Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Bonjour Bernard from Canada: I am an expert in Islam and I wrote a warning to the Prime Minister here but to no avail. Here it is : Islam is Arian( does not believe Jesus is God as the Jehovah Witness ), they are gnostic (believe only they have true knowledge) and they are Pagan. These three equals a cult and cults are hard to get out of . It is like talking to a cat ! See how far that gets you,
    Muhamet went to his tribe in Medina . They wanted nothing to due with him and his god of which he did not name( just said there is one god) . He said he wanted to worship al-i-lah, the main god of the gods and goddesses there ( over 236 of them) . He fool them to gain asses inside . He worship this false god and his three goddesses with his followers . When he gain their leaders trust , he had them killed , leaving only himself as leader. Later to confuse his tribe , he took the name of the Pagan devil of al-i-lah and shorten it to allah when some follower started to complain to him of following a devil . He said he was force by Satan to do it! But then he said god’s name was Allah, the one true god and not al-i-lah .They must have hear him wrong or he mispronounce it ! They fell for it and Islam was born ! I am also a Catholic ; the only true faith with the fullness of Truth ! Ask yourself : since when is a cult lawful to be ? It is not a religion but a cult and cults are unable to live peacefully EVER ! Pagan only as Hinduism is mostly non violent and is tolerant ! The same building where this devil came from is actually worship by Muslims and the black stone inside ! This is not a veneration ! We do not walk around our Churches and worship them but the visible Christ inside. We do not worship a building and a stone ! They also are permitted to sacrifice animals and humans to their god :that they scream out when they kill ! St. Paul warned and the Fathers of pagan gods, of stone on and so on, made by hand, that they are pagan devils and not gods ! In their hearts is nothing but hate. They are incapable of love but for their own .
    Oh, if they have the lower level ,are friendly but watch out when they have the upper hand ! They say if an innocent one is killed, it is as if the Universe has died and it must be avenge( every true Muslim must do so or they are not true Muslims) ! But look further in their unholy writings and you will find it ONLY PERTAINS TO THEM ! Therefore the bombing of Islamic land means just that ; we are killing their innocents and so we must die! This why many go join Isil !

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  2. excellent Bernard. You deserve another medal ! Its about time someone stood up for truth and I appreciate the study you’ve clearly done well.

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  3. Firstly; as an Atheist who has no problem at all with the LGBT community, even I can see that you have been unfairly and illegally discriminated against. Even though I disagree with all religion, and subsequently your arguments of moral relativity, you still have the right to express your beliefs as long as you aren’t hurting anyone and especially if you are doing so within the boundaries of the law.

    Secondly; this is an excellent analysis of the flaws in our attempts to understand and combat radicalism in our society. I found from my own experiences in the ADF that very few people actually understand Islam or even know the most basic precepts of this socio-religious political system (even calling it a religion is an inadequate description). This led the PC brigade to quickly label any questioning of this culture as “racist” and, therefore, intolerable.

    Most importantly, however, is the fact that as people don’t fully understand the intricacies and nuances of the different factions within Islam, they are happy to accept the rather simplistic “moderate” and “radical” tags that our politicians and mainstream media outlets so liberally apply. To believe that somehow these huge swaths of Muslims leaders, scholars, jihadis, and indeed nations, all “got it wrong” simply smacks of ignorance, arrogance, and naivety.

    The fact is that as long as the division of the world into Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb, and the innate superiority complex that comes from Islamic indoctrination, remains, we will always see Muslims striving for social reform that is fundamentally incompatible with western ideology.

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    • I am also an atheist (and Buddhist) who is outraged by Bernard’s treatment by Defence as well as the ADFs tolerance of vilification of Christianity but not Islam. However Mark can you elaborate on your comment about moral relativity? I personally view the moral relativity paradigm as bogus and believe that Islam is not in anyway morally equivalent to the Wests Judeo-Christian/secular humanist underpinnings.

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  4. Beautifully argued, powerful, brilliant! Thank you Bernard.

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  5. An excellent encapsulation of the issue Bernard and the final part is so spot on. It is so tiresome to hear the PM talk about the threat as being an external one when it is clear that the threat is internal, aided and enabled by people in positions of leadership and influence in government and our cultural institutions at all levels. It was obvious at the time of the 2nd Gulf war that deposing Hussein was monumental blunder by ignorant fools, GWB declaring Islam to be a Religion of Peace the day after 9/11, flanked by two Muslim henchmen. This developing engagement whereby the PM is sending military personnel to interfere in the Sunni/Shia dispute which has arisen because of previous western interference while not addressing the real problem – policy and moral failure in his and previous governments going back to Fraser’s and Whitlam’s allowing Grassby a free hand – is extremely depressing. Obviously reality will in the end dispense with Political Correctness, hopefully before it is too late for western society to survive.

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