Beheadings in the backyard

Over 800 police have swooped to arrest 15 suspected terrorists preparing for attacks in Brisbane and Sydney.

Authorities have not yet released all the details, but it has been announced that police disrupted a plan to attack random members of the public. In full view of the public.

It is alleged that this would have included beheadings and mass shootings.

Not surprisingly, the alleged terrorist activity was to have been conducted by supporters of the Islamic State.

That means you can expect two things:

  1. Umpteen media conferences over the next 24 hours from people in high places saying that this has nothing to do with Islam.
  2. Bleeding-heart opinion pieces in tomorrow’s papers offering the view that the Islamic community are the real victims of this morning’s events.

Both are codswallop. It’s time especially that the lie that Islam is peaceful is stopped. It’s politically-correct rubbish and all it does is make Team Australia feel like a bunch of racists in their own country. It’s not how you go about building community spirit.

There is no more perfect example of this than how one witness to today’s proceedings described events to

He described his feelings towards his neighbours being linked to terrorist organisations as “a bit iffy”.

“Around the area, we’ve got a lot of, you know … I’m not a racist or anything … but you see these people, we walk down the street, you say ‘g’day’, they look down.

“You don’t know how to take it.”

Australians have become so cowed by politically-correct totalitarianism that they can’t even call a bloody spade a shovel anymore, even while those with a predilection for beheading are being pulled from houses around them by a battalion of police.

Of concern, senior police have stated categorically that the decision to raise terrorism threat levels was not linked with this massive operation.

That means it is likely that there are others out there also plotting and planning to conduct attacks in Australia. This is not going to be a one off show.

These raids follow the announcement that a Sydney couple are being investigated for channelling millions of dollars overseas to support Islamic terrorist groups. And they come just hours before a Logan man arrested last week for providing support to the al Qaeda linked group, Jabhat al Nusra, faces court. Lebanese Christians have also been intimidated after a car displaying the flag of the Islamic State drove past the local church, while the driver shouted threats about slaughtering the parish children.

So if you are sick of hearing about Muslims attacking the very fabric of our society, you have two options:

  1. Turn off the television, radio and stop buying the newspaper. You will just continue to be disappointed.
  2. Do something useful, like contacting your local parliamentarians and councillors to let them know that it’s time Islamic immigration was damned, Sharia Law banned, Halal certification canned and mosque applications panned.

And tell them to stop with the nancy-boy hand-wringing about Islam being peaceful. It only makes them look stupid.

Of course, not everyone sees Islam as a problem. Like Uthman Badr, of Hizb ut Tahrir ‘honour killings are great’ fame.

He reckons the police were heavy handed this morning and just oppressing a peaceful minority.

So there will be a protest tonight. In Lakemba.

That’s great. If I was ASIO I’d be offering free tickets to everyone who shows up for a direct flight to Mosul. They don’t oppress the peaceful Muslims there.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Sending these nut cases to prison is a bad move,its the perfect breeding ground for making more of them and with the charachter of some prisoners they would be able to create a very violent and terrible soldier.I have a relative who is certified and in an instutution,I know a little about the mental health act and am betting its possible to certify these fruits as being a danger to the community, they would not be able to spread their poison nearly as effectivley in a nut house.

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  2. What the media and police won’t tell you is that innocent Australian children ARE being beheaded in your backyard if you live near an abortuary! When last did Australian police move against the vicious mob of mass-murderers who operate these horrific baby-butchering facilities?

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    • Rory, like I said in another comment to you, let’s focus on one very important issue at a time. Bernard covers the subject of abortion extensively on his blog. This post is regarding the threat of terror attacks on home soil, in my view, it’s up there in the list of priorities with abortion.

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      • Fletch, the 2 issues are hardly comparable priorities – one involves the threat of Islamic violence whereas abortion involves the very real and very savage slaughter of literally tens of thousands of Australian children each and every year. If politicians and police were really concerned with protecting Australian lives, why won’t they do anything about the beheadings currently taking place across the country???? For the record, I am equally opposed to the Islamic false religion as to homegrown feminist and/or neopagan sects. In a war between Islamic jihadists and neopagan Australians, the Catholic should not take sides. This is clearly not a glorious battle to defend Christendom from marauding Islamic savages as in the days of old.

      • Rory, I’m not disagreeing with you, I just think your getting off topic. However I do think the 2 issues are just as important to deal with. The problem with you question is, plotting terrorist attacks in australia is illegal where as abortions are not, hence the lack of police action on the latter. For the record, I’m 100% against abortions.

      • Fletch,
        There’s another double-standard here. If police are going to tackle Islamic jihadists plotting to overthrow the country, what about other dangerous false religions having a similar goal??? The freemasons and other sects of satanism are at least as bad as the mohammedans, and yet no-one is raiding or protesting outside masonic lodges – to be found in nearly every town and tiny village across the country. While we are cancelling passports for mohammedans, can we cancel a few for the freemasons?The legendary president of Ecuador, Gabriel Garcia Moreno, felicitas memoriae, had the right idea when he outlawed freemasonry across his country – right after he had the place consecrated to the Sacred Heart.

      • The problem with that idea Rory is that if a law existed to do that,then that law could be turned on anyone,and in no time we would be living under a bigger despotism than now.The bible tells us about the end game and who the winning side is,best we can do here is win souls for Christ,make a few people think, and perhaps buy some time for our children to have some kind of quality of life in the near future,Jesus will deal with the ring leaders behind any satanic cults and if they are reading then remember, its never to late to come to Jesus Christ he paid for all of your sins in full on the cross of calvery, past and future[ its already done!!,] and is offering you the gift of eternal life,all you have to do is take it,so what will it be blessings or curses?

      • Fletch,
        Abortion is still on the criminal code in Queensland, hence in this state the lack of police action is a failure to enforce the law. Thousands upon thousands of illegal beheadings of innocent pre-born children across Queensland are being willfully ignored while the mere potential of Islamic beheadings seem to get everyone’s knickers in a knot. That’s a disgusting double-standard that cannot be excused. Queensland politicians and Queensland police should be ashamed of themselves.

      • Rory I pulled this straight off the legal aid qld website…..’Abortion is permitted in Queensland where the continuation of the pregnancy poses a serious risk to a woman’s physical or mental health’….. I’m only going off research iv done on the net. Like I said, I’m against abortion.

      • Section 224 of the Criminal Code Act provides that:
        any person who, with intent to procure the miscarriage of a woman, whether she is or is not with child, unlawfully administers to her or causes her to take any poison or other noxious thing, or uses any force of any kind, or uses any other means whatever, is guilty of a crime, and is liable to imprisonment for 14 years.
        Section 225 provides that:
        any woman who, with intent to procure her own miscarriage, whether she is or is not with child, unlawfully administers to herself any poison or other noxious thing, or uses any force of any kind, or uses any other means whatever, or permits any such thing or means to be administered or used to her, is guilty of a crime, and is liable to imprisonment for 7 years.
        It is true that section 282 allows that “a person is not criminally responsible for performing in good faith and with reasonable care and skill a surgical operation upon any person for the patient’s benefit, or upon an unborn child for the preservation of the mother’s life”. However, abortions truly performed for the preservation of the mother’s life are very rare.
        Please note that God’s laws which always supercede Queensland law never permits the direct killing of a baby – even to save the mother’s life. In God’s eyes and the eyes of His One, True Church the life of the mother and baby are of equal value. By the principal of double-effect, in the case of a bleeding ectopic pregnancy, the fallopian tube with enclosed baby can be removed – taking due care to protect the life of the baby as far as possible.

  3. I do hope that the Lebanese Christian school lodges a complaint with the Human Rights Commission about the ‘likely to offend a group’ comment made about killing the parish children..

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  4. ABC23, this evening, 5.49pm, a programme called “Sorry, I’ve got no head”. I do hope it’s a children’ programme.

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    • It was a children’ programme. I guess we’ll just have to wait for the real thing.

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  5. What are the Muslims in Lakemba protesting about? The rounding up of terrorists-in-the-making? Does that indicate they support terrorism, then? So much for the friendly little community-inclusive barby in the park last week. Muslims now showing their true colours, playing the victim and practising taqqiya, while planning their favourite pastime – beheading an innocent passer-by. Islam is evil, and has no place in Australia.

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    • I believe they are worried about losing their invalid pensions (Centrelink and RTA staff aren’t allowed to investigate how these pensioners can afford to own million dollar houses and drive/deal in luxury vehicles)

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  6. Well said Bernard. I too have written to local members Darren Chester and Michael Ronaldson, but it appears that it is not election time so I don’t rate the courtesy of a reply. To David Melandri I would say that it is Cadbury who are acting in a disrespectful manner to you as a person with a genuine concern about Halal certification.

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  7. Well said Bernard. I have sent numerous complaints, and written, emailed our local member Ian Macfarlane but he doesn’t believe Muslims are anything but peaceful. He sees Hal al certification as a business decision by the producers and manufacturers and not a means of raising funds for terrorists.
    I have written to Cadbury’s asking them to stop paying for halal certification and their reply, in part, is as follows:
    “The HCAA has also provided Cadbury with verbal and written assurances that
    it has never been engaged in supporting religious fanaticism of any kind.
    As such, Cadbury has total confidence in the HCAA as a reputable
    organisation, and regards allegations to the contrary as both misguided and
    false. As a business, Cadbury was founded upon values of integrity and respect and
    takes a strong stance against any individual or campaign promoting racism,
    bigotry and disrespect.”
    Islam is not a race so I am not being racist, I am not a bigot indeed I volunteer at two charities. But Yes I do have no respect for the Islamic Cult.

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