Defence terminates my commission

General David Hurley retired on 30 June, 2014. On his last day as Chief of the Defence Force, he signed a document terminating my commission. By Monday, I will no longer be a reserve officer in the Australian Army.

General Hurley’s letter confirmed that my commission is being terminated because he does not like the manner in which I express my Catholic beliefs. His letter also acknowledges that he is aware that Defence’s own investigations into his decision to approve uniformed participation in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras have found that it was a political event. And that it vilified Christianity.

But General Hurley went on to say that while my complaints have not been properly addressed, he is satisfied that the action taken in response to them has been adequate. The action taken to date has been to do absolutely nothing, except terminate my commission and continue marching down Oxford Street. This failure renders Defence’s lawful orders prohibiting u niformed attendance at political events and religious vilification nothing more than hollow commands. They can be ignored by those considered ‘more equal’ at will.

General Hurley also dismissed concerns of bias, not by refuting the concern, but simply by stating that he did not believe it was appropriate to refer the matter to the Governor-General and that, as a result, no one else could determine this issue.

At this stage, the Australian Defence Force will be marching in Sydney with those who vilify Jesus Christ and Christianity next year and General Hurley will be Governor of New South Wales.

While I am not surprised at this decision, I am surprised at how disappointed it made me feel. However, it is the military’s continued involvement in vitriolic anti-Christian activity that upsets me the most. The Australian Defence Force should be an honourable institution and, indeed, it has been. It has a proud place in Australian history defending our nation and its Christian values, culture and heritage.

But not anymore. Notwithstanding the many fine and honourable men and women who still serve this nation in uniform today, it is an organisation that has been corrupted at the top. Christians in the military have been sent a severe warning: do not defend your faith publicly if you want to keep your job. They must accept that their beliefs can be ridiculed by the Australian military.

The situation is so miserably bad that the same investigation that found Jesus Christ was vilified at the Mardi Gras also stated that Defence members would be severely dealt with if they attended an event that attacked Mohammad in the same way. In black and white writing, Defence has stated that Islam, the religion of our battlefield enemies, is to be protected while policy now allows attacks on the Christian faith.

I am seeking legal advice with regards to this decision and hope to proceed with action to rectify it. However, this will be expensive and time consuming. Before I make any decision, I will need to consider the impact that a protracted legal battle will have on my family.

However, there are other ways we can fight. I will send shortly post information regarding a letter writing campaign to Members of Parliament, especially the new Senate cross-bench who are probably unaware of this situation facing Christians in the military. I will also be continuing with the Defence Conservative Action Network (DEFCAN) and looking to hand this over to courageous serving members willing to fight on.

Also, the Sydney Morning Herald’s Paul Sheehan has covered this situation in an article today. Please, click on the link , have a read, leave a supportive comment and share it with your Facebook contacts. Most people in the general public remain unaware of what is happening, but they are invariably shocked when they find out.

Finally, I would like to thank you for your interest, support, donations and prayers over the last 18 months. I cannot properly emphasise how much encouragement I have taken from this and how it has made this journey easier for our family.

And please rest assured, I will continue to write and fight for family values and our Christian heritage. This is a personal defeat, but the war goes on. And when we are in God’s Army, victory is assured. We just need to accept that it will not always be at the time and place of our choosing.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. I agree with Bernard 100%, the Mardi Gras is not appropriate for the Military and i believe that Bernard Gaynor is being punished by those who want to fulfill their own agenda and join in with agendas that vilify and attack the christian stance on morality, right and wrong.

    I am coming at this from another area, one of which that we are at a danger and I do not think it appropriate for the Australian Military to be in the Mardi Gras when they should be looking more towards the defense of Australia – I see this Mardi Gras as a major danger of an easy target for a terror attack and I do not see this appropriate for the defence to be complicent in this. I write on this on my blog

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  2. Unfortunately as with our Western politicians the scum rises to the top. It is the Peter Principle at work. Hurley and his successor ****Binskin along with Lt Gen David Morrison are symptomatic of a degenerate sick and increasingly senile Western world that cravenly kow tows to militant male hating feminists, the homosexual Mafia, non Western religions and politically correct cultural Marxists. If they don’t have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to a bunch of pansies how in the hell can they be expected to stand up to a hardened unashamedly masculine macho enemy such as the Russians or even Chinese for example? Although to all intents and purposes Putin is more Christian then they will ever be and at least attempts to defend Christendom. It is an absolute disgrace that they intend carrying out joint military exercises with China as announced today 4/12/2104. Indonesia was bad enough and equally inexcusable when you consider they would not pause to bury us given the chance. But I suppose we are all happy clappy, multi-culti, we are all one diversityphiles now and it would be racist to object to joining hands with races who see the world completely differently, where life is cheap venal and corrupt! The fact Chinese and Indonesians as well as the majority of non White races don’t really get this multiracial thing very much doesn’t seem to concern them very much. Our ‘top brass’s moral cowardice and lack of principle may be reflected by the energy and resources they put into neutering, multi-racialising and feminising our Military. However it pays to investigate how this insanity first came to infect our institutions and who engineered it along with their motives in this generalised dumbing down. Cultural Marxism or political correctness is a soft form of tyranny and totalitarianism (at present) yet in many ways it binds us as tightly as a prisoner in one of Stalin’s Gulags. Ordinary people are terrified of being ‘outed’ for saying anything that offends the arbiters and zealous defenders of the West’s police states. Our media and academia are the main culprits. Any offenders guilty of such heresy and crimes against the official narrative have to perform hand wringing incantations and obsequious grovelling along with self denunciating public apologies that would not look out of place in Maoist China or Stalinist Russia. Not to mention the threat of financial/reputational ruin, vilification ostracisation or even imprisonment. C.M. took hold during the 1960’s counter revolution. It developed out of Marxist thinking only it seeks to undermine the culture and directs it’s attack thus instead of against the capitalist class. Antonio Gramski described it as a ‘long march through the institutions of the West’ in his Prison Notebooks written in the early 1930’s. C.M. is destroying Western civilisation and was deliberately intended and designed to attack NATION RACE RELIGION and FAMILY (as the bedrock of the middle class and society) one of it’s most powerful assault weapons is Multiculturalism or to be honest (something our politicians and media are not) Multi racialism. Whites are under siege globally with the open door mass influx of incompatible immigrants including Muslims. But our greatest enemy’s and threat to life and liberty are the enemy’s within in academia, the media and politics. The White race is a tiny minority in a global sea of coloured immigrants yet only Western countries have introduced multiracialism, not the huge mono cultures of Asia, Africa or the Middle East. Why? I strongly suggest reading the Culture of Critique (a study of the Jewish intellectual movements last century) by Kevin MacDonald or look up some of his writings on the net. It provides an invaluable insight into who our most powerful, implacable, united, disciplined and highly organised foes are, and they are not Muslim or Middle Eastern or Asian or African. They have infiltrated every single Western institution and promoted innumerable social ills. The traitors within (such as Walter Lippman in Australia who lobbied the Whitlam government to undemocratically abolish the White Australia policy) and Ted Kennedy in the U.S. the front man for the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act are succeeding mightily in their quest to annihilate Western civilisation. Remember without them ramming ‘multiculturalism’ down our throats we would not have a Muslim population. The fact our so called leaders facilitated them in their long march through our institutions and continue to do so is treasonous. Another good article is ‘The Jewish War against White Australia Continues’ by Brendon Sanderson it can be found on the Occidental Observer.

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    • Brilliant post, Robin. It’s great to be rereminded, rereminded….and, finally, rereminded….no, wait, rereminded again….that those pesky Jews are behind everything. Wait, hang on…ahchooo…just sneezed…must be those evil Jews spraying the air with some cancer-causing flu bug. After all, we all know that those hook-nosed usurers created HIV to rid the world of non-Jews. I mean, ever met a Jew with AIDS? No, of course not. Do you think they would invent a strain that kills their own people? It’s just like all the Jews that got that secret message in Yiddish the day before 9/11, “Don’t go to work tomorrow. We’re bringing a big surprise.” And it’s incredible, not one Jew went to work that day in New York. I know this is so because I’ve heard the same thing said on at least 1 dozen websites and Youtube. See, that’s real evidence for you! Furthermore, as one of my learned friends says, “There are no conspiracy theories – just conspiracy facts.” Jews, man, what more can be said about them that hasn’t already been said?! Thanks, Robin, for the timely reminder about their evil.

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  3. this decision reflects something I know to be true, in the Army it is the **** that floats to the higher ranks. Soldiers are constantly told to personally practice honour, loyalty and truth, the reality is that only those that abandon these qualities in favour of lies, deceit and self serving behaviour survive. General Hurley is a disgrace and it no surprise that once again the ADF decides what the ADF answers for, the criminals investigating the criminals. Hold your head high Bernard, you have been let down by a corrupt hierarchy, not by your actions and beliefs. (I spent 18 year in Service).

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  4. The author of the only (heavily sanitized) biography of Homo-Nazi party founder and ‘SA” (Homosex Storm Trooper) leader Ernst Rohm is by Eleanor Hancock – a Senior Lecturer in History at the Australian Defence Force Academy at the University of New South Wales & Radical Homosex Advocate / Apologist.

    Reviews of her book are available on Amazon, and provide considerable background to the Gaystapo Propaganda Pogrom to force Mandatory Pandering to such Misandrist perversions..

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  5. Thanks Bernard for standing up for Christian beliefs. It takes guts to do that at this personal expense, something that people that are only focused on themselves, will never understand. It is a shameful manifest of the “politically correct” orientation our government and its bodies have decided on.
    They vilify and discriminate people that have the best in mind for others and to uphold a safe and solid foundation for our nation (physically and spiritually).
    Our foundations are being destroyed, those that provide safe homes and strong families, those found in the Holy Scriptures. May God have mercy on all those opposing Him.
    God bless.

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  6. Male role models who take a stand for their beliefs are not seen often in our current culture, but you get my respect Bernard. May God continue to guide you and your family, and strengthen you in this stand for truth.

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  7. Many years ago I was in the Army Reserve but I wouldn’t have a bar of it today if this is the way it treats a decent man. Bernard Gaynor deserves better than this shameful treatment. I am appalled that this is happening in Australia Perhaps it is time for all Christians to leave the military. How tragic that this is happening in Australia where so many decent people gave their lives to protect freedoms which are now being taken away from us. Christians are being murdered in their hundreds in Iraq, Syria, Nigeria and in other places by muslim fanatics while our leaders bend over backwards to appease them.
    I wonder who are the nameless, faceless people who are behind such decisions.

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  8. It continues to defy my understanding how a branch of government – and therefore, the entire government – can vilify and denigrate one religion (especially the one religion the government is based on), and with the other hand praise and exonerate another (any other; but to elevate Islam – the cause in which so many of Australia’s sons and daughters have fought against). What could be worse than a general (in name only) becomes a political leader (governor of NSW)? That his last act as a general should be one of such supreme cowardice?

    As a sometimes student of history, I am aware of Australia’s contribution on the battlefield, and may be one of those few Yanks who actually notices ANZAC Day. For whatever reason, Australia has always done its part; even when the easiest and most logical reasoning would have argued otherwise. But, fortunately, I am aware of Australia’s glorious military PAST, because its inglorious military present is a profound embarrassment. And, fortunately, there are still a few true soldiers like Bernard who know and live such unpopular concepts as freedom and honor and duty.

    I can imagine litigation would be expensive; but submit that a letter writing campaign might be more effective. Ultimately, it is the people that support the laws, or don’t. Besides, a law suit happens to other people, and it is the young people who need to stand up (obviously, the old farts have already abdicated).

    Keep the Faith.

    Semper Fi,
    Pete Kizer
    USMC (Ret)

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  9. I hope those of you who read comments will consider these words. Jesus said ” to Jerusalem first, then Samaria, then the rest of the world”. Consider the conflict currently happening in Israel, God’s land of Canaan, the enemy is firing rockets by the hundreds into Israel hoping to kill as many people as possible. The Islamic world wants, hungers for the destruction of Israel. There is a passage that states if ‘Israel ceases to exist, the I am not God”. When Islam attacks God’s people, the ‘atmosphere around us changes’. I hope you all can feel this ‘conflict’, unnecessary arguing, people with very short tempers, confusion, indecision, etc. For those of us who truly believe God, this is the time we need to pray for Israel and her people. Pray and stand beside each other. Suffer together, rejoicing in the reward God has for us, for this is the life we have been separated into. There will never be peace in Israel, read the scriptures, therefore, there will always be ‘conflict’ of sorts for us to ‘overcome’, remember, we have been called and appointed to overcome many challenges. We must be very careful with our words as they have both the power of life and death. We are called to be ambassadors of Christ, light to the nations, we are the carriers of the Good News unto Salvation. Please do not allow yourselves to be ‘bought into’ conflicts that do not concern us. In Issiah 5 He tells us they call that which is evil, good, that which is good evil, darkness as light and bitter as sweet. These are the days we are in. Praise God He has chosen us and annointed us to Stand in the Truth. All these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. Bernard, declare with your mouth the outcome you desire, and believe that it shall come to pass. I stand in agreement with you brother, Long live the Lord God. Blessed are you when you are persecuted for righteousness sake, for yours is the Kingdom of Heaven. God bless you and keep you, yours in Jesus Christ, Andy

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  10. Very sad to read about this Bernard, however continue the good fight its not over yet.
    if justice does not catch up with Hurley in this life, it will most certainly in the next.

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  11. I see from what you have written the man who acted as “General” tried to side-step your right to religious belief by focusing on “the manner” in which you express your Catholic beliefs.

    If I was in your shoes, I would focus on if he gave me full specifics of what is wrong with “the manner” in which I would have expressed my religious beliefs, otherwise I would take his comments as a fallacious over-generalization.

    I would also clarify with the General to explain his admission he is satisfied “that the action taken in response to them has been adequate” and also your “complaints have not been properly addressed” does not show the General has satisfied the elements of recklessness and neglect, and that both are not elements of a crime, such as altering the conditions of life [your right to work] so as to cause destruction [of your prosperity necessary to found and maintain a family with children, that if this matter is not settled will perpetuate on its current course to maximum destructive effect]? Is this situation likely to put you under stress that may detrimentally affect your ability to maintain and form relationships with a partner, and your family?

    I would consider that although the General by holding that title has status, he does not automatically establish authority simply by holding that title alone. Authority either comes from obtaining consent from me, of which I would only consent once the general can satisfy me his line of thinking is sound in arriving at the truth of the matter and his decision follows that truth in a conscionable/righteous manner. I therefore can only give anyone any authority over matters pertaining to me through consent when I am satisfied they have taken the responsibility their status demands of them to show me in substance their current standing is sound and conscionable.

    I would also not accept defeat at this point, nor would I think like a victim.
    Getting back to the manner in which you express your religious beliefs, is there not a maxim that says “for a matter to be resolved a matter must be expressed”, and is there not a saying “evil flourishes when good men do nothing”?
    How else are you to address a matter that concerns you? What they are doing is mind control through fear and suppression. This shows that they fear open expression of truth of which does not stand up to deception. To suppress is deception by fear. All is from a standard of logic fallacious, and spiritually unconscionable.

    On the other side of the coin, I would be very wary of what I put my energy into, and perhaps the ADF is not the best place for a devout Christian. You may find joy elsewhere. I am not satisfied with the state sponsored history I received at school and through research have a very different view of the wars perpetuated on mankind in that the victors write the official history, that may be correct (accordance to the will of another) but not accurate (factual).

    I would also look at the religious perspective and ask myself a very serious question, Is Christianity compatible with military life, and although Yeshua may have condoned defending the innocent from harm by one or more offenders, can you be certain the rhetoric those in status (as you are experiencing now) is not corrupted. Is the GOD they worship the heavenly father or the one who claims to be a GOD? Perhaps you should look into the esoteric symbolism in those military badges?

    I do not have much faith in lawyers: do they NOT make a lot of money drumming up controversy, and as a Christian perhaps you will find your guidance in the Bible such as:
    – Matthew 18 15-20 (Resolve your dispute);
    – Luke 19:8, 2 Samuel 12:6 – (dealing with false accusation)
    – Luke 22:34 three strike rule – ask/test for proof of claim three times otherwise there is none – onus of proof is on the claimant [the General].
    It appears that ‘society’ is “secular humanism” right up to the UN [to achieve perfection without God] and therefore opposes Christianity. This is easy to prove. Rights come from us following the word of God and NOT from
    Government or the UN who have shown they arbitrarily take rights away. Try exercising your god given right to travel/sojourn in your private conveyance [read genesis] without a ‘drivers license’ or ‘motor vehicle registration’ [all babylonian commerce/admiralty concepts] Get my drift? How can one serve two masters?

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  12. What unmitigated cowardice this Freemason “General” Hurley has shown! He deliberately waits until his last day in “office” before retiring, then terminates Bernard Gaynor’s commission and then runs like hell, disappearing immediately, so he doesn’t have to answer to anyone, and avoids any backlash.
    For those who don’t already know it, Freemasonry’s main enemy is the traditional Catholic Church. It always has been. Many lower-level Freemasons don’t even know this, as it is kept from them, until they reach the higher levels. In law this is known as Misleading and Deceptive Conduct! And they do it to their own! They have secretly sworn to defend their fellow Freemasons, whether they be right or wrong!
    This Hurley turkey is unemployable. He has probably never done a constructive day’s work in his life. Bred and born as a parasite! Living off the work and production of others. He wouldn’t know how to plant a potato! Another shallow, empty talking head, all the while trying to sound “intelligent.” A bloody disgrace! ! It is his retirement fund that should be terminated!

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  13. Sir,
    Thank you very much for standing up for your principles and for your faith. As an ex-Australian Regular Army soldier myself, it is very sad to see how far the Australian Defence Forces have slid backwards morally. It seems that Australia is marching lock step with the cultural marxism (also known as political correctness) of the sodomite-applauding President of the United States who has personally seen that the very same thing has happened within the US armed forces. Mere coincidence and happenstance… I think not.
    (Matthew 5:11-12, Ephesians 6:13) Keep standing firm, Sir.

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  14. Bernard, Our Prayers are with, Take courage you are fighting the good fight, to Catholic readers seek out Traditional Catholic Mass, because guess who is behind Vat 2 and all the changes in it’s wake, Armageddon just around the corner me thinks and we will need all the Bernard Gaynors True Christian Soldiers we can find .
    Evidence suggests the Viet Nam war was a fight between Masons and communists, Catholics were conscripted as cannon fodder for that war. !!!

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  15. Brendan

    Sorry to hear that Hurley has done this. I think it shows that the gay lobby will stop at nothing to whiteant Australia’s defences in order to get their selfish agenda across. I would say applies to advocates of euthanasia and of the hedonistic lifestyle that is fast becoming Australian society . Personal peace and affluence is the number one aim.
    General Hurley,like all of us , will have to give an accounting for his actions one day-perhaps sooner than later,at the BAR of Judge Who Has no hidden is laid out in the Bible.

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  16. Thank you so much for your work in exposing this dire situation in the Australian military. I was quite unaware of it until your talk in Sydney last month. Let’s hope we don’t have to have our own Major Hassan episode before people wake up.

    Please don’t give up. It is amazing how effectual even one brave voice speaking the truth can be.

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  17. Congratulations for having the courage to stand up for you Christian beliefs.
    I am ashamed that our A.D.F. would have leaders who would act in such a reported.
    My Father fought in France in the first World War so that the t World would be a better place.
    He was proud to be a Catholic and was saddened to see the Sydney Parades on T.V.
    I will pray that your efforts will not be in vain

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  18. Things against you:

    You adhere to a religion other than islam = bad

    You are Catholic = bad

    You dont hide it = bad

    You have a moral/ethical compass = bad

    You dont run with the pack = bad

    You think = bad

    you have read and understood = bad

    You have individual courage = bad

    You speak out = bad

    You are out of the closet as a heterosexual = bad

    You would like the Australian Canon fodder (soldiers) to know what enemy they are fighting = very bad

    You had no chances to be acceptable to that travesty that the Australian Defence Forces have become.

    I feel soooo sorry for the ones that will yet be sent to the slaughter to fight an enemy they do not know by a hierarchy who is closer to the enemy than their own soldiers.

    And, of course, I feel sorry for you – the feeling which (I am guessing) would be the most hurtful for you is the one to be at the receiving end of a huge INJUSTICE that stinks to high heaven. I do think that you were discriminated against on the grounds of: Your faith, your sexual orientation, your education (re islam), because had you been a muslim, gay or unknowledgeable of Australia’s enemy, “they” would not have dared touching you.

    I hope you will be okay – in fact, more than okay. (Little consolation I know, but for the moment all I can think of).

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    • Rita, as a member of the Regular Army for over a decade I find your comments offensive and ill directed. While I do not know Mr Gaynor personally or have specific knowledge of his case, your implications that Australian Cannon Fodder as you prefer to refer to me as is ill-informed with reference to understanding Islam. Personally, as a Catholic, I have learned and use two languages present in the Muslim world during my service covering millions of people and have studied Islamic texts and culture extensively for the exact purpose of understanding Islam; and more specifically the motivations and world-views of our enemies. In this sense, by better understanding Islam (and other faiths), I can better understand my own with the knowledge and confidence that I am right in my own convictions. However, by calling an organisation a travesty, you have slandered all of those within, without exception – including those who are Catholic and have volunteered to serve our country and her people, including you. I completely understand that you have a disliking to this case; however, my advice to you if you are happy to receive it would be to refer to the matter at hand rather than denigrate over 50,000 current serving Australians of whom you have no intimate knowledge. Many of us have made large sacrifices in our lives in order to serve others in a way we believe is right and just; and in my case this has extended to my Catholic wife and family who have sacrificed as a result also.

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  19. I am throughly disgusted by this action and I have sent messages directly to the PM and the Minister for Defence seeking their response to when the discrimination will cease against Christians within the ADF. I suggest all others concerned by this abhorent trend do the same.

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    • I doubt our fake Catholic prime minister will take much interest in this case. After Tony Abbott’s repeated public support for “safe, legal, rare” abortions, he really shouldn’t be permitted to take Holy Communion in a Catholic Church.

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  20. You call yourself a Christian, but you’re not, are you? You hate way too much for that. Is there a post anywhere on your site about anything good? No, it’s all about how bad the rest of the world is, and how you are its only saviour.

    And those fake contributors to your posts fool no-one. Way too many Anglo Saxon names mate. Gives you away every time. Everybody knows its you. FFS, the same words, phrases and ideas keep coming though…

    The Army was quite right to get rid of you, but it should have happened long ago. You are clearly not a team player – you only care about yourself. Your protestations about the Army being this or that are blithe rubbish and you know it. Get that uniform off because it gives you a status you don’t deserve.

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    • SGT Bloggs, I note you rant about fake posts, while using a fake name, a fake email address and a fake status. Normally I don’t let posts run from those too gutless to have a crack at me without identifying themselves, but in this instance I think it only highlights how hypocritical and cowardly you are. I’m sure you will have a great military career.

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      • It seems some of the uniformed sodomites may be a bit upset that you complained at their participation in the Mardi Gras. Do they expect anyone outside their senior military bum-chums to take them seriously?

      • Good response Bernard. I doubt if the limp wrist is even in the services. I heartily commend your actions in bringing these matters to the hierarchy, though they are deaf to the truth. It saddens me that there is a concerted attack on what I would describe as ‘real’ men, all part of the cultural marxist plan. Thank God people like you are still out there.

  21. More power to your elbow Bernard. It is refreshing to see someone stand for his beliefs “tho’ the heavens fall”.
    Our Leader commissioned us to love others but we do not have to like what they do. Praise God there will be no double standards in the glory land.

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  22. I was very sorry to hear of the termination of your commission, Bernard. Thank you for having the courage to stand up for the truth and for the Catholic Church. Viva Cristo Rey!

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  23. Thankyou Bernard for standing up for Christian values and for the sacrifices you and your family have made in the past 18 months doing so. The hypocritical, double standards tolerated and promoted by the hierarchy of the defence force will be their shameful legacy.

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  24. Bernard.

    Mr Hurley isn’t half, not a quarter, the man you are.

    I still recall the last two pieces of vision of him on TV.

    The first was him standing beside Ms Scott Despoja after she had been appointed Ambassador for Women. There he was, making up for his short stature by standing with his arms on his hips tough guy style, huffing and puffing in his sternest voice – the one he used when reading the anti sex-discrimination speech written by LtCol What’s his/her name – that the army will stamp out the practice of using rape of women as a weapon of war, as if that has ever been part of the Australian army culture. Maybe Stott Despoja was impressed enough to offer him a fool’s job in his fool’s retirement.

    The second was when he was present at the recent ceremony where Keith Payne presented his medals to the War Memorial. Hurley was shown going straight past Mr Payne without even acknowledging his existence, as he headed for someone more worthy of his time to impress.

    OTOH Bernard you have shown yourself prepared to pay the price of honour among those who have none and would rob you of yours. They haven’t and you can hold your head high.

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  25. Alway remember Bernard that our Lord will never forsake you, he has a plan for you that was in place before you were born, hard to believe but it says this in the scriptures. Do not despair as you are precious to him. I know it’s easy for me to say this as I still have a job, we have to go on faith alone.

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  26. Ahhhh the ADF along with their culturist relativist ethical nihilist policy makers believe cultural wars occur over the weekend. One very small portion of an act equals the complete play. If it was just so simple.

    I would advise them all for the sake of at least attempting to seek a reality check as to the why and how cultural wars occur to read ‘Inventing the Individual’ by Larry Siedentop. Who knows if Christianity was presented to me in terms of belief and process as portrayed in the book my belief system may be somewhat different than it is now.

    They will find Bernie Gaynor is right at least regards Islam as the Romans and Greeks failed to read the fine print of the Christian construct of Other so it is Western Democratic ‘individual’ citizens inclusive of the ADF fail to understand Islam’s construct of Other is not written to be ignored. The Muslim terrorists have not ignored it since the seventh century, have they today?

    It is not to say when reflecting on the bible one does find references to loving thy neighbor and quite severe admonishment of those who do not love the brother, as in Johns writing, there are not explicit constructs which can and have been used to generate Christian terror/genocide and determining women the ‘weaker vessel’.

    Trouble is Peters writing constructing the wife ‘Likewise’ to a slave ‘submissive’ to the husband/Master is no different than Islam even in determining beauty and ornaments be ‘hidden’, the permission to beat women as in Islam is not so explicit – though Peter does commend those who take their beatings ‘patiently’.

    Peter’s description of false teachers “like natural brute beasts made to be caught and destroyed” reminds me very much of Hitler’s views on Jews and communists from Mein Kampf, “placing his seducer and corrupter against the wall.”. This is what Peter clearly means as to the characteristics of the ‘beast’=’seducer and corrupter’. Mohammad’s attitude to turncoats is the same as Peters both regard turncoats as worse for having seen the ‘truth’ and rejected it than if they had never seen it – in both texts the outcome for these poor unfortunates are to be much worse than the ‘blind’ ‘normal’ pagan/infidel.

    Bernie Gaynor had better be clear as to his own adherence to such constructs inherent in his codex and understand they can and will be unleashed if enough power falls again into the hands of ‘Christians’.

    Words and sentences are not strung together for no reason, they will as they have been in the past be realised in action.

    Although it can and is argued Christianity or the framers of it such as Paul enforced by Augustine in championing the equality of souls within Jesus Christ sacrifice irrevocably leads to equality of the physical, slave and master and in Thomas writing found 50 years ago in Egypt sourced 2nd century to the equality of women with man. So the bloody truce and ethical constructs developed between the secular and Christianity in the West are now in imminent jeopardy of being subverted by Islam.

    Islam with its ethical constructs regards Other particularly women diametrically counter to Western derived notions of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity for ALL will not, as the Christians in the 2nd century onwards did once sufficient political/material power was obtained, will inevitably if they can enforce with prejudice the Islamic view of the world?

    How I ask are we going to stop them? Morning tea gatherings? Yes there were Christian leaders back in Roman, Greek and even ‎Carolingian times abhorring the violence. Did it stop the intensification of atrocities and more to the point the reason for the terror, the desired outcome the destruction of the existing cultures beliefs and practices?

    Not that I am saying some of these Roman and Greek constructs did not need removing from the Public Square – I am just asking why we think we are immune from such a process by leaving alone cultures to develop the capacity to destroy cherished secular values such as equality of women? And importantly why we believe the process will be different here in Australia? We are just too sophisticated, an advanced culture, institutions of power law, judiciary, etc. solid as a rock? Sounds familiar.

    Bernie Gaynor is right when seeking to replace a cultural codex within the Public Square you need to stay at least a thousand years and proactively remove the offending codex from shaping new generations behavior and with Islam possibly much more time will be required.

    Laws must therefore be enacted which exclude secular or religious dogma/organisations from the Public Square if anywhere within their codex exist deleterious constructs of Other, inclusive of women.

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  27. I am glad to have you in my Tavern, the Knight & Drummer, anytime, Sir.

    I salute you with a post. on my blog.

    Knight, King, Keeper of the Grail

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  28. Bernard,
    You are far better off working to promote traditional Catholic values than serving in the ADF, which these days seems to operate in strict accordance with masonic principles. In the good old days before Vatican 2, Catholics were forbidden from working for the freemasons or for any organisation which operates according to masonic principles.

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    • @Rory
      Bernard is pointing out that his dismissal was due to his beliefs and affiliations, do you seriously want to blame freemasons for that?
      For your information, freemasons are not specifically mention in such ban (which is a blanket one referring to any organization which do not place the Christian god first (note that scouts fit that category too). Freemasonry is not a religion but got into strife with the Catholics when their Templars predecessors attempted to recover the money the Vatican owed them.
      In any case, arguing discrimination while being discriminatory is just plain senseless, it’s almost as bad as Jews complaining nazi treatment whilst building a massive wall to keep Palestinians restricted to a determined area

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      • Freemasonry is a branch of satanism – read the many papal encyclicals that have been written against freemasonry for more information.
        Catholics cannot effectively serve Our Lord, while at the same time working for freemasons/the devil.
        “No man can serve two masters. For either he will hate the one, and love the other: or he will sustain the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.” Matthew 6:24.

      • Rex, Having researched the workings of Freemasonry thoroughly and being aquainted with former masons I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt Freemasonry is a deceptive Babylonian religious cult. Freemasonry displays a veneer of christianity[to appear respectable] .All generational satanists and most other cult leaders from the founder of the Mormons to the Jehovahs witnesses have progressed through the degrees of Freemasonry including Alester Crowley and his cohorts, which makes it blindingly obvious what this cult is hiding. All this aside most Masons are lower degree and very nice law abiding people who have not a clue to what they are involved with. A good insight into freemasonry are the Bill Cooper videos which can be viewed on youtube.

    • I am not a catholic Rory, but it was wise for the catholic church to be wary of the masons,after all they are a very dangerous and loony cult and one of the gateways to organized satanism.

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  29. Bernard,
    I’m sorry to hear this news, both for your sake, and for what it indicates of the polity of the ADF. So we wage wars now based on the musings usually found in university cafes? The ‘politically correct’ not understanding religions in general (probably despising it in all its forms, except their own atheism, of course) and therefore Islam in particular, respond in lock step with a Saidian analysis of colonialism…and that’s a beat up if ever there was one, to make fundamental geo-political errors.

    Then we kick aside the sacrifices of not only our recent losses, but all ADF personnel who have died to preserve our democracy against totalitarianism. But there’s more…the ADF is now acting in totalitarian fashion itself.

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  30. Could you please upload a copy of General Hurley’s letter terminating your commission so that we might assess his response for ourselves?

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