Jihad word bingo

Well, this is a surprise.

Three lone wolves probably tweeted #illridewithyou, hooked up to become a wolf pack and then #rodetogethertoaterroristattack.

That’s the power of social media for you.

And now we will listen to days of self-serving reporting about how dangerous it is to be a journalist and the importance of free speech. Of course, the ABC is already running these lines, while carefully avoiding any ‘irresponsible speculation’ about the ‘unknown motives’ of the ‘Allahu Akbar’ screaming Muslims who strolled around Paris avenging Mohammad. Free speech, as self-censored by the mainstream media, doesn’t allow any criticism of Islam.

I’ll have much more to say about this in the coming days. In fact, there is no doubt that the self-created problem of Islamic violence in Western cities will be the enduring theme of 2015. We only have ourselves to blame because we have allowed this problem in.

But for the moment, enjoy some ‘Jihad Word Bingo’.

jihad word bingo

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Dear Bernard,
    I agree with all that you say, but would like to make a suggestion.
    The creed or ideology is called ‘Islam’, the adherents are ‘Muslims’ (PC version) or ‘Moslems’ (out of favour for the past twenty years), and members of the jihadi sub-group are called ‘Islamists’. Inevitably, a certain categorical vagueness develops, which gives a lot of wriggle space for those who do not want to face the truth of the situation.
    Despite the multiplicity of opinions and sub-cults within the “Religion of Peace” these people are, above all else, followers of Mohammed, their so-called prophet, who they consider the excellent exemplar in every aspect of life; and , for anyone with the slightest knowledge of his life, this is not the sort of fellow one would like to have in the neighbourhood. His was a deeply-flawed character (to say the least.)
    My suggestion is that we refer to them as ‘Mahommedans’, because doing so puts into very clear contrast the conflict between their values and ours.
    There’s lots more that could be said, but perhaps this will start the ball rolling.
    Keep up the good work.

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  2. Commentators refer to Muslims as belong to a race. Any person can be a Muslim no matter what their ethnic origins. We all belong to one race: the human race.

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  3. Dear Bernard,


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  4. The French are feeding themselves to the sharks if the following quote is true (as we are):

    After police brought the sieges to an end, French president Francois Hollande called for unity and vigilance from his countrymen.
    “With the prime minister I have further strengthened the means to protect public places. But we must be vigilant. I also call upon unity because as I have expressed before… it is our best weapon,” he said.
    “Today in a kosher supermarket it was a terrible act that was committed. The people who committed the acts, these fanatics, have got nothing to do with the Muslim religion.”

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    • Instead of bleating that these terrorist atrocities are nothing to do with islam, President Hollande of France needs to do something heroic. A brave start for a brave heart: ┬áStop the islamisation of France before Paris suffers the same fate as Beirut.

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  5. Notice how the French media has stood back and let the police there carry on with their job?

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    • There are a lot of things I notice El when it comes to the media. None of it good

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  6. The Australian reported today that Islamic Friendship[sic] Association spokesman Keysar Trad is perpetuating the old myth that Muhammad would never have sanctioned silencing his critics. The truth is he was as equally keen to suppress anyone who wrote against him.

    The near-contemporary Ibn Hisham’s ‘Biography of the Messenger’ records how he instructed an acquaintance to murder the poetess Asma. Asma was asleep with a child at her breast, her other children surrounding her. Sneaking in, Umayr ibn Adi removed the feeding child and then murdered her with his sword.

    Asma’s “incriminating” ditty? “F****d men of Malik, and of Aws, f****d men of Khazraj, you obey a stranger who does not belong among you”.

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  7. It never ceases to amaze me how fervent and committed are the followers of a dirty, false prophet in defending their perverse, false religion, yet Catholics don’t even raise an eyebrow anymore while Our Lord is publicly blasphemed and their True Faith openly denigrated – even by Bishops and Cardinals. Pope St Pius X remarked that most of the ills afflicting the world can be ascribed to luke-warm Catholics – and that was in the very early 1900s when the Church was in far, far better shape – well before the “great springtime of Vatican 2”

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  8. This may happen here, the parasites in this case were returnees from wars in Iraq and Syria. Think about it, Monis was an unstable and untrained loon, imagine the damage and chaos that can be caused by trained thugs? I also heard many have comeback from battlefields abroad due to a legal loophole, ie the new laws are not ‘retrospective’. [http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/australian-death-cult-jihadists-who-fought-with-islamic-state-in-syria-return-to-roam-our-streets/story-fni0cx12-1227172123858]

    God help us! The lunatics have taken over the asylum, it seems the lessons of Martin Place have already been forgotten. If what happened in Paris was to happen here, the results would be catastrophic.

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  9. I have some bad news for the useless, bleeding-heart Leftards of the world: it will take a lot more than just hashtags, slogans, fleeting symbolism and displays of emotion to deal with the implacable, ever-growing monolith of islam that has colonised parts of the West by the million over the last few decades. Pathetic bleatings of “I am Charlie Hebdo” are no magic defence against the real weapons so readily acquired and used by muslims determined to destroy the West. The Leftoids of society can shed tears from their collective feminine side and angrily stamp their little feet – it will be the men in the military and the police who actually do the hard yards, when all is said and done. That is – provided the Lefticists have not so denuded the military and police of effective weapons and Rules of Engagement that they, effectively, can do no more than slap the muslim murderers with flaccid lettuce leaves.

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    • You have nailed it Jim. When I got demobbed I thought that the military was going soft because they allowed long sideburns !!, now for Gawds sake poofter training is included in square bashing or at least that’s what the hierarchy of the military appear to be promoting (I apologize to the real men and women in the military my comments are aimed at the different few). Reading up/listening to Bernard Gaynor, it is obvious that he has been railroaded by someone who has the power to access the military who is offended by his outspoken criticism of their life style, I believe that the ADF are subject to Queens Regulations and ACIs as are the British Military ,if this is the case then the senior military command have contravened QRs over and over without justification or explanation which demands closer investigation. QED Section 40 of QRs would cover marching in a gay parade!. In conclusion I am neither a Catholic or a fan of commissioned ranks so I am not trying to curry favour with anyone, am am simply an X military Police Nco, who never pegged anyone unjustly.

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      • Mate you have no idea how politically correct sensitive and feminised the senior brass in the ADF has become. Tired of being a bloke? Always wanted to be a sheila? Well the ADF is just the place for you! If your into a bit of gender reassignment (I think thats what its now called) just join the ADF and the system will pay tens of thousands to turn you from a “he” into a “she”! Money is no object they will spend everything you need to satisfy your hearts desire in terms of dresses, lippy, handbags and all that goes with this applied stupidity. They will even pay for the psych help your wife and kids will need to cope with the fact that Dad is now Mum No 2! Bernard wrote an article on this subject recently, some of the photos of the ADF blokes dressed in drag would fair dinkum make you puke.

      • Got conscripted into European military back in the seventies only to be taken aback by the hairnets on some of the Army inductees. Quickly applied to be transferred to the Navy where thankfully I got into the Marines. No clarty-farty nonsense there. Don’t know what it’s like now though.

  10. A second quote that beggars belief – taken from the same page as the last one – identifies the REAL problem as … sexism! Yes, folks – the killings have nothing to do with islam and everything to do with misogyny! Here is the quote: “I think what shocks me the most is that it has actually happened in this day and age,” one woman at Trafalgar Square said. “That some men can just walk into a building and decimate a whole team.”

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  11. Unbelievable quote of the day concerning these reprehensible, utterly predictable murders perpetrated by muslims in the name of islam. This staggering inanity was uttered by a woman who went to one of the impromptu memorial gatherings that sprang up following the executions, across France at nightfall:

    “This is bad for everyone – particularly for Muslims, despite the fact that Islam is a fine religion” Cecile Electon, an arts worker who described herself as an atheist, said.

    How blind are they who refuse and refuse and refuse to see?

    You can see this quote for yourself on (where else?) the ABC News site at http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-01-08/thousands-join-france-rallies-for-charlie-hebdo-attack-victims/6005858

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