The Chief of Army has some questions to answer

The Chief of Army, Lieutenant General David Morrison, has some questions to answer in relation to his handling of the Army’s ‘Jedi Council’ sex scandal.

But, so far, he has refused to do so.

This raises doubt over his ‘famous’ speech that he is intent on creating an Army that is respectful of women. But, then again, so does his decision to allow uniformed personnel to march with busloads of topless women at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

It also raises doubt over his commitment to transparency and calls into question his motive for making this matter public.

These are the facts.

On 13 June 2013, the Chief of Army gave a media conference informing the public about the ‘Jedi Council’ sex scandal. During this conference, he stated that he first became aware on 12 April 2013 of the allegations that a group of around 100 officers and soldiers had been sending or receiving sexually-explicit emails on Defence IT systems. At the end of that conference, Lieutenant General Morrison also gave the public a commitment to greater transparency.

Then, later that evening, the Chief of Army repeated his claim while being interviewed on the ABC’s 730 program that he first became aware of the Jedi Council scandal on 12 April 2013.

That’s all well and good. So is the fact that the number of those who actually engaged in criminal activity has been whittled from 100 down to one, although a small number of other serving personnel were also sacked.

But within days of the story breaking, it was revealed that Army investigators became aware of the allegations regarding the Jedi Council way back in September 2010.

Furthermore, Channel 7 has reported that the Chief of Army’s most senior staff were informed of the scandal by New South Wales police on 23 July 2012, almost a full year before the Chief of Army addressed the public about the issue. Additionally, Channel 7 also reports that the Chief of Army’s Chief of Staff, Colonel Leigh Wilton, provided Lieutenant General David Morrison with an Initial Incident Report of the scandal one week later, on 1 August 2012. Colonel Wilton also stated that the Chief of Army was briefed on a daily basis about these types of incidents.

However, the Chief of Army is now refusing to answer questions about when he knew what.

So much for greater transparency.

You can watch the entire Channel 7 story below.

To give some further context to this curious case of dates, consider this: the ‘ADFA Skype Scandal’ occurred on 31 March 2011. In contrast, the Army became aware of the Jedi Council scandal six months prior to this.

It is simply inconceivable that no one in the Army thought its Chief should know about a scandal involving the transmission of sexually-explicit material by officers, especially when the ADFA Skype scandal, a situation involving cadets in training, was the subject of such intense media scrutiny.

It is impossible to fathom that the Chief of Army’s staff, after being informed by New South Wales police that these officers and soldiers were under investigation for criminal offences, should decide that Lieutenant General David Morrison should only be informed nine months later.

However, one thing is clear: if the Chief of Army is sticking by his story that he found out about the Jedi Council scandal on 12 April 2013, when his senior staff are reported as stating that he was briefed about it in July the previous year, then the public is owed an explanation.

What is going on in the Chief of Army’s office?

Why did it take so long to inform the Chief of Army?

Why did the Chief of Army only choose to make the scandal public in June 2013, two months after he was informed?

What was his motivation for doing so then?

And why, if Lieutenant General David Morrison is so committed to transparency, won’t he answer questions about when he knew what?

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Why waste so much time and obfuscation on things which ignore the real enemies of the West… the left and their self promotion as progressives… the self serving politicians and our invited enemy Islam in the West.

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  2. The Western world is ruled by a fascist oligarchy. Democracy in Australia went out of the window in the early 1970’s with the illegal and undemocratic abolishing of the White Australia policy. Thus began the non shooting war against indigenous White Australia.
    Since then on almost every important national question, especially those regarding national security, both major political parties have been steadily and relentlessly introducing nation wrecking social policy’s virtually by decree. The pushing of the homosexual agenda and attempting to make sodomy normal and mainstream is but one example.
    Sodomy is an abomination. This is fact not only biblical teaching.
    The word treason is derived from the Latin root, ‘tradere’ meaning to hand over. The Australian federal government, and politicians both Labor and Liberal and their respective agents, public service and ASIO including the ADF who support and push the nation wrecking cultural Marxist agenda must be brought to account and tried for high treason immediately. Unless this occurs we are doomed.
    The Australian Federal government and all Western governments serve a hostile anti West and anti White enemy spawned out of the failure of Marx’s prediction that the proletariat would rise up as one under the communist banner post WW1.
    Marxist revisionists of the Frankfurt school reinvented Marxist theory and developed cultural Marxism or political correctness in order to achieve the same end. To all intents and purposes they have won. The enemy is not so much at the gates it has infiltrated them.
    The United Nations is a communist body as is the European Union, both seek our annihilation as one people and one race.
    This global elite is anti Western, anti indigenous White and genocidal. Our governments slavishly follow a murderous treasonous agenda known as cultural Marxism, or political correctness. A form of communism only more insidious and difficult to combat.
    They have won every major ideological battle in the West since the counter revolution because our governments hold democracy and the will of those they are elected to represent in contempt. Being as it is an impediment to their lust for power and control.
    It boils down to one thing: the removal of Christianity and supplanting it with atheism, Satanism, heathenism, paganism and godless communism.
    Relentlessly attacking race, religion, nation and family.
    It is time to name names and put the fear of Jesus into them. High treason was once a capital crime and still should be, for there is no more heinous act on the statutes.
    Removal of capital punishment and corporal punishment (again undemocratically and against the will of the people) was yet another example of their treason and treachery. For with out them the back of our legal system, the common law, has been broken.
    Morrison Abbott Shorten are but the tip of the iceberg.

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  3. As an x British Military Policeman I was one of a team whose job was to weed out homosexials, it was proven that that they were frequently found to be vulnerable to be recruited as informants to foreign powers. They along with a great number of university graduates with similar tendencies who had found their way into politics were often found to be working hand in glove. I am pleased to recount that the number of pansies that were discovered was relatively few within the ranks of the ORs, I would be taking a closer look at the WO marching in the Mardi Gras as a matter of expediency.

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  4. I am becoming increasingly ashamed of the uniform that I once wore with pride.
    I would never ever again contemplate on joining the armed forces to serve with the likes of the piss weak leaders that we see today.
    My respect for everyday current members of our armed forces is also waning as they need to rise up against the **** that is dragging them into the gutter, before they are ALL classed as PANSIES.

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  5. “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy”; Henry Kissinger. That would pertain to the defence Chief of Staff only; the ranks merely carry out their orders. With all their gold braid, medals and ribbons, they stand idly by, while the country is passively invaded, aided and abetted by treacherous federal governments. Comments in support of Mr Gaynor and to his exclusion from the quotation.

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    • I agree with all the comments shown above!

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  6. From Fairfax Press “Army chief David Morrison will step down in mid-May.

    The federal government hasn’t yet announced his successor, although Operation Border Protection commander Angus Campbell has been mentioned as a likely candidate.

    Lieutenant General Morrison, who was appointed army chief in mid-2011, extended his three-year term at the request of Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

    He attracted global attention in 2013 with a blunt warning to his troops there was no place in the army for degrading behaviour towards women.

    “If that does not suit you, then get out,” he said at the time.

    Subsequently, he shared the stage with actress Angelina Jolie at the Global Summit To End Sexual Violence in London last year.”

    From the way he was crawling to Scott-Despoja when she was announced Ambassador for Half the Population I would wager he has his next job lines up already – carrying her handbag.

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  7. There’s a direct line between the Army’s tolerance of the public flaunting of sexual perversion, the ‘gay’ mardigras, and its experience of ‘sex’ scandals. The support of the former abets the conduct of the latter. They seem to have forgotten that the sex parade is nothing about diversity or tolerance, it is about displacing sex’s honourable place in human society with its degrading and juvenescent perversion.

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    • I note also that the current NSW government, now headed by a so called Christian, is still shelling out taxpayer money to the LGBT ‘mardi gras’.

      Seems that even in politics one’s beliefs must take a back seat to political expediency which is just another reminder to me of why I no longer vote for any of the major parties – they are all corrupt!

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  8. Morrison’s hypocrisy makes a mockery of the high office of “Chief of Army”. If the person heading the army isn’t an individual of integrity, that person should be sacked. Morrison has purposefully politicised the office of the chief of army in his tenure. He is probably gearing himself up for a career in politics. The “Greens” would be a perfect fit for him.

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    • Sad to say the Chief of Army, Lieutenant General David Morrison, is worse than a bad joke. The ADFA is shot to pieces thanks to this man (and his little team of supporters). To let army uniformed personnel march in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras shows you the character of the guy. It is disgraceful what Morrison is allowing. One would not expect him to be honest re his knowledge of when he heard info relating to the ‘Jedi Council’ sex scandal.

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    • This man should have never been Chief of Army:

      No combat Experience . Not even a deployment to Rifle Company Butterworth.

      Elected not to Command a Rifle Company on Promotion of Major. (Spt Coy / OPSO 8/9RAR 1990 / 91)

      Elected not to complete the Basic Parachute Course on taking 3RAR under his BDE Command when previous Brigadiers had -notably Paul O’Sullivan / John Sanderson

      Clearly elected not to command soldiers on any operations and clearly took other self promoting appointments – except for approx 3 months as General Cosgrove’s Chief of Staff (Interfet 1999)- coming in half way through the deployment.

      Has elected to ride the coat tails of his Father / where he must have been sponsored by someone in a position of higher influence.

      Elected to make outlandish / narcissistic comments that no one loves the Australian Army more then him.

      Has clearly civilianised the Australian Army and sold himself to the politicians without any detailed board of studies / analysis before making these decisions these decisions.

      Clearly is not a Student of History!

      Why was this man chosen to be Chief of Army – It is clear he is a Politician – as he has no balance is his decisions and views!

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