The Goodes oil on racial politics

Adam Goodes says he doesn’t want to just be remembered as a footballer.

I’d say he’s probably going to get his wish and a lot more. Given his latest outburst claiming that Australia is a racist nation based on lies, Goodes is well on the way to making sure that he’s not remembered as a footballer at all.

And that is a pity, because that is what Goodes is actually good at. He is athletic, has great skills and can play the game very well. He’s won two premierships and has twice been recognised as the best player in the league.

But Goodes won’t be remembered for any of that. He’ll be remembered as a sook and Australia’s least favourite Australian of the Year. Let’s hope that we never have another one who is so proud of bullying a little girl into a police interrogation cell.

As I have written previously, that entire incident was a disgrace. If footballers don’t want to be compared to big, hairy gorillas, they should get another job. After all, they are paid a small fortune to entertain the masses by thuggishly chasing a bit of pigskin around a modern coliseum. Just like a bunch of monkeys.

And if Goodes is doing everything possible to ensure he’s not remembered as a footballer, he’s also doing just as good a job making sure that he is remembered as a terrible historian.

That’s because he can’t even get his facts straight about what’s going on today.

Goodes claims that children are taught that Captain Cook ‘founded’ Australia. That’s not true and that’s why no one is able to produce any textbooks to back up his statement. Furthermore, children aren’t taught that this great explorer even ‘found’ Australia either. He is celebrated for being the first European to discover and chart our eastern coastline.

Anyone who knows anything about history will know that James Cook was not the first European explorer to reach Australia. And you don’t even need to be a historian to know this.

In 1985, as Australians were gearing up for the bicentennial celebrations, letters were whizzing around the country with stamps commemorating the other men who reached Australia before Cook and who were even shipwrecked here.

 australia-1985-relics-from-early-shipwrecks-set-fine-mint-24682-p1985 Australian stamps depicting artefacts from shipwrecks in Australia between 1629 and 1727.

stamps navigators1985 Australian stamps commemorating explorers who discovered parts of Australia before James Cook.

And the year before these issues were released was the very first bicentennial stamp issue.

Guess what it featured? That’s right: Aboriginal art.

aboriginal stampsThe very first set of Australian stamps celebrating the 1988 Bicentenary.

So much for Goodes’ claims. Schoolkids have been cataloguing and collecting stamps depicting key moments in Australian history for a long time and they all know that the Australian of the Year is speaking rubbish.

If Goodes really wants to address the lies, he should start by putting a halt to the myth of invasion.

There was no invasion. There was no war. There was no genocide.

And if anyone did try genocide, then they could rightly be described as pretty lousy mass murderers.

There was, however, a settlement. And despite claims of 40,000 years of Aboriginal presence on this continent, it was not until 1788 that civilisation arrived.

It is true to say that the import of foreign diseases took a terrible toll on the indigenous populations.

But it is also true to say that there was hunger and hardship for those who did not know the land. And they faced the same diseases as well.

And there were sporadic atrocities. They were carried out not only by some settlers, but by some of the Aboriginals as well. Any historian who tries to portray these incidents as somehow being central to the story of Australia since 1788 is really missing the forest for the clump of grass way off in the distance.

The big story is that a vast and empty continent inhabited by a small population of nomads was transformed into a civilised and prosperous nation, with opportunity for all. And if that opportunity is not taken, the responsibility does not lie with Captain Cook, or with some hardworking farmer who cleared a block of land with his hands in the 1850s. It lies with the self-piteous individual who has a sense of entitlement that is only beaten in size by his victim mentality.

Adam Goodes should ponder that. And he should also reassess his view of ‘racist’ laws and programs in Australia.

If Goodes is really intent on removing these things, he should get up and can Abstudy.

Why does one 22 year old student get paid $515.60 and another student studying exactly the same course and living in exactly the same conditions get paid $272.80?

I’ll tell you why. Our government says that one ‘race’ is worthy of more money than any other. That would be the Aboriginal race. Hence the name ‘Abstudy’.

It is an inherently racist program.

Now I readily admit that some Aboriginals live in difficult conditions. But their Aboriginality is not central to that. Family dysfunction and a cultural malaise are the primary factors for this situation.

And, sadly, there are non-Aboriginal people also living in the same circumstances.

If the government really wants to address these issues, it should not take a racist approach, but a rational approach that provides support based on circumstances instead of skin colour. And that support should not entrench the problems, but should encourage people to take their own initiative to rise above them.

Let’s hear the Australian of the Year back that.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Adam Goodes is part aboriginal. For denying his other parts, he is being the ‘racist’ (a much over used word I don’t like). Apparently one can claim ‘aboriginality’ if only 1/64th aboriginal, with only one ancestor of that race. Perhaps having never met a real aborigine. What a sham.

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  2. Having served in the regular Army with Aborigines and part Aborigines, and all working together taking no notice of skin colour, I find it interesting how civvy street emphasises the difference.
    Some bright spark in the RSL decided to have a church service once a year for Aborigines that served in the Services. How stupid and discriminatory can you get. In the Services you are ONE and you get on with what needs to be done. It should be the same in civvy street and we would have a far more harmonious society.

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  3. Won’t be remembered?

    Who’s Adam Goodes?

    Mug thugs aside, though — How astute was my Brother, Bill, when he wrote, so long ago, that the evil men do lives after them, while the Good is oft interred with their bones.

    Or (and while speaking of mug thugs) in the case of the Maoist traitor, Whitlam, the lasting legacy of whose few months at the center of the chaos and crime that marked his time in Canberra is that all the wells are poisoned and the Australian Nation he helmed a minute is dead at his hand.

    Even putting aside his imposing on Australia the so-called government “health Care,” that its author, Lenin, called, “the keystone to the archway through which we will march all free men into the totalitarian state” — and that Hitler and his ilk raced to endorse and to instigate — Whitlam murdered Aus by his smashing of the Melting Pot and by his introduction of the twin tyrannies, “multiculturalism” and “pc.”

    Aus was willfully tribalized by Whitlam and his as-corrupt heirs spurning of the traditional Anglo-Saxon, Celt , Northern-European migrants — all easily assimilated into Australia’s mono-culturally-Judeo-Christian/Western/Human-Civilized society — and by their replacement with others, many, many of whom are either effectively and/or are actually unassimilable — even into Human Civilization — let alone into the Australian Nation!

    Pretty-much already post-Judeo-Christian, Aus is likely doomed — but for a couple or six Bernard Gaynors — and an Andrew Bolt or two!

    Brian Richard Allen

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  4. It’s good to here from a person who is speaking what everyone else is thinking. And backing it up with facts Bernard.All you hear these days are people pissing and moaning about how affended they are etc. keep it up mate.

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  5. I agree with everything you said about Goodes. I have been saying much the same, for years. Now he has been awarded AOTY it has really gone to his head.

    As an aborigine, he along with many other AFL players, have received favourable treatment, over non-aboriginal players, in the AFL.

    Aborigines have been over-represented in AOTY awards, both senior & junior. Progressive governments get a warm & fuzzy feel-good sensation & think they will be seen in a good light, by the eyes of the world.

    Goodes behaviour with the 13-year-old girl, at the football was disgusting. Authorities at the game should not have kowtowed to his directions to have removed from the ground.

    Thanks for further information about his erroneous claims of school teaching (Captain Cook) & other mis-facts.

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  6. Happy new year Bernard and to your family good tidings.
    I read your excellent articles and agree with them all simply because they are truthful and make common sense. Oh how I mourn the loss of Common Sense. He was taken from us by Apathy and Minority Groups and we didn’t even notice. I understand God has been dismissed too by the Greens or the party of little consequence and no more Moral Fortitude either. Unfortunately I think common sense, God and morality are all out of favour now thanks to governments trying to tell us whats best for us. Thats not the role of government or the ABC and the anti discrimination board are slowly circumventing our desire for freedom of speech. Now there is a project…..lets have a referendum to change the Australian Constitution to guarantee freedom of speech because its no where to be found in the great tome. Lets get it inserted then 18c of the racial discrimination act could not stand.,
    All the best for 2015 Bernie and please continue to fight the good fight.

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  7. Despite the 40,000 or 60,000 years (or whatever the current number is) of presence on this island/continent, the basic fact remains that, without anglo-european settlement (or invasion if you prefer), the aborigines would still be living as a stone-age people. This fact needs to be acknowledged not only by aboriginal people themselves but also the “progressives” (aka green-left socialists) before any progress in the advancement – socially, educationally and in health – of real aboriginal people can be made.

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  8. Very well said Bernie! Mate, you should have a column in the Sunday mail.

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  9. Get real Goodes, with white settlers coming here, what do you see? evolutions for the better. It would have happened no matter what, it could have also been by other people more cruel then then the Europeans. Be happy and stop whinging, I hope you share your millions of dollars you are making with your people. I say your people because you are the one that want’s to have this division. And again yes you will not be remembered as a footballer, more so as a unjustifiable trouble maker.

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  10. I am over Adam Goodes, he is nothing but a self important little man, which he demonstrated when he made the big deal over a child calling him names.Oh boo hoo what a nasty piece of work he was on that occasion, he would have done better to have the child and her (I think it was her grandmother with her) asked to come into the rooms after the football and sit down and privately explain to the child why the name calling was hurtful and how aboriginals perceive that sort of language. It’s called education, something Mr Goodes seem to lack especially in the history department. I really do not know what he thinks should have happened when the Europeans came to Australia.’ Oh sorry, I can see there are a few nomads in this massive land so we will just go back where we came from and leave you all to it’, how ridiculous. Every country has been invaded and settled by different groups of people and I fail to see why the aboriginals think they are so different and that they alone own this country. The white mans taxes are being used to give aboriginal people a better and healthier way of life, so why can he not appreciate this. I think Adam needs to remember he was made Australian of the year, not aboriginal of the year. How many times does he want a ‘sorry’ for the past, no one denies there was mistreatment in the past and again this also happened in other countries and is still happening in many, but I think Australia is a pretty good place to be for all of us and maybe a little bit of positivity wouldn’t go astray.

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  11. Proposition 1: If you are Aboriginal then you must live in impoverished (add whatever adjective you wish) circumstances. (or, If you DON’T live in impoverished circumstances, you aren’t Aboriginal)

    Proposition 2: If you live in impoverished circumstances then you are Aboriginal. (or, If you aren’t Aboriginal, then you DON’T live in impoverished circumstances)

    Of course, none of these is true as you can find exceptions by the hundreds, if not thousands.

    So why then do Aborigines get more money?

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  12. Goodes has an enormously better life because of European settlement than his equivalent would without it.

    If he would rather live in a bark hut and hunt his own food with sticks that option is open to him too.

    Clearly he doesn’t prefer it.

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  13. I still call him ‘Magilla’ at the footy. 🙂

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