We’ll ignore this blueprint at our own peril

21 Christians.

21 orange jump suits.

And, at the end of the sickening but slickly-produced, five-minute video, 21 heads resting on 21 bloody corpses.

Libya executions 4

It’s a brutal, savage and murderous atrocity, carried out in the name of Allah, the ‘merciful’, supposedly for the benefit of mankind.

It’s a similar story with another video that surfaced a few days earlier. This time it went for over 20 minutes, but at the end of it a Jordanian pilot is burnt alive. Inside a cage.

jordanian pilot 3jordanian pilot 4jordanian pilot 2

These Islamic State videos are striking for two reasons.

Firstly, there is the sheer blood-lust. These videos don’t just portray an execution. They are the ‘artworks’ of those who revel in cold-blooded murder for its own sake. It’s as if the Islamic State killers are disciples of a psychopath.

Actually, they are disciples of a psychopath. For instance, these barbarians follow in the footsteps of a ‘prophet’ who ordered the decapitation of 700 Jewish men while their wives and children were forced to watch on as the blood flowed. And they believe that in order to be perfect too, members of the Islamic State should re-enact Mohammad’s life down to every last gory detail.

So the Islamic State is not just making this up as it goes along. It has a well-rehearsed blueprint to follow. If you want to know what the Islamic State will do, just go and read Mohammad’s life. There should be no surprise to this at all.

Secondly, these videos are very well produced, choreographed and rehearsed. It’s clear that they are staged and many elements of them are not ‘live’.

The Islamic State media team has a production requirement: the victim about to be executed must be calm enough to be coherent. In all the videos released to date, none have shown a person overcome with emotion in the face of imminent death. Whenever a victim has spoken, he has been remarkably collected, considering the brutal last few moments waiting for him. It’s highly likely that the victim has been forced to give their speeches over and over again until it has become almost second nature. That way, the editors can cut the ‘best’ footage at their leisure after the bloody deed has been done.

It also means that the victim probably did not know for sure if they were giving their last speech, or if another rehearsal of their execution was to come. It’s not enough to destroy the body; the mind must be tortured as well.

Why would the Islamic State do this?

The answer is simple. The Islamic State can’t get its message out if the victim is an emotional wreck and any sign of obstinance, refusal or defiance simply cannot be tolerated. An ideology that feasts on fear cannot allow any indication that the fear has been conquered.

These videos are declarations of war on the West, but they no longer come only from the battlefields of Iraq and Syria. Affiliates are popping up all over the place, hence this latest video from Libya declaring that Rome (and the centre of Christianity) is very much on the target list.

Another of these places is Afghanistan. The Islamic State flag is now flying less than 100 km from Tarin Kowt, which 41 Australians died to free from Taliban rule. You can bet your bottom dollar that any gains made in Afghanistan are going to be short-lived.

These videos are also very effective calls to arms. They give ideas and directions to the most decentralised army in the world. In fact, it is so decentralised that it’s hard for many to recognise this army at all.

But it is there and that is why civilians have been dying in Paris. And Sydney. And London. No Western city can claim that it is prepared to defend itself against attack from the enemy growing within.

It’s time our political, military and security leaders started understanding this.

We are not dealing with any type of military force that we faced in the wars of the 20th Century.

We are not dealing with a nation state.

We are not dealing with an organised command and control structure.

We are not dealing with a centralised campaign.

If fact, we are not really dealing with any organisation at all.

The names of our enemy come and go. Al Qaeda, the Taliban, the Islamic State; who cares what it’s called as long as you understand what it is.

And the only way you can do this is by understanding what we are dealing with.

We are dealing with a totalitarian but fragmented ideology.

There is no ‘one’ Islam. There is no Islamic ‘Pope’. That’s exactly why no Muslim has the authority to say the Islamic State is wrong. Plus there’s the little problem of logic. Condemning the Islamic State is condemning Mohammed too. And it can’t be done with the Islamic texts anyway because they condone the barbaric atrocities we have been witnessing recently. This explains why you hear ISIS killers quote from the Koran when they kill, but you don’t hear Australia’s Grand Mufti quote from it when he “tsk tsks” back at his brethren.

Yes, most victims of Islamic violence are Muslims. But so what? All this says is that a violent ideology is at war with itself. Throwing this fact out there does not in any, way shape or form somehow transform Islam into a peace-loving religion. In fact, the rest of us apostates should be thankful for this small mercy while the various Islamic sects sort out the heretics within.

Most importantly for security here in Australia, we are dealing an idea that has shown a powerful propensity to propel people to act of their own initiative, while at the same time demonstrating that ‘moderate’ Islam is no anti-dote for ‘extremism’. Rather, it is like the culture in which a virulent disease spreads and grows.

The Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, was not quite right when he said recently that a victim, a mobile phone and a knife is all that is required for an atrocity. He forgot the most important element of all.

There must be a person willing to carry it out.

Right now, in Australia, there are 500,000 Muslims. Sure, the vast majority of them would not take part in this type of behaviour.

But they are also represented by the Grand Mufti. And less than six months ago, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed wrote to Federal parliament complaining that laws prohibiting the advocation of terrorism infringed his religious beliefs.

It is not very comforting to consider that there has been no backlash from the Islamic community against Australia’s Grand Mufti for his letter. No Muslim organisation has called for him to resign for so publicly conceding that advocation of terrorism is part and parcel of Islamic belief.

And these are the moderates we hear about so often. These are the people who apparently will save us from the extremists.

Good luck with that.

You should advertise here.It helps to explain why the ‘extremists’ are so insanely extreme. They are drawn from a pool of people who think that the advocation of terrorism is overly-restrained behaviour.

These videos should not be watched carelessly. But they should be watched carefully. They tell us who we are dealing with and what to expect here in Australia.

And every time another incident occurs in the West carried out by a supporter of the Islamic State, it should tell us that our problem is not one of addressing the spread of Islamic State propaganda on social media, or knives, or mobile phones. Instead, our problem is answering why we allowed a minority who follow a dangerous ideology to settle inside our borders.

The 21 dead Christians represent an exultant Islam, crowing that it has conquered Libya. Ignoring this threat won’t make it go away. It will just reinforce the belief that eventually places like Australia will be conquered too, and from within.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. I concur with that ‘green’ senator who expressed outrage at the slaughter of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians…. Wot, you didn’t see or hear it.. Gosh, I must have dreamt it then… …The trouble with the West, is that some of them, usually lefties, believe that islam is a religion of peace, obviously not having read of it’s beginnings.. The reality is that islam and freedom do not go together…..I agree with Ray.. the white-anting of Australia has already begun and I believe one day, not necessarily soon, sharia law will rule us, and finally can anyone point out to me where the Koran mentions love of fellow man, or peace on earth??

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  2. ‘By their works you will know them.’ The koran is the gospel according to Satan. So how do we get our leaders to acknowledge that islam is militant and on the march? Every time there is another atrocity they just bleat that it has nothing to do with islam. Putin and the president of the Czech Republic seem to be the only ones with the courage to call islam for what it is.

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  3. Someone just recently made the wise observation that there were a comparatively small number who risked life and limb playing for Collingwood, but for the many thousands cheering them on from the seats of the stadium the object is the same: Total domination.

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  4. Thank you Bernard Gaynor, I thought I was losing my mind. In this issue of News Weekly we have a sour National Affairs comment on the villainy behind the Australian Liberty Alliance and its Q Society affiliate, both of whom stink(in NW’s opinion) of a bunch blackguards mainly from Serbia and Egypt and of course the right-wing atheist philosopher “and amphetamine addict”, Ayn Rand. The ‘amphetamine addict’ accusation was thrown in I guess so everyone could hiss and boo in unison. If I have cheered and thrown my hat in the air by things that the Q Society have brought to my attention – and I do admit that I have – then by NW’s logic I am entering a vortex at the bottom of which is Heinrich Himmler and Josef Goebbels. If that’s the NW’s gist then my growing disappointment in News Weekly itself has taken yet another giant leap towards Mars. I am not as optimistic as a News Weekly reader ought to be. The sleeping giant of moderate Islam needs only to be enticed from its genie-like bottle and all our silly fears will collapse. Crap! You, being of military background, have probably seen 4 x star, retired Admiral James “Ace” Lyons’ 2 minute reference to the dreadful homogeneity of Islam as voiced by the former Turkish PM (who is now their President): “There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.”

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    • Hi Denis. I have seen the NW article and it is terribly disappointing for an organisation that has had a proud history.

      If NW & NCC are no longer influential, it’s not because there are no battles to fight but because they are not fighting them. I will certainly be watching the ALA with interest.

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  5. Your article on 21 christians showed me a bit more insight into the white- anting of our society. I see on the internet that there are a growing number of world wide sites that are showing others what is coming to them whether they like it or not. Unfortunately I can not think of what to do about it, other then voice concern with my comments and let politicans know of these concerns. I would hope that there are more people in the world who are not brain washed with religion than those that are. In Australia I believe we have to counter every move the mongrels make. Perhaps look into our social system payments to see if it is being abused by newcomers who seem to have the time to plot and plan. As Tony said lets not be ‘the mugs’ in these times.

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    • Ray I agree with your statement to a degree but we can’t put all people in the same boat.

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    • Ray,you wonder what to do about it. Make your peace with the prince of peace. The tragedy of Islam is that the followers have no hope of salvation. In Christ they could have, as anyone can. Ken

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  6. This is a very awful predicament these men find themselves in.
    I feel terribly sorry for them and what is happening around the world must stop.

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