Homosexuality & Islam: strange bedfellows

I often receive complaints that my objections to homosexuality distract from, or even hurt, arguments against the ongoing Islamification of Australia.

It is a simple complaint and its logic goes like this:

  1. Islam is the biggest problem in Australia.
  2. Islam decrees that homosexuals should be punished and even stoned to death.
  3. Therefore, homosexuals are allies in the fight against Islam.
  4. Consequently, opposition to homosexuality hinders that fight.

This logic kind of make sense on the surface. But it falls down when one asks a simple question: why is Islam the biggest problem in Australia?

The answer to that, of course, is simple too. And it has nothing to do with Islam, and revolves entirely around own weakness.

Islam is not a problem in Australia for any reason other than that our nation has lost its ability to defend itself, its culture and its heritage. And that necessarily means that we have bigger problems than Islam.

If we had any survival instinct at all, there would be no Islamic problem in this country because it simply would not have been allowed to take root and grow. Islam is only here because we are too weak to say no.

Or, to put it another way, a crisis in moral and political leadership and our own lack of self-belief is the problem and the growth of Islam is a mere symptom of it.

As a society, we no longer have a collective sense of values, nor do we know what we believe in.

If you are exasperated that our politicians don’t confront Islam, now you understand the reason why. Those that do have any conviction are generally members of that force of darkness known as The Greens; the vast majority of the rest don’t stand for anything. Consequently, they can provide no rational explanation as to why Islam is wrong. About the only thing they can say is ‘I don’t like it’ and none of them want to sound like Pauline Hanson, so they won’t say anything at all.

Furthermore, if ‘I don’t like it’ is your main argument against Islam, you will never defeat it. Nor will you rectify the situation that has allowed it to expand so rapidly in Australia over the last 15 years.

This whole situation is exacerbated by the generally apathetic approach taken by Australians to philosophical and ideological questions. Beer, barbeques and sport mean we are snoozing into slavery.

Given this sad state of affairs, you can be forgiven for clutching at straws. And hoping that the LGBT movement is going to ride in like a knight in shining armour to save the day is exactly that: wishful thinking. Even if the homosexuals did come to the party, opposing Islam with their ideology is fighting it with the biggest ‘I don’t like it’ of all. But that is not all. It is also a wildly risky move. The LGBT movement is one of the biggest reasons our society has become so weak, confused and emasculated. Hoping that a corrosive force on Western morality will help ward off a virulent cancer attacking its remaining strength is an activity devoid of all hope whatsoever.

And it also fails to recognise the seemingly bizarre alliance between Islam and homosexuality that is fostered by political correctness.

It might seem like an absurd situation. In fact, it is an absurd situation. But the truth is that Islam and the LGBT crowd sleep together. They are strange bedfellows, sleeping beneath a bed head emblazoned with the words “Destroy Christianity”.

On one side you have the LGBT movement: morally-bankrupt, thoroughly-corrupted and vacuous. It cannot logically articulate why anything is wrong, precisely because it does not believe in any form of objective truth or morality at all.

As such, homosexuals generally have no hesitation in joining forces with those who would stone them to death, simply because it is convenient for the moment.

And on the other side you have Islam: a deceitful religious ideology that was founded by a man who knew the importance of playing nice with his enemies until he had amassed enough power to force them into total submission.

As such, Islam is quite prepared to make an alliance with useful idiots in order to secure a bigger victory.

And if you don’t think that the Rainbow/Crescent alliance exists, try these exercises.

Can you name one prominent pro-LGBT politician who is leading the charge to prevent further Islamic immigration, or who is even prepared to express concern about the rise of Islamic jihadis from Australia?

None spring to mind. The Greens won’t say boo and Penny Wong is conspicuous for her silence. The only time the word ‘Islam’ passes their lips is shortly before they rabbit on moronically about how this ‘peaceful’ religion is misunderstood by bigots everywhere. And by bigots everywhere, they mean anyone who is prepared to argue that we should not blindly accept any old belief like they do (unless, of course, it’s Christianity which they believe must be rejected outright).

Or think about this. There are increasing numbers of Muslims with significant media profiles who are consulted for their views on all manner of topics. How many of them are vocal opponents of homosexual marriage?

Waleed Ali? Not on your nelly. Uthman Badar? He might be prepared to defend honour killings but he is certainly not the pin-up boy for efforts to preserve laws on marriage.

It is not really all that difficult to work out why. The LGBT crowd actually likes the fact that Islam is growing and eating into Australia. It weakens and dilutes the primary enemy: Christians. And Muslims aren’t going to complain that a tiny minority is poised to force through changes to marriage laws, regardless of the will of the majority of Australians. The Islamic community wants these laws and a bunch of others changed as well, and LGBT success is proof that they can do it too.

If that still has not convinced you, consider this.

When the Australian Defence Force investigated me for ‘racism’ for expressing the view that Islam can be a tad violent at times, it was not because the Diggers were unhappy. Rather, that complaint came from the Chairman of the Defence LGBTI Information Service.

Like I said, they are strange bedfellows. Their messy divorce might be just over the horizon, but for the present moment Islam and the LGBT movement have formed a loose but intuitive alliance, even if individual Muslims and gay men might think otherwise.

These ideologies even use the same tools to gain power: anti-discrimination laws.

It does not matter what the jurisdiction is. Whether it be state or federal, these laws either actively support immorality (such as laws protecting homosexuality), or equate truth with error (such as laws that provide equal protection to all belief systems).

And the end result is always the same: Christianity is attacked, degraded and weakened inside a country that was founded on and grew prosperous because of its Christian heritage and culture.

Of course, that is exactly what these laws were designed to do.

Furthermore, both the Islamic community and the LGBT activists instinctively understand this. That is why they both are fearful that these laws will be weakened or repealed. Good Muslims will stand united with promiscuous gay campaigners anytime there is a suggestion of this.

Going forward, there can be no doubt that this cosy arrangement will fracture. But that will only come after they have achieved their primary goal: the weakening of Christian influence to the point that both are confident that every last remaining trace of it will be eradicated, even after they go to war with each other.

Additionally, both Islam and the homosexual movement (which is really just the vanguard of the radically totalitarian and militant atheistic forces) believe that they can use each other to achieve their final ends.

Islam thinks that the LGBT lobby and the like will eventually weaken Western civilisation to a point that it will inevitably collapse into its saving arms. And there is a compelling logic to this belief, which is why no rational Islamic group would want to see the West confront and defeat the Rainbow Brigades. It would mean the West is also ready and willing to defend itself against Mohammad’s ideology.

Conversely, the atheists believe that Islam is the greatest asset in their argument that religion should be banned altogether. Islam is violent. It is aggressive. And it provides the emotionally fearful footage that is required to mask the advance of atheism’s totalitarian intent. As such, these anti-Christian forces in the West do not support any efforts to defend Christianity in the Middle East. Nor do they want to confront Islam with the logic and truth that could actually liberate Muslims enslaved within this ideology. After all, human rights as defined by the United Nations are actually a Christian construct and the goal of the LGBT movement and atheists is to remove Christianity altogether.

The point of all this is clear: there is no point confronting Islam for the wrong reasons, because it will only help lay the foundations for an equally offensive atheistic attack on our freedom from within. Furthermore, any attempt to defeat Islam in Australia will be futile while our society does not confront the forces that actually want to see it grow while it is useful to them. And these morally relativistic and liberal forces are running the joint.

That is the biggest problem of all.

It all sounds pretty grim. So what can we do?

It’s simple. Stand your ground and back the power of truth over error and of goodness over evil. True Christian teachings destroy the vacuum of atheism and the destructive passion of Islam. It is time to start being proud of what we are and the beliefs we hold. After all, they have been passed down to us by those who actually built this nation and fought to save it, and they come from Jesus Christ Himself.

And once we are no longer afraid of admitting our allegiance to God Himself in the public sphere, most of the rest will just fall into place.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. I am sure the LBGTQIF (furrie) contingent would love Muhammud’s paradise (Jannat).

    For the male who makes the grade, Janat ticks all the boxes:

    72 beautiful virgins – eternally young, never menstuate, ‘appetizing vaginas’
    young pearly boys – this is a racial statement btw – who are ‘perpetually fresh’
    pure water
    rivers of wine
    delicious fruits
    unending wealth as a royal
    a permanent erection


    It is a historical fact that the Muslim Caliphate as the Ottoman was the hub of sex traffick for centuries. Clearly, the idea was to replicate an idea of Muslim pardise on earth.

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    • Yep, I knew about the girls and boys in heaven. That could be like a trip to the gay Mardi Gras. I read William S Burroughs books as a young man and he was always going on about the gay brothels in Algeria. Islam and gayness are on exactly the same page…

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  2. I’m not sure that if and when Islam dominates society that it will then repress homosexuals. Already we have openly gay Muslims in the UK Parliament, educational system and indeed we have Gay Islamic charities and even LGBT mosques appearing. More and more Muslims are “coming out.” I believe they will both continue to cause a melt down in society until it becomes so bad that people will be crying out for a saviour. Except this will not be the Lord Jesus but the Man of Lawlessness who will dispose of both Islam and the LGBTs as useful idiots. That will then herald the days of tribulation.

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  3. If nature is supposedly ‘always producing variations’,then why are ants (and the greatly more sophisticated four-winged,hovering,Dragonfly) entirely unchanged after 250 million years and quadrillions of generations, despite a continually changing survival background? you can verify this fact from fossils trapped in amber: no ‘change’ whatsoever.

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  4. Ha ha! “Gay Muslims For Peace’..oh,and ‘The Destruction Of Israel’..you know,peacefully..

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  5. Just some further thoughts: you are able to moderate your commenters and I’d advise you not to publish unnecessarily derogatory comments that range over several topics and reveal an obvious religious affiliation by their nature. This is another reason to separate counterjihad material from other issues. Your fellow Catholics are free to express their beliefs but to do so in such a way that rejects non-Catholic views as abhorrent when the target is Islam, makes no sense at all. The vast majority of Australians are pro-choice and accept the need for equality in terms of sexual preference. That’s a fact, so name calling and offensive language about this majority will harm the counterIslam message by association.

    For example, one of your commenters mocks the view that homosexuality is not a choice. In fact, dozens of scientific studies have shown that whilst NOT GENETIC, male homosexuality is associated with differences in intrauterine sex-hormone levels and ratios during foetal development of the brain, leading to objective functional MRI and PET imaging differences between the heterosexual and homosexual male brain. In addition, sexual preference differences are detectable in a range of behavioural and cognitive measures at or shortly before puberty, indicating that male homosexuality is not a choice but is in fact biologically mediated. Sexual preference is also not distributed in an all or none manner but is rather best conceptualised as a continuum – a line with 100% homosexual at one end & 100% heterosexual at the other end. Some people are born totally fixed at either end of the line, others are fixed at points along the line, say 80% hetero and 20% homosexual and some people are not fixed on the line but can slide along the line depending on multiple factors. This concept fits what is seen in real life. It is unlikely that prenatal sexual preference determination will be possible and if it ever is, it will be far more complex than a genetic test and would probably be an unacceptable risk to the foetus. None of this science was known in Biblical times, when homosexuality, present in nearly all mammals, was not understood scientifically. The fact that nature produces variations unlikely to reproduce has many possible explanations that favour species survival overall and may be one of many mechanisms nature uses to limit overpopulation. Moral and religious hatred of homosexuality is irrational and reflects ignorance of the scientific approach to mammalian behaviour & function.

    I hope the above example highlights the need to keep all these issues separate.

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    • Many, many thanks indeed for your full and scientific explanation for a natural feature of my own and mankind’s sexuality throughout history. I am truly grateful to you, having subscribed to two creeds – Roman Catholicism (hell) and Jungianism (an immaturity and a failure to initiate as a heterosexual). Thank you again for your hard, and clearly and beautifully expressed work, which has, not to put too fine a point on it, CHANGED MY LIFE.

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  6. Bernard, you are mistaken to think that Islam will not succeed in marginalising you if you continue to carry your flags of concern in one hand. It simply becomes far too easy to damage & deflect your message by highlighting your overarching belief, that Christianity alone stands on the moral high ground. Even if you believe this, as some of your commenters state they do, you risk seriously limiting your effectiveness against Islam, the threat that dwarfs all others, by leaving yourself open to attack on more fronts than any soldier would want opened. This is not what your military training has taught you and I am very serious in asking you to consider the fight against Islam as what the CIA is calling “The Long War”. You must separate your causes from this central War despite any overlap you may encounter, because you will need every bit of intellect, strategic knowledge and counter-cunning you possess, to win this War. You will not gain the support we are going to need in the Long War if you alienate vast numbers of Australians who, like me, are not Christians & want to defeat Islam without contributing to or supporting your other causes. In addition, if you don’t want to cooperate with non-Christians and the majority of homosexuals who are anti-Islam, you will ensure disunity in the ranks & reduce the chances of securing victory. Get a totally separate website for counter-jihad purposes ASAP. Trust me, your support will then really take off. Until then, major players in counter-jihad will be unable to partner with you safely.

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    • Bernard, I very much agree with Jerome here. Your blogs contain a confluence of concerns about political Islam, ADF madness, Catholicism, Australian values (or lack of) and many other important topics which contain much to attract many readers but also much to repel others. I too believe the fight against political Islam could at times be compromised by your and your reader’s overt Catholicism. I am a baptised Catholic, atheist, practising Zen Buddhist, widower, full-time parent and thinking Australian very much worried about Political Islam, which I believe cannot be reformed nor is it compatible with my personal values which include freedom of speech, separation of church and state, freedom to practice religion and freedom FROM religion, science, and animosity towards moral relativism (though I do know Islam shares my animosity to this perverse doctrine as well!). I do not wish to live under Sharia nor do I wish to see a return to a time when Thomas More as a Catholic Chancellor under Henry the Eighth of England, was active in the arrest, torture and burning of several men whose crime was to publish, distribute or own a Christian bible written in English! Anyway I very much support what you say and do, in particular your articulation that modern Australians lack and appreciation of the values that have made this nation the wonderful place it is (I mean was). Yes is all we care about reduced to beer, BBQs, hedonism, the bottom line of a balance sheet etc? I send my children to Catholic schools because I want values such as service to others taught and modelled, while at the same time not wanting them to develop magical thinking around intercessory prayer to the Virgin Mary or Mary McKillop. I want them to view saintliness not as the performance of miracles but as (articulated by Thomas Merton) the ability to see good in others and to act accordingly. Australian may be heir to Judeo-Christian values but it is also heir to critical thought and secular humanism. Keep up the good work and while I will not be praying for you during your current inquisition I will be supporting you by writing to MPs, and giving what I can towards your legal costs and family upkeep.

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  7. Bernard,

    I like your comments. However, there is a solution to halting the growth of the Muslimisation of Australia. I have been writing to all politicians and, as expected, no response of any consequence. Recently I read Harry Richardson’s book, “The Story of Mohammed”. I now understand Islam and the problem coming to Australia that has plagued the UK, France, Germany, Belgium The Netherlands, and Canada. This should be mandatory reading for every politician. In two weeks time I am sending a copy of Harry’s book to every Minister, Assistant Minister and every Parliamentary Secretary. The solution really is education. If the population generally really understood Islam then there would be a mass exodus of Muslims from Australia. All we have to do is educate the politicians and they will see the light and make sure the population is told the trust about Islam.

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    • Ron,
      You mention the importance of education regarding the evils of islam. Unfortunately the Australian propaganda machine is still teaching school-children across the country that “islam” is the “religion of peace”, and even our Catholic schools ensure that every student adheres to the Vatican 2 lie that “the muslims together with us worship the one, merciful God”.

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  8. Oh Berny, you continue to make me laugh. It will be a shame when you and the rest of your dinosaur race inevitably die out, I won’t have my weekly laughs at your expense.

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    • Yes, keeping laughing, until the radicalised Muslim jihad decides to conquer you. And with religious directives to butcher every homosexuals they find in a painful way, the homosexuals will prefer the cure.

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    • Yet another pathetic excuse for a comment. Please, adam we would all love to hear what you find so funny. Don’t be scared to express your views on the matter. Your comments might actually be taken seriously instead of being shrugged off as yet another pointless troll.

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    • So simpering Adam has raised the subject of extinction. Very wise, young Master Adam – a very wise choice of subject indeed! You see, young man, the community that is most guaranteed of “inevitably dying out” is … the homosexual community. You do understand that, don’t you? And that is because the vast majority of homosexuals, having no interest in families and children, and with only an incredibly-focussed commitment to self-pleasurement based on wallowing in the excrement of as many other homosexuals as possible, effectively remove themselves from the human gene pool by virtue of the “lifestyle choice” they select. This means, of course, that the vast majority of homosexuals – in all probability including young Master Adam – are doomed to a self-imposed, very personal extinction. As extinct as the dodos – or the dinosaurs. See you later, young Adam – someone, somewhere in this great and infinite cosmos will, no doubt, mourn your transient, pointless passing …

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      • Jim please explain your funny comment “The community that is most guaranteed of “inevitably dying out” is … the homosexual community.” When its heterosexuals that are having homosexuals children?
        I think thats what Adam is talking about when he comes here for his weekly laughs.. because that statement is hilarious.

      • Do you mean, when it’s children getting brainwashed into becoming homosexuals? Homosexuality is not something to be born with. The homosexual movement cannot reproduce naturally and they know it. That is why they are concentrating on the assimilation of our children via indoctrination since it is cheaper to do so than commercial surrogacy.

      • Paul I didn’t realise that scientist had isolated the homosexual gene!?.. Oh wait thats because they haven’t. But let’s just go with your theory here for a second in which case I refer you to a comment from Jim on an earlier post by Bernard called ‘recognising the rediculous’. Here Jim clearly outlines what’s in store for the LGBTIQ community should the ‘gay gene’ ever spring into existence. Iv even saved you the time of going and having to find it and copied it here for you. Jim I hope you don’t mind but this one’s a cracker mate! Nails it on the head.

        So people are born homosexual, are they? Or Lesbian? Or GTBXDSENMMMYTTESCDGFDC (did I leave out any of the other current fashionable letters?). Douggie, me old cock, let me tell you how things will be, IF you are correct. Here it is – are you ready for a cold dose of reality? IF you are correct, then eventually scientists will identify the “gay gene”. And when that happens, well …. coming to an abortion clinic near you … the pitiless plastic buckets there will be filled with dead, pre-born gays. That’s right, mate – unborn homosexuals and lesbians will be slaughtered in their millions in abortion clinics by parents who do NOT want a homosexual / lesbian child. Think clearly, mate – the vast majority of mums want their one or two kids to eventually produces grandkids that they, the grand-mums, can dote upon. That won’t happen if sonny boy Bill likes blushing violet Ben. From the flowerpot men come …. nothing. Not even Weeds. They, like the vast majority of homosexuals, are doomed to self-inflicted, inevitable extinction. So you can bet your bottom dollar that, when you are proven correct and scientists identify the homosexual gene – the great silent massacre of unborn homosexuals will commence. And what will you do about that, mate? ANS: nothing – because you support a woman’s right to abortion – don’t you? So here’s the final irony of ironies – IF you are correct – unborn homosexuals will be massacred by the million – you won’t say a thing about it because you’re another useless pro-abortion modern boy – and it will be Bernard and those like him who will fight to save them from the silent abortion abattoirs that infest modern Western “society”. Strange how things play out – isn’t it?

  9. Could someone explain to me the sense in sending Australian troops to fight and die in foreign places against radical Islam, when we routinely allow immigration of this high risk group into the country as citizens, where they can plot within our midst? When you think about it, we have had a long history in this country of fighting useless wars that we should never have gotten involved with. In support of the British Empire, we went to Sudan, the Boer War, WW1, Malaya and Confrontation. To support the Yanks, we went to Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq. To support the UN we went to Korea. The only “sensible” war was WW2 when we might have been invaded by the Japanese. Naivety seems to be our creed. Every time we send good men to die like that we plunder our gene pool of the very best our nation has to offer.

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  10. Apposite sub-title Bernard. Homosexuality enjoys an ambiguous love-hate relationship with Islam in that it is very commonly indulged in, in relative terms anyway, with young males often used as female substitutes in the Arab environment due to the restrictions placed upon access to females by males exacerbated by polygyny and concubinage. But even wealthy Arabs will indulge in it. One anecdote: An Australian NCO stationed in the Middle East went to a hotel with his CO, a younger and slimmer man. Both enjoyed dinner where a western female entertainer was singing (wouldn’t have been Saudia Arabia). An arab sitting near the stage was peeling off equivalents of $50 and $100 notes and tossing them towards her. At the end of the session she walked off without even glancing at the money on the floor. The arab started to toss notes at the CO instead (causing him to lose immediate face in front of the NCO and beat a hasty exit).

    I see the difficulty arising from the gay lobby movement stoking the fires of political correctness and by combining emotional manipulation with misrepresentation and abuse of language etc. An example is how they have changed the meaning of discrimination, which used to mean telling the difference, a worthy skill, into a term of abuse and have paralyzed the ability of policy makers to discriminate between Islam and Christianity and most other religions thus binding policy makers to false ideas, that Islam is just another religion like those other religions when if it does resemble another religion it would have to be the human sacrifice cult practised by the Aztecs. Islam may be a Religion of Peace, as world renowned Islamic scholar George W Bush declared on 9/11but it is a religion of peace (towards Muslims) but also at the same time a religion whose doctrine espouses violence (towards kuffir) while also being a political system at the same time, i.e. a dictatorial theocracy and with the gay lobby already having destroyed objective Truth Muslim spokesman like Wally and compliant politicians and bureaucrats (like Helen Szoke who persecuted the two Dannies) can have open slather with their assault on the Truth about Islam.

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  11. Spot on yet again Bernie. Its apathy that’s the enemy although as the Muslim movement gains strength in Australia it saddens me that our way of life and Christianity is under threat from these primitive people. Thanks again for your ongoing effort for Christians everywhere and indeed Australia. In the meantime you might like to hear my broadcast for next week regarding this subject in part. Take care.

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  12. The contents of this article have been on the conspiracy theory websites for years,and everybody[including me] called them ‘nut jobs’ that was until i discovered most of the material from the good websites are backed up by evidence.For a good read on the birth of communism and the REAL history of the 20th century google ‘radio fatima, the great conspiracy’.There were lots of attempts to stop this book being published.

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  13. Just one word of caution – a return to “Judaeo-Christian” values will never the save the day. The Jews now have a false religion based on the blasphemous lie that Jesus Christ is not God; the protestants call themselves Christian and yet hold anti-Christian beliefs e.g. contraception, divorce, no Confessions, women priests etc etc. No, the only hope for Australia is a full-scale conversion to the traditional Catholic Faith.

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  14. Islam and LGBTI have the same boss, though neither realises it. A certain ‘Mr. Scratch’. Great post, Bernard.

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  15. Good points Bernard,
    Only a full-scale conversion to the traditional Catholic Faith can prevent further degradation of our society – either to LGBT filth, islam or both. Thank God for websites like yours which assist in this lofty goal. It will be a truly glorious day when the Sacred Heart is officially enthroned in Canberra, in every state parliament and in every home across Australia.

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  16. Bernard, I think this is one of your most important posts. I have drawn the same conclusions myself, namely it isn’t Islam that is the problem(although islam is A problem) the problem is actually us. As an Atheist I’ve been slowly falling in love with the Judeo-christian traditions again. I don’t believe in a God, not because I wouldn’t want to, I simply don’t. But what I DO now realize, is how much more clear minded I’ve become since I’ve begun reading about it from a different persective.I am slowly finding way’s to get the atheists I know and talk to, to see Christianity in a new light. I know you will not convince an atheist there is a God, and to be quite honest you don’t need to. They can be convinced that our judeo-christian heritage has great worth to all of us. The atheist world is lost into moral relativism, but they will not stay there as it is not where they want to be. If we can get them back on-side, they will be the ferocious warriors that are missing in this fight. I even had a dream just last night funnily enough, of an atheist Militia of which I was a part of protecting a church and the worshipers inside. Lol…sounds silly but this is a very timely post indeed.

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    • Hi Annie – thank you for that comment and also for your feedback.

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    • Excellent comment Annie! I had also drawn to some of my own conclusions on this matter, although still had some issues meshing them together. Bernards piece has done that for me.
      Also just recently, I have been thinking about some friends and work colleagues of mine who are atheists (whether or not they realise it) and the more I talk with them the more I realise that they can see the value in judeo-Christian heritage but just don’t realise it. What you say in your comment resonates perfectly with what I had drawn to conclusion, thankyou.
      This blog and the comments left here are just one of the tools that are massive help to today’s society in better understanding what we may or may not have already known. I can’t thank Bernard enough, not to mention those that have contributed in the comments section. Absolutely priceless stuff!

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