Reinforcing success

I had resigned myself to the fact that the Gold Coast City Council would approve the new mosque at Currumbin.

But it was not approved.

So this is a great victory. And it is one that should be celebrated. I congratulate those that took part in the campaign to oppose this mosque.

The vast number of objections to the Currumbin mosque show that Australians are deeply uncomfortable with the spread of Islam in this nation. And the decision by some councillors to change their minds on this application also shows that people power can change government direction.

However, victory is not assured. That is why it is time to reinforce success. And to understand and address the problems that may lead to eventual failure.

It is likely that there will be a legal challenge to the Gold Coast City Council’s decision. The grounds of any challenge are unclear, but it is likely that they will question whether it is legal to knock back a mosque application on religious grounds.

This is a tricky area.

The Gold Coast City Council has strong grounds to argue that they did not reject the mosque on religious grounds. From all accounts it was rejected on planning issues and also because it had a statutory requirement to take into account overwhelming community opposition.

The Queensland Local Government Act 2009 requires councils to make decisions that are sustainable, socially-inclusive, in the public interest and democratically representative.

It is plainly obvious that approving a mosque would undermine the sustainability of the non-Islamic lifestyle of the Gold Coast. Anyone who wants to see how a vibrant community has been rendered completely unsustainable by allowing Islam in should just look at Lakemba.

It is plainly obvious that approving a mosque is not socially inclusive, as it would cause the majority of residents to be excluded and become powerless to please an exalted minority.

It is plainly obvious that approving a mosque is not in the public interest. We are preparing for war with the Islamic State, while our internal threat levels have just been ramped up due to fears of Islamic terrorism.

And it is plainly obvious that the only decision council could take that was democratically representative was to reject the mosque.

But despite all this, a legal challenge may be successful. That’s because our laws and Constitution, designed over a century ago, were made for a nation that was obviously Christian and obviously not Muslim.

In fact, the founding fathers of this nation would never have conceived that their successors would have been so stupid as to allow Islam in or to take root here.

So it’s time to enact laws that will allow councils to reject mosque planning applications for the real reasons that the vast majority of Australians want them rejected: because they don’t want more Islam.

And if that means we need to have a referendum to amend the Constitution to make it legally possible for all levels of government to implement laws and make decisions that specifically halt the spread of Islam then we should do it tomorrow.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Strange that Gold Coast locals should object to a mosque while there’s virtually no objection to abortuaries where Australian children are cruelly dismembered and beheaded each and every day of operations. Why the double-standard?

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    • Rory, please try to celebrate these small victories and focus on one important issue at a time. Remember, baby steps my friend, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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      • Fletch, you may be wrong.
        Abortion is a black and white issue.
        Permits or refused permits for mosques are shades of grey — a question of tactics.
        One could argue that banning people’s attempts to worship may stir up more resentment than 100 sermons inside the mosque.
        One could also argue the opposite.

  2. Well I too thought that the GCCC was going to cave in, but thankfully they did not and hopefully they will also encourage other institution to say no to Islamic wishes.

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  3. I let out a victorious cheers in the car when I heard this news. Let’s hope it sticks.

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  4. Bernard,

    If we actually managed to Ban it, what would the ramifications be?

    What about our Trade to Islamic Countries?
    Our Oil supplies?

    Anything else? I’m just curious, I think Banning it is a GREAT idea.

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    • Hi Annie. Good question. Saudi Arabia bans other religions in the most strict sense possible. And it has no difficulties trading with others. By the way, I am not suggesting that you ban people from expressing Islamic views etc, just that you give governments the power to halt the growth of Islam. No more mosques, no more Islamic funding, no more halal certification, no political jihad to impose Sharia law.

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