Into battle, backup required

Gay Inc Hates Burns

I have not written much lately.

It’s not by choice. It’s a direct result of legal terrorism that has been unleashed by the High Commissar of Australia’s Thought Police, Gary Burns. He complains that I incite others to hate him.

I disagree. I think he does that all by himself.

Anyway, he’s lodged so many complaints against me with the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board that I can’t keep up. I know of 13 confirmed complaints, but I also know others have been lodged as well. I think the total number is about 20. Tomorrow it will probably be higher.

As way of introduction, you can visit Gary Burns’ website and read the more than 50 abusive articles he has published about me in the last 12 months here.

Oh yeah, this is an email I received from him as well:

Burns email 1

I have 240 more where that came from. Not all them threaten to castrate me. Others just show a repeated and disturbing interest in my children’s sexual orientation. Yes. I said my children. Gary Burns writes to me asking questions about their sexuality.

Anyway, Gary Burns believes that he is a ‘public interest litigant’ who stands up for oppressed minorities. He does this by lodging anti-vilification complaints against other people for what they say. And then he contacts Islamic organisations to offer them the address of his victim, as you can see below.

Burns email 2

Considering that Australia’s Grand Mufti opposed laws prohibiting the advocation of terror because it impinged the Islamic community’s ‘religious freedom’, one can understand why I am not too happy with the above email.

Anyway, Gary’s got this whole complaint thing down to a fine art.

In my case, he’s actually complained about a comment that he left on my Facebook page. He’s also admitted to the Anti-Discrimination Board that he tries to leave comments under fake names. I’ll have more to say about that in due course. And he’s also complained about other things that I have said that, well, he’s said too.

The good news for Gary is that the Anti-Discrimination Board doesn’t do any investigations. It just packages up the complaint and shovels it off to the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal. We know this for a fact because when we issued a summons for the Board’s ‘investigations’ last year, it sent us back an empty envelope.

Gary says that he lodges these complaints to protect the homosexual community from hate. This would be the same homosexual community that Gary proudly acknowledges hates him. That’s kind of bizarre, but then again, this whole situation is. I haven’t even told you the half of it yet, and I won’t be going into all the gory details today either.

But it’s not surprising that the homosexual community hates Gary Burns, considering that just last week he told the man most likely to bring homosexual marriage laws into Australia to pack up the kids and missus and [expletive deleted] off out of the country. Yes, Senator Leyonhjelm got up Burns’ nose because he wants to get rid of the anti-discrimination apparatus that people like Burns play on every day while wreaking havoc on other people’s lives.

Another reason they might hate Burns is because he issued a press release about one of the premiere homosexual organisations in New South Wales, ACON, on 2 February 2011 titled, “CONFIRMED: PAEDOPHILES USING ACON’S FACILITIES”.

And it goes on to state:

Mr Burns also challenged ACON’s assertion that there was “no impropriety in [Sydney Gay Freethinkers’] use of ACON premises”.

“How would they know what’s going on at these meetings?” asked Mr Burns.

“They could be grooming young boys for sex. For all they know, Jack the Ripper could be there. Unless ACON is monitoring the meetings, they’d have no idea what goes on there.”

Hey! Who needs me to write about homosexuals exposing themselves to children at gay pride parades when noted homosexual activist Gary Burns is airing all the dirty linen himself?

But I have. Because this culture has serious problems and is morally bankrupt.

In another article written by Burns, he also admits that the fear of being branded homophobic means the media won’t scrutinise homosexual organisations.

Too right, I say. Gary, I’m with you 100% on that one. I’m not sure, though, that lodging complaint after complaint is going to help dispel the perception that we are faced with a pack of rainbow bullies.

Anyway, Gary reckons it’s fine and dandy to talk about paedophiles using the facilities of homosexual organisations and to complain about bullying within the homosexual lobby. But he also reckons that it’s hate-filled vilification if I write about the same things. Go figure.

Hence all the complaints. If you want to read the posts that caused all this palava in the first place, they are linked below:

But, like I said at the start, I’ve not been writing so much lately. Not because I’m backing down. It’s got more to do with the fact the entire anti-discrimination process is part of the punishment. I’ve already prepared 100s of pages of documentation and had to fly to Sydney three times this year to just deal with this well-oiled nightmare. And we haven’t even got to the first substantive hearing yet.

It’s well-oiled for a reason. This is not the first time this has happened. Burns describes it as his ‘work’ to lodge complaints. He’s been party to over 65% of homosexual vilification complaints since the first case appeared before a tribunal in 1996. And he’s been responsible for every single case with one exception since November 2010. It’s also no coincidence that there has been a huge surge in complaints since that time either. The New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Act 1997 should be renamed after Gary Burns.

And the type of case has changed too. Burns’ first complaint, back in 2002, was against a bloke who wrote threatening messages on his door. Fair enough. His last complaints have been against people in other states who spoke their mind on political issues. And he’s won almost all of them. Not so good.

If the above might sound farcical, the potential outcomes if I don’t manage to defend myself are tyrannical.

Each complaint carries a potential fine of up to $100,000. And it goes straight to Burns. There is also the prospect of an order forcing me to apologise. If I don’t, I face the very real possibility of being jailed for contempt. These anti-discrimination cases have gone that way before.

And I’ll say this right here and now. I’ve gone overseas to fight for this nation’s freedom. And I’m not the kind of man who’s prepared to grovel because the Thought Police back at home don’t believe in freedom anymore.

So I had better win because the options are not great if I lose.

Last week I attended a hearing in Sydney where we asked the Tribunal to dismiss Gary Burns’ complaints on the grounds that they are vexatious and frivolous. The application was rejected and a hearing date was set for 6 February.

Today we lodged an application to have that decision reviewed. I am now waiting to confirm whether it will be, or whether the first of many hearings goes ahead. I’ll keep you in the loop.

Regardless, I’m willing to fight this battle. But I can’t do it alone. I need financial support. My legal team has a good plan and it is a winning plan. But it won’t happen on good intentions alone.

And if there’s no fight and I’m finished off, there will be a new target. You can guarantee that.

If you wish to donate, I’d be most grateful. Details are below:

Family Values Action A/c (covers legal costs)

  • BSB: 084 134
  • A/c No: 39 446 4501

Gaynor Family Support A/c (feeds my family while I fight)

  • BSB: 084 134
  • A/c No: 84 082 9276


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Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Bernard, where is the fight at? Love to hear an update on how you are going! Also, are you not able to press charges against this Gary person for ongoing harassment and possibly get a restraining order? Fight fire with fire! Make him pay lawyer and court fees! Sue him for millions in emotional distress and anguish caused to you and your family! That’ll shut the fagboy up!

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  2. U have my donation too.

    The Garry person is just another typical gutless socialist left winger. They were obviously unloved in their life and are still attention seeking and trying to get their revenge on anyone they think resembles the one (or scenario) that affected them in their earlier years. They have a real mental issue…..the ability to move on in life and a distorted perception of he world.

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    • I tend to agree with perhaps in his young life he felt unloved/unwanted and maybe even sought approval from his father but it never came and so is still seeking approval by taking people to the courts to get that approval by having judgements awarded in his favour against others which fills that deep yawning gape in his life and makes him feel better about himself which is always short lived. I believe another factor that is pushing this man is pure and simple jealousy. You have achieved so much in your life already in your Military career and also a loving and supportive family/friends and the respect of many within your church and the general public who you have not just made aware of but standing up against the dangers that we as Australians are facing. This man probably does not even know himself what is driving him and because he obviously has no self awareness or the ability to reflect on his actions and think about the factors that drive him has no compassion, empathy or ability to make positive changes in his life. He knows so many hate him for his actions/words and rather than self reflection finds it easier to blame others.

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  3. I say to Malcolm Turnbull: “Repeal Section 18C of the RDA forthwith. This whole sorry saga clearly demonstrates the folly engendered by political correctness.

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  4. Hi there,

    I’m reading statement to anti-discrimination board on Scribd and thought you might like it.

    Check it out:

    statement to anti-discrimination board

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  5. Interesting about only the black skirts being Gay Peds.
    In 1969 – 1973, I was 11 – 14 & moved into town. There were 3 local men who annoyed the crap out of me for photos & other things. I won’t go into details – use your imagination. NONE of these people had any religious beliefs what so ever. Since that time, I have been 100% against gay people adopting kids because of the dangers that their gay parents friends present. By all means, if they want to get married, that’s fine by me. Who’s bonking who in the bedroom is none of my business. But when it comes to adopting kids, I’m 100% against it & I’m speaking from experience – I’ve been to hell & 45yrs later, I’m still suffering the effects.

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    • I sympathise and can sadly relate to you, John. However don’t you see that by allowing gays to marry you are opening the door to adoption, after all it is “equality”. It is very soon likely to be too late, another step on the road to Hell.

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  6. Bern, God often makes you wait till the very last second before he moves to bring you out of trouble. The evil you face is not Gary Burns, he is simply an agent of the true enemy, it is not the Gay / Islamic / military / political muppet organisations, these are simply small groups used by the enemy to enact his chaos and disorder on the world and over turn the natural order and natural law laid down by God. The true enemy is a dark and intimidating enemy indeed that would make you think he has everything in his control. And you could almost say he does, but for one thing. He is still subject to the authority of God. He has shaped up against Him before and was smashed.

    Stay true to the task set before you Bern and God will not forget you. He saw the Templars victorious in many battles against the Turks, He saw the Catholics through the great battle of Lepanto, He will see you through this as well. You just have to trust Him. Keep up the good work, direct all glory to God and things will work themselves out.

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  7. I believe in Jesus Christ I believe the things He said, I believe that you are not to worry but to leave what you will say to God , The Holy spirit will give you the words to say ,only Believe. Trust God with all your heart nothing else will suffice only Faith, If God is for me then who can come against me?

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  8. Is Gary Burns actually a real person or a pseudonym someone is using to attack you?

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    • It’s a good question. The Tribunal has allowed him to lodge complaints without ever providing a place for service and under two different names. In fact, in one ruling the Tribunal ordered an apology be sent to ‘Gary’ Burns, but the actual applicant was ‘Garry’ Burns.

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  9. You start to see what people mean by real evil.
    I wonder if ‘gazza’ would like his details posted to known homophobes?

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  10. We will be donating. To Gary, your behaviour is shameful! Disgraceful in the extreme.

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    • I agree. Mr Burns have harassed supporters of the traditional family for the last time.

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  11. Just say, hypothetically, someone started to find Mr Burns’ constant anti-hetero vitriol quite offensive, couldn’t said Mr Burns start finding himself dragged off to court under Section 18c? Seeing as our PM so “kindly” left it as it was?

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  12. This guy is a sad individual and so are those who in the media that advocate his bias, a real home grown Terrorist.
    Keep up the good work to bring up these issues of injustice and abuse.

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    • Can’t agree, Eric. He is a BAD man. The madness is Australia for making it possible. Sukumaran, Chan, Burns et al – the taxpayers pockets are bottomless for these antisocial bastards.

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  13. So he spelt his own name wrong? Twice?

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    • Gary or Garry? Who knows? The Tribunal has never once forced him to use his real name or provide a place for service. In one ruling, the Tribunal even ordered an apology and the name given in the apology was different than the name of the applicant. It makes no sense.

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  14. I’d encourage all fair minded Australians to recognise the enemy that is already established in our own back yard. We need to see that this fight that Bernard is engaged in with the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board and Mr Gary Burns is of vital interest to us all. This not a battle about people’s sexual preferences but rather against militant attitudes, policies and procedures that attack mainstream societal values of freedom of speech, a fair go and of traditional family values that have been the cornerstone of civilisation for thousands of years. Remember that it is our taxes that are funding this unaccountable and dangerous institution that tramples basic principles of justice in it’s headlong pursuit of extreme, unbalanced and fringe agendas. Stalin and Hitler would have applauded the Anti Discrimination Board’s jackbooted contempt for the concept of a ‘fair go’. It’s time to bring this institutional bully to heel and here is your opportunity to be a part of the fight. Many good people have taken on this institutional aberration and have failed. What do you want Australia’s future to look like? If you really care then I urge you to dig deep and give generous financial support to Bernard at this time. Don’t miss this opportunity. You can be a part of a great stride forward for justice here in Australia or you can sit idly by and provide comfort to the enemies of freedom through your inaction. Give, send emails of support and pray. “United we stand, divided we fall”. Stand tall, fight hard.

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  15. “I just did a simple electoral role search …” and broke the law !!!! yes thats illegal … take young Mr Burns illegal act up with the privacy commissioner

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