We’re at war with the Islamic State & no one knows where halal fees go

The global halal market is set to reach $10 trillion by 2030. That’s a lot of moolah for the mullahs.

And every item of food certified halal has to be checked by an Islamic checker. And it doesn’t stop there. Everything else about the food must be compliant too. The feed. The transportation. Even the packaging. The list goes on.

Forms for halal certification in Australia go into great detail. For instance, processed food suppliers need to give a list of every product and ingredient used. And they also need to give details of the number of employees. Plus the company’s annual turnover figures.

What’s that got to do with the price of a kebab in Mecca?

A lot.

When Islamic clerics talk halal, they talk global domination. It’s achieved by taking the cream of the profit off non-Islamic businesses and channelling it into mosques, madrassas and, on the odd occasion, masked madmen. It’s also designed to ensure that Muslims are prioritised for employment. In Australia. And with the support of the Australian government.

Halal certification organisations confirm that none of their slaughterman are from a ‘deviated’ sect. This is backed up by statements on the meat industry websites and in Australian government regulatory compliance standards. In effect, the entire Australian meat industry, worth over $12 billion annually, is being Islamised. Reports indicate that well over half of Australian meat is now halal. I’ll give you one guess which religion most slaughterers practise.

As time goes by, things will only get worse. And so will the regulatory Islamic requirements. Already one level of bureaucracy is not enough. We know this because the Islamic checkers here in Australia are checked by Islamic checkers from America.

And the checks don’t come cheap. They cost, and they cost every year.

And you can bet your bottom dollar that if companies are going to the lengths of ensuring that there are halal lifts and halal ports to ensure halal food is free from contamination, then they will want to make sure that every other step in the chain meets the requirements of Islamic purity too. That means clean Muslim workers only.

You don’t want to unhalal the lift by letting the dirty kaffirs use it do you?

halal lift

And all these compliance costs are passed on to the consumer. Just like the GST. Except that halal certification fees don’t go to the state. They are an Islamic tax and they go to Islamic organisations.

Like I said at the start, that’s a lot of moolah for the mullahs. But unlike our taxes, which are required to be collected and spent in an accountable and transparent manner, there is often no way of knowing when you pay this Islamic tax or where it ends up.

But we do have an idea. Presumably, it is reasonable to expect that profits obtained from the imposition of an Islamic tax will be spent in accordance with the provisions of Islam as well. After all, it would not really be halal to utilise the proceeds of halal certification in a non-halal way.

And Islamic law states clearly that a percentage of wealth must be donated. This is called zakat and is one of the five pillars of Islam. Zakat is used for eight specific purposes. One of these purposes is jihad. As detailed on the Sharia Finance Watch website, this is how Muslim experts define jihad for the purposes of zakat:

“The seventh category is that spent in the Cause of Allah such as that given to warriors who volunteer in fighting for the Cause of Allah and they do not take salaries from the Public Treasury of Muslims. Generally, the phrase “the Cause of Allah” refers to the war against the enemies of Muslims, as Allah, Exalted be He.”

Because zakat is supposed to be anonymous, it’s hard to know who’s giving what to whom. But we do know that Islamic charities have been channelling money to terrorist organisations. And not just in the Middle East, where Kuwaiti television stations and social media sites have been helping to raise funds to purchase mortar rounds and sniper bullets for the Islamic State. It’s also been occurring in the West, with halal certification companies directly linked to terrorist organisations.

And an Australian government report, published by the Australian Institute of Criminology and titled Money laundering and terrorism financing risks to Australian non-profit organisations makes it very clear that this is a serious local risk as well. It identifies that Islamic charities are susceptible to subversion. It notes research that suggests obligatory charitable donations (zakat) are the largest single source of charitable income for terrorist organisations. And the report goes on to state:

“Charities not only provide a means of generating funds but also of concealing its diversion. Donors that are both witting and unwitting, supply a steady stream of funds that may be bequeathed anonymously due to cultural or faith-based reasons. Verification inquiries around the destination and use of donations are moderated by community confidence in the charities intentions. Funds collected on the pretext of charitable use can then be re-routed to the intended recipients, or divided between charitable and terrorist support. The latter course can act to reinforce terrorist operations, by cultivating sympathies and developing recruitment grounds for the next cohort of militants.”

This report also outlines several examples of Islamic charities that have done just that.

Donate $10 today v2 $2000

It is important to understand at this point that every time you buy a halal product, you are contributing to an Islamic organisation that is obliged by the ‘Prophet’ to donate its profits. In effect, you are funding zakat and you have no idea where your dollar goes specifically, but you do know that very often zakat generally ends up bankrolling jihadis.

If that doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable, this will. The Attorney General’s website states that:

A person can be convicted of financing terrorism if:

– they donate to a charity and are aware there is a substantial risk that the donation will be used for terrorism purposes


– it is unjustifiable to take that risk in the circumstances, that person could be convicted of financing terrorism.

It would seem that there is a good case to argue that the Australian government is in breach of its own anti-terror funding laws. After all, Australian government regulatory provisions on halal certification are effectively forcing all Australians to pay this Islamic tax when there is no requirement to do so. And there is a substantial risk that these taxes will end up being used to fund terrorism, especially as Australia’s Islamic financiers are in the spotlight for sending funds to help Australia’s young men on the warpath with the Islamic State.

Not that the Australian government’s position should be a surprise. The United States government actually sent a bunch of guns and money to ‘Syrian rebels’ just before the Islamic State exploded across the border and into Iraq. That’s even worse. And now they’re doing it again. I’m sure this time things will work out just fine.

Of course, if you have a bit more of a sticky-beak around the Attorney General’s website, you’ll find that our government already knows that financial flows into Syria are a large funding source for the Islamic State. It’s written right there on the page outlining why this Islamic group is a proscribed terrorist organisation. And I say Islamic because that’s what the Attorney General’s department says as well. It even describes the Islamic State as a Sunni group.

Someone should tell the Prime Minister before he does the whole ‘there’s nothing Islamic to see here folks’ spiel again.

Anyway, maybe the Islamic State’s Syrian funding sources detailed on the Attorney-General’s webpage refer to the charity of the United States government. Or maybe it refers to donations sourced in Australia to provide ‘aid’ in Syria. Who knows? But you don’t need to be an expert googler to find the sponsored links of organisations close to halal certification companies in Australia that are sending ‘donations’ to Syria.

The ‘War on Terror’ is not going so well, even though victory has been announced more often than a John Farnham comeback tour.

The Islamic State or ISIS or ISIL or whatever you want to call it has been listed as a terrorist organisation since 2 March 2005. That was about the time that we were starting to lose the war that we won. It didn’t control large swathes of Iraq at that point.

Since then Australia’s terror levels have gone up. And soldiers have been given the idea that it’s probably not so safe to wear their uniform in public anymore. In Australia. And now the Royal Australian Air Force has been called in to start dropping bombs after not being required for the last decade and a half of fighting.

I wasn’t around at the end of World War Two, but somehow I get the feeling that we don’t have the same victory vibes that our grandfathers did.

Given all this and the fact that Australia’s commander in the Middle East has identified that attacking the Islamic State’s funding sources is a key element in our nation’s military strategy, it’s time to take a good hard look at where funds raised via halal certification and distributed as part of Islamic zakat actually go.

And hopefully we’ll also be able to answer a more fundamental question at the same time: why are Australians forced to pay this halal tax on vegemite?

halal vegemite

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Could the Syrian war be a sham simply to place Muslims into Christians nations to fight against them according to Albert Pikes plan and then using the Hegelian synthesis to introduce the luciferian doctrine to the world, wiping out all other religion ? God help us all.

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  2. Clearly, this form of religious tax is in breach of a number of Australian laws & regulations.
    The fact that the annual incomes of companies is required, only proves that the certification process is targeting business that has a large income.
    A full & thorough ICAC investigation is required immediately, with a full suspension of activities whilst the investigation is in process. Any persons working for these certification agencies are to be prevented from sending any funds over seas, & prevented from any travel outside of Australian borders
    All charities in Australia have to provide information as to the use of funds, so why don’t these certification & community groups (and that using that term very loosely!)
    It is very simple to see that this is a scam & extortion in a (PFFT!) democratic society, which is now run by spineless cowards.

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  3. Why? What on earth makes the Australian government force this cost on the Australian people?
    The Australian government no longer works for the Australian people it works for outside interests, and minority groups. And the Australian people are rated second behind all these others.
    It will be up to the Australian people to decide their future, as they have no one of any consequence to decide it for them. The government is an insult to the Australian people, and should be treated as such. They are no longer relevant to the future of this country , and all power should be taken away from them. The sooner the better, or Australia will lose it’s country. The time for waiting , and being nice is over. Enough is enough.

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  4. Technically, isn’t ‘Halal certification’ against one of the entrenched rights in the Commonwealth Constitution? Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Constitution does say that all Aussies have the right of freedom of religion… It just seems to me that Halal, being forced on nearly all Aussies, is a breach of our Constitution… It’s forcing a religion on us, whereas we should be free to choose. So why are we unable to choose? Why are we being forced to buy Halal foods?

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  5. I have recently dug into the halal con myself and am still in shock at how this is taking hold of not just the food we eat but the future direction and opportunities of our children. I purposely went to a deli to find a cheese i could buy without halal cert. as coles has been taken over by halal. As with Monsanto in America, if this halal is left to infiltrate all our food,transport and food handling we will have lost the fight. It would take a mammoth effort to turn around the Sharia Law direction in Australia. We dont do as France says..Our government is weak. It is up to each Non-Muslim australian to network with everyone next to you and bring them up to speed of what is happening to their lifestyle ASAP. Dont be concerned if they fob you off..they will remember when it grows and grows. Look up Halal choices on the web to see what is certified halal. Read and become familiar with Sharia Law and the old and new Koran. Ignorance is there silver bullet. Education is our only avenue of hope. The Nederlands is lost..Germany is maybe next. If we say she’ll be right mate it will only be a matter of time. I AM TRULY IN FEAR FOR MY CHILDREN. Everyone who reads this comment please educate yourself asap. seek out to stop this now.

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    • Doug, I suggest you pop into any supermarket and pick up a jar of vegemite and you will see the halal label on it. Not sure where you got your info, but it is plain and clear that halal which caters to 2% of the population is on many foods that we unwittingly are buying and so financing Muslim interests. We really need to be aware and fight this sneaky extra tax, I have sent off emails to the Prime Minister and my local member asking why I must eat halal, no response so far. I have no idea how we all managed before this invasion of our way of life or why our government seem to allow this. I have also contacted the RSPCA on the cruelty to the animals who are allowed to bleed to death after having their throats slit without stunning first and taking over 20 seconds to die in terror and pain. RSPCA advised they believe this is a cruel practice and bring it before parliament on a regular basis. There is also a site against halal on the internet and it may pay to have a look at what we are all facing and how to combat this barbaric practice. (sorry I have forgotten the name of the site, should be easy to find)

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      • Hi margie. Thanks for the comment. I think what Doug is saying is that even though kraft pays for the halal certification of Vegemite it is actually not strictly speaking ‘halal’ due to the ingredients used to produce it therefor the certification is pointless. I myself don’t know what goes into Vegemite so I can’t comment. All I know is, like you said, it carries the certification therefor I won’t purchase it and the rest of Australia should do the same.

      • When an animal human or otherwise is cornered and frightened its survival instincts are triggered pumping large amounts of adrenaline into the blood stream to feed the mussel system into fight or flight. With halal system of slaughter some of this adrenaline will be left in the mussel (MEAT) probably with other unknown enzymes probably including lactic acid,The system of slaughter previous to halal is to keep the animal quite and relaxed as much as possible to reduce the adrenaline in the mussel tissue. This system is more humane and produces a product that has a longer shelf life. a lot of cattle producers money in the form of a levy has been spent on producing top a quality product, it appears that this money has gone down the gurgler as far as Australian consumers are concerned.We had a world class product accepted every where in the world except by Muslim countries.I wonder if the adrenaline in halal meat has an accumulative affect on the body I don’t know if any study has been done on this .
        I believe the halal certification is nothing but a money grab by the Muslims for their own benefit

        McDonald’s has halal certification?? As they offer bacon egg mac muffin in the morning,bacon being pig meat which to Muslims is an unclean animal and there fore forbidden under halal food ,?? Does McDonald’s cook their Halal certified meat on the same cook top One would would think that under halal the cook top would be unclean contaminated by the pork cooked beforehand and cannot be used to cook halal certified meat in a manner suitable to Muslims according to their religious teachings. It is becoming quite clear that profit at any cost is more important to business than their obligations to the community .

  6. An Australian yogurt company has apparently lost their export contract to the Emirates because they ceased Halal certification because of the social media reaction against Halal certification (extortion).

    If the Emirates refuses to buy Australian yogurt because it lacks Halal certification then Australians should respond to the Emirates in kind, to show that we will not be intimidated by them.

    The Emirates airlines is government owned and is one of the world’s largest airlines. As the Emirates insists upon rejecting Australian goods then we should likewise reject flying with Emirates. Who wants to fly with an airline owned by Islamic bigots who demand that the world should submit to their Halal extortion and intimidation.

    Perhaps a petition against Islamic countries and their companies who reject Australian non-halal imports might be needed to show further how we feel about the Halal extortion.

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    • Unfortunately Notpc, the foreigner who happens to be CEO of Qantas has recently cemented a deal with none other than Emirates Airlines, along with some pretty farcical conditions (all the arabs way of course). It seems Qantas can land it’s aircraft in Dubai etc, but is forbidden to have alcohol on board. One can only guess that all the food, drinks etc also on board must be halal certified as well. Not that it matters to me, because I gave up being a Qantas passenger quite a few years ago.

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    • Some of us have been asleep, and are just waking up (sadly, most of the population are still oblivious). There is a Trojan horse in the camp, only it isn’t being pushed by the Greeks this time. Halal certification sounds like another Trojan Horse: “malicious code that, when executed, carries out actions determined by the nature of the Trojan, typically causing loss or theft of data, and possible system harm” (wiki). I’m taking shopping action, and passing it on. I never signed on for this halal money-grabbing virus. Why should we be forced to support halal certification with money that could be spent improving the health and education of ALL our existing population? Yet instead we find ourselves supporting an Islamic religious imposition with our incomes, and more than likely most of it going overseas to God knows where. Where is the “do-not-call”, I mean “do-not-charge-me-halal” register for us to sign on to? Why would any sane person who is NOT a follower of Islam think this is okay???

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  7. While Australians continue to support gluttonous big corporations which stock halal products they continue to advance the Islamic goal of a caliphate under sharia law in this country. If a store stocks, supports or uses halal products, find somewhere else to shop!

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    • I feel we are running out of places to shop. If we can’t grow our own foods, we will probably starve.

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  8. So, some of you are seeing for the first time what our government is doing, selling us out to foreigners, this started over 30 years ago. We can ‘thank (not) the Hawke / Keating era for this mess. This is where it started and sadly, every labour government since has some sort of ‘destroy Australia’ tactic within it’s policies. (though they will all deny this) Quite frankly, I am sick of these overpaid zealots lining their pockets and enacting laws on us that are totally unethical. The Liberals have lost their ‘balls’ too, bowing to every minority group that gathers on the ‘front porch’. What is interesting to note, This country was founded on Christian principles, people used to respect one another, help each other. Our successive ‘rulers’ have turned a lot of people into scared, deluded, paranoid individuals who are now too scared to say anything or speak up for fear of retribution. We used to be Aussies, undefeatable, loud mouthed, happy go lucky, BBQ loving people who always had time for a mate or introducing a ‘newcomer’ into our ‘fun’. Not only is our food on shelves ‘owned by Islam’, soon they will own the entire meat and veggie industry too, then they’ll buy our water, then we’ll be f****** because our governments, at both state and federal level can;t give ‘our assets’ away fast enough. I hope you all see that this is TREASON. No leader has the right to sell any public land or utility, they cannot be privately owned, that is why they are called PUBLIC. I thank God that we can pray and bless our food giving thanks to God who supplied it in the first place, so cancelling out any curses these ‘halal thieves’ put on our food. I am seriously looking forward to His Kingdom where none of this poison will be allowed. Australia, stand up, before we all end up on our knees losing our heads.

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  9. The Cwth Govt should be pressured to outlaw ‘halal’ slaughter as being cruel. Time we stood up to the creeping, and creepy middle eastern superstition that will end up destroying the freedoms that we have (those that remain) after over 1000 years of struggle in England.

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  10. Hi Bernard,

    Excellent post! Keep up the good work. While we are on the subject of the non-Islamic public paying for halal certification and the subsequent uses of the collected funds, it is also important for people to be aware that there is a closely related kosher certification racket that forces non-Jews to pay what is, in effect, a kosher tax: http://davidduke.com/kosher-food-racket-americans-pay-extra-food-keep-jews-happy/

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  11. Folks, this is only the TIP of the iceberg. All muslims are directed by the Koran to frustrate, obfuscate and intimidate the infidel, us. To do so enhances the prospects of the faithful for an entry to heaven, with all (?) its gifts. And in doing so, if at all possible, to extract from us the funds to do so; win-win for them.

    We are up against a wily enemy here, and make no mistake; they are the enemy. They are beholden to Allah (through his bent prophet Mohammed) to create a world caliphate at whatever cost. Part of that is making the Islamic homelands so untenable that emmigration is perforce the only option; hence the ‘refugee’ problem with boat people (and other illegal entries) we, and many other countries, are experiencing, and have experienced.

    Churchill foresaw what was to come in his papers post-Sudan. Read them for an insight as to his perspecacity and insight. What he posited then is upon us.

    Oh, and by the way, Vegemite is no longer on my shopping list, along with Leggo tomato paste and any other brand sporting the halal symbol. Look closely my friends, lest you be assisting the West’s, and your demise.

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  12. Sorry Rory, there are no Australian companies left, othercthsn Dick Smiths.

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  13. Excellent statement by ex France PM monsieur Fillon

    Muslims who want to live under the law of the “Islamic Sharia” have recently been told to leave France in order to guard against possible terrorist attacks, the government has targeted radicals.
    Apparently, the Prime Minister, Francois Fillon has angered some French Muslims in stating:
    Take it or leave it, I’m tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture.
    Our culture has developed with struggles and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom.
    Our official language is French, not Spanish, or Lebanese, or Arabic, or Chinese, or Japanese, or any other language. Therefore, if you want to be part of our society, learn the language!
    Most French people believe in God. This is not some Christian obligation, influence by the rightists or political pressure, but it is a fact, because men and women founded this nation on Christian principles, and this is clearly documented.
    It is then appropriate to display this on the walls of our schools’ … if God offends you, then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your home, because
    God is part of our culture.
    We will accept your beliefs without question.
    All we ask is that you accept ours, and live in peaceful harmony with us.
    And we offer you the opportunity to enjoy all this.
    But if you’re tired of our flag, our commitment, our Christian beliefs, or our lifestyle, I strongly encourage you to take advantage of another great French freedom, THE RIGHT TO LEAVE.
    If you are not happy here then LEAVE.
    We did not force you to come here.
    You asked to be here.
    So accept the country YOU chose.

    (Perhaps if we circulate this email to the world’s citizens we may find a way to stand up and spread the same truths)

    Well said…Mr Fillon!


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    • Thank you Bernard for helping to clear the fog of what is really happening. I was wondering if it would be a good idea if a symbol was put on to the non halal products. We could have a small picture of Australia with a circle around it saying ‘This product is Non Halal.’ This would make shopping so much quicker and other people would begin to get the idea.

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  14. Excellent right up Bernie! A couple of weeks back I was on the road, listening to Rod Quinn on the abc’s early morning talk back program. His guest was an older muslim women (can’t remember her name) and they were discussing the issue of all things muslim/islam in australia. I called the program and asked her why we pay this tax on our everyday groceries. Rod Quinn sounded very interested and was keen to hear more about halal certification, I can only assume he hadn’t heard to much about it. The guest speaker responded only by saying that it’s a good thing because with out it our meat exports to Indonesia would be effected. I can only assume that she on the other hand knows exactly what I was talking about and chose to avoid the real answer. Unfortunately, before I could pull her up on her rediculous answer, I hit a black spot and lost phone reception. Rod sounded pretty disappointed, needless to say so was I. But anyway i just wanted to share that and commend you on an excellent piece, the message about halal cert. needs to spread as far as possible.

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  15. Well People I would like you to know that the USA trained and financed the ISIS also financed Hamas… Now we are suffering the consequences of their actions.. All that is tied in with this Halal certification…. Watch America because America will crumble and not be the mighty nation it is now and I believe that will happen within the next two years, while Barack Obama is still president..

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  16. With you all the way Bernard. Donation of $30 made.
    Any chance of a BPay facility. Do not know the costs involved for you.

    Peter W

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  17. It is very annoying (understatement) when manufacturers/producers DO NOT clearly mark their produce as being HALAL. It leave the consumer no choice. In effect, because this CLEAR LABELLING is NOT mandated by the government ( truth in labelling) and Halal Certification seem to be apparently OK with the government we have Taxation without Representation….. WRONG.

    I am currently asking local butchers on the NW coast of Tasmania where their meat comes from as in ???? from a slaughterhouse that follows Sharia Law practices. We already know that the vast majority of supermarket meats are Halal – even though they are not marked as such. I do object to this secret/silent certification. I want no part in assisting to pay for war with Islam. PERIOD!

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    • My local butcher at Palm Beach on the Gold Coast QLD gets his NON halal (non ritually slaughtered) meat from Tasmania. It is a great selling point for any Butchery who wants to sell more product as there are a lot of people who want and looking for NON halal meats/meat products. Encourage your local Butcher to advertise in their shop window. Non halal, Not ritually slaughtered. They may be surprised at the increase in custom from Aussie meat eaters.

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  18. We should compile a list of Australian companies that are firmly opposed to halal certification. I can confirm that at Immaculata Pathology, NOTHING that we purchase – either for the lab or for the staff-room is halal certified.

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    • Well done Corey, let’s hope more follow. Unfortunately far too many at this time see this as something that doesn’t worry them. Little do they know, the issue is almost beyond saving & that means a very poor future for our Grandchildren.

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    • I agree! As much as people advertise Halal product what about non-Halal products. I am not interestd in anything Halal!!!!!

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  19. Hi,
    I am looking for a twitter button – this information needs to be spread as widely as possible.

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    • Hi Rita – there is a ‘Share’ button below the post. If you click on that twitter options will be shown. Thanks for your feedback. I am planning an upgrade of the site.

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      • Great to have people like to trying to help our country. Good on you 🙂

    • And it looks like dick smith’s vegemite equivalent won’t be available for much longer 🙁

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      • 333’s make a Vegemite alternative called Mightymite, is just as good and tastes the same as Vegemite. 333’s do not have halal certification.

      • 333 is halal as well

      • No it isn’t habibi

    • Also, Cadbury chocolate products. Shame they are Halal because Cadbury make good chocolate.

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    • Dick SMITHS Ozemite is quite nice and helps Oz producers. And profits go to charity.

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    • I knew there was a reason I didn’t like vegemite!! Promite doesn’t have any halal/kosher certification.

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    • We’re gonna starve.

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    • I asked Woolworths if their meat is Halal Certified and this was their answer.

      Dear Peter,
      Thank you for your enquiry regarding Halal products sold in Woolworths.
      Woolworths ensures that every product it sells is guaranteed by the producer to be true to label, fit for sale in every respect, and compliant with all relevant laws, regulations and expected community standards in areas such as sustainability, as detailed in our Corporate Responsibility Report, available on our website: http://www.woolworthslimited.com.au.

      There is no central register of Halal products ranged in Woolworths stores, however, part of that product warranty is that the producer will ensure that appropriate detail is included on the product label to allow customers to make an informed choice. Woolworths does not hold Halal certification or accreditation.

      In the area of fresh meats, Woolworths does not specifically slaughter livestock using the Kosher method or that is to be labelled as Halal. Processing sites which slaughter for the market generally, including supply to Woolworths, may slaughter animals using the Halal method.

      Woolworths also purchases fresh chicken products from a range of poultry suppliers across Australia such as Inghams Enterprises and Baiada Poultry who advise us that they process in accordance to Halal principles and these suppliers are subject to the Woolworths Quality Assurance programme [WQA] and must pass regular third party audits. These major processors are the same companies who supply chicken to businesses across Australia.

      As with all the products sold in our stores, we ensure that as well as meeting the highest quality specifications they are sourced at the lowest possible price to the customers.

      Kind regards,
      Woolworths Customer Service Team

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      • I worked at v&v walsh in WA ALL there beef and sheep are halal and guess who they supply, you guess it woolworths

      • Thanks for the info anonymous.

      • That is a LIE!, I asked a young worker from the Butchery area of my local Woolworths and he checked the boxes and the lists and advised me that ALL lamb sold in WW is halal and also large amount of Beef products all of which are ritually slaughtered. Woolworths do not label the meats as halal on the packaging but like many others are deceptive in their labelling practice therefore halal fees by stealth (Theft!)The TPP now signed will make it illegal for any products to be labelled Australian made etc. TURDbull has signed Australia up to a very damaging agreement with the TPP with very little (if any) monetary value to Australia just increased prices especially with medications.


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