Mentally painful: Katter & homosexuality

The ABC’s Q&A was dedicated to mental health this week.

Apparently, we have made such rapid progress in the diagnosis and treatment of mental health that politicians can now make a medical assessment on an individual and broadcast it to the nation.

At least, that’s exactly what happened last night about an hour into the show.

The supposedly honourable Bob Katter MP, in a statement directly referring to me, announced to the world that I have very serious personal problems. I think what Katter meant by that is that I had the courage to publicly defend the family unit from homosexual attacks. And that he chose to abandon his principles in order to appease the media.

So thanks for the diagnosis Bob. If you’re right, I think that the disease I suffer from should be named Bobkatteritus, in honour of the man who caused it and duly discovered it.

It’s a particularly apt name as it’s only found in individuals who are cast aside after defending the philosophical principles outlined in the constitution of Katter’s Australian Party.

Of course, it only breaks out after one is hit with an unsubstantiated personal attack. Against their character. Delivered to an Australia-wide television audience. And it’s customary that the individual suffering from Bobkatteritus is to endure stigma and shame and to be afforded no opportunity of defending himself in front of a similarly large audience. That’s just how it goes.

But Bob, I don’t think you are in any position to go about making such statements regarding my mental fitness while talking about the issue generally on a nationally televised program. I’m not aware that you have ever qualified as a mental health practitioner. And I’m fairly sure that even if you have, your actions have violated all ethical standards regarding the public disclosure of medical assessments. So it’s clear that a doctor you are not.

And if that’s the case Bob, you might want to consider retracting your statement and issuing a public apology instead.

We know that Bob Katter has not taken the Hippocratic Oath, but he has engaged in blatant hypocrisy. And that is no surprise. It’s the calling card of the career politician.

Let me point out exactly what I mean.

When the issue of homosexuality was inevitably raised last night, this is what the Federal Member for Kennedy had to say.

“In the last seven years…I defy you to find a single statement that I have made in that period of time on this issue.”

Well, let’s defy this politician and google statements made by Katter on the issue of homosexuality.

Oh look. A statement. Made by Bob Katter. On 16 August, 2011. That’s just over three years ago.

And it’s in an article that carries the headline, Gay marriage ‘a joke’: Katter. And this is exactly what it says:

Bob Katter of Katter’s Australian Party said the very idea of gay marriage was a joke.

“This proposition deserves to be laughed at,” he said.

Now I happen to support that particular statement. I agree with it today. And I agreed with it three years ago. In fact, it was on the very basis of statements like this and others that I agreed to join Katter’s Australian Party in the first place. And I was not alone.

But how the tables have turned. Bob no longer thinks that the idea of homosexual marriage is ridiculous. Instead, he thinks it is a vote winner. Except the electoral results of Katter’s Australian Party show that this conclusion is a delusion. It is the political version of mental illness.

And Bob’s shifting position is shown clearly in another article about Katter and homosexuality. It carries the headline, ‘Katter spares pro-gay candidate’. And this is what it says:

“Bob Katter has seemingly come to the rescue of a pro-gay-marriage candidate who was asked to resign from the party…because of his views on same-sex marriage.”

And here’s another one. It comes from an article about the lead Senate candidate that Bob Katter chose to fly the flag for his party in the state of Queensland, James Blundell. And it was written after Blundell jumped out of the closet to announce that he would vote for homosexual marriage:

“Blundell flabbergasted the socially conservative party faithful by saying he would vote in favour of gay marriage.”

Following this line are numerous statements from Katter’s Australian Party members who lined up to resign after Bob’s supposed moral courage was shown to be nothing more than a mirage. And they didn’t leave quietly. They were all prepared to put their unhappiness on the public record.

While Bob was prepared to laugh at the idea of homosexual marriage in 2011, he’s not smiling now. Instead, he’s squirming. And caught in the headlights like a frightened deer. Truth be told, if you ever want to see homophobia personified, just watch Bob Katter’s performance on Q&A last night.

Bob Katter was so scared of the openly gay comedian, Josh Thomas, that he capitulated entirely. It was pathetic. And the end result was that Josh Thomas creamed Katter. He made hay with the most-courageous-politician-in-Australia’s cowardly refusal to stand his ground. And then Josh Thomas demanded that Bob do the following:

“All you need to do, all you need to do… you say, “You know what, I’ve said some stuff in the past, it was a mistake, I understand now, it’s hurting people’s mental health. It’s part of the problem, it’s not part of the solution. I’m sorry, hooray for gay people, here’s some glitter.”

So Bob duly piped up like a puppet on a string with the following words:

“I agree with what your last statement is, and that’s where it’s staying.”

Except that it was written as clear as day on Bob’s face that he did not agree with the statement. He knew it. Josh Thomas knew it. The audience knew it. And they all knew that Bob Katter said it because he had no courage or intestinal fortitude to outline what he really believes.

So, in a word, Bob Katter was made to look like a pathetic fool by Josh Thomas because Bob Katter acted like a pathetic fool in front of him on national television.

Three years ago, when the words Katter and homosexuality were put together, he was making jokes about gay marriage. When those words are put together now, it’s clear that the joke is not just on Bob, but is Bob.

And it’s always bound to result in derisive laughter. Last night was no exception.

It is unfortunate. Because the end result was that there was no actual debate at all about the issues of homosexuality and mental illness. And this is an important issue. Homosexuality and mental health problems are linked. That point is universally accepted by researchers who are both pro-homosexual and opposed to homosexual behaviour.

However, the conclusions on how to best address this issue are contested. There are those who believe that this suffering is caused by external pressures: an unaccepting society. It’s rather like arguing that smoking does not cause lung-cancer, but that it is caused by the negative views of it held by the majority today.

Of course, studies have shown that societal attitudes make no difference to the rates of mental illness within the LGBT community. And if that’s the case then maybe, just maybe, higher rates of mental disorders suffered by homosexual men have nothing to do with the views of people like me and everything to do with the fact that this lifestyle is physically, emotionally and psychologically sickening.

And if that’s the case, then the best way to deal with mental illness within the homosexual community is not to promote homosexuality, but to help men struggling with its effects to escape from it altogether.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Why couldn’t Bob Katter just tell the truth – that same-sex attraction disorder (SSAD) is a preventable, treatable and curable disorder – and with a concerted effort could be eradicated from our society?

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    • I don’t think it’s’s in-born..they can’t change,and no-one can transform their yearnings for the same sex,bizarre as that affliction may be to most..including me..

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  2. The worst part about Bob Katter is that he has betrayed his Catholic Faith. In this regard, he is very similar to many of our Bishops and Cardinals at today’s Synod. I wouldn’t trust any of them any further than they can be kicked. In the good old days before Vatican 2, the likes of Tony Abbott and Bob Katter would have been denied Holy Communion – if not formally excommunicated.

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  3. “openly gay comedian, Josh Thomas”… if you think he’s a comedian you need to check the ratings. He’s simply the daughter his parents wanted.
    And homosexuality is evenly represented with heterosexuality in mental illnesses but absolutely overrepresented in personality disorders. It’s merely the modern trend to destigmatise mental illness by dumping everything that isn’t mental illness into the mental illness basket. One of the main characteristics of mental illness is a lack of insight. So when people start putting their hands up saying “look at me, I’m mentally ill”, you know they’re not. They’re attention seekers and will blame anything and anybody rather than their own character flaws.

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    • Lived and worked in Kennedy on 3 different occasions. Greatest respect for Bob Katter in his representation of the people in his electorate – farmers, miners, generally useful people without whom we would starve and walk everywhere. Put him with the latte set and he’s out of his depth. Can you imagine Josh Thomas getting his hands dirty in either of these professions. But then, in the inner city, food comes from the supermarket and cars come from the showroom and labour and energy and transport and enterprise are just the evil ways capitalists use to enlarge their fortunes, not provide the goods the latte set consume so readily.

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  4. HI Bernard, I purposely watched Q&A to witness the event. I do not think you need to be concerned what Bob said in the programme as you were not mentioned by name. I and many others would have no idea to whom he was referring. It is something more privy to you. Certainly I did not condone Bobs equivocations by not standing by his earlier statements or clearly admitting a change of position.

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  5. Q & A invited Bob Katter to the show to fill the sacrificial galoot spot.

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  6. I’m virtually reeling in partial disbelief that Bob Katter would say those things about you Bernard Gaynor A complete opportunist who,from staunch anti Gay to person that cowered now to be servile lapdog to the homosexuals and corrupt media. I would rather lose my seat than than have these scum dictate terms to get their votes and keep me in power. What about the sacrifices of Cory Bernardi ,Tess Corbett, Bernard Gaynor . Myself I have my child taken off me for speaking up against Family Court Homosexuals lesbians at DHS.I will now wipe my hands of Bob Katter I have no of regrets what I have taken on……so help me God

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  7. Hi Bernard, I watched most of Q and A and the comment re Katter saying you have problems went right over my head sorry. I didnt hear that. So hopefully most people didn’t hear it either. I am disappointed in him saying that. Very disappointed. Hopefully most didnt catch it either. God bless

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  8. Am I reading this right? You now believe that a polly who has changed his views has lost your respect? You did know Katter was a politician right? You do know that whatever is going to pull popularity is what they learn to do, I’m pretty sure thats the basis of any politician. For that matter it would apply to any attention seeker as well, just some seem to like the negative rather than the positive attention. For example this guy I keep hearing about that is arguing till he’s red in the face against gay marriage. Personally not sure why its even his business unless he is gay himself and has commitment issues? Afteral take a look at modern marriage, in the last say 25 years what would the average married life be before divorce? Hmm every country varies but it is rare to see a marriage that lasts longer than say 7 years maybe just maybe 10? I have heard that the same guy uses religion to oppose marriage, I thought religion invented the whole idea in the first place? It is an expensive (unnecessary) formality to convey love as it were? But of course the church does make a hefty profit from it, seems strange that they would turn away so much extra income, maybe the Government can add a marriage tax could you imagine the potential deficit wipe? Oh and psychology has been mentioned, here I am no accredited expert, but not to talk myself up I do love mind games and am quite good at playing with other peoples heads when I want. But seriously, sexuality affects a person mentally? Ok maybe I’ll give to that one as its obvious the “professionals” are referring to the stigmatization, feeling of being alone, fear (of being accepted, outcast, disowned), inability to maintain a rewarding life due to not being able to come to terms let alone speak to others about feelings, oh and let us not forget the long years of social pressure to conform to something that often feels unnatural to an individual. So sure I guess there is a psychological drama to not being allowed to be yourself.

    Hmm I wander is the gay thing just guys? Cause if it is then isn’t it kinda strange that Lesbians aren’t included? Seems kinda childish to me that this guy that is so anti-gay is allowed any word, but I suppose if the media can make children sex symbols by putting them on national TV talent shows then letting them sing stuff they by rights should know nothing about yet, then they can also allow children to talk on sexuality. So glad I don’t watch commercial TV and rarely follow any other social media. To many stupid people calling the shots, all for attention and money…

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  9. I had originally written BK an e mail saying despite a few stumbles, well done on Q and A. In light of what I have just read now, I have sent another e mail saying I am disappointed and will be considering the Katters party homosexual marriage policies very carefully come next election.

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    • Hi Bob – I am disappointed with Katter primarily because he had been so strong previously. His party could have done much good & is supported (still) by good people. I even believe that Bob still personally holds decent values, but he is no longer prepared to defend them publicly in important areas. His decision to compromise the core values of the party was dangerous and I don’t think it will ever be rectified. The momentum that KAP had built was destroyed necessarily in the fight to keep Blundell out of the Senate.

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  10. Bob Katter, mad as a meat axe, scatter brains to boost, I say brains in a reserved kind of way. Any wonder he did very poorly at the last election and trying to reinvent himself with stupid comments and playing the man instead of the ball.
    Time to retire to the knackers yard Bob.

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  11. Well, what else would one expect from such an opportunistic hypocrite that underscores the character of the Mad Katter?

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