote dropped by 5%, giving them 1.1% of the total vote and getting 0 seats. They also stand in national elections where they last achieved 1.9% of the vote in 2010 and also didn’t win any seats.

    The UK Independence party might be more to your liking, they did very well in the 2014 European elections and also welcome people of any race or religion to their party.

    Finally, I’m sure you would be welcome in the United Kingdom as no one really gives a damn what anyone else thinks about them unless you’re advocating violence against another person.

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    • The UK Independence Party are merely a pressure valve designed to split the socially conservative voters; the Marxist BBC promoted UKIP as heavily as they demonised the BNP. UKIP will soon collapse when the British people finds out that they would not be keeping their political promises. If UKIP welcome members of the Wahhabi cult into the party, then UKIP will definitely not be a good option for social conservatives. Did you realise that UKIP would only ban European immigrants whilst letting in immigrants from the third world, including the Wahhabi cult? The British National Party will prevent all illegal immigrants since Britain is full. The BNP are not as defeated as you think they are; they will return. And finally, the Wahhabi cult are well known for their advocacy for violence against anyone who do not follow their extreme interpretation of Islam, yet Britain simply lets them in.

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    • https://www.humanrights.gov.au/news/speeches/unconscious-bias-and-bamboo-ceiling

      Of course we have!
      Our Human Rights Commission is really for policing racism of whites against non whites…….they dont recognise the biggest racists of all (non whites and non Caucasians against whites!…………even though occult knowledge in this agency knows that all too well.

      This massive flood of Chinese here taking our real estate, our positions in schools for their kids, then they complain when there is this “bamboo ceiling”……………..

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  3. Not moving to the UK? Great news – we have too many right wing extremist bigots with racist, sexist and homophobic views here already. Stay right where you are, Bernard. The UK’s clearly a better place without crackpots like you. Oh, and I enjoyed your piece on Richard Dawkins too – utter drivel, of course, but it did make me laugh out loud, so thank you for that.

    Just one question, though. How do you reconcile all the hate-filled bile you spew with your “god” who I’m reliably informed is supposed to be all about love?

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    • God might be about love, but even he has rules against Sodomy.

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  4. I wouldn’t even bother visiting the UK for a holiday.
    Political correctness is bad enough in Australia. No point holidaying in an even worse PC basket-case like the UK.

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  5. Top yarn Bernard! Couldn’t agree with you more. I travelled the UK and Europe for 6 months last year and not even my 2 year working visa was enough to make me stay. Your dead right, australia ain’t perfect but anyone who wants to complain should take an extended trip to England. I know plenty of good Brits who I can’t help but feel sorry for. I keep insisting that they pack up camp and make the move to aus. We could do with a few like minded, decent people migrating ‘legally’ to this country 😉

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  6. This brings to mind thoughts I had watching a pair of ‘reality’ TV shows. The first was the UK hand holding squad. Their job was to police the UK borders. But, when they found an illegal with no papers, rather than detain or deport them, the had to release them to once again work illegally, taking jobs from lawful residents. That’s a job that’s a morale killer in my book.
    The next reality show was about the Texas division of the US Marshall’s service. No mamby pamby here! If you were in their sights you got heavily disincentivised to even think about breaking the law! More firepower than an infantry platoon was usually deployed, people politely ordered to ground while they were cuffed; big angry dogs and big well-armed men to help with the persuasion, which did have to get briskly physical sometimes.
    Then I wondered which country was working to enforce its laws and protect its citizens and which was icing the PC cake.

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  7. Luke McKee is right. There is currently a resistance movement known the British National Party that are fighting the Marxist Establishment during the 2014 European Elections. Their website is ‘http://www.bnp.org.uk/’.

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  8. bnp.org.uk/news/national/everyone-gets-watch-bnp-broadcast-tonight-tv

    England is in the midst of a counter-revolution against all this “PC” as they say, filth.

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