A month of insanity

What a month.

It has just been absurd and insane.

And I’m not talking about the printing, signing, preparing, filing and posting of thousands of documents for my legal action against the Chief of Defence Force that has taken up an enormous chunk of time.

Nor am I referring to the constant battle against the stream of complaints from a single homosexual activist in Sydney that keep finding their way to my Queensland address from the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board.

I’m talking about everything else that has been going on.

For a start, our Prime Minister, who was presumably elected by ‘Team Australia’ on his promise to get rid of Section 18C has decided that he isn’t going to do this anymore. Now he’s telling Team Australia that we need to forego our desire to remove totalitarian laws against free speech in order to get the Islamic community onboard.

Yes. You read that right.

Team Australia doesn’t get to tell prime ministers what to do anymore. Team Islam does.

And Team Islam is also the key determining factor over the laws that dictate what the majority in Team Australia can say.

In fact, any objective observer would realise that the Prime Minister’s words are really just one big con. Team Islam is not being asked to come onboard with Team Australia at all. It’s the exact opposite. Team Australia is being told to toe Team Islam’s line. And Team Australia is also being forced to accept ever increasing powers of state surveillance across the entire community because no one in power has the guts to target laws at those who actually pose a threat.

And speaking of Team Islam, apparently our Prime Minister, the Director General of ASIO and the former Chief of Army, Lieutenant General Peter Leahy, are all in violent agreement that ‘real’ Islam is not violent. I will point out that not one of them quoted from the Koran to justify that statement.

This outburst was prompted by the Islamic massacre of Christians and others in Iraq, Australian Islamic children holding up the heads of slain enemies and the need to bring in new anti-terror laws to defend Australians from seeing such things on our very own streets.

So I guess it is fair to say that no one really knows what Tony Abbott, David Irvine and Peter Leahy are on about.

Islam is violent.

Just ask those running the Islamic State. ‘Islamic’, of course, being the descriptive word that describes everything about the ideology driving those building the world’s fastest growing country.

Now the ‘West’ is scrambling to deal with this situation. But we are not doing too well. While Iraqi streets are running with the blood of innocent victims, the US President, Barrack Obama, has stated that these atrocities have nothing to do with any religion (he’s wrong) and Prime Minister Abbott has said that the Islamic State is the most effective terrorist movement the world has ever seen (he’s wrong too).

Abbott’s statement came shortly after 700 members of the al-Sheitat tribe in Syria were beheaded by those flying the black flag of Islam. I’m sure they’d be happy to hear Abbott’s words, but Mohammad himself might not be so impressed.

The Islamic State took two weeks to carry out their handy work in 2014. In Mohammad’s day, the Islamic State took just one day to lop the heads off all the men in the Banu Qurayza tribe. And by various reports there were over 900 of them.

We’ve also seen a US general shot dead this month in an insider attack in Afghanistan, while the Australian Defence Force is reeling from yet more unacceptable behaviour. This time soldiers have ignored orders prohibiting topless waitresses at their bars. It really comes as no surprise when the ADF allows uniformed soldiers to march with busloads of topless sheilas down one of Sydney’s busiest streets.

Of course, this is by far one of the least-startling moral issues to have raised its ugly head since the start of August.

The press has filled countless pages with reports of a convicted paedophile who managed to abandon his disabled surrogate baby in Thailand. It had Down Syndrome and although the loving Australian parents suggested abortion, its Thai surrogate mother decided otherwise.

That’s good.

The  confected and hypocritical media outrage was not so good. It’s all too easy for the nation’s media to go after an easy target – a convicted paedophile – in this regard. The reality is that about 95% of Australian children with Down Syndrome are aborted anyway by their much nicer law-abiding parents. There’s not so much outrage at that damning statistic.

This moment should have been a clarion call. It’s been demonstrated that the vast majority of Australians actually share many of the same moral values regarding life as a convicted paedophile. But there has not been much soul searching at all. In fact, there was barely a whimper when the world’s leading secular authority, Richard Dawkins, piped up with his view that one actually has a moral duty to abort children with Down Syndrome.

Nor has one single media report mentioned the fact that Queensland’s surrogacy laws allow all and sundry involved in the creation of a baby to walk away from it for any reason up until six months after it is born. And if bub does get to six months without anyone claiming it, don’t think it is in a better position. The law is absolutely silent over who is responsible for it.

So just bide your time and Australia will have its own Baby Gammy case right here. And bide your time for more surrogacy-paedophilia scandals too. Experts are now acknowledging that this industry is being used to traffic children by those who view them as nothing more than sexual objects.

Another famous secular ‘ethicist’, Peter Singer, has also made the news too. He reckons that the best way to help people like Dr Philip Nitchske (better known as Dr Death) is to pass euthanasia laws and let him get on with the job. Singer also surmises that it was unethical to suspend Nitchske’s medical licence after he was linked to the suicide of a number of young men. I’m not sure if Peter Singer actually understands what the word ‘ethical’ means.

And on the topic of famous ethicists and scientists, we simply can’t go past the world renowned Mia Freedman. She has just appointed herself as the font of all scientific knowledge regarding the link between breast cancer and abortion. And she didn’t even need to study or read a single report.

With God-like powers, Mia has simply decreed the link away. Women need worry no more. Mia has spoken and now she’s resting. And our Catholic Prime Minister came in to back her up. Good for him.

Of course, the actual scientific evidence says that you probably should switch the television off every time Mia comes on. It will help fight against contagious stupidity. The abortion/breast cancer link has been demonstrated time and again and with greater certainty in every new study.

Make no bones about it, if you’re considering abortion, you’re also risking breast cancer. However, that really is the least of your worries, given that abortion primarily involves killing a child. I suggest you see a priest before a doctor.

Finally, it would be entirely remiss of me not to mention the Essendon Football Club. It’s jumped onboard the rainbow train and announced that next year it will offer LGBT membership packages. I’ll say it couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of people.

I might go for a team with an abysmal record. But even the Demons have not stooped that low (yet).

September is now around the corner. And if you think August was bad, get ready for more. I’ve got it on good authority that the real loons come out of hibernation in spring. Things are going to get worse before they get better.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Bern, about time! Great article. Its so funny how all the hippies and ppl screaming for these new social laws and changes have never had to experiance the tragedy of their new ideas. I wonder how many of these radical queer supporters have ever had to grow up under a gay parents…the letter from Robert Oscar Lopez is a brilliant example of the destruction these ppl are having on our society. And the complete lack of a spine in any of our politicians or senior military officers to recognise the islam evil brewing in the east, like Souron in Middle earth, is just unbelievable! Its like they r waiting for an ingraved invitation from ISIS to use their brain and see them for what they truely are. Excellent examples of very good muslims, following the koran to the word.

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  2. Last night on TV (might have been the ABC but can’t recall, although I wouldn’t have been surprised) was a piece about an all homosexual football team with the story hanging off one of the passengers who prevented the Sept 11 terrorists from using one of the planes they hijacked as a bomb. He happened to be homosexual.
    In this case the person’s homosexuality had nothing to do with his bravery. It hardly needed to be mentioned, apart from the ‘normalising’ tendency of media coverage of people’s private perversions.
    It was striking though that one of the other players on this team saying that he/they “just wanted to be accepted”. This plea made it sound like society was unfairly objecting to something honourable like complexion, or ancestory, or citizenship, or even occupation. But no there was nothing noble about it; he wanted to be accepted to be able to promote a perversion. A ‘death style’ as one American politican characterised the cluster of practices that attempt to mimic sexual intimacy.

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