Who is Zali Burrows?

In recent times we’ve heard a lot about Clive Palmer, ISIS and bikies.

And in all these separate stories, one rather intriguing name pops up everywhere: Zali Burrows.

So who is she?

I did a little research and this is what I found.

First up, Zali Burrows, was a candidate for the Palmer United Party at the 2014 Federal Election, contesting the Sydney seat of Blaxland. And Ms Burrows is still up on the PUP website today.

When Zali was announced as a candidate by Clive Palmer on 12 June, 2013, this is what he had to say:

“We are delighted to be endorsing such outstanding candidates with a wide range of experience to stand as the Palmer United Party candidates.”

Zali responded by stating:

“If elected to federal parliament for the Palmer United Party I will be an advocate for the humane treatment of refugees as I believe Australia is a country that should welcome all who will help our economy prosper.”

And then Zali set to work, putting out this election leaflet.

Zali Burrows leaflet 1Zali Burrows leaflet 2Zali Burrows leaflet 3

You might notice a few things about this bright yellow Palmer United Party election advertisement.

First up, in big, bold red writing it says, “Why you should vote for Zali Burrows”.

And underneath there is some Arabic text. But it doesn’t say that at all. It says, “Your voice of peace and Islam, health and family.”

Zali Burrows is a Muslim and she say as much at the end of her flyer as well.

“I will bring change, understanding and finally be the first Muslim voice in Government to stop the perceived discrimination against Muslims that promotes hostility.”

I’m not sure how Ed Husic feels about this, considering he actually was the first Muslim in government. But that’s another story I’m sure the Labor Party would love to tell.

Considering that Zali Burrows is a Muslim and says so, it’s not surprising that her election promises included establishing a public holiday for the day that marks the end of the Islamic month of holy jihad: Ramadan.

Just out of interest, the Ramadan scorecard of violence can be found at this website, while this is a list of the major battles Muslims have fought during Ramadan.

But back on topic. Zali’s flyer also makes it known that she is a lawyer. And what a lawyer she is.

Uthman Badar, the lovable character from Hizb ut Tahrir, has mentioned her on his Facebook page. And considering that ‘Uthman Badar’ and ‘honour killings’ often go in the same sentence, it’s no surprise to find out that Zali Burrows’ clients are the more unsavoury headlines in Australian news on Islam.

  • Hamdi Alqudsi. Mr Alqudsi was arrested in late 2013 and became the first Australian to be charged under the Foreign Incursion Act for allegedly helping jihadis travel to Syria. Ms Burrows was there to defend him, stating that he could not afford bail because he survived only on his modest disability pension.

However, in Bankstown Local Court on Tuesday, his lawyer Zali Burrows said he could only come up with $500 surety to secure his bail because he lived on a modest disability pension.

 Sydney Morning Herald, 4 December 2013

  • Sulyman Khalid. Mr Khalid had his passport seized by ASIO in December 2013. Today Tonight was going to run a story on this man, but Zali Burrows succeeded in gaining an injunction to prevent it from airing.

Ms Burrows said she was given the impression the story would depict the unfairness of the process that led to the cancellation of Mr Khalid’s passport. But after the interview was filmed, she came to believe Channel Seven would use the material to portray him as either an extremist or duped by extremists.

 Sydney Morning Herald, 23 January 2014

  • Wisam Haddad. Mr Haddad managed the Al Risalah Islamic Bookstore, which various reports indicate was being used to preach violence, terrorism and jihad in Syria and Iraq. Supporters of this peaceful shop admitted to being involved in the Sydney riots. And New South Wales police confirmed it was aware of activities at Al Risalah. When Al Risalah shut down, Ms Burrows was there to launch a defamation case, blaming the media for promoting religious intolerance by its coverage of the Sydney riots.

Lawyer Zali Burrows, acting on behalf of the manager of the bookstore, Wisam Haddad, and three others, has filed a defamation action against Nationwide News, the publisher of The Daily Telegraph, over its coverage of the Muslim riots in the city last year.

”Sex used to sell; these days it’s Muslims and terrorists,” she said. ”My clients are taking a stand against irresponsible media that promote religious intolerance and discrimination that often leaves a carnage of reputations in its wake.”

Sydney Morning Herald, 29 October 2013

  • Fatima. Fatima was arrested on terrorism charges while attempting to leave the country a few weeks ago. The New South Wales Joint Counterterrorism Team alleges that Fatima was planning to assist her husband, who is believed to be fighting with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

Ms Burrows said the cash her client was carrying was for hotel accommodation and return flights home and the camouflage gear was a pair of cargo print pants she had bought for her husband.

Brisbanetimes.com.au, 21 May 2014

But distressed Muslims aren’t the only people talking about Ms Burrows. So is the Queensland Premier, Campbell Newman.

He mentioned Zali Burrows because she called for Mr Newman’s arrest while representing Peter Mauric and Stephen Cox. They just happen to be Bandidos members charged after a violent Gold Coast brawl in September 2013.

Now while I’m pretty sure Mr Newman is not a Muslim, it is possible that Mauric and Cox are. There are strong Islamic links to the Bandidos.

The Courier Mail reported in October 2013 that “Gold Coast bikie gangs are actively targeting young Muslim and Eastern European men” to “beef up their ranks with aggressive ethnic recruits”.

And previously the The Courier Mail has reported that police “discovered pictures of Osama bin Laden at a Gold Coast home linked to a worrying new bikie gang called Soldiers of Islam, whose members include former Iraqi soldiers.”

It just so happens that the Soldiers of Islam are also reported to be associated with the Bandidos and act as a feeder club to the outlaw motorcycle gang. And Bandidos members in Sydney have also been arrested by the Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad.

Of course, while Ms Burrows’ clients seem to have consistent links to Islam, her own messages about the treatment of the Islamic community are anything but consistent.

Consider this.

In December 2013, Zali complained that ASIO’s decision to cancel passports of the 15 men she represented was unfair. ASIO seemed to think that they these blokes might be interested in getting up to no good in Syria with ISIS. However, MS Burrows informed the ABC that she was not aware of any such intention and that she was prepared to go to the High Court to get their passports back.

And in the last few days, this lawyer has been in the media again to go on about Islamic men and passports. This time she was complaining that ASIO didn’t do enough to stop a teenager from leaving Sydney and travelling to fight with ISIS.

Talk about trying to have your cake and eat it too.

If ASIO acts, Zali Burrows is there to assist the ‘oppressed’ Muslim minority being ‘unfairly’ targeted. But if a jihadi falls through the cracks, then Zali Burrows is first on the scene to take a swing at our nation’s domestic intelligence service.

I think all she’s done is highlight that it is impossible to track all the jihadis and we can only be thankful that this one went to Iraq and not to the local shopping centre.

Despite this, Zali does have a silver lining.

In all the furore about Uthman Badar’s speech on honour killing, Ms Burrows was one of the few Muslim voices to pipe up with consternation. However, it was not a concern that would be shared by the average Aussie. Zali’s complaint was simply that Mr Badar’s  remarks were only hurting her legal efforts to have passports returned to her clients.

And then she went on to say that any attempt to ban Hiz ut Tahrir would be dangerous. As the echoes of the headline, “Honour killings are morally justified”, were reverberating around Australia, Ms Burrows asked, “What threat has Hizb ut Tahrir actually made?”

So keep your eye out for the name Zali Burrows. Next time you find it in a newspaper, it is highly likely that it will be in an article about violent Islamic jihadis operating in Australia.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. She sounds like another DUMB BLOND joke and calls herself australian

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  2. Why you so obsessed with Miss Burrows? Theres plenty of lawyers out there defending Muslims.

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    • Because she finds the worst of them to defend

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  3. On the bright side, at least the mohammedans are firmly opposed to abortion and sodomy, and their women in burkas are always modestly dressed, which is a lot more than we can say for the average Aussie pagan savage!

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    • What gives you the right to “decide” my informed and personal choices about the many methods of birth control let alone how me and my willing and consensual partner get our sexual jollies. After all, it was your deity who endowed me with the capacity to have the consensual adult activities that we think of.

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      • BunyipBill, your logic is that capacity and consent = lawful behaviour. This same argument justifies murder, simply because a person has been created with the desire to kill. Fortunately, legitimate behaviour is linked to ordered behaviour. The primary purpose of sexual activity is procreation. Contraception makes sexual activity disordered and is contrary to natural law. While you will probably disagree with that, I would be interested in your response to the following question, given your libertarian ideals: why should I pay for birth control subsidies for you and partner simply so you can get your jollies?

      • I find it then ironic that Ms Burrows closed group on facebook are full of Sunni supporters from over seas not here why are they in her political membership page and why are they in turn supporters of the ISIS groupI do not think it is bad reporting but good reporting to put you out there in public so we can see what you really stand for and that is spreading Islam thru laws that could be passed here in parliament if you were elected I also think its a strong case for having you removed from the law council as not protecting the interests of all Australians but really terrorism and its connections here and overseas..I would be greatly worried about having you put into a position of importance in the Australian Govt and think more officials need to know of your dealings with these Islamic militants…so Ms Zali Burrows member of Blaxland group on facebook what are you really trying to do to our Country here. ?

      • BunyipBill,
        If you are indeed married and not merely cohabitating or in an adulterous relationship, I would encourage you to throw out the television set and enjoy the marital act as often as possible. Why would you ruin the fun with contraception? Children are a great blessing – and should be welcomed in as many numbers as the Good Lord is prepared to send. Would you sow crops in your fields only to kill them all with herbicide? If the Good Lord sends you a billion dollars, would you burn the cheque?

  4. This only highlights why a perverse false religion like islam should never be given the same recognition as the One, True Faith. In Catholic countries of old, false religions were tolerated only in so far as they did nothing to disturb the public peace. Let’s not forget the Great Battle of Lepanto when Our Lady of the Rosary herself intervened to keep mohammedans out of Europe. As always, the great Mother of God provides the perfect model of how we should deal with false religions.

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    • Rory, do you not see the sheer hypocrisy of your statement “….recognition as the One, True Faith…….”
      Why do you think the Sunni’s are slaughtering the Shia who are slaughtering the Sunni who, regardless of being Shia or Sunni, would not hesitate in slaughtering an infidel.

      Post a Reply
      • BB – there is no hypocrisy in Rory’s statement. Sunnis are indeed slaughtering Shias who are indeed slaughtering Sunnis – but Catholics aren’t slaughtering anyone. Rory would only be hypocritical if his religion, too, was killing others for all it was worth. But, as that is not the case, your criticism of Rory fails completely.

      • You are indeed correct although muslims in general are peaceful when not the lawgivers of the country they live in. They also provide a great part of our diverse lifestyle. In saying that they when in power would adopt and do like overseas their religious laws which is why the two groups over in Iraq and rest in Syria are fighting as Ms Burrows already supports the Sunni groups and Palestine Hamas imagine what would happen if the likes of her were put into our Government. Would you want your hands chopped off for stealing, head chopped off for being an infidel it can and does happen overseas and maybe one day could here if this people are allowed to spread their evil message and laws. Wake up Australia to what is happening … groups like hers and even the muslim trading groups on facebook are anti western and christian plus their aim is to change our society to a more pro Islamic one …

  5. It is interesting that you find it a crime for a lawyer to represent persons that do not share the same religious faith as you do.

    Yet it is curious that you do not target those that represent pedophiles and rapists.

    What is the religious faith of Ivan Milat?

    Your silence of pedophilia in the Catholic Church is deafening.

    Your talent for selective editing to support you narrow views is predictable and uncreative.

    Your views are very unchristian.

    No doubt this comment will not be published.

    Post a Reply
    • Wow! So your saying that we should focus primarily on the issues around paedophilia within the catholic Church yet to highlight the fact that Mohammed himself was a paedophile is almost a punishable offence in some cases. Anyone, catholic or not is aware of the problems within the church surrounding paedophilia, this issue receives worldwide media coverage on a daily basis and no one is denying that there is a problem. On top of this, action is also being taken to combat the problem at hand.
      Then you have the religion of Islam, protected from every angle, to speak out against it is considered a ‘hate crime’. The dumping of Michael smith from 2gb for his comments about Mohammed are a classic example of this. All of this while Jesus Christ is vilified and his name used in vain everyday and it’s perfectly ok! People come to this site to be better informed on the issues that don’t (but should) receive world wide media coverage, this doesn’t mean we aren’t aware of the issues regarding sexaul assault in the catholic Church.

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    • Zali, you have to be neurotic. How many times do you leftists have to be informed that islam is NOT A RELIGION! You really do typify the weirdo’s who stand for the weirdest, the PUP. Firstly you can’t see thru the real intent of islam, and secondly you can’t see through Clive Palmer. Enjoy any limelight the PUP may have brought you, it won’t last long, as people will soon realise Palmer developed the PUP to serve his own purposes, not the people of Australia. A bit like you actually.

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    • Zali once you address the problems in your “religion “( more an idiology ) as we do with ours you will have more credibility. The silence of Muslims is deafening. Pedophiles are prosecuted all over the country ..church or not! Where is your outrage about female mutilations? Where is your outrage about the so called “honor killings “? The one who is silent is known to consent!

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    • So Zali will you be offering to represent Michael Smith for unfair dismissal by 2gb?
      I appreciate he doesn’t share the same religious faith as you but as you point out that shouldn’t matter.

      Seeing as you appear to defend the right of followers of your faith to travel overseas to kill in the quest to impose sharia law in those countries do you believe we should have sharia here in Australia?
      I appreciate that being in support of such an impost on people would mean you yourself would have to cover up and give up leaving the house each day to work but thousands of muslim women stay at home producing children so it can’t be all that bad.

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    • Your response goes off topic. The article is simply revealing and criticising your activities and hypocrisy. Respond to that.

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    • Zali it is your response that is predictable and uncreative. Ivan Milat did not carry out his crimes in the name of Catholicism, but in spite of the teachings of Catholicism, and in direct contradiction to them. You, on the other hand, support mass murderers and the systemic oppression of women and non-Islamists, as well as the murder, torture, and oppression of Muslim people all over the world who are targeted by jihadists, such as those you have represented and assisted, by taking advantage of the due process of law in Australia. You make a farce of our justice system, and you know it. I pray to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, that you are never elected to a position of power in Australia, and that your hypocrisy and subversion of justice and morality is shown for what it is. Shame on you. You have betrayed the people of Australia, as well as people born into the system of Islam overseas. Their blood is on your hands.

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    • zali — there is only one “religious” group slaughtering each other because they dispute who the “rightful successor” is, and anyone else disagreeing with their particular brand of islam. As for the “.Your silence of pedophilia in the Catholic Church is deafening. ……” I would like to highlight the facts that a) Islam condones paedophilia, b) the paedophile problem id not confined the the “Catholic Church c) Mohamed married a SIX year old, nice of him to wait until he had “real” sex with her d) you may have overlooked the fact that there is a Royal Commission into Child Sexual Assault e) the one “religion”, the one that promotes paedophilia – islam- is NOT being mentioned at the RC.

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    • Zali you stated “it is curious that you do not target those that represent pedophiles and rapists.” The cult leader of your dirty so called religion is a pedophile and a rapist.

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    • Zali… You have chosen to be a Muslim.? I hope you carry your calculator daily to make sure your “good works” outweigh you bad works. But unfortunately Allah in all his “mercy” can still shut you out of heaven at a whim. The only way “merciful Allah will guarantee your redemption is shedding your blood fighting “infidels” like me. So , Allah,your “merciful god would accept imperfect offerings like you and me (sinners!!) If someone were to give you a gift of rotten eggs would you be pleased Zali? No ,but Allah is pleased with sinners as a gift?………How is it the God of the Bible INSISTED on PERFECT sacrifice? Are you sure is Allah is really God? If the God of the Bible had His people giving perfect gifts for 3000 years before Jesus why would He change that? Jesus Christ was the ONLY one qualified to pay that price because He was SINLESS. You really need to LOOK what road you are on . It may be a dead _ end street! My God loves you Zali too much for you to go down that road

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  6. Thank goodness this women and her connection to PUP is finally being published. When Palmer first announced his party would be campaigning, he was questioned regarding his knowledge of a muslim party member. His reply was in his typical dismissive manner, along the lines of ” I am not interested in the religious beliefs of my candidates…..”. His brief, off hand response spoke mountains.

    Another politician with ethical standards who is happy to turn a blind eye to pedophilia, child brides, subjugation of women, genital mutilation of little girls, rape, etc., all in the search of increasing the voting numbers…..

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