The new circle of life

There is a new circle of life. Hakuna matata now goes like this:

Circle of life

Marriage is now about rugby.

Rugby is now about homosexuality.

And homosexuality is now about marriage.

It’s the new sacred, three-pointed circle. Don’t worry if it looks like a triangle to you. The fundamental thesis of this new circle is that objectivity is irrelevant.

If you see a triangle, it means that you are sub-consciously constrained by existing orders of pre-determined reality that negatively oppress the autonomous and creative powers of your self-determinant and sovereign being.

Of course, if the triangle part of the new circle of life is irrelevant, the fact that this circle does not create life is also a point hardly worth objecting to either. So don’t bother.

How did we get to this point?

Well, in a roundabout way, it all started with King Henry VIII. He decided that separation of the roles of church and state meant declaring that the monarch was the supreme head of the Church in England. He split them thoroughly by making them one. And Henry did this because he wanted to redefine marriage in his own image so he could get divorced.

Fast forward 500 years and the government become church is in the process of issuing divine edicts that all the other things that go with marriage – a lifetime commitment between a male and female for the purpose of raising children – might as well go too.

That explains the bottom left corner of the circle. Homosexuality is now all about marriage and hence every second article on is about a group of gays whining about weddings.

This barrage of pointless drivel that goes by the name of journalism really is pretty gay. And I don’t mean that in the homosexual way. Nor do I mean it in the former understanding of the word gay. There’s nothing care-free or joyous about it at all.

I mean it in the post-modern understanding of the word, as in it’s sad and lame. In fact, sadder and lamer than pretty much anything else. That’s why it is so gay.

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The bottom right hand point of the circle shows the link between rugby and homosexuality.

It’s obvious that rugby is now all about homosexuality because the biggest event in the rugby calendar is now a tournament of mostly homosexual men who just happen to be second-rate rugby players as well.

And all the reporting about this tournament has nothing to do with skill on the rugby field and everything to do with the sexual preferences of those who play. If you want a perfect example of this, read this sickening and fawning piece by alleged sports journalist, Matt Cleary.

SBS has even gone so far as to state that this competition smashes stereotypes. Considering that the Bingham Cup is advertised by semi-undressed men holding rugby balls and disco balls, photos of men pashing over a rugby trophy and is sponsored by the aptly named underwear company, Aussie Bum, it certainly isn’t smashing any homosexual stereotypes. It is reinforcing them in a titanium casing.

The only stereotype that has been rent asunder is the one that national media outlets don’t usually cover sporting events for amateur hacks. But homosexuality has a great tendency to thrust mediocrity into the spotlight and it has done just that with rugby.

By the way, if you want another example of the link between mediocrity and homosexuality, take a look at Josh Thomas. This man acknowledges that he has little knowledge of mental illness, but because he is homosexual, US congressmen have invited him to give them an address on the issue. Plus, he’s also whining that the ABC has moved his very unfunny comedy show from ABC1 to ABC2. Australians don’t want to watch a show about homosexual men making dirty jokes, but Josh Thomas reckons anti-homosexual bias could be the reason his program is not on the ABC’s primary channel.

Well, Josh, I’d say that if even the ABC thinks your homosexual comedy is so lacklustre that it doesn’t make the grade for the ABC1 then it’s probably fair to say that it’s not just the sodomy that stinks.

But I digress.

Back to our triangle-shaped circle.

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At the apex is marriage. And thanks to the Kiwis we now also know that marriage is about rugby.

That’s because two heterosexual blokes, Matt McCormick and Travis McIntosh, have gotten hitched today. In return for the expression of their love, a radio station in New Zealand will now fly the ‘Mattresses’ to the Rugby World Cup.

This is the logical outcome of the decision to pass laws for ‘marriage equality’.

Now there’s no time limits (Trav and Matt have given themselves two years).

There’s no limit to the object of love. After all, who is to say that an adoration of rugby is any less worthy of marital recognition than a love of anything else?

There’s no kids. If you need help understanding this point, it’s obvious that you have attained a doctorate in modern sex education.

There’s certainly no meaningful purpose.

And soon enough there’ll be no limit to the numbers in a couple either. And believe me, if you can have a three-pointed circle, you can have a couple of just 17 people.

Of course, not everyone is happy with this. Those who cherish the institution of marriage have been forced to watch while it is increasingly transformed into a circus. Marriage is now rendered nothing more than a gimmick to be exploited by commercial radio stations. Good people have good reason to be dismayed and disappointed at this outcome. The basic building block of society is being destroyed and those of us with children should necessarily hold fears for their future as the barbarism that necessarily comes with societal destruction is unleashed.

But there is another group of people who are unhappy too.


However, the homosexual lobby has no reason to be disappointed at this turn of events. The whinging unleashed by gay rights groups at the ‘marriage’ of two blokes is hypocritical, self-serving and nothing short of proof that the LGBT lobby is perpetually unhappy. If it’s not about them, it’s time for a hissy-fit and more demands for everything.

Hence the statement from Neill Ballantyne, who happens to be the co-ordinator of the Otago University Students’ Association Queer Association. He reckons the Mattresses’ marriage is an insult.

He’s right, too. Same-sex marriage is an insult. But not to him. The rugby lovers from New Zealand have done nothing more than participate in an insult that has only been legalised at the behest of revolutionaries like Neill Ballantyne.

There you have it. The circle of life in the post-modern age. Meaningless. Hypocritical. Uncircle-like. And devoid of all life.

It’s what marriage equality is all about.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Her Excellency The Governor of New South Wales was the (a?) Patron of the Bingham Cup Sydney 2014, hosting a Reception at Government House in support of it in the evening of Wednesday, April 9, 2014. And that was not Her Excellency’s only act of support for “the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex community”; so supportive has The Governor been that Her Excellency was the Guest of Honour at the Marie Bashir Tribute Dinner, hosted by that community at Parliament House (N.S.W.) on Friday, June 20, 2014. Between those two events, Gen. David Hurley was named Her Excellency’s successor as Governor, and at some sort of press conference in connection with his nomination, Gen. Hurley reportedly said that “[o]ne of the big issues that has been running through the defence force is gender equality, diversity — Governor Bashir has been very strong on that and I think that is a theme we will follow on”. I wonder: Given Gen. Hurley’s track record, might we see him not just “follow on” the “theme” of “diversity”, but take it to a new level and go from Chief of Defence one year to Mardi Gras Chief of Parade the next? (I don’t know whether the outgoing Governor ever participated in the parade itself, but Her Excellency did attend “the Rainbow Flag Raising Ceremony celebrating the launch of the 2014 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival followed by a reception hosted by The Lord Mayor, at Sydney Town Hall”, on Friday, February 7, 2014.)

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  2. The main problem with homosexual marriage (aside from its oxymoronic expression) is that the rights of children to a biologically, and therefore emotionally, socially and spiritually normal upbringing evaporates. Children become badges of the attempt to make sexual perversion acceptable…thus their right to normal life goes.

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  3. Perfect. This stunt highlights just how much the sacrament of marriage has been profaned, made a mockery of, and taken to its ugly and illogical conclusion. As for the complaints of the Homosexual lobby that two straight same-sex blokes have gotten married . . . What are they . . . heterophobes!!! Perhaps a complaint to relevant discrimination boards is in order?

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  4. I do hope, in the small print of the competition, there’s a clause that says the marriage of Travis McIntosh and Matt McCormick has to be consummated or they don’t go to the Rugby World Cup.

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