We come in peace

Did you know that there are two ANICs in Australia?

One is the Australian Nut Industry Council.

The other is the Australian National Imams Council.

Neither of these organisations deals effectively with crazy people, although they both lead communities that send as many nuts as they can overseas.

One of them has done all it can to help its members become leading exporters of kernels to the Islamic states in the Middle East. And the other has done nothing at all to stop its members becoming leading exporters of colonels for the Islamic State in the Middle East.

One of them believes in lots of nuts. The other just believes in one. But if they both had their way, the world would be full them.

We could go on all day. It’s such fun.


But the good news is that they both come in peace. Especially the Islamic ANIC.

It put out a press release today, following massive raids to arrest members of the community it leads. It starts this way:

His Eminence, the Grand Mufti of Australia, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammad and leaders of a number of key Australian Muslim community organisations wish to reassure all Australians that they have nothing to fear from their Muslim neighbours who want peace and security for everyone regardless of religion.

And it goes on to say this:

The individuals arrested and charged yesterday should be accorded the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

That’s all well and good. The presumption of innocence is part and parcel of our (Australian) way of life. So is condemning plans by the Islamic State to behead randoms in the middle of Sydney during school holidays.

Now, in order to preserve this for all posterity, I’ve captured a screenshot of every word put out yesterday by the Australian National Imams Council condemning the notion of beheading innocent civilians. It looks like this:

page not found

If you carefully checked the image above and found nothing at all, that’s because there were no words to be found.

So while our nation’s Muslim leaders are hot off the mark to defend the innocence of those arrested, they are not so quick to reject violence by Muslims in the name of Islam. In fact, they haven’t done it at all.

However, the press release did announce that ANIC has set up a Facebook page so that Muslims can report every time someone says something that they don’t like. There was no mention at all about whether ANIC would also set up a Facebook page so that Muslims could report planning underway to carry out beheading.

It just goes to show you where the Islamic leadership’s priorities lie.

And then just before he signed off on his press release, the Grand Mufti suggested that those who don’t like his community’s style are bigots.

As has been pointed out to me by readers of this site, it is all very reminiscent of the movie, Mars Attacks!

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Only when everybody kills everybody will there be peace in this” religion of peace”

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  2. Bernie, like your humour, and your point is well made.
    Webboy42 has a point, but he might have missed the point. If citizens (Muslam (sic) or otherwise) feel threatened then they need to speak out about the threat that radical Islam represents. So far only Hizb ut Tahrir has organized a protest, and that was against the security services who are trying to protect us (sigh).
    When we see Muslim supporters of all colours and creeds protesting against what is clearly a threat to ALL Australians then we can ALL feel a lot safer. Until then we should applaud the security services for protecting us all.

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  3. ”The sword of Muhammad and the Quran are the most fatal enemys of civilization,truth,and liberty which the world has yet known”.William Muir, 1903.

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  4. How do you respond to the fact that Australian non-muslam citizens are apparently showing fear after yesterday’s very public raids? How about the alleged attacks on muslams resulting from the same raids and the fear and panic they caused? Forget the muslam extremists, the media and people who incite fear against muslams are doing the terrorists’ job for them. They don’t need to behead anyone to get their message across, they just need to convince the police and media that they’re planning to do it, the media and christians will finish the job.

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    • Webboy42, you are obviously one of those who believe that everybody should just keep quiet andsay nothing about Islamic terrorism Australia. You also seem inclined to give some credence to the Muslim claims of police brutality. I would be very surprised if that didn’t lead to you condemning the police raid entirely. I feel sorry for you because you are either very naive or very ignorant or both.

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      • Wow, you nailed it. …At least half of it anyway. Until the raids yesterday and their wide reporting, I was ignorant of the plans for a Muslim extremist to lop off a random citizen’s head. I’m not going to support the claims of police brutality, but I don’t think we need wide reporting of terrorist plan details when actions are being taken to prevent them either. Maybe you like to hear about details like that, but I really don’t need to hear that crap. I already get nervous when I’m home alone, without hearing that some nutty Muslim extremist group wants to lop off a random citizen’s head to make a bloody point, in the most literal sense of the words.

      • Well, that would explain the spell checker indicating I spelt muslim wrong, I just assumed it was incorrect capitalization. But, you obviously knew what I meant.

      • Webboy, I was in London the day lee rigby was run down, shot and hacked to death by 2 Islamic men. And yes that’s pretty much how the front page of the paper detailed it. It showed a picture of a man covered in the dead British soldiers blood and wielding what looked like a miniature axe. How do you reckon the poms (not to mention the international community) felt that day?, horrified comes to mind. But these are the ugly facts about whats happening in the world so you might want to drink a cup of cement and harden up mate. Get your head out of the sand and stop whining about how sensitive you are to the details of what these people plan to do. The majority of us where already aware of the threat and I for one am glad that the authorities have been as open about the details of these raids as they have been.

      • Sorry, my mistake, just run down and hacked to death. However they were armed with a revolver. One thing that is also important to remember is the attackers attempted to decapitate rigby… hmm decapitate, sounds pretty familiar doesn’t it?

    • Andrew Bolt nailed it on his blog today. You don’t see Bhuddhists in this country talking about a thousand bombs going only means the Bhuddhists are angry at how they are treated. Hindus in this country are not seen as a danger, nor the Hari Krishnas who have been made fun of for decades now. Just as true christianity is the way and example of Jesus Christ, so to, true Islam is the way and example of the prophet Mohammed. Read about the history of the Islamic prophet on the internet-very frightening. The question (big question) I have in my mind, is what to do here in Australia? There are moderate Muslims who (for now) dont practise the full Koran. How do we separate the ‘New Age’ muslims (compromisers) from the true believers? Even if that is possible, how do we know the New Age muslim will not one day decide to become a true believer when they realise, a true believer practises the whole of the Koran?

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