Defence drops gay political lobby from its webpages

I have been very busy over the last few weeks travelling to give a number of presentations and dealing with some legal issues: I have been forced to defend myself against allegations that reporting indecent exposure by homosexuals to children is hate speech.

The good news is that Defence has removed all links to DEFGLIS from its webpages. This is a significant victory. There was an attempt last week to downplay this victory, but do not be fooled by the propaganda. Defence has had no option but to obey the law. It is discriminatory for Defence to provide exemptions when it comes to political activity. Furthermore, it is a breach of Defence’s own policies to allow Defence-linked political activity. And any person who cherishes our democracy would be rightly incensed that the Australian Defence Force is interfering in domestic politics to actively attack our nation’s extant laws.

This is one more nail in the coffin of Defence involvement in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. If Defence cannot put links to DEFGLIS on its webpages, how can it possibly argue that it was lawful to cave in to DEFGLIS’ demand that uniformed military personnel march in this political rally?

The Defence Conservative Action Network issued this press release this morning.

This is not the last that will be heard on this issue. We are only just warming up because those responsible for ordering service offences need to be held responsible.

Thank you for your ongoing support – without your letters this victory would not have been possible. Stay tuned for the next round in this campaign.


The Department of Defence has removed all links to the political lobby group, the Defence LGBTI Information Service (DEFGLIS), from its webpages.

Bernard Gaynor wrote to the Minister for Defence, Senator David Johnstone, in April to object to DEFGLIS’ presence on Department of Defence webpages due to its political campaigning for homosexual marriage and the removal of rights from religious organisations.

Until the last few days, official Defence websites contained the names and ranks of military personnel who were associated with DEFGLIS, along with links to the DEFGLIS website.

The Department of Defence website also stated that DEFGLIS  provided “information on GLBIT issues for members, supervisors, divisional staff and management staff in Defence. It also provides education, support, and information on the resources and services available within the ADF and externally.”

Mr Gaynor said that the decision was a significant victory and added weight to evidence he lodged over a year ago that service offences occurred when uniformed ADF personnel were placed under the command of DEFGLIS at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

“This is an acknowledgment from Defence that it was wrong to support DEFGLIS. It is another nail in the coffin of ADF support of homosexual political activity,” Mr Gaynor said.

“The role of the ADF is to uphold and defend Australia and its laws, including its law on marriage. It is completely inappropriate for uniformed service members to be marching in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras which is the largest annual anti-marriage protest in Australia.”

“I have no doubt that Defence will eventually be forced to withdraw its support from this offensive event.”

“It is only a matter of time before the shaky foundations behind this decision completely crumble. When it does, those responsible will face consequences.”

“It will be very important for our democracy, as well as for military discipline, to ensure that those commanders who allowed the Australian Defence Force to be used for political purposes are properly investigated.”

“As it stands, there is strong evidence that service offences have occurred. Furthermore, this evidence has been ignored or covered up and the Chief of the Defence Force has instead taken action to terminate my commission,” Mr Gaynor said.

Mr Gaynor also said that the decision vindicated the formation of the Defence Force Conservative Action Network.

“There is only one reason DEFGLIS has been taken down and that’s because Defence did not want to put DEFCAN up.”

“Defence would have been wide open to discrimination claims if it only allowed one political lobby group on its webpages.”

“It’s a good decision but done for very petty and shallow reasons. It actually highlights how politicised the military hierarchy has become.”

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. A moral victory for all decent people of Australia. The next major hurdle is scrapping ‘ being nationalised ‘. I cringe when some migrant, born and bred elsewhere, comes to Australia for a couple of years gets naturalised and when they do something infamous is lauded in the press as being an ‘aussie’. No more of this demeaning of the natural inhabitants of this our country. Give them some sort of visa, but certainly do not call them Australians. If there is no Australian content in the parents, they are not Australian. They remain,( as long as we wish to allow them to stay here), visitors.

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  2. Sorry Bernard not really a victory….a link can still be found for DEFGLIS on the defence intranet in the centre of diversity web page.

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  3. Fantastic news Bernard. I’m really grateful for your efforts and this excellent result.
    Now time to put my money where my mouth is.

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  4. Well done Bern. Good on ya for standing up to all this.

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  5. Well done Mr Gaynor! I Salute you sir! Twenty dollars on it’s way. Thanks.

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  6. Outstanding work mate! Makes my day reading news like this.

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