Andrew Broad’s courage & Stuart Robert’s homophobia

Courage should be applauded. Especially when it comes from a politician.

And there is no doubt about it. The Federal Member for Mallee, Andrew Broad, is a man of courage.

Mr Broad has not only been brave enough to oppose uniformed military involvement in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, he has put his opposition in writing. In doing so, he’s pulled no punches, acknowledging in black and white text that he disagrees with the Assistant Minister for Defence, Stuart Robert, and his decision to allow the Australian Defence Force to continue marching down Oxford Street.

That is a brave move for a backbencher working inside a party system that frowns on dissent.

You can see Andrew Broad’s letter below:

Andrew Broad letter 2

Mr Broad wrote his letter after receiving this one from the Assistant Minister for Defence:

Stuart Robert letter

Let’s not beat around the bush.

Stuart Robert’s letter is exactly what you would expect to come out of the Bureau of Cultural Compliance in dim, dark North Korea.  I think they are two years into a five year program of cultural reform as well.

Because Mr Broad is a man of courage, he has been prepared to do something that cowardly men don’t: disagree. No one can accuse Mr Broad of group think or bowing to peer pressure. That means he is a man prepared to think for himself and follow his principles.

And because Mr Broad is courageous, he cannot be accused of fear or phobia. Including homophobia. He is not too fearful of the rainbow bigotry to stand up and be counted.

In short, Andrew Broad is exactly the kind of man that should be sitting in Federal Parliament.

The same cannot be said about Stuart Robert.

I keep hearing that he is a ‘good’ Christian. If that’s the case, it also means that he is a very weak man. He oversees an organisation that has admitted the Mardi Gras vilifies Christianity. Yet he allows Defence to continue its participation in this event, even though this involvement makes a mockery of the word ‘respect’ that he bandies about with such ease. We might have a Liberal Assistant Minister for Defence, but the result is no different from the agenda pushed by the Labor party.

Stuart Robert Steven SmithStuart Robert and former Labor Defence Minister, Stephen Smith

There is no respect for Christianity in Stuart Robert’s decision. There is only contempt. And that contempt even extends to the law, which prohibits the Australian Defence Force from engaging in religious vilification.

The only reason a ‘good’ Christian could make such a decision is because they are too afraid to follow their principles. In fact, Stuart Robert has run so far from his Christian principles that he is not even prepared to stop Defence marching with an organisation that displayed information about pederasty and bestiality on the ‘educational’ segment of its webpage. Instead, he responded with talk about respect and trust, regardless of sexual orientation.

Consequently, if there is anyone who personifies homophobia, it is Stuart Robert. He, like other recent politicians overseeing Defence, is so frightened of the rainbow backlash that he will violate his own principles in order to placate the LGBT mob. And the consequence of that fear is that homosexuals have terrorised the military so much that they, and only they, have the right to use the uniform to support their political goals and agenda. Anyone who opposes them is dismissed.

It is just bizarre.

There is no greater proof of this than the fact that uniformed involvement in the Mardi Gras has directly led the military to conclude that vilification of Christianity is now acceptable, but vilification of Islam, a religion that believes in stoning homosexuals, is not. Our own nation’s military believes the religion of our Islamic battlefield opponents is more worthy of respect than Christianity, which underpins our laws, institutions and societal conventions. Culturally, the military is at war with Australia.

Like I said, it’s bizarre.

And it’s all occurred because of frightened politicians like Stuart Robert.


Andrew Broad was prompted to write to Stuart Robert after action was taken by another brave man who served this nation in uniform during the Vietnam War, Ian Felton.

If you think my words can be direct, you should read his (slightly edited) and brutal letter regarding his anger at uniformed participation in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras here.

Also, if you would like to write to Andrew Broad and thank him for his bravery, you can do so by leaving a message at his website here.

Andrew Broad - I do not agree

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Rory what help are you talking about?…. and really calling same-sex attraction a preventable, treatable and curable disorder? It is little wonder with comments like yours that suicide rates are higher with homosexuals.

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    • Mark,In this age people are being taught more and more by a piss weak generation, that things are not their fault. The child molester was abused as a child so its not all his fault.The school bully grew up in a abusive enviroment,so its not his fault.Woops somebody commited suicide,must have been somthing someone said,so its not his fault.
      The truth is Mark that homosexuals suicide rates are higher because of the lifestyle,which is habitual sin and devastating to the spirit, in fact the homosexual act is very important in satanic ritual magic and used by the practitioner to imbue themselves with demonic entities[no wonder the homosexual suicide rate is high].Homosexuality is no longer classed as a disorder because Lucifer is the prince of this world and we are now living under the system of the beast which trys to make good appear evil and evil appear good.Take your head out of the sand Mark Jesus loves you and died on the cross of Calvery so you can have eternal life,don’t be a mug,take this precious gift and have faith in your lord Jesus Christ.

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    • Actually Mark, the real reason why suicide rates among homosexuals are higher is because you claim that homosexuality are incurable. That deprives them of hope.

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      • What the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith have highlighted is the fact that people who experience homosexual attraction are not normal – but disordered. Normal men don’t have any desire whatsoever to engage in any sexual acts with other men or teenage boys. Obviously it’s preferable to seek help before progressing to disgraceful and disgusting homosexual acts – after which the assistance of a Catholic Priest in the Sacrament of Penance becomes essential.

    • So their suicide rate is higher! Where is the problem.
      I am not homophobic as I do not fear them, but I intensely dislike them and all they stand and bend over for

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  2. The lavender mafia can be stopped – if only politicians (and more importantly our Bishops) would stop bending over backwards to accommodate them! Same-sex attraction is a preventable, treatable and curable disorder – but few will seek the necessary help while they are treated as though they are normal.

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