Halal certification without Sharia Law? You bewdy…

“These are the stupid things that people are saying,” says Mohamed El Mouelhy, the founder of the Halal Certification Authority.

For those who don’t know, the Halal Certification Authority claims to have 80 per cent of the halal certification market share in Australia.

And as Mohamed El Mouelhy has stated previously, this makes him very rich indeed. Just check out the two minute mark of this Today Tonight report.

Anyway, about three seconds before Mr El Mouelhy went off on SBS about the stupid things that he claims people are saying, he himself said something that is rather strange for a halal certifier. That’s because Mohamed El Mouelhy seemed say that he does not know what Sharia Law is.

This is what he said:

“Well they have said that I’m dishonest, or that I’m using the money that I’m taking to support terrorists, or that I’m actually working to install Sharia Law – whatever that is – in Australia, and to Islamise Australia. These are the stupid things that people are saying.”

Mohamed El Mouelhy said these things while talking to SBS about his defamation case against the Q Society and Kirralie Smith, who runs the Halal Choices website.

You may  be interested to know that he also complained to SBS that people had called him names. He didn’t specify in any detail exactly who had called him what. Instead, he just said that anyone would sue everyone else if name calling was going on. He also added that the Q Society and Kirralie Smith had no right to express their views. And then, for good measure, he managed to call the members of the Q Society and Kirralie Smith bigots. And racists. And even racist bigots.

Good for Mr El Mouelhy.

But regardless of who has said what, I must admit that I’m struggling to understand a few things.

If someone makes a pretty penny by having Australian companies ensure that the food they sell is produced in accordance with Sharia Law, aren’t they working to install Sharia Law in Australia? Isn’t their job all about Islamising things that weren’t Islamised before? And if those things are already done in accordance with Islamic ways, then why is there a need for big ‘Halal Certified’ tick of approval?

But then again, maybe I’m looking at this through the self-righteous and privileged eyes of an imperialist, cis-gendered, white Anglo-male. If only people like me weren’t racist bigots. Then we’d understand that you can have an increasing number of supermarket aisles all certified halal without anyone imposing anything Islamic on the Australian people.

Of course, another explanation for this conundrum is that it’s entirely possible Mr El Mouelhy actually has no idea whatsoever about Sharia Law. And if that is the case, then he probably does have a pretty good point to make: how can he be working to implement Sharia Law when he hasn’t got the foggiest idea about rituals of Islamic animal slaughter and the big divine no no to bacon?

But I hope for his sake that this is not the case. I can’t imagine that it can be too good for a halal certifier’s credibility to admit publicly that they don’t know what Sharia Law is. After all, halal food is simply food that is compliant with Sharia Law. So he might find himself in a bit of hot water for making himself rich by ‘certifying’ that food is Sharia Law compliant if he has no idea what Sharia Law is.

Additionally, his statement is not going to help ‘win over’ Australians who are convinced that halal certification is just one big scam. And it pretty much would be one giant scam if the largest halal certification organisation in Australia was founded by a guy who does not know what Sharia Law is.

On the bright side, if the halal certifiers themselves don’t know one end of a pig from another when it comes to Sharia Law, then we can probably get rid of this whole certification hullabaloo altogether.

After all, it would appear from Mr El Mouelhy’s statement that the squiggly lines are as meaningless to him as they are to everyone else. So let’s banish them. It would save us from the cost of paying Mr El Mouelhy for providing pointless services and it would remove the heartache of wondering why we are being forced to buy meat sacrificed in accordance with an Islamic ritual.

I don’t know if I speak for everyone, but I’m certainly over the whole throat being cut thing while someone goes on about Allah in the background.

Enough already. Let’s move on to something else. Like Halal Choices.

If you want to know whether you are buying something that has been certified as compliant with Islamic Law for a fee by a person like Mohamed El Mouelhy, then Halal Choices has a phone app just for you.

You can find it here.

And if you think it is worthwhile having people like Kirralie speak up about issues that concern Australians, or that organisations like the Q Society play an important part in democratic debate and discussion, then you can help their cause by donating to their legal defence here.

I certainly think both Kirralie Smith and the Q Society do a great job and I am pleased to raise their plight on this webpage.

I also know that readers of this website have been very generous. Unfortunately, we are in a war for our society’s soul. This war is not being fought on the battlefield. It is being fought in the media, the classroom and in the courts.

And the bullets are dollars. I’m certainly going to be funding a few in this battle.

Halal shopping 2


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23 Feb update

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Well thank you very much Mr. Howard for your boldness.I wish my own naiton would learn from these statements. If a naiton allows someone in as its citizens it is only reasonable to become a part of that naitons customs and laws.Other wise it is only wise to go back to the naiton and culture you think best and not try to change the naiton in extreme ways to your liking.Wether that naiton is Australia,Britain,the U.S.A.,Canada, New Zealand,or The naiton of Israel.Dont come to overthrow but to help,build up, and make it better. Sharia law will not help any of us only burden and way us down. Those who have the Holy Scriptures,The Holy Bible,have laws that help us all and give us religious and political freedom of speech.Not something allowed where sharia law is allowed to become predominant. Thank You,very much,Sincerely;

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  2. I arrived at this page researching the hysteria about ‘halal’ certification. It seems that many people are deliberately confusing and frightening others for their own gratification and pleasure as most of the information provided on the subject are twisted facts to justify a barely hidden racism.

    Certification in the process of ensuring that a product meets certain criteria. The origin of the criteria could be set by international organisation (eg ISO), by group of experts (eg Australian Standards), by governments (eg fluoridation of drinking water in NSW), by professional bodies (eg AMA) or by religious organisations (eg Judaism).

    The Halal standard describes a set of conditions and other parameters that a food and drink product must meet so that its consumption is permitted to those that follow the Islam faith. It refers to food and drinks for HUMAN consumption. If this is then extended to cover other products that, by their very nature are permitted (ie they are already halal in their original form, eg honey, vegetables, fish, etc.), the responsibility of the choice rests with the producer and supplier.

    There are NO LAWS that forces anyone to buy halal certified products. In a free society you may choose not to buy halal products, just as I do with halal and kosher food, and there is no need to spread unfounded and idiotic rumours to confuse feeble minds.

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    • The only ‘hysteria’ evident in halal rort is because the average aussie cannot believe anyone would do such a thing to them without consent.
      Halal is and ONLY is an islamic ritual and as such should only be applied to those who believe this rot.
      To widely apply it without consent is actually breaking our laws of freedom from religious dogma, it is this absolutely offensive practice that causes anger and ‘hysteria’ as you call it. People do have a right to be offended, angry and upset over any form of enforced religious dogma, and most certainly for paying for that affront as well. If it were applied to only islamic foods, and all fees payed for by the users, ie muslims, no “hysteria” would be happening..

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  3. I can’t believe how arrogant and ignorant that man is. He is basically laughing at all us non-muslims as we are forced to pay a hidden fee for something we don’t need or believe in. Surely if any other group or organisation tried something like this it would be stopped and made illegal. How is it we can be forced into this in spite of the overwhelming majority of people being against this scam. It must be stopped and I for one am sick of making arrogant men such as this man rich by force. It is Un-australian and extremely unfair.

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  4. what i would like to know from mr. whats his face who doesnt know what sharia law is … is this, why is PORK and dog food both certified halal when muslims do not eat pork or handle pork (aka law suit in america at the moment) and muslims consider dogs unclean and dislike them intensely???????? When muslims come out and say there is no need for halal certification you have to wonder what the hell they have been eating for the last 700 odd years as certification has only been around for the last 30 years at the most. Lastly, ask mr whats his face, why he thinks he is more entitled to be in australia rather than us ‘convicts’ (what he stated on his face book page a few months ago)- because he bought his plane ticket. He should learn australian history if nothing else. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2623879/We-Muslims-appalled-sale-halal-meat-stealth.html#ixzz3GrJDxOzl

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  5. Halal is against my religion. The Bible Acts 15:29 “You are to abstain from food sacrificed to idols”. Halal should be clearly marked so those seeking it out and those of us wishing to boycott can do.

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    • MC, if you google the site Australians against halal foods, you will see lists of foods which are and are not certified. The variety of foods in my pantry and fridge has decreased considerably and soon I will be living on bread and jam and potatoes and pumpkin, no doubt.

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