Blood, the rainbow and the facts

Rob Stott is the Morning Editor at

So you can thank him for much of the pointless drivel that clogs his site, allegedly masquerading as ‘news’.

Just as an example, this morning’s ‘feature’ articles include:

  • Aussie star posts ‘cheeky’ nude photo online.
  • Is this the most bizarre wedding present ever?
  • Geoff Edelsten steps out with Brynne lookalike.
  • Theron opens up about relationship with Penn.
  • Who’s the best (and worst) coach on The Voice?
  • Internet has a field day with Affleck’s ‘Sad Batman’.

Nestled next to these titillating links is the latest update on Game of Thrones (never watched it) and an article asking if teleportation is a step closer (I’m guessing the answer is no).

And hidden amongst these journalistic gems was an article written by Rob Stott himself (who is also homosexual) that gave the strong impression morale was not super sky-high among some reporters who work for this esteemed news service. What a surprise!

However, it’s not because all the homosexual journalists at spend their time writing utter rubbish. Instead, it’s because they must wait 12 months after engaging in sexual activity with another man before they can donate blood.

That little rule has got them all down around the mouth.

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Apparently, the Therapeutic Goods Administration, tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that Australian blood supplies are safe, has evidence that male to male sexual activity has potential side-effects. And these are serious enough to rule out blood donations from this section of society if they’ve been active in the last year.

Now there’s an actual story that people should know about.

Instead, Rob Stott has chosen to write a whiny piece arguing that the Therapeutic Goods Administration should change its rules to make him and the other gay reporters feel better about themselves.

Just so you know, Australia already has some of the most liberal rules in the Western World on this score. In America, homosexuals are banned for life from donating blood.

Normal Australians would understand Rob’s discomfort at this situation. But they wouldn’t believe that the rules on blood donation should be re-written just to please him, notwithstanding his monogamous homosexual lifestyle.

Especially if they knew what government-funded homosexual lobby groups are up to.

And especially when the stats are laid bare.

Let’s look at the first point by examining ACON. It’s one of the premiere homosexual organisations in New South Wales and about $11 million of its $13.5 million budget comes from the taxpayer. That information is contained in its latest annual report, along with the wonderful news that these funds were spent on distributing half a million condoms and almost as many ‘sterile injecting’ packs.

You can find the ACON webpage right here.

At the bottom left hand corner of this website is a really interesting link, called Opposites Attract.

And if you want to know what this is all about, you don’t have to bother with cumbersome FOI searches or trawl through the fine print of some obscure PDF document. It’s all helpfully listed there under the heading ‘What’s Involved?’

And this is exactly what is involved.

The University of New South Wales is studying the effect of sexual activity between HIV positive men and HIV negative men.

And it’s doing this by encouraging such couples to participate in the study. As it obligingly points out, it doesn’t matter if these men have unprotected sex. And it doesn’t matter if the HIV positive male is not on any treatment. They just need to have anal sex once a month.

Just think about that for a second.

There are no links providing any information about ‘safe sex’. There are no links explaining the risks involved with unprotected sex with a HIV positive man. And there are certainly no links explaining that even condoms are not guaranteed to work.

There’s just a webpage that encourages men in these circumstances to join the study.

And this webpage also supportively explains that if the HIV negative man becomes infected during the study, they will no longer be able to take part. I guess that’s a real double-whammy.

This is where your taxes go during a ‘budget emergency’. There’s probably another real news story in that too.

This is a pretty reckless way of studying HIV. It’s akin to car manufacturers ‘researching’ the force of collision on children by exposing ‘injury-negative’ kids to impact from cars at ever increasing speed until they determine that 22 km/hr is the point where life is threatened.

That kind of study is going to get results. But it’s also going to cause serious injury or death. That’s why it’s not the kind of study any self-respecting university would conduct.

And that is also why anyone who does have the interest of homosexual people at heart would be outraged to know that the University of New South Wales is watching men engage in extremely risky behaviour simply so it can plot the results.

However, knowing that this is the kind of thing that goes on in the homosexual world, the Therapeutic Goods Administration has good reason to conclude that blood donations from this community are not a sound idea.

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It’s also likely that the Therapeutic Goods Association is aware of these facts:

Knowing all this, I think it’s safe to say that the Therapeutic Goods Association is doing the responsible thing by Australians with its screening program.

But let’s not end this here. Let’s examine something else that Rob Stott raised. He claims that allowing homosexuals to donate blood will improve medical services by helping to increase blood supplies.

It’s a statement that kind of makes sense. So let’s examine it by looking not just at supply, but also demand.

What does the Red Cross tell us about how blood supplies are used?

It says that 19% of donated blood is used to treat anaemia.

And what is one of the primary causes of anaemia, according to the US National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute?

Why, it would be HIV.

It’s not possible to know exactly how much of that 19% goes to treating HIV-related anaemia (and the medical specialists do try and avoid transfusions for HIV positive patients if possible due to complicating factors). But there is clearly a demand at the other end of the blood-transfusion cycle from HIV sufferers. And the stats show that homosexual men make up the vast proportion of these people.

So if Mr Stott really wants to address issues of blood supply and demand, maybe he might want to look at whether the homosexual community can do this best by donating blood, or by reducing activity that results in HIV infections.

And maybe, just maybe, Rob Stott might also want to consider whether the STD rate amongst the homosexual community means it is a net drag on medical services in Australia. Especially as all Australians are required to pay for associated Medicare costs through their taxes.

These are the real questions Rob Stott should be asking because they would lead to real outcomes that actually reduce disease and improve people’s lives.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. There is more to the blood issue that we might know – methinks. Why? I am attracted to a verse in the Bible at Leviticus 20: 13 where it states:
    “if a man also lie with mankind as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed and abomination, they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.”
    The key words: “abomination; death; blood” – why so I thought that if the action is equal (“as he lieth with a woman”) then how can there be a difference?
    Apparently, the indication is that there is a vast difference in that:
    If a man lie with mankind then it incurs the death penalty – wow – that bad? It must be – to draw the death penalty. A mystery in that a like action can be so brutal on one side and the other so kind in that if a man lieth with a woman then it is ok but the same action with “mankind” it is an abomination which “surely must be put to death”. It maybe that the reference to blood is more telling then we presently know and it may have to do with the XX – YY chromosomes in that the combination between a man and a woman (xx + yy) is ok and can produce good life (children) while man and a man (yy = yy) confuses the immune system and produces bad life (diseases) and.
    I invite dialogue – John Abbott 07-55804498 or

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  2. The gay lobby is the biggest threat facing Australia today. It is a cancer on Australian society devouring one institution after another. The latest is the AFL with The Age reporting last week that Essendon and St Kilda
    are negotiating to play the first Gay Pride match. It truly beats me why heterosexual footballers should be forced to celebrate homosexual orientation and lifestyle. Australia is rapidly becoming a nasty authoritarian nation where citizens are becoming obliged to celebrate perversion. It’s time to start mourning the old much loved egalitarian Australia and to fight to restore it. A gay pride match will kill AFL football as a family orientated sport – just imagine the spectacle. It would be their biggest victory and they would celebrate – The Gay Mardi Gras couldn’t compete.

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  3. Spot on as always Bernard! It would be nice to see you right on top leading the country. We need strong leadership and Tony Abbott (et. al.) is loosening up the morals of this country, when what we need is a strong and stiff moral compass.

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  4. The late Bryce Courtenay wrote ‘April Fools Day’ about the tragic death of his haemophiliac son, who fatally got AIDS from blood transfusions-due to the cowardice of our medical “leadership” under pressure from the ruthless and unconscionable policies and behaviours of the Homosexual militants. These opponents we know. It’s our high-paid and elite “responsible” authorities who are our weakest points. As for the Church, “If the cap fits, …”

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  5. Great write up Bernard, I myself have become close to needing blood transfusion if makes me so mad when the homosexual brigade is once again crying descrimination regarding the very important service of bloodgiving. Very ill men, women and children’s health should never be put at risk because of another gay lobby push, afterall it is quite clear the the homosexual minority have the highest number of HIV cases.
    And as for, they are the biggest waste of time, homosexual propaganda at its best.

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    • is “hetrophobic” – just look at how many gay lobby stories they push to features on the front page and promote opinion pieces as ‘real news’. Its sad this is what people are reading and not getting the real facts, just someone’s opinion of how they are hard done by. I went and also read the response from Red Cross – they had to issue a response before the gay lobby tore them to shreds over a perceived injustice.

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    • So Kat would you rather die than have blood from a homosexual?

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      • Mark what a stupid insensitive thing to say. As homosexuals are and always will be a minority the instance of having to have a blood transfusion from a practicing homosexual is pretty much non exsistant. I would much rather the blood bank stay untainted by those who choose to live reckless and damaging lifestyles and those needing blood be considered in this matter and that a strict guidlines remain in place.

  6. Good points Bernard. I was open to accept Rob’s major point, but this turned me around.

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  7. My taxes go to support the Medicare system, and treating STDs such as HIV, syphilis, and others. These are endemic in Australia. I’ll think of this article the next time someone tries to argue that their sexual habits are a private matter and none of anyone else’s business.

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    • STD’s are not endemic in Australia, they are reaching epidemic proportions. Many of the STD’s are manageable due to antibiotics and other treatments. HIV/Aids is not. In Australia most STD infections are due to lifestyle choices.
      I have been paying taxes for nearly 40 years and have been donating blood/plasma for over 37 years. I know that product from my blood have been used to treat neonates, infants, children, seriously ill new mothers and no doubt others I don’t wish to know about. When anybody brings their lifestyle choices to the blood bank and these choices include tattoos, travel to north Queensland/UK and other places, their Offer will be either rejected or deferred. In this case where fresh product is being introduced into the blood donation system then a donors lifestyle choices are everybody’s business.

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  8. I have never forgotten the attitude of the homosexual lobby back in the 80s/90s, claiming it was discrimination that they were not allowed to donate. Not a whit did they care for the risk to other people, one of whom was a close family member with haemophilia. As a result of the HIV he acquired via his plasma-based medication, my nephews grew up without a father, and their mother without a husband. But who cares what happens to other people, as long as the homosexual lobby is not made to feel ‘different’!

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    • I completely agree with you! Its all about “me me me”, not a care for the actual recipient or what it could do to them or entire families.

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