From diversity to defeat

Soldiers have just been given a like it or lump it pay deal that sees their real wages cut and leave entitlements stripped. The blokes who send them off to war, however, have received pay increases of more than 140% the average Digger’s wage over the last two decades.

That’s pretty insulting at the best times.

But we are not living in the best of times. Our military personnel are off on the other side of the world trying to contain the Islamic State. And they’ve been off doing similar things since 2001.

And the soldiers have done their jobs well.

They haven’t lost a battle. They’ve achieved their missions. They’ve fought bravely.

But the wars have failed.

And if the wars have failed even though the soldiers have done their part, the blame must fall on the dudes who designed the strategy. That’s the dudes at the top: the politicians and the generals and the senior advisors.

These men are the military failures.

And if you want one reason why they have failed, it’s this: the military’s top-brass think that international conferences discussing transgenderism are a great use of time in the midst of the rise of the Islamic State.

That’s right. Our military is being hi-jacked by those who wake up in the morning and think about sex-change operations. And wearing women’s uniforms. And ‘ending’ discrimination by ‘forcing’ all others to accept that it’s normal to cross-dress at taxpayers’ expense.

transgender conference


1413832471119_wps_45_Transgender_Major_Donna_H Attendees at the ‘Perspectives on Transgender Military Service from Around the Globe’ conference.

It is a complete and utter joke.

The military is not about ending discrimination. It is about lethal discrimination.

But while threats are made to kill Western soldiers at home and then brutally carried out, the leadership are signing off on talk fests for transgender personnel. And it’s been held by the American Civil Liberties Unions. When the ACLU is not promoting transgender militaries, it campaigns for the most famous transgender soldier of all: Chelsea Manning.

Manning is a man regardless of what the newspapers say. And he is famous for leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents. That’s why he’s in jail. And his profound personal issues played a large part in his decision to leak this material.

Given all of this, it’s fair to say that people suffering from transgender issues need help and not a uniform and a gun. But the military is giving them both and ‘helping’ by forcing the rest of society to live a delusional lie. It’s insanity.

You would have thought that with everything else that’s going on, the military would have had more pressing matters to deal with. But apparently not.

Hence the conference in Washington held on Monday.

Now, given the fact that the military is cutting wages and budgets are tight, I will be charitable and presume that this junket didn’t come at taxpayer expense. I’m going to assume that the officers who attended took the hip-pocket hit to fly to Washington. And I’m going to guess that they also used their own leave entitlements to do so.

But I am going to put a Freedom of Information request in just to make sure. And I’ll let you know the answer that I get.

This waste of time comes hot on the heels of a Department of Defence document that states the number of Anglo-Australian males in the military is undesirable and that there should be less focus on courage. And it follows the most recent Australian Army Journal that devotes an entire chapter to the idea of forming a female infantry battalion. And the edition before that droned on and on about homosexuality.

This is the Army’s think tank. Its purpose is to build intellectual thought and ideas so that the Army wins the wars it fights.

Yet in the last four editions of this journal, there has been no discussion at all about the enemy’s beliefs or how to counter them. The only discussion of the Islamic religion has been in the context of a piece arguing for the recruitment of more Muslims. It’s PC BS. And it’s criminal negligence.

It is in this culture of stupidity that the Australian Defence Force is winning awards but not wars.

There are no spoils of victory in Iraq. And the Taliban aren’t even waiting for us to leave before taking hold of whole districts. But there are plenty of gongs to around.

The DEFGLIS Chairman has got one. That’s probably why he went to Washington to hang out with the gals. And the entire Australian Defence Force has also been shortlisted by the Australian Human Resources Institute for the category of Inclusive Workforce of the Year. Isn’t that a wonderful endorsement of an organisation that was found this year to have systemically covered up decades of male rape at HMAS Leeuwin and also admits that it participates in events that vilify Christianity.

And this headline is a month old. It sums up the situation perfectly:

male rpae RAN

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. A bloody disgrace. I notice the well paid personnel sure eat well by the size of them.
    they look like bags of spuds in their uniforms.

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  2. I just cannot believe what has happened to our Defence Force. The way it is going it will shortly be run by Gays, Lesbians,and Transgender people.
    Come and join the Services for all the personal operations you need at the taxpayers expense.
    I don’t have a big thing, one way or the other with these people as I believe live and let live but, they are a disruptive influence in a defence force as they want things their way and stuff security and other peoples beliefs and morals and what is needed to defeat an enemy.

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  3. Praise God for real men and real women. This other stuff is from the pit.

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  4. Help me out here. Who went from M to F? And who went from F to M?
    And if any pollies are reading, this is not how I want my taxes spent.
    Well done, Bernard

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  5. I thought I was reading the draft for the next Mel Brooks’ ‘Space Balls in Oxford Street’ movie. Indeed, our military heirachy have lost the plot promoting this sort of hedonistic orgy of insanity.

    Get rid of the transgender lunatics and replace them with good Anglo fighters.

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    • We are witnessing the beginning of Sodom and Gomorrah, except this is on a global scale and is targeted at Western Nations.

      For Gods sake let’s pray more often and with great fervour….and pass the ammunition!

      Di Verse

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