The path to protected paedophilia looks like this

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. I would drop the title “Hon” with reference to Brad Hazzard. Anyone who is prepared to uphold corrupt state laws in preference to God’s laws is not worthy of the title “honourable”. Dishonourable would be more appropriate.

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  2. The churches need to know about these injustices,and its vital they do not keep silent.The churches need to organize themselves and an offensive begun.We need to be on the attack,not on the defensive, most of the churches[apart from a few] have sat on there lorels for too long, which is causing me to view them with suspicion.

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  3. There is always a lot of Christian vilifcation at these homosexual events and I just wonder if anyone has tested the anti discrimination board on this,if not the churches need to act,they have the might,play this BUG at his own game.

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  4. This low life is nothing more than a pest and if he does not repent soon GOD may deal with him as such.

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  5. I wonder if Mr X would be so quick to take everyone he disagrees with to court if he actually had to pay for it. I’m guessing not. I’m also stunned that he’s allowed to collect the proceeds of successful action even if the supposed vilification wasn’t directly aimed at him. If they’re going to allow such a violation to the freedom of speech (I know it’s not codified in Australian law, but it is a basic human right), they should at least direct fines toward the running costs, instead of letting someone like Mr X walk away with money for a perceived vilification that didn’t even directly involve him. People like Mr X do more harm than good to the group he supposedly defends. I’m sure it’s all about money and fame.

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  6. One does have to wonder about that boy’s parents or any parents for that matter who would wilfully expose their children to such obsceneity by taking him, or even going themselves, to a Gay Pride parade. That technical point aside just as Good clothes itself with Truth so Evil always seeks to disguise itself in Falsity as by doing so it can allow the person it has ensnared to not question what they are doing, as demonstrated by Mr X, aided and abetted by Politically Correct government.

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  7. What is wrong with our legal system? How freaking bizarre can you get when everyone’s wierd whims are legally acceptable? And also, this is not even a christian thing. Although you identify yourself as Christian, the average family person doesn’t want their kids exposed to some old man’s grotty penis, unless they are equally a fruit loop. Thanks for raising this Bernard.

    Ben Mathewson

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    • Its not our legal system, It belongs to lawyers.
      A brotherhood of Magi-Staights.
      Who practice an ancient version of not Common law, but Admiralty law.
      The law of the Sea as opposed to the Law of the Land.
      You are considered by them as either a ‘vessel’ or cargo/chattel.
      Which one you are depends on how much money you have.
      Commonwealth countries issue birth certificates, these are actually bills of Lading, meaning that since 1933, you, your children and everything you “own” in reality belongs to the state, this is why they can do what want with you, confiscate your assetts, conscript you to fight their wars, indoctrinate your children, put you in jail, etc etc etc.

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