Dealing with the Islamic State

Everyone wants to do something about the Islamic State.

But what?

So far most of the action has amounted to a bunch of press conferences in which supposedly intelligent people drivel blather about the non-Islamic beliefs of those carving out the new Caliphate.

For instance, Australia’s Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, has refused to call the Islamic State the Islamic State because he believes it is not Islamic or a state. So he referred to the Islamic State as a ‘death cult’. Which, by the way, just happens to be a pretty accurate description of every Islamic state since Mohammad’s day.

So kudos to Prime Minister Abbott for getting something right by deliberately doing his best to be wrong. It’s quite a feat.

Campbell Newman has also provided his expert analysis on Islam. Without providing any reference to Mohammad’s life or the Quran, the Queensland Premier also declared authoritatively that the activities of the Islamic State have nothing to do with Islam.

The Queensland Police came to the same conclusion as well, stating that Islam has nothing to do with the Islamic State. Or to be more precise, that Islam has nothing to do with the Islamic State’s psychopathic rivals, Jabhat al Nusra. Unfortunately for the Queensland Police, they don’t have the luxury of choosing the location of press conferences like their political masters. So that statement was made while the police were standing outside an Islamic bookstore. And they were there to arrest a seller of Qurans for providing material support to an Islamic group renowned for its violent activities and desire to re-establish the caliphate.

al iqraa bookshopNothing to see here folks. This has nothing to do with Islam in any way, shape or form.

The British Prime Minister has also joined this chorus. Addressing the media after the beheading of British hostage, David Haines, David Cameron solemnly announced that the Islamic State was heinous. But he ruined the moment by adding that the jihadis on a mission in the heart of the Middle East were also ‘unIslamic’ ‘monsters’.

I’m pretty sure Cameron then went on to say that an independent Scotland would also be neither Scottish nor a state. However, I’m not certain that he called all Scots monsters.

US President, Barack Obama, is on the ‘Islamic State is not the Islamic State’ bandwagon too.

In between announcing that America had no strategy for the Islamic State and announcing a war on Ebola, the world’s most powerful man said that we are safer thanks to American efforts in the Middle East. Then he added that the Islamic State is not Islamic because it murders innocents. And according Mr Obama, innocents means exactly Muslims and exactly no one else.

This is his quote:

“No religion condones the killing of innocents, and the vast majority of ISIL’s victims have been Muslim”.

As an aside, here is a list of the peaceful civil wars fought by Muslims against Muslims in the 300 years immediately following the death of the very peaceful Mohammad who had preached peace to his followers throughout his serene and tranquil life:

  • Ridda Wars (632-633)
  • First Fitna (656-661)
  • Second Fitna (680-692)
  • Revolt of Ibn al-Ash’ath (699-702)
  • Revolt of Harith ibn Surayj (734-736)
  • Zaydi Revolt (740)
  • Berber Revolt (739-743)
  • Third Fitna (744-750)
  • Alid Revolt (762-763)
  • Alid Revolt (again) (786)
  • Mudhari Revolt (793-796)
  • Fourth Fitna (809-827)
  • Anarchy at Samarra (861-870)
  • Kharijite Rebellion (866-896)

In contrast to the peace-loving actions of the early Muslims, the early Christians were so violent that they had to be contained for the good of humanity. Eventually it was discovered that the best way to channel their violence was to let them fight lions with their bare hands at the nearest circus. The added bonus was that the local population was able to watch on while stuffing whatever was the equivalent of Roman popcorn down their gullets.

But I digress.

Back to the non-Islamic State and what should be done about it. And now it’s time to get serious.

Anyone who thinks that just bumbling into Iraq again and dropping a few bombs is going to make the situation better is deluded.

I’m not saying that the odd bomb or two isn’t warranted. But to make it a fruitful use of military force, you have to know who you are bombing, why and what you wish to achieve as a result.

No one can answer any of those questions at the moment.

And this will not change while everyone deliberately chooses to misunderstand the situation. Lest anyone need more of a hint, the comments above show that the Western world’s leader have absolutely no understanding of the situation while they are preparing to push the button for the next war in Iraq.

At the moment we have a group of people chopping heads off and establishing an empire while quoting from the Quran. And we have a horrified bunch of ignorant Western onlookers saying ‘surely that’s not Islam’ while not quoting from the Quran and plucking sound bites from wherever they come from. And all the recognised ‘Islamic states’ of the Middle East have done zilch to stop the non-Islamic Islamic State. Which is kinda strange, considering how it’s not ‘Islamic’ and is busily establishing itself in the heart of Islam.

For instance, the Saudis are so Islammed-up that they won’t even let you build a church inside their country. But they seemingly have no qualms at all about the unIslamic State popping up on their very border.

Who knows. Maybe the Saudis are finally getting into the culture of tolerance?

They might even be catching the hang of this whole Islam is a religion of peace thing too. After all, the Saudis have a gunned-up army and air force that dwarves Australia’s military. Yet it is Australian jets flying all the way around the world to ‘do something’, while Saudi jets sit idle. The Royal Saudi Air Force could carpet drop bombs all morning all over the Islamic State and still make it home for morning tea and scones at the local air base’s officers mess.

But the Saudis are content to polish their F-15s and Apache gunships and tanks while the non-Islamic State takes root a mere stone’s throw from the border posts.

Support legal action $400

Of course, some of the non-recognised Islamic states have not been so blasé and have taken matters into their own hands.

The Syrians have been trying to bomb the non-Islamic State back to the 6th century for the last couple of years. And all it’s earned them is the ire of the entire Western world. In fact, US President Obama even sent a bunch of weapons to help the Syrian opposition forces late last year. That, of course, was back in the days when the Islamic State was Islamic and they were the good guys. It was also right before the Islamic Start started marching into Iraq.

But now that they’re no longer Islamic or the good guys, the US is arming the Kurds to take them out.

And that’s got the Turks, Iranians, Syrians and Iraqis all a little hot under the collar.

Overlaid on top of all of this is the fact that Iran is supporting the Shia Iraqi Death Squads and the Iraqi government. This is the ‘good’ Iraqi government that recently announced laws allowing one to divorce his wife when she reaches Grade 3.

As a result, the Sunni world is hoping that the non-Islamic State will wage a little jihad against the apostate Shia and impose exactly the same marriage laws.

So that’s the situation. It’s takes about two minutes to understand that the entire thing is a mess.

No one can provide any coherent explanation as to why the Islamic State is not Islamic.

No one can explain why the ‘real’ Islamic states of the Middle East have done nothing to stop an allegedly apostate state establish itself as a Caliphate in the home of Islam.

No one can explain to the other countries in the region whether they will be enemies or friends with the West in two months. That’s probably because we don’t know the answer to that question either.

No one can explain why we are fighting against ‘non-Islamic’ Muslims overseas and still allowing these kind of people to come and live in our countries where they plan and plot to kill and maim.

No one can explain what the mission or endstate in Iraq is.

No one can explain whose side we are going to take when all hell breaks loose after the Kurds declare independence.

Luckily, it only takes a rational person two minutes to understand what should be done.

Firstly, it should be well-understood that it is really irrelevant to us if some Muslims think that the Islamic State is not Islamic but cannot provide a coherent explanation of the reasons why. Of course, if there was such a thing as a coherent explanation then it could be used to undermine the central beliefs of Islamic State jihadis. But, sadly, to date there has been no such explanation.

So all that matters to us is that the Islamic State claims to be Islamic.

Therefore, it’s not our problem that there is an Islamic dispute over what Islam is. That’s a problem for the Islamic world to sort out. Let them do it. And let’s not makes fools of ourselves by interfering in this problem and pretending that we can tell true Islam from false Islam when the Muslims can’t even do it themselves. Especially when the only ones quoting from the Quran are standing next to hostages in orange jumpsuits about to lose their heads.

The only thing that we really need to concern ourselves with is making sure that this problem stays in the desert wastelands of the Middle East and doesn’t come to the places that we like to call home.

Which brings us to point number two. It should be well-understood that wherever there is Islam, there are a bunch of people who think that the Islamic State or something like it is a great idea.

That is a problem for us. Especially when lots of Islam is establishing itself in Western nations. Fortunately, there is a very simple solution. No more Islam.

No more mosques. No more Islamic immigration (and if you want to know the importance of migration to Islam go and research the meaning behind its calendar). No more Islamic schools. No more.

It’s not hard. We don’t need to have Islam. It’s not helping anything anywhere. So ban it from coming, building and growing.

After all, if the Saudis can ban churches, then we can ban mosques. The only people who will oppose this idea are those who actually want the West to lose at home.

Thirdly, we should help the actual ‘non-Islamic’ people who are being crucified and beheaded by the alleged ‘non-Islamic’ State in the name of Allah while the other Islamic states mooch around and watch.

These people need support. We can afford to help and they will make great Australians. Plus, if our migration intake is full due to prioritising those who are being killed, tortured and made homeless by the Islamic State in the heart of the Middle East, then there won’t be room for other people. Like anyone who thinks that Mohammad was peaceful.

This is the start of the solution to the Islamic State.

It means making sure that we are not providing the conditions for it to take root and grow at home. It means letting the Islamic world sort its own problems out. And it means meeting our moral obligation to assist those who are the victims of Islamic brutality.

And if we are ever logical enough to take these first baby steps, then we might begin to be in a position to actually do something useful in the Middle East.


Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. The more insidious danger for Australians regarding Islam is a pathetic lack of knowledge about its true nature and the way in which Islam was propagated by Mohammed.

    We need to cease being naive and politically correct about Islam and get educated. It’s not difficult but it will be empowering. Start with these:


    Meanwhile, here’s an illustration of where most of our leaders, policy makers and general citizenry are at now:

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  2. The idea that a bombing campaign can be effective against a ground force, no matter how rag tag in military terms, fails to learn from the history of failed bombing campaigns: all of them; all of them, that is that are not in support of ground forces.
    I think straight away of the US vs Serbia; Although, I must say the Enola Gay was effective.

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  3. Although no saint could ever match the prowess of Our Lady of the Rosary, the Great Apostle St James is perhaps the second most important saint to assist with destroying the Islamic false religion – hence his most famous title – St James the Moorslayer – or in Spanish, Santiago Matamoros. Several times over the centuries St James has descended from his heavenly home riding a white horse in defence of Christians, slashing treacherous Islamic savages on all sides with his sparkling steel sword and crushing them under his horse’s hooves.

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  4. The this has nothing to do with Islam mantra reminds me of the movie Mars attacks when the aliens are running around killing people whilst calling out “we are your friends, we come in peace”. One can only hope in the PM’s case that his current position is a smoke screen to keep the leftards pacified, and that he truly does realise true Islam, based on the Koran, following in the example set by Muhammed, is a violent religion. Just read the Quran and the history of Mohammed.

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    • One can indeed only hope thus bobs.

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  5. In the 8th century, Don Pelayo, with the assistance of Our Lady of Covadonga, helped the reconquest of Spain from hordes of marauding Islamic savages. In the 1500s, Christendom beat back Islamic thugs at the 1st Siege of Vienna and then at the Great Battle of Lepanto thanks to Our Lady of the Rosary. In the late 1600s, King Jan Sobieski and his Polish winged hussars kept repeating the Holy Name of Mary as they put the massive Islamic army to the sword in the 2nd Siege of Vienna – giving us the Feast of the Holy Name of Mary every September 12. Our Lady is keen to destroy the Islamic false religion once again – if only every one of us would implore her Immaculate Heart – and pray the daily family rosary with renewed fervour!

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    • The great charge of the Polish winged hussars which saved Christendom from Islamic enslavery should be required viewing in every Australian school…
      This legendary cavalry charge from the hills near Vienna followed soon after the Holy Sacrifice of the traditional Latin Mass and the traditional Benediction before battle, with Jan Sobieski himself holding the paten as Holy Communion was given to his knights – kneeling and on the tongue.

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  6. You nailed it Bernard: Laid out the problem, laid out a practical solution. Now, can the ostriches pull their heads out of the sand for long enough to understand and act accordingly?

    When Churchill took over as British Prime Minister in May 1940, his first speech to the House of Commons was in support of a motion declaring “the united and inflexible resolve of the nation to prosecute the war with Germany to a victorious conclusion”. In one plain English sentence the country’s leader declared the government’s priorities and intentions against a clearly-identified enemy. Not that hard, is it?

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    • Thanks Keith

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  7. Great Article Bern. What is point in sending our good men into harms way to sort out something that the islamic countries should be doing themselves. What you say is so true. If they are not true muslims, why are the muslim countries not voicing this. Its pretty obvious why, they know the western governments are blinded and unwilling to stand up to those insane social minorities that yell and stamp their feet saying we should be accepting and loving of all. They are un-Australian and have no national pride or understanding on how the our great nation was formed or on what principles it was founded on. As a result, the blood of good men will be spilt for nothing because the government doesnt have the courage to actually commit to the real military action required to deal with this problem.

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    • Thanks Yagron

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