Waiting for a soldier to be decapitated

It is only a matter of time.

An Australian soldier will be killed in this country by an operative of Islam. Or even worse, his family will be targeted. And it will be a symbol of the rise of Islam and the fall of our ability to defend ourselves and our culture from an enemy we’ve allowed in.

An attack has already been thwarted on Sydney’s Holsworthy Barracks. And they’ve occurred in Britain, America and overnight in Canada on the steps of its parliament. And, just for good measure, a Canadian soldier was killed the day before as well.

When it does happen, there will be a media storm. Then it will die down and mosques will hold open days. More government funding will be diverted to promote ‘moderate’ Islam. Speeches will be made. Visits to Islamic barbeques will take place. Press releases will be issued lauding diversity. And stern warnings will be promulgated to anyone who doesn’t get with the program.

All of it will endorse the idea that the solution to extreme Islam is to support moderate Islam. All of it will grant moderate Islam more of what it wants. All of it will be aimed at forcing Australians to offer their token incense to Allah. Meanwhile, the number of ‘extremists’ will grow.

Then another soldier will die on our streets and the circus will start all over again.

Australia, just like the rest of the West, is suffering from what could well turn into a terminal bout of stupidity. We have fallen for the oldest trick in the book: the good cop/bad cop routine.

Moderate Islam and extreme Islam are not at war with each other. There are violent divides in Islam. But none of these battles have anything to do with ‘moderate’ interpretations of the Quran. Instead, they focus mostly on who gets Mohammad’s loot.

So Sunni, Shia, moderate and extremist are all reading off the same page when it comes to the growth of Islam in Australia. They are on the same side, pushing for the same goals and operating in tandem. In fact, moderate Islam requires extreme Islam to advance anywhere and everywhere.

In the last month we have seen politicians at the state and federal level on both sides of politics wax lyrical about the virtues of Islam, encourage Australians to visit mosques and propose increased taxpayer funding for Islamic programs. And recruiting drives have been launched with the specific aim of increasing the number of Islamic adherents in government bodies and institutions.

All of this occurred because a bunch of psychopaths planned to behead a random Australian, drape him in the flag of the Islamic State and film his bloody corpse lying in Sydney’s Martin Place.

It’s really not a bad outcome for those who want to see Islam imposed and Sharia Law enforced. In fact, the Islamic State terrorist plot is the best things that’s ever happened for moderate Islam in Australia. And the response from our nation’s leaders has only encouraged more attacks. Hey, if one attack will get the hob-nobs to kow-tow to Islam, imagine what two will do!

Given this, it’s no surprise that moderate Islam has been emboldened to speak up and speak loudly. And ever less moderately. That’s why the leaders of Australia’s moderate Islamic community were brazen enough to lodge written submissions with the Senate that laws criminalising the advocacy of terror undermine their freedom. And it’s also why moderate Muslim protestors were shameless enough to gather in the shadow of a memorial to fallen Australian soldiers to condemn the terror raids.

Yet according to the multicultural elite and the nation’s leaders, this Islamic expression is a sign of a healthy democracy.

Yeah right.

The acceptance that we cannot do anything to stop this cancer from growing inside our country is a sign of institutionalised mental illness at a national level.

It’s also a sign of blatant hypocrisy and double-standards.

The same suicidal muppets that are defending the ‘democratic rights’ of dangerous Islamic expression are also doing everything they can to hound the Australian Christian Lobby from hotel lobbies for supporting the extant laws of the land on marriage.

Facebook muppets3
Homosexual activist, Pauline Panstdown, is happy to keep religion out of politics when it comes to Christianity. But not when it comes to Islam (click for larger image).

Facebook muppets2This pro-homosexual Facebook warrior says we should listen to Islam. But not Christianity (click for larger image).

Facebook muppets1Another pro-homosexual Facebook warrior complaining about anti-terror raids on the one hand and trying to prevent the ACL from meeting on the other (click for larger image).

We have reached the point where it’s against the law to ban Hizb ut Tahrir, even though its chief spokesman supports the idea of a nuclear-armed Pakistan dabbling in a global conquest for the caliphate, as shown in the images below which are taken from his Facebook page:

UB - Pakistan 2

UB - Pakistan 1 UB - Pakistan 3  Screenshots taken from the Facebook page of Hixb ut Tahrir spokesman, Uthman Badr.

 But it is not against the law for vigilante activists to disrupt pro-family conferences.

Give me a break.

Increasingly Christians are being told that they can’t express their beliefs publicly. Apparently that’s what separation of church and state is all about. But congratulations if you happen to follow the example of Mohammad. You are now a priority recruit for law enforcement agencies. Because of your Islamic beliefs.

Considering how antagonistic the media is whenever anyone in power mentions anything at all about (Christian) religion, the reverence shown towards Islam over the last month is quite remarkable. Our politicians are too embarrassed to give the slightest nod to the religious creed that the vast majority of Australians follow and that our society and culture is built upon. And when they do turn up at ACL conferences, politicians like Bill Shorten actually insult Christians everywhere by proclaiming their support for homosexual marriage. I bet they wouldn’t do that in a mosque. Instead, they they will humble themselves before the violent religious beliefs of two per cent of the population.

Something is not right here. The wrong people are being encouraged and those who believe in this land’s culture and heritage are being rejected as outcasts.

While our national leaders are too afraid to defend who we are, we cannot expect a religion that was blooded and built on violence against Christianity to hold back. It will strike hard and over and over again. And, increasingly, it will strike with the confidence that we will not rally, that we will not find a Charles Martel and that we will not hold the line like our ancestors did at Tours.

In fact, the very fact that most university students cannot even tell you who Charles Martel was is a sign we no longer value our heritage or those who have fought to protect it.

So expect an Australian soldier to die. At home. Not far from his family. And after taking a pay cut.

And then expect it to happen again.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Bernard. First of all, thank you for your service to your country. It is Patriots like you who can point out our current stupidity which has much of its genesis from within our so called educational establishments, and patriotism and truth telling for which you will be eternally damned by the Marxist collective and those others, who because they hold positions of authority do not appreciate being put on the spot by truth tellers like you. Secondly, I would like to thank you for your honest appraisals of what truly ails us as a country for which you are quite the wordsmith in getting your thoughts across to those of us who can take in and handle the Truth. Part of our current problem today, and as I see it, is the lack of moral fortitude within our ‘authorities’ thinking to choose their own common sense logic above that of the multicultural dogma to which they remain obedient while many of us outside their ‘collective group think’ know exactly what the problems are and how they should be addressed. I would also like to take this opportunity to share some news regarding the starting up of the Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA) which will launch in October next year and has an anti-Islamic agenda and some very common sense policies. The Dutch politician, Geert Wilders ( I refer to him as the modern Winston Churchill) who has a death fatwa against him for his outspoken criticism of Islam, will be at the launch of the ALA which he will tie in with other anti-Islamization parties around the world. Membership is now open to anyone who wishes to join the ALA (I am not a member as I cannot afford the fees) Just type in Australian Liberty Alliance which will take you to their website from which they will then send out an email. The ALA is an off shoot of the Q Society. IMHO, anyone who considers themselves a patriot should at least look at the ALA and their policies.

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  2. It will happen. I just hope any witnesses are able to deal with the situation, immediately, with a Canadian outcome rather than a British outcome.

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  3. Right on the money Bernard. One keeps reading stories of the latest Islamic atrocity against kafirs and apostates with the headline referring to ‘shocking’ etc but nope, not shocked – entirely predictable outcome of 40 years of the current immigration program which even Morrison is dead set on maintaing.

    The likes of so-called conservative political leaders Abbot and Brandis and state premiers like Barrett and Newman will follow up the murder by lies about it being nothing to do with Islam and will console family survivors with similar words, as Cameron did with Rigby’s family, thus serving to fix their inevitable post traumatic stress in concrete.

    One reads of ancient accounts of Islamic takeovers and wonders how it happened so easily and know we know, for we are witnessing it happen here.

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