Abbott: fighting Islam with Big Brother

The Prime Minister is confusing.

The media is not.

That’s because we all know where the media stands in a general sense. They hate Abbott, not because of who he is today but as a result of where he came from yesterday: conservatopia.

Unfortunately, while the general agenda of left-leaning journalists is easy to pick and follows a logically illogical path to utter chaos, we cannot easily identify Abbott’s philosophy, motives or direction.

That’s because Abbott is all over the bloody place.

So if he’s trying to be popular, he’s doing it wrong. Abbott looks like he’s a wannabe conservative-progressive. In other words, he’s deliberately positioned himself to follow along about 15 years behind Bob Brown, even though Abbott also seems clearly concerned that by doing so he’s probably wandered off the reservation after the leader of the loonies. This kind of politician is held in contempt by everyone. Even unknown backbenchers who highlight that they are unashamedly motivated only by self-interest in interviews given on the eve of leadership ballots receive more respect.

No one wants to see a politician wrestle with his conscience and lose the high moral ground by beating it to a bloody pulp in a brutal, bruising encounter. Villains who slice and dice their conscience before it’s even spoken up are much more palatable. Unfortunately, we’re getting much more of the former than the latter from Abbott. In the process, conservatives are upset about the political ground he has given up; progressives remain unconvinced and want Abbott to catch up.

So Abbott should just give this whole conservative-progressive caper up altogether. No one is buying it.

Furthermore, Abbott’s biggest leadership threat is much better at being a conservative-progressive than he is. Tony won’t beat Turnbull at his own game and if he tries it will only be a matter of time before Australia has its first Labor Prime Minister of the Liberal Party, Malcolm of the Muddle.

The latest example of confusion to come from the Prime Minister is his statement earlier this week that he plans to bring in tighter laws on hate speech.

Let’s be quite clear about what this means.

The Prime Minister is proposing to crack down on ideas that come from Islam by policing them with tougher anti-discrimination measures.

On the Richter Scale of Stupidity, it sits between ‘Mum I’ve entered a competition to die on Mars’ and ‘Let’s clone a battalion of Neville Chamberlains to negotiate a peaceful settlement with the Islamic State’. So yeah, it’s right up there with bungee-jumping without the bungee.

Anyone who can’t see this obviously has no idea about the purpose of anti-discrimination laws and human rights commissions.

These laws and institutions are not there to eradicate hatred. They are all about employing experts in hatred to destroy anyone who is not on board with ‘the program’. For those who don’t know, ‘the program’ is the radical overthrow of our cultures and values.

This is why these ‘lefty’ types never say boo about Islam. Every man and his dog can get up in the Opera House to defend the concept of honour killing. At moments like that the human rights aficionados will wax lyrical about freedom of speech. But they always seem to find ingenious new ways of dealing with ‘hateful’ Christians if they say something predictably Christian about family values. No freedom of speech there.

Furthermore, unlike other legal systems, the ‘human rights’ system is not about equality. There is no equality before the human rights law.

Instead, there is enshrined inequality. And its pecking order is the exact opposite of normal. Kids have more rights than parents. Criminals have more rights than non-criminals. Illegal immigrants have more rights than Australians. And whatever group you can think of has more rights than Christians, especially if the Christian has the sheer effrontery to be male and white.

So you tell me who’ll win out under new hate speech laws: a hijab wearing advocate of Sharia Law or a ‘redneck’ Aussie who is labelled a bigot because they don’t like the ins and outs of Mohammed’s way of life?

It’s obvious that the Liberals have not thought about this, just as its obvious they have not thought about the best way to deal with Human Rights Commissioner, Gillian Triggs. Abbott and Brandis et al seem to think they can get rid of her and all of a sudden everything will be hunky-dory at Human Rights HQ. They seem to think that their problem is with the Commissioner and not with the Commission.

But they are wrong and they have played this whole thing wrong as well.

Of course Gillian Triggs is compromised against the government. Her job is to be compromised against the government.

She leads an organisation that is designed to find that boat people are great and that we are all little Hitlers for wanting to control our borders. She leads an organisation that was created to recommend that murderers should be released and paid hundreds of thousands of dollars. She leads an organisation that uses taxpayer funds to campaign against Commonwealth laws on marriage and family.

And Gillian Triggs leads an organisation that is always going to focus on people who criticise Islam, rather than those who preach it.

It will make no difference to any of this whether Gillian Triggs is at the helm or not. The Human Rights Commission is a one trick pony and you’re flogging a dead horse to try and get this kangaroo court to change its spots. In other words, it is Animal Farm; and we all know where that story goes.

animal farm

If Abbott and Brandis were smart, they would never have made this week about Gillian Triggs. Instead, they should have made it about bulldozing the Human Rights Commission to the ground. They need to address the entire Human Rights Commission rather than worrying about its Comissioner.

Unfortunately, by outlining his plan to police Islamic extremism with revved-up hate-speech laws, Abbott has done four things. And all of them are stupid.

Firstly, he’s back-flipped entirely on his election promise of scrapping 18C. He’s even somersaulted over his new-old position of keeping 18C to please Team Islam. Now Abbott’s calling for 18C-on-steroids. Apparently, the Prime Minister thinks that giving even more ground to Team Islam is the best way of keeping it in check.

Secondly, Abbott’s completely undercut his arguments against Gillian Triggs by proposing a law that is based entirely on the assumption that we need more people like Gillian Triggs in positions of power.

Thirdly, Abbott naively believes that you can tackle Islamic ‘extremism’ and ‘hate-speech’ by empowering an organisation that wants more Islam in everything.

Finally, Abbott has reloaded every gun of every totalitarian numpty running around Australia. There are only three words they want to hear: criminalise hate speech. And he’s given them that. They don’t want to hear these words so they can deal with the Hizb ut Tahrirs. They want to hear these words so they can deal with the adoption agency that has a policy that children should have a mother and a father. Or so they can deal with the school that teaches something really hateful, like Jesus Christ is God. Or so they can deal with the parent who has disciplined his child. This is the ‘hate speech’ they want to tackle. And Terrific Tony has just told them he’s going to increase their powers to do so.

If these laws are enacted, you can bet your bottom dollar that they will be used. But the Hizb ut Tahrirs won’t be on the receiving end of them. They will be invoking them against average Australians for ‘hating’ Islam.

Tony Abbott has support among conservatives because he does have some remaining vestiges of common-sense. Even if he can’t bring himself to accept that the Islamic State is Islamic, he at least recognises that something has to be done.

But Tony, something does not mean anything. If you are going to do something, make it useful and at least keep your base onside.

By and large, Australians support the other plans Abbott outlined earlier this week regarding foreign fighters, passports, visas and welfare fraud. But the plan to strengthen ‘hate-speech’ powers is just confusing and undermines any concrete measures to deal with the threat of Islamic violence and intimidation in Australia.

My advice is that the government should man up. I mean that. We are too girly; we are too focused on emotion. It is not much use when we are dealing with a growing caliphate.

We need a government that won’t muck around with hate-speech laws. We need a government that will instead enforce treason laws. These laws exist. They can be used. And they should be used. Emotion and hate is not the problem. People and organisations who want to overthrow our system of government are the problem.

But they are not the only problem. We also have a growing array of Thought Police and in many ways these organisations are far more serious threats to Australia than Islam. In fact, Islam would not be here if the politically-correct brigade had not weakened our society so greatly.

This week Tony Abbott has given the Thought Police a warm inner glow by proposing new hate-speech laws. If he goes ahead with his plan, it won’t be the imams who will face the heat. Instead, bad things will start happening to good people.

This will be Tony Abbott’s fault. But, unfortunately for Tony, he will never get any credit for it from the media or the Left. For them, he will always be the bad guy, even if he gives them everything they want.



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23 Feb update

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Guess military intelligence really is an oxymoron

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  2. Hi Bernard

    Along with some friends, have been praying for you and Kirralee Smith, the Q Society, Asking for your success in all areas.

    I was a bit disappointed however with the attack on Tony Abbott. I appreciate you shining some light on what’s bern happening with him politically – it is informative. But I also feel he is under tremendous attack from everyone quarter and as much as possible needs the support and prayers of fellow Christians – he has enough enemies.

    I know he’s far from perfect, as we all are, but I believe he’s God’s person for this hour in our history. I hate to think of who might replace him. Would we be better off or worse. The latter I’m sure.

    Please do what you can to engage with him PERSONALLY. . Your advice is informed, relevant and needful. This would be of greater value I feel, than just more criticism.

    Welll pray you can be in a position to advise him personally and for favourr. – he sure needs good ppl around him at this time

    Best wishes and Goc bless you and all your doing.for our great nation of Australia.

    Michelle Meyers.

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  3. Keep up the good fight! The problem in this country is that too many people are politically ignorant. Until more people engage nothing will change.

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