The failing front line in the war against ‘extreme’ Islam

On the one hand, a public servant might lose his head to a knife-wielding jihadi.

And on the other hand, he could be labelled a racist bigot by Big Brother, lose his job and be cast out from society into the exterior darkness of wailing and gnashing teeth.

Actually, to be truthful, they are both cards dealt in the same hand. It’s a hand called ‘being perceived to be the slightest, teeny-tiny bit concerned about Islam’.

And all public servants have had this hand thrust upon them. It’s their plight. Given this, it’s not at all surprising that public servants dealing with Muslims will call Misère and seek to win their lives and livelihoods by losing every battle they fight for society.

Considering the choice that they face, you can’t really blame them either. After all, the responsibility for this situation is not theirs, but rests with their political masters.

We know that public servants are a target for ‘radical’ Islam. That’s because Agim Kruezi was arrested for planning to grab some random public servant from some random public service counter and lop his head off.  And since all that hullabaloo happened, two Victorian police officers have been stabbed and the Islamic State has called for Muslims to rise up and kill Westerners (including Australians) everywhere. That is exactly what has happened to a Frenchman, an American woman and a grandmother in London. All were decapitated at the hand of Muslims.

And three people in Sydney were also incinerated in early September when another Muslim showed the same callous disregard for life and blew his shop up in what is alleged to be an insurance scam.

In this environment, it would be a brave public servant that draws attention to himself by advising against a little thing like a town planning application for a new mega-mosque.

That’s the threat from ‘extreme’ Islam.

It may come as a surprise to some, but ‘moderate’ Islam has made it decidedly unclear that the ‘extreme’ Islamic threat is not halal. For instance, after Numan Haider almost knifed the two police officers to a violent death, the Secretary of the Islamic Council of Victoria, Ghaith Krayem said that he was a ‘little disappointed’ with the police press conference held afterwards.


Because Krayem was upset that the Victorian police ‘pre-emptively’ rushed to the conclusion that it was Haider’s fault for the unprovoked attack, which he also refused to condemn. Instead, Krayem blamed the authorities for doing little to ‘deal’ with the ‘root causes of alienation’. And at the same time, Krayem also claimed that the authorities were doing so much to address the root causes of alienation that it was causing ‘frustration and anxiety’ in the Islamic community.

It is in to this swirling sea of Islamic confusion, where extremists act and moderates refuse to do anything at all that our elected leaders have bravely ventured. And just confused things even more.

For a start, Prime Minister Tony Abbott ruled out changes to Section 18C because it would upset the Islamic community. There’s not much else Tony Abbott could have said or done to send a message that the Islamic community’s sensibilities will be protected above all else by the New Age Government Gestapo than by legislating for Sharia Law itself.

At least we can thank God for Family First Senator Bob Day, who has taken up the fight against the Prime Minister’s decision that ‘Team Australia’ must give up the freedoms it voted for to keep ‘Team Islam’ happy.

Then Abbott and the Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten, got up on their soapboxes in Australia’s parliament to claim that the Islamic State had nothing to do with Islam because Islam surely can’t be that bad.

Christians might believe that charity covers a multitude of sins. But in the post-modern world that view is now outdated. You no longer amend for wrongdoing by doing right. You just outdo yesterday’s bad deed to such an extent that it is no longer deemed outrageous and is promptly forgotten. Hence the Islamic State is what covereth a multitude of sins. In its wake, Uthman ‘Honour Killings are Justified’ Badr is now a meek and docile moderate, while Iran is considered as an ally.

It is in this new paradigm that the message is being sent loud and clear to public servants that ‘moderate’ Islam is worthy of praise and protection.

In fact, public servants are now caught in a triple-pincer movement. ‘Extreme’ Islam plays Bad Cop, ‘moderate’ Islam threatens with accusations of bigotry and the Australian government is funding the Thought Police.

It’s all rather disturbing really because we are engaged in a very different form of war than those fought previously and have completely failed to understand this. The front line against the ‘extreme’ Islamic enemy is not the cops and ASIO databases. Nor is it ‘moderate’ Islam, which has conclusively proven itself as useless as a piggery in Pakistan in the fight against ‘extremism’. No, the man in the trenches is now the humble public servant dealing with applications for mosques and government grants for Islamic schools.

He is responsible for assessing, policing and approving these places, even though it is in their midst that the internal threat to Australia grows and festers.

True, the applications for these developments are mostly filled out by polite Islamic groups consisting of people who like tea and scones. But it’s also true that they like blaming police when Islamic youths engage in unprovoked stabbing attacks. Moderate Islam has turned out to be a fare few shades more violent than the term implies.

And always lurking inside these ‘moderate’ communities are those who practice Islamic teaching on violence. As an area becomes more ‘moderately’ Islamic, the number of hotheads grow. That’s certainly been the case in Australia. And France. And Britain. And America. And everywhere else.

The response is necessarily enormous. It took over 800 police to arrest 15 dudes a couple of weeks ago.

Local councils are the first defenders against this enemy to peaceful Western democracies. But they are woefully equipped to deal with the task at hand. And that is why things are getting out of hand.

For a start, local public servants are not across the issues of Islam. They are not supermen with infused knowledge by virtue of their local office. They are average guys just like anyone else. And, just like everyone else, they have little to no understanding of a religious ideology that was flying below the radar before 2001.

And their employers, the councils, have done nothing to change this.

How many councils provide education on this religious ideology that can credibly be called unbiased? How many councils have undertaken studies regarding the long-term impacts on communities that follow the approval of mosque applications? How many councils have a thorough understanding of anti-terrorism laws? What are the implications for councils and the public servants if terrorist activity is planned or conducted from a mosque that they have approved without proper consideration? What risk assessments are councils required to conduct before approving mosques? Who carries the responsibility for them? How often are they conducted?

These aren’t the only questions that need asking. For instance, has anyone done a risk assessment on the security of local public servants dealing with these applications? If there was one group of people capable of being intimidated, I’d imagine that local council public servants assessing mosque planning applications in a politically-correct environment might be it.

In short, we know that local councillors and the public servants that they manage might find themselves in hot water for failing to support Islam – even when it comes to child sexual abuse. But could they also wind up in trouble for failing to act responsibly in this new age war?

Given the escalating fall out of the Rotherham sexual abuse scandal, it would seem that the answer is resoundingly yes.

Hiding behind political correctness might have kept the Thought Police away for the last 15 years. But it is not going to keep much tougher scrutiny and sanction away when the fan eventually intercepts whatever nastiness was launched in its general direction. All sorts of Rotherham public servants are going to find themselves investigated and possibly even hit with criminal charges because they chose to be nice, instead of thorough. And, as always, the politicians who put in the place the conditions for political-correctness to fester are going to walk away scott-free. If someone has to take a fall, the MPs will make sure it’s some poor public servant doing the 9 to 5 routine and not them.

Unfortunately, when it comes to understanding all the issues regarding terrorism, Islam and mosque applications, it is simply impossible for local councils to be thorough. Councils are not equipped for the job.

That is why this new age war is breaking down at the front line. And the end result will be that people lose their heads in more ways than one.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Might you kindly consider a POBox for manual postal order payments/ donations Bernard, (?)as I don`t have much confidence in cyber transactions(due to an* experience).Whereas with postal orders they are less scam-able etc.They are traceable.Only good to the recipient signed for .I would save to donate a small sum .. given that option.You could maybe claim the PoBoX cost back as an expense toward your blog /journalist expenses legitimately that way also? yes/ No?
    Oh and thank you for caring, and to discuss real concerns, and offering a social awareness/ contributor site.That is value* in itself.

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  2. A very good assessment of our ‘front line’ and the handicap it fights with when dealing with one of our mortal enemies. I note that a British Barrister, Gavin Boby, has had some success when he has been called upon to fight Mosque applications. His main thrust in seeking non-approval is by pointing the finger directly at those who approve the applications, the front line public servants, and to remind them that when the air of political correctness is finally lifted from the West their names will be linked to whatever occurs out of the Mosques they approve. So far, I believe he has had 10 out of 12 applications knocked back.

    Maybe ron raw from the above comment could take that on board when he next visits his local Council to protest about Mosques.

    BTW, DA’s are approved under Local Government Acts. For anyone interested in combatting Council on Mosque applications it may be worth pointing out to the ‘front line’ that the Australian Constitution does not recognize ‘Local Government’ therefore making any legal and binding decisions by Councils under the Local Government Acts illegal and non – binding.

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  3. Very well thought-out article. The point made with the great burden of municipal and council civil servants is one rarely spoken of. I guess OUR responsibility, as speakers of truth and liberty, is to reach out to these people and educate about the true nature of Islam, especially considering mosques and prayer rooms. And we need to get onto this as soon as mosque applications are put forth to counter the ever-present lure to councils of the Islamic dollar, much funnelled from the human-rights wasteland of Saudi Arabia.

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  4. I attended the Q society talk you did in Brisbane and appreciate the work you do. We are currently battling to stop a mosque being approved on the Sunshine Coast.
    hope to donate soon

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