100th anniversary of first Islamic attack in Australia

Of the hundreds of commemorations that will take place to remember Australian sacrifice during World War One, there is only one that can remember life taken on Australian soil. But due to political correctness, there will be no official commemoration of it at all.

I am referring to the Battle of Broken Hill, in which four Australians lost their lives (none of whom were in uniform) and seven more were wounded.

It started, as these things mostly do, with the sound of “Allahu Akbar” ringing out. This time it was on the outskirts of Broken Hill. The date was 1 January, 1915. Shortly thereafter, two men began shooting at a train taking 1,200 men, women and children to the annual New Year’s Day picnic.

Battle of Broken Hill

What was supposed to be a family day of fun was turned into a raging chaos of carnage.

The two perpetrators were Gool Mohamad and Mullah Abdullah. And no, don’t judge them by their names. Instead, just read their suicide notes, written as they prepared for their lead role and walk-on part in the war in Australia.

Mullah Abdullah’s note said that his actions “were in obedience to the order of the Sultan of the Koran” and he signed it off with an oath to Allah and Mohammad’s big book of peace.  As Mullah Abdullah was the local imam of the first mosque ever built in New South Wales, it’s fair to say that he knew a little more about the Koran and Allah than your average new-age journalist writing fairy tales about the religion of peace today.

Mullah Abdullah was also responsible for the local trade in halal meat, which had twice been shut down because he had been found guilty of butchering sheep without a license. So, in his note, Abdullah also stated that he was also going to kill the local inspector. Who says halal certification is not linked with terror?

Now, Islamic apologists are quick to claim that Abdullah’s grudge with the inspector is proof that Islam did not really have much to do with the Battle of Broken Hill. In response, I will point out that halal lamb chops are very much part of Islamic life and that Abdullah’s disdain for the law regarding animal slaughter a century ago very much resembles the disdain that modern-day ‘Australian’ Muslims have for today’s laws, such as those prohibiting marriage to 12 year-old girls. And besides, the Islam Australia Network defends Abdullah’s actions because he was subject to ‘religious persecution’. In fact, the Islam Australia Network claims that Muslims were placed in an impossible situation because they were required to obtain a license to slaughter animals, like every other Australian butcher.

The good news from Abdullah’s point of view is that more than half of Australia’s lamb chops are now halal certified. He did not die in vain, but was just the first to give his life to impose Sharia law on the rest of Australian society. And I suppose some would say it’s not a bad thing either. We don’t want any other trains coming into contact with weapon-wielding maniacs crying Allahu Akbar on a warm and sunny New Year’s morning. That usually ends in tears for all involved.

Of course, in order to keep the peace, we’ve had to hand control of meat slaughter and production to Islamic police intent on imposing Sharia law and Islamic taxes on all. And that is a little costly in other ways. Some meat producers are coughing up $27,000 a month for the privilege of being halal certified. That fee is used to fund Islamic schools in Indonesia and the cost is passed on directly to the consumer. That’s you. Just remember, next time you tuck into an Australian steak, there’s a good chance that you are not only paying GST, but an Islamic tax as well.

And somewhere in all of this, Broken Hill’s Mullah Abdullah can take a certain degree of responsibility.

The other murderer, Gool Mohamad was not an imam and, like Abdullah, he was not Turkish. Gool was Broken Hill’s ice-cream vendor – one of the first Mr Whippies, if you will. And just as all good horror stories seem to have an evil ice-cream man somewhere in the script, this one is no different.

That’s because Gool was a good Muslim, upset that Great Britain and the Empire was at war with the Islamic Caliphate. As one modern Islamic author has noted, some Australian Muslims felt this decision was horrendous. And other ‘Australian’ Muslims are a little more blunt. Hizb ut Tahrir stated just last year that if Anzac Day should commemorate anything, it should celebrate the defeat of immoral Australian forces at the hands of the Islamic Caliphate.

I guess this kind of puts a different slant on the name of Australia’s largest mosque, standing tall and defiant in Western Sydney: the Gallipoli Mosque. There can be no doubt that its name symbolises the Caliphate’s victory over Australia to groups like Hizb ut Tahrir. They probably regard it as the greatest inside joke of them all.

As Gool prepared to die he also penned a note. It stated, “I must kill your men and give my life for my faith by order of the Sultan”. Then Gool drove his weapon-laden ice-cream cart to the outskirts of Broken Hill and waited with his imam for a trainload of civilian targets to pass by.

By the end of the day, Gool and Abdullah were both dead. So were four civilians, including a 17 year-old girl. Seven more were wounded. It was lucky the toll was not higher.

And then, just like today, came the typically stupid response to an act of Islamic violence. As night closed in, the German Club in Broken Hill was burnt to the ground.

War in Broken Hill


It is ironic that, 100 years to the day after the first Islamic suicide attack in Australia, police will be on the lookout for other acts of Islamic terrorism against Australians celebrating New Year’s Day. We have deliberately chosen to ignore the lessons of the past. So do not be surprised when new families suffer the death of their children, wives and husbands at the hands of those who think that screaming out Allahu Akbar while wielding a weapon is the ticket to heaven.

It is the price this nation will pay for being too afraid to offend those who hate us. It is the price this nation will pay for deliberately forgetting that those who hate us have killed us before.

And on our home soil.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. The grieving partners of Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson will possibly still be alive when the fiftieth anniversary of the Martin Place jihadi terror attack rolls around. Will the Sydney City Council and the NSW state government bow to islamic sensitivities and request that no commemoration be held at the Martin Place memorial? One Hundred years from now Katrina’s partner Paul and Tori’s partner Thomas will certainly no longer be alive. How will the one hundredth anniversary be marked, assuming that what ever memorial is erected ultimately survives for that long? Hopefully any distant relatives will not have to bear witness to the official disinterest that has been shown by the state and federal governments to the memory of those Australians who were brutally murdered by jihadists a century ago at Broken Hill.

    Katrina Dawson was a parent as was John Shaw, the Broken Hill sanitation foreman who died on the picnic train. She will have descendants who will no doubt remember her. Like young Alma Cowie who was the first to die on the picnic train, Tori Johnson will have no descendants. He will be remembered just as Alma has been remembered through broader connections.

    Those who died at Martin Place last month and those who died at Broken Hill a century ago have in common that they were all victims of violence inspired by Islam. What is different about what befell Katrina and Tori compared to those who died on or near the picnic train is that those who died at Broken Hill in 1915 were the only home casualties in a massive conflict where thousands of Australians would soon die overseas.

    Katrina and Tori however are simply the latest casualties in a new conflict in which every Australian is effectively on the front line in the global jihad against the west. Every Australian is either a potential victim of jihadi aggression, or a member of the as yet small jihadi force.

    The jihadi attack at Broken Hill was not understood at the time for what it was. We blamed the Germans. Politically correct revisionist historians and misguided legislators now seek to hermetically seal that attack off from a religion that has a problem with a potential for religiously motivated terrorism. The difference therefore between the Australian authorities of 1915 and now is that in 1915 they were genuinely ignorant of the jihadi threat. Perhaps a few elderly British Empire veterans may have witnessed Islamist violence as an aspect of the Indian mutiny of 1857, or in the war with the Mahdi in the Sudan, and then joined the dots.

    Australia’s leaders can claim no such ignorance today. And yet government leaders are desperately trying to deny any link between Martin Place and the potential for violence with Islam. This is not 1915. It will not work. The Australia people know too much now. The answer is for our government to stop ignoring the elephant in the room and to assert a strong separation between state and religion, with a zero tolerance for religious radicalism.

    The Muslim community in Australia needs to come clean and admit that it has a problem. The Sunni community, and particularly the Lebanese Sunni community needs to be confronted by the government if they remain in denial that most of the jihadis are emerging from within their community.

    An appropriate response at a national level would be for Australia’s leaders to admit the link between Broken Hill and Martin Place. Also to focus out refugee intake on accepting people who are at imminent risk of death and persecution from Sunni Islamist jihadi violence. This would mean accepting Armenian Christian and Yazidi refugees in preference to all others from the Middle East.

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  2. Bernard, I like your stance. On arresting this Islamic BS. It looks like it’ll be down to one thing…How long we put up with these bastards in our midst, before we start reacting.

    This Government is only going to get 2 more years to listen to it’s Voters. All Australians are sick to the back teeth with Islamic anything. From Halal “Certification” of OUR Food that raises the Price of Everything, to acts by “Lone Wolves” disguised by the Media, particularly the ABC Traitors, as acts not Islam inspired,(Who are these Ostriches?), to Tony Abbott currying favour with them. He sounds like that lily livered Neville Chamberlain, a countryman of his. Appeasement DOESN”T WORK TONY…

    Australia should be governed by Australians, ONLY. Our PM should be Australian, white & Christian. Anybody disagrees,leave. As for “Cancelling” these Islamic’s Passports. Bugger that. Let them or make them leave & NEVER Come Back.

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  3. It disgusts me about the Tripoli mosque the non muslims should raze it to the ground and sow the ground with salt. Why do we allow this, it is like the mother ——s trying to build a mosque in New York near the twin towers. I am getting to the point of getting a crusaders outfit and start carrying a large sword and learn how to use a gun and get a carry permit. I am surprised that the gays and the so called brave woman libbers who constantly go after Christians are SILENT to muslims. I am sick of hearing the term Oh but most are good, yeah right. Where are the mass marches against the genocide going on against Christians and non muslims, They are no where, where is the world outrage the un ect. We reap what we sow and we will be paying a big price. We need to realize that because we abort our children and only have one or 2 kids we will be the minority sooner than later and because of this HOLD ON TO YOUR HEADS

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  4. So many insane people derived from exactly the same culture it is simply not possible. It is simply that the Islamic/Muslim ‘rational’ model is significantly different than the Western ‘rational’ model. So yes some claim or promote the idea such acts are perpetrated by ‘insane’ citizens and is therefore not connected to the Islamic construct of Other. It is a lie of course and this lie will in the end lead to civil war.

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  5. Anyone against the ‘white Australia policy is against the Australian Nation. – policy of every real Australian.
    You will know them by their political views.
    Seems as though the anti Australians are in the Federal and State parliaments. Lets get the right minded people into governement!

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  6. This event was covered by Islammonitor.org back in 2007, I believe. Islammonitor.org has been included into the Australian National Library for its informative articles. One may still look it up on the website, but it is no longer accessible for commenting. Well done Bernie for highlighting this first Muslim act of Islamic terrorism on our home soil.

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  7. Nothing has changed. We should not allow any of those so called “peace loving Muslims” into this country. Keep them out and don’t have any dealings with them. Don’t buy their oil, as I would rather pay more for petrol from non Muslim countries. Let them fight their own battles so they can kill each other off.

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  8. As history repeats itself shouldn’t we be writing to the PM to stop their Immigration if they do not come to Australia for our Christian Code of living. If they say ‘Yes’ to following the Koran which says it must kill the Christian they should not be allowed in this country, plain and simple and save a lot of heartache. Many letters to our PM may do something.

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  9. Sadly, many Australians have never heard of the Battle of Broken Hill. At a time when there were very few muslims in this country. Nothing has been learned. We must not offend the enemy!

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  10. A few of us have driven from Sydney for the memorial of the battle of Broken Hill today. Truely alovely event. NO Muslims to be seen.
    It is a shame that there was not Australia wide news coverage.

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  11. Pervrse false religion, makes me think of several members of the front bench.

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  12. Tony Abbott has been bending over backwards to make it look like there was only one lone muslim problem-case in Australia – rather than having to deal with the thousands of similar zealots across the country. He certainly won’t lift a finger to confront the perverse false religion that spawns these savages, and he continues to spout Bill Clinton’s line in support of “safe, legal but rare” abortions. If Australia’s Bishops weren’t all such a bunch of limp-wristed cowards, Tony Abbott would be forced to publicly retract his remarks in support of abortion, or face refusal of Holy Communion as required by canon 915.

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  13. I still do not get why we cannot deport them? There are a few thousand hardcore islamists at most. Deport them and the rest will carry on with their daily lives.(Funny that ten years ago you would not see one bearded zealot in Australia’s cities, now there are hundreds, as if they sprouted like mushrooms!). Also why have authorities not clamped down and closed mosques which breed such recruits for organizations like IS? This applies with most gangs, take out the leadership/zealots and the gang followers will melt away .

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    • El, Muslims will only be deported after we have defeated them in the streets of major cities and towns. It may shock you to realize that many of those ‘holy’ Mosques are in fact weapons caches in disguise and that there are many more hundreds, if not thousands, of soldiers of Allah just waiting for the right moment to start doing to us what they perceive we are doing to them in their old Hell holes that still pass as countries.
      The government knows this and so will not act and the longer the government pretends that Islam can live here side by side with us infidels peacefully the worse the result is going to be when the Muslims decide the time is right to take over.
      There are 350 Mosques in and around this country and growing and all funded by the House of Saud.

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  14. In the new year we should all resolve to support halal-free companies – to stop funding sharia law in Australia. Fortunately, Immaculata Pathology is a 100% halal-free zone.

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  15. Looks like the police is more interested in the imaginary “backlash”…..

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  16. Lest We Forget.

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