Australia’s Islamic leadership: condemning alcohol and regretting the death of a murderer


Sometimes I despair for the future. It is difficult not to. Especially when supposed news organisations publish articles about the Lindt Café Islamic State murderer with the following quote:

“why exactly he took 17 people hostage inside a busy Sydney cafe with a gun and a fake bomb strapped to his chest, we may never know.”

We all know why Man Haron Monis did these things. He was following the blueprint laid out by Mohammad.

What we cannot possibly answer is this: why is allowed to pretend to be a ‘news’ organisation? The only way anyone would know that what it publishes is allegedly ‘news’ is because it has the word ‘news’ in its web address. Otherwise, sensible people would simply assume they had stumbled upon the deluded musings of a bunch of 15 year old school girls and their cool, gay BFF. And sensible people would then flee from the site and never return.

I hate to say this, but very often makes the ABC look like a bunch of professionals. And that is scary.

At least the good news is that Tony Abbott has called for a complete, thorough and transparent investigation into Man Haron Monis and how and why he ended up here in Australia and was then able to walk into a café with a shotgun.

I support this inquiry.

If it does what it should.

But I will also point out that it is likely to cost millions. And at the end of it we will probably be told that, unfortunately, there is nothing much we can do in a peaceful, democratic society to stop the Man Haron Monises of the world from doing what they do. And that would be a complete waste. So, free of charge, here is all the Prime Minister needs to know.

We need to stop the bleeding hearts from allowing people who believe that Mohammad was a good guy from coming into our country. And then these problems will disappear.

It’s that simple.

Unfortunately, that’s unlikely to happen and we’ll get a bunch of multicultural mumbo-jumbo.

And I will say bollocks to that right here and now. Peaceful and democratic does not mean unable to do anything to defend oneself. Mr Monis was only here because, under governments both Liberal and Labor, bleeding heart public servants decided that security was less important than stupidity.

I will say that again.

Our nation has made a virtue of stupidity.

As a result, people who hold the same beliefs as the Taliban and Osama bin Laden have been allowed to settle in Australia, claim social security payments and then plot and plan the death and destruction of the rest of us. They have even been able to write foul and abusive letters to the families of slain Aussie Diggers. And get away with it.

Given that, it is no surprise that they have now started taking lethal pot shots at innocent civilians.

This is the entirely logical outcome of the public policy settings of the last decades based on the assumption that multiculturalism is infallible.

And like they say in the movies, assumptions are the brothers of words starting with f and ending in up.

That is exactly what we have seen over the past few days.

And with ‘news’ organisations like running around and setting the public agenda, not much is likely to change in the future. Because, for the most part, the journalists are a bunch bleeding heart morons with a death wish for this nation.

They can’t even report the news. They make up fairy tales instead. Like the ‘fact’ that the leadership of the Islamic community has condemned the ‘Lone Wolf’ Monis.

It has done no such thing. Instead, it has tailored its message for the audience. The Islamic community has been exhorted to withstand the heat and informed that ANIC regrets the way the siege ended. It’s the rest of Australia that’s been told the siege was not Islam at work.

And Monis had more social media followers than Australia’s Grand Mufti. So I don’t really know who the Grand Mufti speaks for anyway.

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We can see the media’s bulldust when we look at the webpage of the Australian National Imam’s Council (ANIC).

For your information, ANIC are the same bunch of imams that wrote to the Federal Senate in October to tell our nation’s parliament that laws prohibiting the advocacy of terror infringed their religious freedom.

Not that you would know that. That little admission was not deemed ‘newsworthy’.

Yet it is the smoking gun, fired by the nation’s most senior Islamic cleric, that proves Islam is a violent ideology. No other religious organisation felt compelled to tell our 76 Federal Senators not to vote for new anti-terror laws because it impacted on their religious freedoms. I’m guessing that’s because none of the other religious organisations follow a religion that advocates terror. But, you never know, maybe the Islamic leadership were simply trying to defend their peaceful beliefs from the nutters out there offering to ride with oppressed hijab wearing women on the local bus.

Anyway, ANIC’s press releases over the last 8 days are very revealing.

In short, one has condemned a fake imam. And the other has expressed regret at Man Haron Monis’ demise. One has condemned alcohol. And the other has told the Islamic community to remain strong after one of its members murdered two Australians at Christmas time.

As this link shows, ANIC had a go at a fake imam on 10 December. His name is Mostafa Rashed. And he preached that you can drink alcohol as long as you don’t get drunk.

It is a message so outrageous that Australia’s Islamic leadership were compelled to act. Rashed has been named, shamed and condemned. And, guess what? The Koran was even quoted.

But can you find any press releases on ANIC’s website naming, shaming and condemning Monis? Or even quoting from the Koran about why coffee shop slaughter is not halal?

No. No. No and No.

There’s not one having a go at him for sending abusive letters to the families of Australian Diggers.

Not one having a go at him for being a fake sheikh.

Not one having a go at him for setting his ex-wife on fire.

There is not even a press release having a go at Monis after he was charged with 40 criminal sexual offences. For your interest, there is a press release praising marriage laws in Lebanon. They allow old men to make brides of nine year old girls.

In fact, there is no press release having a go at Monis for killing two people in the Lindt Café either.

There is a press release, however, expressing regret at the way the siege ended. I suppose that makes sense. After all, every Muslim in the Lindt Café was slain. That’s Islamophobia for you and it would also explain why ANIC then told the Islamic community to call the Multicultural hotline if they feel the slightest bit threatened by all the racist Australians out there.

So there you have it. Australia’s Islamic leadership have shown the capability and intent to name, shame and condemn fake imams when they break Islamic law. On alcohol. But not when other fake sheikhs make national news headlines for murder. Or sexual offences. Or sending letters to the families of Australia’s war dead.

ANIC obviously thinks that prohibition of alcohol is more important than coffee shop killings. That’s moderate Islam for you.

Now there’s a real news story. And that’s why you will never see it on

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Reading the comments above I feel a few have missed the obvious, Australia is governed by a bunch of softies and is slowly influensing the population into turning into the same. Unless a strong leadership team eventuates this country will be all kneeling to Allah within 50 years. Bring on a Leader with fortitude who will stand up to non Westerners and kick the bloody lot out

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  2. If the politicians in Australia can’t stand up for Australians than Australians need to. If Australians made citizen arrests on anyone promoting violence for example by waving the ISIL flag what would the police, media or judicial say/do? Why are the police not arresting those Islamic Australians who incite violence or support violence on social media like twitter? They need to change the law forcing twitter to give over all records of these armchair terrorists. Giving armchair terrorists the right to support violence restricts the freedom and peace of most Australians.I agree with previous readers that we need to take legal action including with the the anti-discrimination board re acts of discrimination against Australian’s especially of the non islamic faith. Bernard Gaynor you need to start your own political party. Labour are saboteurs, and unfortunately the Liberal are not standing up for our rights earnestly enough.

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    • What do you think the Shire Liberation Day(called the Cronulla Riots by those outside the Shire) was about? Police and politicians were too gutless to stand up to the bullying, intimidation and violence of the invading hordes so the Aussies stood up for themselves. No one else would. It got a bit nasty BUT it worked. You can’t rely on politicians or the police who are hamstrung by the do-gooders. A violent religion, violent culture, violent people are only going to be stopped by one thing. The one thing they understand.

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  3. Downloaded a great video from youtube the other day”agenda grinding down america”,explains how and when the rot set in, boy have those lefties got some explaining to do.

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  4. Apparently none of the ‘apologists’ for these people have noticed the social division that a lot of European Countries have been experiencing in recent years… This writer wonders why they, the
    trouble-makers, don’t ‘escape persecution’ to another Islamic Country, where they would assimilate more easily.. although I doubt those Countries have a Housing Commission, Medicare , Legal Aid, and other Benefits… I see there was another ‘lone wolf’ act carried out in France a couple of days ago, but I’m sure the French people have nothing to worry about !!… Perhaps the ‘cheer squad’ should make a concerted protest to the UN at the treatment of Christians in such Countries as Indonesia, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, etc. etc. The question to be asked is: Why do these people hate Australia??? Thank heavens for people such as Bernard Gaynor, Pat Condell and others who tell it as it is….

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  5. Fact: For a muslim to renounce violence against people of other faiths (infidels) is to be anti the Koran.
    Fact: For a muslim to renounce the option (nay obligation) to lie to infidels when it suits their ends is to reject koranic teaching.
    Fact: The terrorist killed in Martin Place this week proclaimed himself as a muslim cleric and with his 14000 Facebook followers was obviously accepted as such by many. His actions were entirely justifiable under koranic law.
    Obviously, with such teaching there is a crucial need for Australian muslims to collectively and PUBLICLY differentiate between acceptable and UNACCEPTABLE koranic teaching. Short of this, Australians can have no assurance that they can ever cohabit peacefully with followers of islam.
    Fact: There are muslim families living in this country who most of us would regard as ‘moderate’ who were sent here for the express purpose of “breeding us out”.
    NOTE: muslims of Australia, here is your opportunity to SHINE before the Australian people. Collectively (lead by your imams) and publicly, as one voice, unilaterally renounce all violence and claims of superiority of islam over other faiths. We invite you to proclaim that your first loyalty is to the nation of Australia BEFOR YOUR LOYALTY TO ISLAM. We invite you to do this in Martin Place itself and ask for permission for a memorial to be erected in that spot that encapsulates, memorialises and commits all Australian muslims to these values, always. Let me ask you, “is this something that you would want?” Every Australian that cherishes equality, goodwill and peace would applaud such a stance. Muslims of Australia, take this opportunity to show us all that you are Australians first.

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    • Yes, I agree.

      The Muslims in Australia have an excellent opportunity to say unequivocally their love and commitment to the country. We are ALL Australians. Irrespective of our religion, race, background and whatever else. That is to say that our ethos will be one that is based solely on Justice and Equality or in the commonly accepted catchphrase of A Fair Go For ALL!

      For Australia to forge ahead we must move forward together as a diverse but united and welcoming country – the way it is and the way it should remain so.

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  6. Doug, would you care to address the central issue which is Islam and it’s inability and unwillingness to integrate into western society? I’m guessing not. You claim to be representing mainstream Australia but would look the other way whilst a creed of violence and oppression would impose it’s own backward culture over ours. If you choose to ignore what is staring Australia in the face through the Martin Terrace siege then I question your loyalty to this nation.

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  7. Why no scrutiny about the way the NSW police handled the siege? It seems they were more concerned with preserving this guys life. No criticism to the lads at the frontline, quite the contrary, but to me it was handled disastrously. Did you hear what Scipione said??? Tactical Assault Group (East) was not needed and the NSW Police was better equipped to handle the situation! Police better trained than 2 Commando, guess one learns somethign ew every day.

    It seems the hostages had to rescue themselves! What if someone well trained does this? Not a deranged loon who dosed off at 2am. What if say someone battle-hardened returning from Syria is involved? This is a very disturbing prospect.

    Also check this out was using the siege to make a political statement. It was praising Catherine Burn the assistant police commissioner! Now i’ am unaware of the her abilities and she may be brilliant but the siege was not the correct timing for eulogies. Even more interesting is what she was being praised for. Here is what the article said :

    “His deputy (I’ am assuming they are referring to the commissioner) has been brilliant and unflappable in her role as the public face of this tragedy. DC Burn has done three things remarkably well for well over 24 hours now with barely a break.

    First, she has not lapsed into police-ese, preferring instead to use a little-used dialect (by police spokespeople) known as English. For example, she has used words like “cafe” instead of “premises” and “people” instead of “persons”. She even used the tragic but commonplace word “died” rather than the horribly cold “deceased”.
    Second, DC Burn has answered as many questions as she can openly and without obfuscation. Obviously there has been some things she can’t comment on, but she’s given all she can.

    Third, the Deputy Commissioner has emphasized the proactive nature of NSW policing. Again and again, she has stressed that NSW police officers have been working with the Islamic community and other community groups. She clearly understands that good policing is about relationship-building, not just a game of goodies and baddies, cops and robbers.”

    How epic! Surely she deserves a VC for this! Seriously what planet are these people on? Is using language a criteria for promotion? Did the use of language lead to a successful outcome? This sounds like 1984. These people must be insane?

    On that note i wish all a Merry Xmas and lets hope all goes well.

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    • El:
      Most of your comments are ‘armchair hindsight’ predicated by farcical television shows. It is a known fact, by those who have the skills and knowledge, that the accuracy of a shot through hardened glass has no guarantee of hitting its target. Ending a untenable situation with out loss of life weighs heavy on all concerned.
      Armchair critics will always find fault. And yes the learnings from this tradegty will assist in the future.

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  8. Added to what we allow Muslims to get away with is parading through Sydney, bashing police, damaging property and inciting the beheading of non-Muslims: surely the last constitutes a serious crime, let alone an offensive utterance in public, and something likely to insult a group of people!
    Probably high time Christian groups filed actions in the relevant tribunals for discrimination, insults and offensive statements. The line would be long, but sustained vigorous action like this would get political attention, if nothing else.

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  9. Clearly the problem Australia faces is not limited to some “lone wolf” – but is the entire Islamic false religion itself. Will the Abbott government tackle the Islamic false religion? NO WAY!!!

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  10. Odd that you make no reference at all to the heroic actions of Tori Johnson who sacrificed his own life to prevent this madman from killing his customers.

    Perhaps some praise or recognition of his selfless heroics ?

    It would take quite a man to take on a crazed gunman with a shotgun in a confined space don;t you agree Bernard ?

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  11. I think the halal certificate conman that was there should be investigated.cctv footage should be viewed to see if they were associating. If so his passport should be revoked. They could then confiscate his assets under proceeds of crime due to his deception of everyone over halal certification. This is clearly a con and if the rebel mc or any other organisation did this they would hang.

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  12. Thanks again Bernhard for having the guts and the drive for saying what needs to be said and I thank God that you are because there’s few others who will it seems. Islam is not a religion it is a militant, political force. How many of us Australians have the mung, the fight, the conviction to look the enemies of freedom in the eye and say “not one step back!”
    “Stand Tall, fight hard” – that’s what you say Bernard and we’re with you all the way.
    And by the way Australian media, you enjoy your privileged position by virtue of the trust that we the Australian people extend to you, but beware, there can be an end to patience. This is our land and we will give our lives to defend it if forced to.

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    • Are you really supporting starting a civil war in Australia against law abiding citizens because you do not like our laws and constitution ?

      Seriously Jon

      If you dislike our country and our laws that much leave and go somewhere without our freedoms.

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      • Doug Steley, Jon is not promoting a civil war against any law abiding citizens and mentions nothing about our laws or Constitution. What he is saying is that many of us should be prepared to fight against a murderous backward ideology intent on changing our laws and culture by way of violence to suit themselves. If you don’t like those sentiments then one would have to question your remaining in this country.

    • Tony Abbott was quick to defend Islam in the aftermath of the Sydney siege and said that religion is not to blame. It reminded me of a caption in the Canada Free Press which read: “It’s never about Islam … Shootings, beheadings, vehicular homicides, bombs, knives, axes and free-flowing blood of innocents; but it has nothing to do with Islam”.

      Abbott’s “logic” makes me wonder whether the ninety-nine per cent of world terrorism today carried out by those claiming to be adherents of the Quran are actually Muslim.

      Thanks to the suppression of free speech by today’s political correctness it is difficult to publicly point out factual evidence that paints an ideology in a negative light. Thus, we are left with only the force-fed slant of naïve self-serving politicians and news media sycophants.

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  13. Didn’t see much in the mufti statement about reporting suspicious activity to the police should anyone in the muslim community see or hear something relevant.
    On the other hand if a muslim feels that he or she is the victim of some sleight then there is a hotline ready!!!

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